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  1. November 30, 2012

    Mazda Burnishes New Mazda6 Clean-Diesel Reputation
  2. When Considering Alternative Investments, All That Glitters Is Not Gold
    Despite gold's popularity these days, it is worth considering the downsides of investing in this asset
  3. How One Woman Has Set Gender Equality Back Decades
    As if equality is not hard enough for women, we now have other women telling us we are not feminine enough.
  4. When Digital Files Are Outlawed
    Life on the cloud.
  5. NYPD Officer Caught in Act of Kindness: How You Can Pay It Forward
    A NYPD officer was caught in an act of random kindness, and the photo capturing it went viral. Here's how you, too, can brighten the days of even strangers around you.
  6. Ford Fusion Drives Away with 2013 Green Car of the Year Award
    LA Auto Show Runs November 30 to December 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center
  7. Nintendo Confirms Wii Mini For $99.99 Is Coming
    Nintendo Announces The Coming Arrival Of Wii Mini Game System
  8. November 29, 2012

    Fiscal Cliff and Some Rambling
    Fiscal Cliff is a figment of Wall Street imagination
  9. Squrl Video Search App Unveils Live Streaming Channels
    Mother of all video apps launches live channels. Squrl (free) finds video across YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.
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  10. NetWrix Releases New Version of Active Directory Change Reporter
    Version 7.1 of Active Directory Change Reporter Provides Support for IT infrastructure auditing and compliance.
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  11. Research Looks at the Role of Social Media in an Epidemic
    New research looks at the role social media can play in the understanding and mitigation of infectious diseases.
  12. Everything You Need to Know About Disneyland Resorts During the Holidays
    Wondering whether to visit Disneyland over the holidays?
  13. Decisions, Decisions… Android, iOS, Windows 8 or HTML5?
    After the past month, it may seem harder than ever to choose your first mobile platform. It is not.
  14. iPad Mini And iMac To Be In Short Supply Until 2013
    iMac And iPad Mini Will Be In Short Supply Until 2013?
  15. Online Opportunity for the Youth in the Philippines
    There are many opportunities for growth that can be learned online like programming, web design, Internet marketing and many other others.
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  16. The Digital News Gold Rush
    The rise of digital news and the death of the paper.
  17. Meet Kuratus, the 13-Foot Manned Robot. Let the Gundam Era Begin
    A Japanese inventor has created a giant manned robot. I'll be expecting one of these babies under the tree this Christmas.
  18. Every Single Apple Ad Ever Made. Seriously.
    YouTube Channel EveryAppleAds has amassed an incredible library of every Apple advertisement. Enjoy...
  19. November 28, 2012

    Intel's Socket Swan Song?
    Leaked roadmap suggests the end of Intel Socketed CPUs
  20. New iPhone 5 Sales Helps Apple Beat Android In The U.S.
    Apple Topples Android From Top Spot In U.S. Smartphone Market
  21. Women are Dying to Drink like Men
    Women are trying to keep up with men at the pub but it is putting them at a much higher risk for alcohol related health problems.
  22. In Defense of Social Media and Facebook Friends
    Don't be so quick to dismiss friends you've made online. You chose them for a reason: you like them.
  23. Samsung's Exciting New Advertising for a Ho-Hum Technology
    Samsung's new smartphone technology is not that smart, and not really needed on a phone. So why are they spending tens of millions to convince us that it is?
  24. Jib Jab is Back for the Holidays. Gangnam Style Yourself!
    Jib Jab's back this Holiday season, with a number of make yourselves, including traditional elf, and even Gangnam Style. Let's get dancing!
  25. Glenn Beck Submerges Obama Figurine in Fake Urine As Art Stunt
    Glenn Beck's recent stunt sought to prove that the Left had hypocrisy concerning censorship. It didn't quite turn out that way.
  26. iPad Mini App Says Download Now, Bang You Later
    Since we cannot escape the interesting things adults do, apps like BYL bring new types of fun to adult lives.
  27. Microsoft Sells 750,000 Xbox 360s During Black Friday
    Microsoft sells 750000 Xbox 360s during Black Friday
  28. Is Silicon Valley Ageist?
    A new report looks at ageism in Silicon Valley.
  29. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For November 28, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  30. Image Comics - New Release Reviews For November 28, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  31. IDW Publishing - New Release Reviews For November 28, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of IDW Publishing's Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  32. November 27, 2012

    Music Video for Psy's 'Other Song', Right Now
    Korean pop star Psy's album has other gems to share, including this one, called Right Now. Here's two video versions of the song.
  33. Elevator Prank to Lift Your Spirits, Heartrate
    Brazilian variety show Silvio Santos put together one very scary elevator prank that you have to behold.
  34. Bumble Speed Dates With Help of Windows Phone
    Windows rolls out a new ad featuring Bumble, classic nemesis of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, to highlights its Live Tiles featured phones.
  35. Aussies v. Twitter?
    Are Aussies shunning Twitter? Or just haven't found a use for it yet?
  36. Risk of a Terminator Style Robot Uprising to be Studied
    A new research centre has been setup to investigate the risk of robot AI to mankind
  37. iPhone And iPad Leads Mobile Web Traffic During Thanksgiving Week
    iPad And iPhone Dominates Mobile Traffic On Thanksgiving 2012
  38. Wi-Fi, Yes. But Talking to Co-Passengers, No
    Passengers want Wi Fi in the air, but don't want to talk with co-passengers!
  39. November 26, 2012

    Shopping News for the Holidays
    Some changes for this holiday shopping season.
  40. Green Tuesday: Eco Friendly Consumerism
    Green Tuesday hopes to get consumers to shop and spend green.
  41. Have You Played A Google a Day Yet?
    Are you search savvy? If so, then this is the trivia game for you!
  42. Proposed FBI Surveillance Law Would Target VoIPClub & Truphone VoIP
    No longer would Skype, Vonage or anyone operating VoIP telephones be safe under proposed FBI law awaiting approval.
  43. Ford To Display Tanner Foust Signature Focus At LA Auto Show
    See the Tanner Foust signature Ford Focus on display at the LA Auto Show
  44. Not Everyone Wants State Benefits from Obama's Health Law
    Obamacare; what it means and how it may affect Americans.
  45. Is Google Maps' Undiscovered Island Really Non-Existent?
    A scientific expedition says it has un-discovered a non-existent island off of Australia, and Google Maps has removed it. But, is it truly gone?
  46. Mars Needs Bloggers
    SpaceX Founder Elon Musk has revealed tentative plans to colonize Mars. Here's why you need me, SpaceX...
  47. PSY's Gangnam Style Pushes Justin Bieber's "Baby" to Become the Most Watched Video on YouTube
    PSY's Gangnam style becomes the wost watched video on YouTube beating Justin Bieber's Baby !!
  48. November 25, 2012

    2012 Brazilian Grand Prix: Button First, Vettel Becomes Three Time World Champion
    Sebastian Vettel wins the World Championship title for third time in a row. Jenson Button Finishes First.
  49. Clearvale Provides Foundation for Enterprise Social Ecosystem
    BroadVision's Clearvale tools provide opportunity to realworld work focused social business.
  50. Pull Over! LA Auto Show to Explore Cop Cars of the Future
    Want to know what the cop cars of the future might look like? The Los Angeles Auto Show will have a few hints.
  51. U.K. Government Looking For A "James Bond" 007 Agent?
    Is The U.K. Government Actually Hiring Secret Agents?
  52. Giving Tuesday: A Day To Help Nonprofits
    A new movement hopes to make the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving into a day of giving.
  53. Are Dirty Bills Costing You Money?
    Studies indicate that people spend less and are treated better when they use new money.
  54. 'Back From The Dead' : Steven Adler Delivers A True Rock Masterpiece
    Drummer Steven Adler talks about his latest project Adler and his Hall Of Fame Induction with Guns N' Roses
  55. Incredible Japanese Ads to Catch Even the Jaded Among Us
    These ads, being produced by cutting edge technologies, are sure to catch the attention of even the most jaded of shoppers.
  56. Thankful Steps: Man Shot in Head Comes out of Coma, Walks on Thanksgiving Day
    After being in a month-long coma from a gunshot wound to the head, Benjamin Pessah took his first steps on Thanksgiving.
  57. Hobbit Goodness Here: Peter Jackson's Two-Hour Production Vlog
    Director Peter Jackson has shared his video blog detailing the best seat in the house as the Hobbit movie trilogy comes together.
  58. 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix: F1 World Champion to be Crowned Today.
    Sebastien Vettel and Fernando Alonso to battle for the "2012 World Drivers Championship".
  59. 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix: End of a Legendary Career for Seven-Time World Champion Michael Schumacher.
    Seven-time World Champion and holder of various records Michael Schumacher plays his final race at Brazilian Grand Prix Today.
  60. November 24, 2012

    Will Birth Control Be Sold Like Condoms?
    Influential medical group proclaims support for over the counter birth control pills.
  61. Partiers Who Pre-Drink are at Increased Risk for Alcohol Addiction
    A new Swiss study shows more teens are pre drinking which poses serious health risks.
  62. Let's Talk about Post Natal Depression
    Let's share and talk about Post Natal Depression to raise awareness of this often undiagnosed illness.
  63. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals on Diamonds, Gold and Services
    Take an advantage of a big steal on Gold jewelries, electronics and software services.
  64. Who is The Perfect Passenger?
    Exactly who is the perfect passenger? Could it be you?
  65. Social Supports Small Business Saturday
    Today is Small Business Saturday, and there are small biz benefits galore for those that have a social networking presence.
  66. Freelancer Buys vWorker, Potential Freelancing Domination Looms
    In an attempt to dominate outsourcing, purchases vWorker for an undisclosed amount of cash.
  67. Amazon Gears Up For Cyber Monday 2012 Deals
    Online Retailer Amazon Will Start Its Cyber Monday Sale Event On Sunday
  68. How Long, People?
    How far is the road to peace?
  69. CNET's Top 5 Reasons to Pass on the iPad Mini
    CNET Senior Editor Donald Bell has listed the top five reasons you might want to pass on Apple's foray into the mini tablet market.
  70. November 23, 2012

    End of Privacy: Senate Bill Rewrite Lets Feds Read Your Email
    Electronic surveillance bill seeks warrantless access to American email and digital communications
  71. Study Reveals 1 in 5 Men Have Secret Email Account
    Study finds 1 in 5 men have secret email accounts to hide affairs, financial problems and more.
  72. 50 Technologies That Will Change the World
    A new report reveals over 50 innovations that will drive society in the next 20 years.
  73. Is the Saudi Government Tracking its Women With GPS?
    Reports reveal that Saudi men are being sent text messages if their wives leave the country
  74. November 22, 2012

    YouTube's Free Full-Length Classics Can Brighten Your Holidays
    After spending a pretty penny on all of the Holiday movies in theaters, why not enjoy YouTube's classic offerings for free?
    in Film
  75. Up To 20 Lakh Join the Funeral Procession of Balasaheb Thackeray in India
    Mumbai(India) bids tearful farewell to Balasaheb Thackeray
  76. Live Stream, Second Screen Experience Apps for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
    Here are two apps to enhance your Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade experience with information, live streams, the route, and a new second screen experience.
  77. 10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
    Check out Karama's blog Lifestyle
  • Steroid Abuse Among Teens Growing
    A growing number of teens are turning to steroids to solve their body image issues.
  • Celebrating the Holidays with International Traditions
    Learn - and celebrate - global holiday traditions at Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.
  • Belle Harbor, Neponsit, the Rockaways. After Hurricane Sandy, Restoration.
    It's the Time of Rebuilding and Restoration After Hurricane Sandy. Changes Must Be Made!
  • CAN-SPAM Rears Its Ugly Head Again
    Spam was supposed to only come in pop-open cans. Unfortunately, the email demon beckons yet again.
  • Mitt Romney: The Anti-Cupid?
    An Australian's viewpoint on Romney's intent to prevent same-sex marriages.
  • Buy Nothing Day: The Anti Black Friday
    The day after Thanksgiving is also known as Buy Nothing Day for some. Will you join in by not joining in?
  • Superhero Comic Painted Both Candidates as Supervillains
    The superhero series Spawn backs Obama AND Romney...for supervillain!
  • Bank of England Minutes Suggest Additional Easing Unlikely
    Bank of England Minutes Suggest Additional Easing Unlikely For Now.
  • November 21, 2012

    Big Business, Organized. Interview with Workzone CEO Rick Mosenkis
    Going under the hood of his dynamic project management software platform is CEO Rick Mosenkis of WorkZone
  • AT&T (Quietly) Activates FaceTime Over Cellular. How to Turn It On.
    A user in the MacRumor's Forum discovered that AT&T has finally allowed iOS6 using iDevices to perform FaceTime over cellular. Here's how to turn it on.
  • Sinofsky May be Out But Don't Expect the Same of Windows 8
    Sinofsky's departure has less to do with Windows 8 than running counter to Microsoft's culture.
  • November 2008 Mumbai Attacks: Pakistani Terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab Hanged
    The Only Terrorist caught alive in 2008 November Attacks, Ajmal Amir Kasab Hanged. Kasab responsible for taking 166 Human Lives.
  • IDW Publishing - New Release Reviews For November 21, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of IDW Publishing's Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  • Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For November 21, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  • Image Comics - New Release Reviews For November 21, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  • November 20, 2012

    Gender Bending Chinese Grandpa Models Teen Girl Clothes, Goes Viral
    An unlikely model for his granddaughter's line of teenage women's clothing has gone viral on the Web.
  • Universal Children's Day Video Reminds Us of Loss
    As the UN Universal Children's Day passes, a children's choir reminds us through song the tragic, daily loss of so many young voices.
  • Enterprise Wireless Space is Heating Up
    Cisco's acquisition of Meraki puts the pressure on other enterprise-class wireless vendors.
    in IT
  • Jingle All the Way to the Store
    Outlook for consumer spending this holiday season
  • How to Ensure Originality in Your Content Marketing
    Creating original content is the biggest challenge for B2B marketers. Here are some tips to ensuring originality.
  • Can You Measure Disruption in Degrees?
    What does it take to be disruptive in the mobile market?
  • Thanksgiving Day Message: We Can Be More Thankful
    Thanksgiving Day can help us focus on opportunities to be more thankful for things and people we take for granted.
  • Wreck-It Ralph Animated Feature Channels Ed Wynn
    On voice-over and visage of the animated character, the producers captured what Ed Wynn brought to the big screen
    in Film
  • The Future of Executive Education
    Howard Horton talks about the future of executive education.
  • Deferred Interest Plans Poised to Increase Cost of Holiday Financing 2,700%
    The dangers of deferred interest.
  • Black Friday 2012 Deals At Walmart
    2012 Black Friday Deals At Walmart
  • Yahoo-Facebook Collaboration: What Does It Mean for Search Business?
    To retain existing position and obtaining greater market share, Yahoo is trying to working closely with Facebook for mutual benefits.
  • Will Wind Energy Be The First Casualty of The Fiscal Cliff?
    Will Congress preserve the subsidies that have been the lifeblood of the wind industry for two decades?
  • Kim Kardashian: A Horrible Pick To Go To The Marine Ball
    Wow! Kim Kardashian will do anything for attention, won't she?
  • November 19, 2012

    Consumers Prefer Tablets Over World Peace for Holidays
    Apple iPads Lead the Way in Tablet Preferences
  • Vaccine Studies and Autism: Which are Accurate?
    How can you determine the quality of research without being a researcher?
  • RIAM Joins New Era Circuit Of The Americas F1 Viewing Faithful
    Riverside International Automotive Museum featured Tony Settember, Don Nichols and many great historic open wheel racing cars
  • Lincoln – Film Review
    The film focuses on Lincoln's final months in office during the civil war as he battles everyone, both friends and foes.
    in Film
  • McLaren's Lewis Hamilton Wins Inaugural U.S. Grand Prix 2012
    Lewis Hamilton wins the 2012 United States Grand Prix while Alonso-Vettel race for Driver's Championship to Continue.
  • Cool Touch Table Made of Fifteen iPads
    A unique interactive table made of 15 iPads is shown off in this video. Can you think of uses for this device?
  • Social Media is Like Marriage: A One-Way Street
    You do all the work, and they get all the benefits. Just suck it up, and eventually you'll reap the benefits.
  • Debating Online Just Got Smarter
    Founder of Deeyoon gives us a little bit behind the need for intellectual debating online via real-time video
  • A Conversation with DJ Dainjazone
    LMFAO's resident DJ Dainjazone talks about the necessity of hard work to get from points A to B
  • November 18, 2012

    #WeStormBack Fights To Show Hurricane Sandy The Real Champions
    Heart Will Rebuild The Community
  • Thanksgiving Meal Costs Rise Slightly
    A classic Thanksgiving meal for ten still costs under $50
  • CFTC Data Shows Futures Speculators Buying Into Recent Dollar Strength
    The latest "Commodity Futures Trading Commission" data shows large speculators, including hedge funds and the like were net long the dollar.
  • Black Friday 2012 Shopping Strategies
    If you aren't willing to skip Black Friday, there are ways to avoid spending more than anticipated.
  • Do You Know What the 'Fiscal Cliff' Is?
    You've heard so much about the 'fiscal cliff', but do you know what it is? Here's a simple breakdown, and what it will cost to avoid falling over the edge.
  • Teen Travel Bloggers Win Big
    Teen travelers become travel bloggers for fun,and win scholarships. The winners are...
  • EdX to Offer Exams at the End of Their MOOCs
    MOOC provider edX are now offering students certified examinations via Pearson VUE centres.
  • Facebook: Why Does My Baby's Lunch Offend You?
    Facebook’s apparent vendetta against breastfeeding photographs is discriminatory and violates their own policies.
  • Fee Free National Park Days for 2013 Announced
    There are eleven days in 2013 when entrance fees to all national parks will be waived.
  • Facebook’s Biggest Problem is Itself
    Facebook's Couple Pages is another in a long line of disregard for it's consumers
  • 2012 Brand of the Year Watch List Released
    Ace Metrix Releases 2012 Brand Of The Year Watch List
  • November 17, 2012

    Facebook Defends Page Reach
    Facebook respond to criticism by Mark Cuban by explaining how EdgeRank works.
  • Sour Grapes and the Folly of Secession
    So much for the Bloodless Revolution
  • November 16, 2012

    A Late Quartet - Film Review
    As the lead characters struggle with their inter-personal relationships, all the characteristics of individuality end when the performance begins.
    in Film
  • The Twinkie Investment Model: Want to be a Millionaire?
    Now that the last Twinkie has been baked and supermarket shelves go bare, what is the investment value of those little yellow cakes?
  • FHA May Soon Need Taxpayer Assistance
    It appears sometime soon our FHA agency will need to bum a few hundred billion off taxpayers.
  • A Walmart Black Friday 2012 Strike Being Organized?
    A Possible Strike On Black Friday 2012 At US-Based Walmarts?
  • Women Who Rock: Lisa McClowry Sings Acoustic Alchemy
    Singer/Songwriter Lisa McClowry discusses her new album with Acoustic Alchemy and more!
  • Exclusive: Dead Sara Rocks Guitar Center Podcast
    Dead Sara performs their single "Face to Face" live for the "At: Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt" podcast. Exclusive!
  • November 15, 2012 Is Growing Quickly and Giving Back In a Big Way
    Save1 Is Giving 80k meals and doesn't plan on stopping!
  • Japanese Election Expectations - Yen Weaker Versus Currency Counterparts
    The Japanese yen was broadly weaker after the Japanese PM advised he may be ready to hold a snap election.
  • In Case You Missed It: Nexus Q Exits the Play Store
    A look at why Google doesn’t get TV, and a plot to actually making the Q useful.
  • Nissan Embraces New Technology to Prevent Crashes
    Nissan is stepping up the auto game with an almost crash-proof car.
  • Romney Hints Obama Bribed His Way To White House
    What a sore loser!
  • Microsoft Windows Chief's Resignation - How Technology and Search World is Changing
    A brief analysis of how patterns of work have changed and what are the key factors that have contributed to this changing corporate dynamics.
    in IT
  • Jon Bon Jovi's Hardest Dad Moment
    Jon Bon Jovi's soul is hurting right now
  • The Future of Search
    Search is changing. This post discusses the future of how we'll find information online.
    in IT
  • Facebook Launches "Social Jobs"
    Facebook Unveils New Social Jobs App On Its Site
  • Why Do Women Settle for Sub-Par Healthcare?
    The new Our Moment of Truth initiative seeks to educate women about the benefits of midwifery as standard reproductive healthcare.
  • Dr. Margaret Paul on Holiday Stress, Loneliness & SelfQuest
    Dr. Margaret Paul discusses SelfQuest and provides tips for people who may be lonely over the holidays.
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Breaks New Ground in Social Media
    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Park 2 opens Friday, Nov. 16th and will reveal the mysteries and secrets keeping millions of fans on edge
    in Film
  • November 14, 2012

    The People Have Spoken! Four More blah blah blah...
    Have we made the right choice?
  • Test Your Motorola Android Device Ahead of Official Release
    Motorola to release online testing platform to test their device wit latest Android OS
  • Updated Herbie the Love Bug VW Model Arrives (in Spain)
    The iconic number 53 version of the Volkswagen Bug has arrived - just not in the U.S. (for now).
  • Must Have Kids Tech Gadget for Christmas? It's a Book.
    So what's the next big technology gadget your kids will be asking you for Christmas? It just might be a book...
  • Starbucks Brings Holiday Cheer With Virtual Village, Buy One, Get One Free Drink Offer
    Starbucks has rolled out its Holiday Village and buy one get one free deal, starting Thursday of this week.
  • Want to Win 100GB Free Online Storage for Life? Share Your Dropbox Story
    Online storage giant Dropbox has reached 100 million users, and has launched a contest to earn ten users 100GB free space for life. So, what's your Dropbox story?
  • Plus Sized Models Could Combat Eating Disorders
    New research shows getting rid of underweight models in advertising could help stop eating disorders.
  • Papa Johns Faces Massive Spam Lawsuit
    Pizza company Pappa John's faces a $250m lawsuit for alleged text message spam
  • Mark Cuban is Fed up With Facebook
    Mark Cuban says he is migrating away from Facebook due to changes in how he can reach fans
  • Who Said the Art of Letter Writing is Dead?
    One of the oldest forms of communication – writing letters and email meet with the Snail Mail My Email project
  • Image Comics - New Release Reviews For November 14, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  • Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For November 14, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  • IDW Publishing - New Release Reviews For November 14, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of IDW Publishing's Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  • Public College Allows Transgendered Man to Use Same Locker Room as Young Girls
    A 45 year-old biological man has been permitted by Evergreen State College to use the school's women's facilities, where parents have complained of their underage daughters being exposed to male nudity
  • November 13, 2012

    Quarterly Reports on Debt Management by Indian Government
    Quarterly public report on debt management which has proven to be better than previous fiscal year.
  • Unlocked iPhone 5 with Bugs or the New iPhone 5S?
    While people are still waiting for unlocked iPhone 5 and Apple is cooking the trial production of iPhone 5's successor
  • Fastest backup solution for your digital life
    Are your digital files safe? If you look at what Hurricane Sandy did, you'll wish they were.
  • Do We Need to Engage?
    A recent research reveals how expired management practices have less impact then most believe
  • David Barbash on the Key Factors for a Successful Start-Up
    An interview on what makes a successful start-up and how cities can encourage them
  • Antivirus Software Mogul McAfee Wanted By Police
    Online Security Billionaire John McAfee Wanted For Murder?
  • Designer Reinventing NFL Team Logos - Is it About Time?
    Designer Matt McInerny would love to see the NFL reinvent their logos, and has taken on the task of providing meaningful alternatives.
  • Good Samaritan Has Purse Stolen While Helping at Traffic Accident
    When Peggy Ray stopped to help a bleeding, injured motorist at an accident scene, she didn't think she'd get a life-changing lesson in trust and compassion.
  • Honesty as a Competitive Advantage, Upcoming Necessity
    What does a trustable company look like? A new book shows why trustability will be the only way to do business.
  • UK Government Launches New Employee Engagement Portal
    A new portal has been launched by the government to improve employee engagement
  • Six Reasons Why Barack Obama Could Be Another Three Term POTUS In the Making.
    But for mundane observers, a look at the events to the run up of the presidential election, its conduct and the post election realities raise the question whether Barack Obama will be the next three term president of the U.S.
  • A Sharper Line for NASCAR: Gordon and Bowyer Incident
    The question now is, where is the line between being a competitive sport to an all-out dirty racing?
  • Your Sneak Peek At 2013 CES
    Unconventional technology in unexpected places may be our future, but big screen TVs have our attention now.
  • Amazon Executive Fumbles in Front of UK Parliament
    Amazon's Director of Policy makes an embarrassing appearance in front of a parliamentary committee on the low tax paid by Amazon
  • Finance Chiefs Meet To Discuss Greek Aid, Bailout Extension
    Reports show a draft document to be shown to policy makers makes a recommendation that Athens be allowed two-years to hit budget targets.
  • Conference Management Tool Flock Supports E2Innovate
    DoubleDutch's Flock app provides a social infrastructure for conferences
  • November 12, 2012

    Study Finds Autism Risk May be Linked to Flu or Fever During Pregnancy.
    Exploratory Findings Which May Link Autism Risk to Fever or Flu During Pregnancy
  • Even General Petraeus is Not Above Human Failure
    Last week, General David Petraeus resigned as CIA director, citing an extramarital affair.
  • Apple's Next-Gen iPhone 5S Will Be In The Works Soon?
    New iPhone 5S To Start Production Very Soon?
  • Nobel Peace Prize For Pakistani Girl Malala Yousafzai?
    Sign the petition: Nobel Prize for Malala.
  • The Monks of Mellonwah: Coming to Your City!
    The Monks of Mellonwah are FINALLY coming back to the U.S.!!!
  • Are Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity Becoming Extinct?
    Will Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, etc., become the web version of buggy-whip companies?
  • How Are B2B Companies Using Social Media?
    New research reveals how B2B companies are using social media
  • Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, Episode 2 - See it Here
    YouTube Channel Machinima Prime has released the second installment of Battlestar Galactica's Blood and Chrome.
  • Los Angeles City Council Unanimously Passes Meatless Monday Resolution
    The body voted to adopt a resolution encouraging residents to go vegetarian on the first day of every week
  • Google Service Inaccessible in China
    Google Service Disrupted In China...Again
  • All Models Are Useful, Some Are Invaluable
    With the success of election 2012 polling models, will predictive analytics become ubiquitous?
  • Sandy Crushed Me
    My teenage boys left me feeling alone in the dark when Sandy started to blow.
  • Mitt Romney: The GOP Symbol Of Having Done Nothing Wrong
    Why Symbolism Is Important In Political Campaigns
  • Importance of Good Product Descriptions - Interview with Deepak Goyal, Co-Founder of eZdia Marketing
    Not all content is created equally in the world of online marketing. eZdia Marketing explains why.
  • General Petraeus--Latest Name on the Ship of Fools' Manifest
    General Petraeus--just the latest guy who thought he'd never get caught.
  • 5 Free, Fast Pro Social Media Tips? Steal this Headline
    Most people who share this post will never read it. Sharing with purpose will prevent that and improve content.
  • GOP Faces Real Possibility Of Extinction
    Rollover GOP, or be rolled over
  • Google’s Penguin 3 Update: Implications for Niche Bloggers
    Google’s Penguin 3 update
    in IT
  • Lakers Land D'Antoni, not Jackson
    Lakers bring on a coach, but not the one everyone thought.
  • November 11, 2012

    Episode One of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome - View it Here
    Battlestar Galactica's prequel reboot, Blood and Chrome, is available only on YouTube. Why not give the first episode a watch?
  • Court Says UK Apology Mealy Mouthed, Demands Apple Pay Samsung's Legal Costs
    After two failed attempts to get a narrowly defined apology published by Apple, UK Courts have now ordered repayment of legal costs to Samsung.
  • Petraeus, Broadwell Affair Makes it to SNL's Weekend Update
    SNL just can't resist the chance to use the double-entendre screaming from former CIA Director Petraeus' biographer and alleged mistress' book title.
  • Facebook Testing Comment Threading on Posts
    Facebook Gradually Rolling Out New Threaded Comment Feature On Its Site
  • Women Who Rock – Loni Rose of King’s Bullet
    Loni Rose, one half of the duo King's Bullet, discusses the debut EP with Trey Bruce
  • November 10, 2012

    Technorati's Perfect Thanksgiving Video Wall
    Worried about your Thanksgiving gathering? Technorati has assembled this wall of videos showing how to make the perfect meal!
  • Pinterest Launches New "Secret Boards" Feature
    Pinterest Adds Private Pins On Their Site
  • Microsoft to Launch New Speech Translation Tool
    Microsoft trial a new voice translation service that can translate spoken English into Chinese
  • November 9, 2012

    Was Former CIA Director Petraeus' Alleged Mistress Accessing His Emails?
    According to a news report, the woman at the heart of the affair that drove CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus to resign was sneaking peeks at his email.
  • 3 Rules of Content Translation: Interview with Rob Vandenberg, CEO of Lingotek
    To increase traffic and site ratings, you need to offer your content in languages your users understand.
  • "I Love Umbria" Month in New York City. A Restoration of Scheduled Activities.
    Become Acquainted With Umbria, Italy During the "I Love Umbria Month" in NYC
  • Ad Shows Even Snowmen Can Go the Distance for the Holidays
    Following in last year's viral Christmas ad campaign footsteps, retailer John Lewis has released its 2012 ad. Watch and enjoy.
  • Let the Wookiee Win: Rovio Releases Angry Birds Star Wars
    Rovio has released a new version of their Angry Birds gaming franchise, with an exciting Star Wars upgrade.
  • Apple to Pay $368 Million to VirnetX Over Use of FaceTime
    Apple Ordered By Court To Pay $368 Million For FaceTime Patent Infringement
  • Gold Heading for First Weekly Basis Gain After Five Week Decline
    The price of gold has seen a continuation of the recent upside momentum following the re-election of President Obama.
  • The Choice Is Yours, Mr. President
    Will Obama be the leader the nation wants him to be?
  • The DigiTour and Intel Present YouTube Sensation Tyler Ward
    The DigiTour is the first ever-large scale North American tour bringing your favorite-iconic YouTube musicians to life.
  • November 8, 2012

    Bank of England Holds Off From Additional Monetary Stimulus Measures
    The Bank of England's MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) has decided it will not be extending its QE (Quantitative Easing) program
  • Samsung Galaxy S III Topples iPhone In Q3 2012
    Samsung Galaxy S III Was Best-Selling Smartphone In Q3 This Year
  • Something died on Election Day
    What’s that smell? A whole lotta conservative memes rotting on the trash pile of history – that’s what.
  • Invest in Human Capital Development in Times of Distress
    Training and developing the human capital for sustainable competitiveness
  • Rovio Releases Angry Birds Star Wars Today
    Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available For Download
  • New Support for Link Between Cannabis and Schizophrenia
    A new Norwegian study has found that cannabis could predispose people to schizophrenia.
  • November 7, 2012

    Markets Focus On Fiscal Cliff After Obama Election Win
    Financial markets suffered significant losses on Wednesday after President Obama defeated Mitt Romney.
  • Weather Puppy- The Warm and Fuzzy iOS Weather App
    Check the weather, help animals, and smile at the same time
  • China Manufacturing Gains Rebound
    One of the country's biggest shipping companies, China Cosco Holdings Co., reported a smaller loss in the third quarter of this year compared to last year's report.
  • Xbox SmartGlass App Finally Arrives On iOS Devices
    XBox SmartGlass Is Now Available On iOS
  • The Hottest Tech Stock Of The Year — AOL
    Shares of the former Internet giant are quietly up 188% for the year.
  • Microsoft to Develop Agile Platform for Intelligent Systems
    Microsoft’s shift to agile development methods helps solution providers respond to a rapidly evolving marketplace.
    in IT
  • Move Over Obama, The Real Winner on Election Night
    Twitter and Social Media Real Winners on Election Night, breaking several record breaking numbers.
  • The Establishment GOP is Dead and that is a Good Thing
    A return to the Founders First Principles is the only hope for Conservatives, their candidates and America
  • Why the Conservative Media Got it Wrong
    When journalists get too close to the rhetoric
  • Windows Live Messenger Sent to the Scrap Heap
    Microsoft announce that they are scrapping Windows Live Messenger in favour of Skype
  • Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For November 7, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  • Image Comics - New Release Reviews For November 7, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  • IDW Publishing - New Release Reviews For November 7, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of IDW Publishing's Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time.
  • November 6, 2012

    Why the GOP Lost
    A former Republican tells her old party how to pick up from a disastrous loss.
  • CNN To Display U.S. 2012 Presidential Election Results Atop The Empire State Building Tonight
    CNN Goes Hi-Tech Partnering With Empire State Building For The 2012 U.S. Presidential Winner
  • We Bid Farewell to Windows Live Messenger
    Windows Live Messenger's days are numbered. Look back on its history here.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) Disappoints
    History prefers legends to men.
    in Film
  • Perplexed by Vexed (2010)
    British police comedy, VEXED, is now in America on DVD.
  • Injustice (2011) Questions Situational Ethics
    INJUSTICE, now on DVD, examines "slippery slopes"
  • Companies Cannot Afford to Ignore Social Business
    A technology event urges companies not to miss out on the benefits provided by social business
  • Hurricane Sandy's Aftermath, NYC! The Beat Goes on to the Drum of Election 2012
    Election 2012, Hurricane Sandy's Aftermath and New York City
  • The Election Cluster F***
    Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story
  • Politics Are A High Stakes Game
    Will you know the answers to the questions that the games poses?
  • Classic Game Elite Seeks Kickstarter Funding for Remake
    A remake of the classic video game Elite is looking for funding on Kickstarter
  • The New Era of Gaming; Have a Look at Time-Travel Heroes
    You love playing Age of Empires and DOTA? Have a try at the another historical based game.
  • Politics as Product
    Obscuring the political product.
  • Disney Princesses Help Princess Leia Make the Transition
    The sale of Star Wars franchise to Disney is hard even on the characters. Here are the Disney princesses helping Leia make a smooth transition, through song!
  • Battlestar Galactica Reboot Takes Us Way Back with Blood and Chrome
    YouTube channel Machinima Prime is about to hit the big time in virtual tv with its prequel reboot of Battlestar Galactica, taking us way, way back.
    in TV
  • November 5, 2012

    Social Media: Why Nobody "Likes" Yours
    Facebook fan pages are not about getting "Likes" It's about generating leads and interest.
  • 2012 Ford Explorer In-Dash Tech Review
    a 2012 Ford Explorer that came with a factory MyFord touch unit. It had all the bells and whistles but lacked the key item that everyone seems to want or already have these days, navigation.
  • Taking a Beating from a Girl Named Sandy
    Things missed and not during the hurricane's power outage.
  • Parenting in the News: Should you confront your child’s bully?
    Some parents have made news recently for confronting their kids’ bullies and assaulting them.
  • NEXT Collective's Cover Art : An Album Worth Checking Out
    NEXT Collective's "Cover Art" Delivers A New Generation of Modern Musicians
  • Family Travel Bloggers Unite Again: This Time, Dallas
    Family Travel Bloggers meet again, this time in Dallas, to create the best family travel content on the Internet.
  • Apple's Tablet Market Share Drops In Q3 While Samsung Rises
    Samsung's Tablet Market Share Rises While Apple Drops In Q3
  • Unsure of Your Water Supply? Purify it in Just 48 Seconds
    Is your water safe? Have you been told to boil it? Here’s a faster, safer way.
  • November 4, 2012

    Man Climbs 103 Floor Skyscraper With Bionic Leg
    Zac Vawter became the first man with a bionic leg to ascend Chicago's Willis Tower, climbing 103 stories as part of a charitable event.
  • Tweeting Copyrighted Content? Now Everyone Will Know
    In an effort to improve transparency, Twitter is now withholding tweets that are alleged copyright infringement instead of simply deleting them.
  • Apple Makes Record Profits, Yet Paid Just 1.9% in Tax
    It emerges that Apple pay 1.9% tax on their overseas profits.
  • Florida Democrats Bring Lawsuit
    Vain attempt to redress electoral fraud
  • Things Will Ferrell is Willing to Do to Get You to Vote
    Last minute political ads continue, with comedian Will Ferrell offering to do anything if you vote. Anything.
  • Palestinians Put Jordanian Option on the Table
    The Jordanian option has been raised as a promising approach to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Now some Palestinians see this as the right solution.
  • ASL Interpreter at NYC Sandy Press Conference Steals Show, Takes Over Twitter
    When ASL interpreter Lydia Callis joined the stage with the NYC Mayor for a Sandy update, she didn't know she'd leave it as a social media star.
  • Cher and Kathy Griffin: Don't Let Mitt Turn Back Time on Women
    Singer Cher and comedian Kathy Griffin team up for a video warning about turning back time on women's rights.
  • Wreck It-Ralph Film Review
    This film is not just an arcade-action film, the movie's epilogue will make any repentant sinner break down in tears.
    in Film
  • USC Entertainment Law & Business Conference Addresses Legal Issues for the 21st Century
    Entertainment Industry Legal Issues, from SOPA to Child Labor Laws
  • November 3, 2012

    Dangers of Eating Disorders Among Students
    New research shows students are increasingly suffering from eating disorders.
  • How to Survive Working From Home: 5 Tips From an Office Returnee
    Working from home is great but, not for everybody. Here are some tips to give you an idea of what to expect as well as what to be wary of
  • Social Media: What's a Voter Worth?
    Social Media value of a voter
  • Sandy's Devastation
    A few things to do post Sandy
  • Liar Liar Pants On Fire
    Lie is Mitt Romney’s middle name
  • US Dollar Rallies After Strong NFP Employment Data
    Employers in the US added more workers to payrolls than many analysts had forecast in October.
  • Apple Ups R&D Spending by $1bn in 2012
    Apple invest heavily in R&D in a bid to ensure growth continues.
  • Quadski - the Melding of an ATV and Jetski
    45 MPH on land or water with this hybrid ATV/Jetski. Wheels retract in 5 seconds when in water.
  • November 2, 2012

    Barack Obama for President
    Your choice could not be clearer. Make sure you make it in the form of a vote.
  • Can We Predict What Will Trend on Twitter?
    A new application by MIT claims to be able to predict Twitter trends before they emerge
  • GooPhone Introduces A $99 Mini iPad Clone
    GooPad: Another Challenger To The iPad Mini?
  • Has Obama Earned Our Votes?
    Time for a new leader?
  • What's that Smartie Worth? Video Guide to Trading Halloween Candy
    Site Buzzfeed has issued the video guide to Halloween candy trading. It's funny, and full of horror tales and urban mythology. Enjoy!
  • Best. Political Ad. Ever
    Republican Richard Tisei has made the political ad we wish we could enjoy all year long...
  • November 1, 2012

    Autism and Floor Play with Your Kids
    Who would have thought that playing with your kids on the floor can have such a profound impact?
  • Edifier Prisma Colors: Crisp Sound and Bass
    We go hands on with the Edifier Prisma Colours
  • Wicked Audio Solus Review
    Wicked Audio Solus headphones have a low price point but does that low price equal low quality?
  • Hurricane Sandy Provides Moment of Leadership for President Obama
    Substance Not Politics Takes Center Stage
  • Time To Power Your Portfolio With Generac?
    Portable generator maker posts strong results and ups guidance after Hurricane Sandy
  • Swagbucks Launches Shop & Earn Rewards Program
    Newly launched for the holiday season, Swagbucks’ unique Shop & Earn program now rewards online shopping at hundreds of major retailers.
  • Why iPhone 6 Will Launch by June 2013
    6 Reasons to Expect iPhone 6 by mid-2013
  • Jerry Sandusky’s New Home – A Molester Among Murderers
    Convicted child molester and former Penn State football coach moved to maximum security prison
  • Russia Rolls out Their Censored Version of the Web
    A new Russian law will allow them to shut down websites they deem to be harmful
  • Explore Anchorage -12 Months of the Year
    There's plenty to do in Anchorage, no matter what time of the year you arrive.
  • Air New Zealand Debuts Middle Earth Themed Safety Video
    Air New Zealand released what's likely to be the only airline safety video you'll actually enjoy watching, part of a contest to win airfare and Hobbit movie tickets.