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  1. March 31, 2012

    Is The True Meaning of Easter Gone By the Wayside?
    The true meaning of Easter - egg hunts or Jesus Christ's death burial and resurrection.
  2. The Benefits That After School Programs and Tutoring Offer
    A Wealth Of Benefits That After School Programs and Tutoring Offer Children
  3. Aricept 23—A Misleading Drug Enabled by the FDA
    A drug maker manipulates dosage to extend its patent on a drug, and the new dose is has more side effects and no better efficacy for patients.
  4. Google’s Clever Move to Calm Privacy Fears
    Google’s new Account Activity feature is said to be a smart solution to the incidences of identity theft.
  5. ad:tech San Francisco: Exclusive Interview with Marketfish CEO, Dave Scott
    Speaking with Marketfish CEO, Dave Scott, Technorati got a sneak peek at two new features being announced at ad:tech San Francisco April 3rd.
  6. Highlight Business Connections with Highlight
    Is Highlight Creepy or Creative?
  7. Ways to Save as Gas Prices Near Three-Year High
    Believe it or not, but the right credit card can save you 5 percent on gas purchases.
  8. Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan: Rob Poor to Pay Rich
    Time, good or bad--cut taxes for the super rich is the only mantra GOP chants
  9. Battlefield 3: Pay Your Way to the Top
    BF3's backward MMO model
  10. Start Your Taxes and get TurboTax on Android for Free this Weekend
    Taxpayers: File Your Tax For Free, Only This Weekend
  11. Would You Like to be Driven by a Google Car?
    Google release a video of a blind man being taken for a ride in their latest self-drive car
  12. Amateur Boxing’s National Golden Gloves Championships Shines Light on Mesquite
    Mesquite, Nevada will be the host city of the Men's Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions April 30-May 5.
  13. March 30, 2012

    Knowing Your Value in the Workplace
    Author writes about the troubles women in the workplace have with realizing the value they bring to their employers.
  14. Quit Smoking the Yogic Way
    Quit smoking the yogic way.
  15. Wandering on the Westside
    A Wonderful Weekend in Downtown Manhattan
  16. Three Ways to a Greener Planet During Earth Hour
    How to Make a Difference
  17. World Ready for Earth Hour 2012
    The Earth Hour 2012 to take place on March 31, 2012 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
  18. UK Chief Schools Inspector Blames Parents for Students' Poor Performance
    Chief Inspector of Schools made some insightful comments about the conflicting pressures on youngsters. Blaming the parents is misguided however.
  19. I've Backed Up My Files, Now What? Interview with Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak
    There are three points that supplement the concept of cloud backup, because there's a lot you can now do with your content.
  20. Women, Power and Quotas: A Necessary Next Step?
    It may take legislating quotas for women to fully break through the glass ceiling.
  21. Where's the Web Heading? A Prediction
    Where's the Web going from here? With quickening advances, expect the leap from Web 2.0 to 3.0 (and even 4.0) to happen in a snap.
  22. Is Facebook Muscling in on Search?
    A new report reveals that Facebook is to revamp its search engine to compete with Google.
  23. Be Careful What You Tweet: Take it From Spike Lee
    Spike Lee's Twitter Mistake. Can it Happen to Anyone?
  24. March 29, 2012

    CDC Says 1 in 88 Have Autism. Is the Number Really 1 in 47?
    The CDC provided updated and startlingly higher numbers of those suffering from Autism. But are the numbers actually very, very higher?
  25. Records Hidden in Colorado Wildfire
    State Won't Release Plans For Deadly Wildfire
  26. Marco Rubio to GOP: Kill Me Now, OK?
    The Republican primary is killing GOP chances to win the presidency. Marco Rubio wants it to stop.
  27. Poor Mitt, Please Just Keep Your Mouth Closed
    Mitt Romney makes another campaign blunder.
  28. Would You Go To The Hardware Store For Cosmetic Surgery?
    Black Market Cosmetic Surgery Lands Woman In Hospital
  29. Zaarly 2.0: Interview with Eric Koester, CMO
    Zaarly: Think of it as the old-school PennySaver getting much cooler with the help of social media tools and mobile technology.
  30. President Obama Leads Both Republican Candidates by Double Digits
    But only political junkies and late night comics are paying attention.
  31. In Case You Thought You Had Secrets
    Future Cyber Wars Render Secrets Obsolete
  32. Hitachi Data Systems Shares 5 Steps to B2B Social Media Success
    Hitachi proved that a conservative, high-end B2B technology provider can drive serious ROI through these 5 social media steps.
  33. Easter Bunny Blamed For Weight Gain
    Before You Eat That Easter Candy, Check Out Calorie Intake
  34. Starbucks is the Nation's Most Socially Engaged Company
    Starbucks is Ranked as #1 in Social Media Engagement
  35. Igniting Social Media: Technorati Interview with Jack Krawczyk, Senior Product Marketing Manager of StumbleUpon (Part Two)
    StumbleUpon has become one the most powerful sources of traffic on the internet. In this exclusive interview, Shani Higgins speaks to Jack Krawczyk of StumbleUpon about their paid discover platform and the need to create great content.
  36. We Can't Be Trusted
    Technology may solve a problem, but only you can find a solution.
  37. 5 Reasons Why Best Buy Can Win
    How Best Buy is Improving the Connected World
  38. Best Buy Misses Earnings Estimates, Closing 50 Stores
    Best Buy reports Q4 fiscal earnings results which misses Wall Street estimates again.
  39. Facebook Set to be the Largest Internet IPO in May
    Facebook is set to make history when they go public in may raising an expected $10 billion.
  40. Yoga Empire, Lululemon’s Keys to Success
    Yoga Empire, Lululemon's secret to fast rising success is founded in a philosophical approach to achieve.
  41. Dresden – First Impressions
    The first in a serie of articles about Dresden, Germany
  42. Ready to Live a Disney Fantasy?
    Newly imagined and now a magical reality at sea, the Disney Fantasy has come true—and is now sailing to spectacular ports of call!
  43. Finally, A Company To Stop Online Web Browse Caching
    A Browser Plug-In To Promote Online Privacy Is Here
  44. Are Your Tweets Good Enough to Wipe Your Bottom With?
    A new service launched this week that lets you print your tweets onto toilet paper.
  45. Trayvon Martin: ABC News Video Shows No Evidence of Broken Nose for Zimmerman
    While the attorney is attempting to make a case for self defense a new exclusive video blows holes in that argument.
  46. What Can a Billion People Do With a Frustrated Army Chief?
    After all General B K Singh may be doing the country a great service in bringing home the realities of dealing with defence budgets, expenditure, need for secrecy and integrity of human beings, all mutually opposing factors in real life.
  47. March 28, 2012

    Google Drive to Arrive Next Month?
    GigaOm reports a rumor that Google will release its long-anticipated Drive service next month, but with some limits.
  48. KidTunes: Recess Music Scores Again with La Bella Stella
    Celebrate Earth and meet the moon, the planets, and the stars with LA BELLA STELLA.
  49. Google App Updates – Where’s the Communication?
    Communication with customers is key... one example
  50. 62.5 Versus 50 Micron Multi-Mode Fiber – 10GB and Beyond
    62.5 Versus 50 Micron Multi-Mode Fiber – 10GB and Beyond
    in IT
  51. Newt Gingrich Is On The Ropes
    Even right-wing bloggers hate Newt Gingrich
  52. Interview With Author Elaine Seiler
    Author and energetics expert Elaine Seiler talks with Carol Lawrence about her new book Multi-Dimensional You that explains humanity's "energetic evolution" and how we can cope and thrive in the face of rapid change.
  53. Single-Handed – Set 2, Dark Irish Crime Drama
    A lone cop fights crime and corruption in rural Ireland.
  54. Murder Investigation Team – Series Two
    The final four episodes of Britain’s acclaimed crime drama, MURDER INVESTIGATION TEAM, now on DVD.
  55. Trayvon Martin's Mom; Dear Ms. Fulton
    Grace under fire.
  56. Breaking News: President Barack Obama Joins Pinterest
    U.S President Barack Obama Is Now On Pinterest
  57. Failure to Guard Against Info Breach Leads to Firm's Bankruptcy
    Breach leads to firm's bankruptcy
  58. Samsung Galaxy Note Sells 5 Million
    Samsung's Galaxy Note phablet device sells over 5 million units, on its way to 10 million by years end.
  59. Google Comment System Launch To Battle Facebook
    Google is reportedly launching a new third party commenting system to rival facebook and draw interest back to Google+.
  60. Progressive Political Campaign Funds Embezzlement Case May Be Largest To Date
    Court records show at least 50 victims and a total of $7 million were involved in the case.
  61. It's Beef! It's Not Pink Slime, Says Company That Suspended Operations
    Beef Products Inc Defends Its Product, Yet Temporarily Suspends Operations of Three Plants
  62. A New Facebook App Allows Users To Name Enemies
    New App Supports Dislike Feature On Facebook
  63. The Information Highway Of Trash And Treasure!
    Fifty years ago people were optimistic about a a 21st century world. Their vision was wrong, but was it better?
  64. Are You Pinning Your Own Stuff to Pinterest? Shameless Promotion Allowed!
    Pinterest is Changing. Post Your Own Stuff!
  65. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For March 28, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse's Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your
  66. Image Comics - New Release Reviews For March 28, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  67. March 27, 2012

    No More Bugs in Starbucks Mugs, Please!
    Starbucks has taken some heat lately, as consumers of its Strawberries and Cream Frappuccinos have gotten bugged by a newly discovered ingredient.
  68. Trayvon Martin's Hoodie
    Geraldo Rivera claims hoodie is partially responsible for Trayvon Martin's death.
  69. Lifecrowd Lauches Out of Beta, Aims to Help Users Find Local Activities
    Lifecrowd, the social activity discovery site officially launches in three new cities out of LA incubator/accelerator MuckerLabs.
  70. Will Pinterest's Ban on Pins Showing Self-Destructive Behavior Work for Twitter?
    Pinterest's Ban on Pin Boards That Encourage Eating Disorders
  71. Greek Myths and Powerful Internet Storytelling
    We are all on a journey in life. Does your favorite Internet sites help you on your travels?
  72. Juventus In the Pursuit of Milan
    Juventus Takes Victory in Derby
  73. Why Aren't Companies Responding to Questions on Facebook?
    Some companies aren't responding to posts and comments on their Facebook walls. Why not? Isn't that half the point of being on Facebook?
  74. Magic Number 23: Indiana Joins Other Right To Work States
    Indiana is the first rust belt state to pass right to work, making it the 23rd state all together.
  75. TweenLit: Dude No. 2 Is Made to Be Mutilated
    “…the power to design new death-defying sports, test friends’ minds, create odd species, build foul-tasting food combos, and even look for Mutants among us.”
  76. A Little Over 100 Days In - How Is Kim Jong-un Doing?
    eh... Not great.
  77. So Pretty It Hurts Is a Juicy Mystery
    Everyone’s a suspect when a famous model may have been murdered at a snowbound estate.
  78. Establishment Media Guide To "White Hispanic"
    If Zimmerman is White and Obama is Black, race must be pat-ri-lo-cal only.
  79. Visiting the Minnesota Zoo
    Minnesota Zoo - a great place for families to learn about animals and conservation
  80. The World is Connected by Email and Social Media
    New research reveals the extent of email and social media use around the world.
  81. Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Chile
    Central Chile is hit by a major earthquake of magnitude 7.1 this Sunday.
  82. Three New Growing Social Travel Sites
    Information such as when is the best time to travel, where to stay, what to eat, what to expect, and almost everything else, are stated in those articles and videos in social travel websites.
  83. Android Apps on Windows PC with BlueStacks App Player Beta
    Use Android Apps on your Windows PC with the BlueStacks App Player beta, which is now available for download.
  84. How BlogFrog Monetizes the Massive Influence of Women Bloggers
    Can BlogFrog really empower women bloggers and help them make big bucks?
  85. Malware in Chrome Store Hijacks Facebook Accounts
    Facebook Users: Beware Of Malware At The Chrome Web Store
  86. Eco Marathon of Future Cars: 3000 MPG?
    Would you drive a bullet-shaped car?
  87. Big Oil and the Greedy Lying Bastards That They Are
    Greedy Lying Bastards exposes big oil-- the filmmaker Craig Rosebraugh chats with Bryan Cain-Jackson about the film
    in Film
  88. March 26, 2012

    Hack Your Memory to Memorize SAT and GRE Vocabulary Words
    Anthony developed, an SAT Vocabulary software which uses mnemonic devices to help its users memorize the 500 most common SAT words
  89. Will 2012 be the Year of Streaming Video?
    A recent IHS Screen Digest forecasts online streaming video to surpass DVD and Blu-ray viewings in 2012.
  90. Supreme Court Hears First Arguments on the Affordable Care Act
    The First day in court for Obama's Healthcare program
  91. Has The Nanny State Gone Too Far? Can We Afford It Congressman Ryan?
    How much longer can we spend at current levels and survive?
  92. The Return of Mad Men
    The season five premiere of AMC's Mad Men proved to be worth the long wait.
    in TV
  93. Will Someone Spare Anna Hazare a Copy of “Don Quixote” by Cervantes?
    Like Don Quixote, Anna always chooses a nice sunny weekend for his pursuits. It is not surprising that young girls who like the fragrance of the candles looking for a chance to light some are always out to watch and applause the escapades. But it looks like Mumbaikars are busy running their lives and have no time for such madness!
  94. A Lesson From Google
    Why Innovation is the Key to Your Company’s Future
  95. Supreme Court Will Address Affordable Health Care Act... Maybe
    ... And Dick Cheney gets a new heart. I know, I know... Trust me. I'll tie it all together.
  96. The Radical Difference of 'Radical Something'
    Social Media can be a valuable tool for artists. The band 'Radical Something' is a perfect example of this. They have an excellent social media presence as well as a genuine interest in the digital social world.
  97. Tiger Woods Inspirational Victory
    Down and out after his worst nightmare came true in Nov'2009, Tiger Woods was buried by many as a former great....Until now. With his first win in over 30 months, the champion in him is back and a threat for Masters at Augusta!
  98. Could Google Suggest Lose You Your Job?
    A Japanese man has sought an injunction against Google after Google Suggest linked him with criminal acts.
  99. Next iPhone Will Have A 4G LTE Radio, Says Report
    Next-Gen iPhone Will Be "Resolutionary" Like iPad?
  100. Perfect Timing for Tiger's Win
    Tiger Wins Week of Video Game Release Date
  101. Instagram for Android Nearing Launch
    Instagram for Android now has a live sign up page for the app launch coming very soon.
  102. Hand Over Your Facebook Passwords?
    Will You Get the Job if You Don't Comply?
  103. Angry Birds Space Hits 10 Million Downloads in 3 Days
    Rovio's Angry Birds Space has been downloaded over 10 million times in its first three days of launching.
  104. Cerebral Palsy Benefits from Stem Cell Therapy and Infographic
    An infographic depicting the different types of CP and what effects it can have on a child's life.
  105. Overuse of Video Clips
    When it comes to videos in our news, give me some words, to save time, please.
  106. Facebook to Marketers: "You're Going About It the Wrong Way"
    Marketers are trying to apply the ways they work with existing media, to how they use Facebook.
  107. Best Way To Prosecute Trayvon Martin's Killer, George Zimmerman
    Trayvon Martin's 14th Amendment rights were violated by the "Stand Your Ground" law in Florida.
  108. Megaupload's Web Host In Money Trouble, Asks U.S. For Help
    Megaupload's Carpathia Hosting Now Drowning In Unpaid Bills
  109. Bon Jovi, Donnie Iris and Copyright Law: A Conversation With Mark Avsec
    Mark Avsec is the man who wrote the Bon Jovi hit "She Don't Know Me" and Donnie Iris' "Ah! Leah!". But his story goes much deeper. Frivolously sued for stealing his own song, he subsequently did something about it.
  110. What the Trayvon Martin Case Says About Us
    What the Trayvon Martin tragedy says about us as a nation.
  111. The American Snitch (1983): Politically Incorrect, Intellectually Assaultive, Mildly Amusing
    More stupidity than satire, THE AMERICAN SNITCH lampoons supermarket tabloids.
    in Film
  112. Spellbinder (1988): Not Original, But Not Bad
    A nightmare of illusion and betrayal.
    in Film
  113. March 25, 2012

    Ready For An iBank?
    Consultancy firm KAE completed a study, finding that 1 in 10 in the US and UK would seriously consider banking if Apple created an iBank.
  114. HP Exec: Cloud (and Paper) Printing Alive and Well
    Cloud printing, rather than putting the kibosh on paper-based printing, has actually made it easier...
  115. DVD Review: People May Have Been Funny, But Art Linkletter Was Sadistic
    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if you came back from a week’s vacation and your house was gone?
  116. Sing-a-Long: Beatlesongs Is High-Flying Fun
    Grab a bunch of friends, a copy of “Sing-a-Long Beatlesongs” on DVD, and enjoy the fun—it could be hilarious.
  117. Live Healthy Till You are One Hundred Years Old
    Practice the yogic aphorisms of Patanjali to live to one hundred years.
  118. Now the Indians Want to Send Their Prime Minister to The Tihar Jail
    With the furore created over the issue, with heads of almost every leading Indian corporate from TATA to Arcelor Mittal as well as the Prime Minister himself likely to get a summons from the supreme court and possibly a term inside the infamous Tihar Jail already hosting a few ministers, the Indian’s can forget not only the development of the coal industry but any reform which should secure India’s legitimate position among developed nations.
  119. March 24, 2012

    Five Things The Hunger Games Movie Got Right
    Often the book is better than the movie, but here are five things The Hunger Games movie did right.
    in Film
  120. Apple's Roadmap: The Future of Glass?
    The evolution of the iPad/iPhone belies Apple's relationship with Corning's futuristic glass vision.
  121. The Implicit Strategy Behind Apple's Success in Business
    How has Apple managed to consistently remain successful? Is it just a few desirable products? Actually, Apple implicitly applies a well known strategy with great success.
  122. America's Latest Racial Melodrama
    Travyon Martin's Death Is Just Another Commodity Being Exploited By Soulless Cynics
  123. Santorum Didn’t Say What He said
    The Santorum oops!!!
  124. Romney Camp's Blunder Gives Etch A Sketch an Unexpected Boost
    Etch a Sketch experiences a bump in sales after being referenced in a recent political gaffe by Mitt Romney's campaign.
  125. New Images of the Titanic in National Geographic Magazine
    New images of the Titanic from the April issue of National Geographic Magazine
  126. Facebook, U.S. Lawmakers Issues Warning To Employers On Passwords
    Facebook And U.S. Lawmakers Takes A Stand Against Obtaining Passwords Of Employees By Employers
  127. Obama Tries to Take Both Sides on the Keystone Pipeline Debate
    President Obama is quick to take credit for fast tracking the southern portion of the Keystone Pipeline.
  128. Is Congress Broken? - Revisited
    If so, who broke it?
  129. March 23, 2012

    Disrupting the Chewing Gum Market - Kicking Aspartame
    pur gum, chewing gum, asparteme, gum
  130. Hyundai Sonata 2012 Launched in India
    The new Sonata is also no exception to the new design philosophy of Hyundai and is yet another example of Hyundai’s fluidic design language.
  131. The Romance of Substance Abuse
    What drives people to try out drugs and keep at it
  132. KidVid: Hop (2011) Is Strictly for the Easter Bunny Set
    The younger you are (within limits), the more you will enjoy HOP.
    in Film
  133. Pink Slime is Pulled From Grocery Stores. Is Walmart Next?
    Grocery Stores Join to Pull Pink Slime. Will Schools Be Next?
  134. Giant Paper Airplane Flown Over Arizona Desert (Video)
    The Pima, Arizona Air and Space Museum launched what's likely the world's biggest paper airplane. Here's a video of their efforts.
  135. Denver Trades Tim Tebow to the Jets
    Tim Tebow has been traded to the N.Y. Jets on Wednesday, and will be second to Mark Sanchez at QB.
  136. Medical Marijuana Patients Going Organic
    Organic options provide more benefits for medical marijuana patients
  137. Pirate Bay's Futuristic Airborne Server System Pie in the Sky?
    Peer-to-peer file sharing service Pirate Bay, in an attempt to avoid future SOPA-style legal action, look to the skies for answers.
  138. Saint Petersburg - Let The New Era 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series Begin!
    This year, 2012, will go down as the first year that American open-wheel racing is truly unified.
  139. The Fall of the Call
    Regardless the medium of communication, a caring and authentic voice can be recognized.
  140. Intel’s Social “Status Update”: Make Conversations, Not Ads
    People don’t buy processors, they buy experiences, and Intel is embracing social media to capture these experiences.
  141. Facebook Added A New "Friend to Just Acquaintance" Feature
    Say Goodbye To Annoying News Feeds With Facebook's Newest Feature
  142. March 22, 2012

    Apple's iPhoto Sells Over 1Million Downloads and Climbing
    Apple's iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone have sold over 1 million downloads in under two weeks.
  143. Rumor: iPhone 5 Is Coming With A 4.6-Inch Retina Display
    iPhone 5 Is Coming Soon With A New "Resolutionary" Screen
  144. Difficult Choices for the GOP: Trayvon Martin or Etch-A-Sketch
    Why are the Republican Presidential candidates so quiet about the shooting of Stayvon Martin? Is it not important?
  145. Netflix Upgrades iPad App for Retina Display in HD
    The latest version of Netflix is available, adding many improvements for the new iPad.
  146. Recent Gaffe Shakes Up Romney Campaign
    Blurs primary picture... Erases news of Illinois victory from headlines... Is that enough with the Etch a Sketch jokes?
  147. The Hunger Games Trilogy: 11 Things I Learned
    After reading The Hunger Games trilogy, I have learned 11 important thinges
  148. Crowdsourced Learning for Professionals
    Professionals looking to keep up to date with relevant classes can learn from world class professors, at their own pace with Faculty Project from Udemy.
  149. Twelve Simple Steps We Can Take For Safer Driving
    Safety behind the wheel isn't limited by age or experience, and frequently older drivers allow themselves to be distracted. These twelve guidelines should be an unconscious part of your driving.
  150. Men, Women and Makeup: The Importance of Cate Blanchett's Naked-Faced Magazine Cover
    Like Lady Gaga and Jessica Simpson, Cate Blanchett is the newest cover girl to go without makeup or Photoshop.
  151. Igniting Social Media: Technorati Interview with Jack Krawczyk, Senior Product Marketing Manager of StumbleUpon
    StumbleUpon has become one the most powerful sources of traffic on the internet. In this exclusive interview, Shani Higgins speaks to Jack Krawczyk of StumbleUpon about their "restart", relevance and growth of the company.
  152. Depression and Evolution
    Is evolution linked directly with Depression?
  153. Trayvon Martin and Florida’s Right to Murder Law
    Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law is so bad you’ll wonder whether it was written accidentally by idiots or on purpose by morons.
  154. Welcome To Angry Birds Space Launch Today
    New Angry Birds Space Game To Launch Today
  155. Would You Give Recruiters Your Facebook Login?
    Recruiters have taken to asking candidates for their Facebook logins to snoop on their profiles before hiring them.
  156. Where's the Justice For Trayvon Martin?
    The growing injustice to Trayvon Martin & the "Shoot First" law signed by Governor Bush that enables it
  157. Flash iOS Apps Cookbook
    Book Review
    in IT
  158. Komen's Knight in Shining Armor: A Sad Day for Women
    Women-Founded and Supported Breast Cancer Organization Chooses a Man to Fight Its Public Battles
  159. DNC Responds Quickly With Ad After Romney Advisor Etch-a-Sketch Gaffe
    In a race where Romney has been called a flat out liar by Newt Gingrich, Fehrnstrom's comment does not help matters.
  160. Free Android Apps With Ads May Not Be Safe, Says Report
    University Research Claims Free Android Apps Poses Privacy And Security Risks
  161. Hate Killings Test France's Fragile Harmony
    Killings By Muslim Threatens French Politics
  162. March 21, 2012

    Autism Support Without Insurance Mandate
    Utah has found a way to provide Autism coverage without an Insurance Mandate: corporate charitable donations.
  163. World Water Day: Social Media Tour
    Sharing the Best Links
  164. Honey and Hay Fever
    Consumption of honey is the easiest way to have your body accept pollen ending seasonal allergy.
  165. Harbortouch POS Announces iPad Tableside Order System
    Harbortouch POS announced Tableside, a free app that allows servers to take orders directly from an ipad to the kitchen/bar.
  166. Ed Schultz: Reporter Or Paid Flack?
    As a strong promoter of unions on his show, a little disclosure is in order.
  167. 10GBASE-T – Is 2012 the Year for Wide Adoption?
    Article Review on 10GBASE-T Adoption
    in IT
  168. Is Congress Broken?
    I think so
  169. New Samsung Galaxy S III Image, Exec Says Coming in April
    Samsung CEO in China says Galaxy S III will launch in April 2012, as new image shows online.
  170. Instagram Helping Big Brands Filter, Share, and Promote Their Message
    Big brands are using Instagram as a social media marketing tool in creative and engaging ways.
  171. World of Warcraft May Be Coming to iPad, iPhone
    Blizzard is considering building World of Warcraft for iOS devices.
  172. E-commerce Stealing Market Share from the High Street
    Research underlines the growing size of the e-commerce market as it steals market share from more traditional sources.
  173. Quick Apology From White House Should Put the De Niro Comment To Rest
    Time to end the First Lady controversy
  174. Image Comics - New Release Reviews For March 21, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  175. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For March 21, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  176. Old School Goes New School: NEJM Launches iPad App
    One of the oldest medical periodicals in the world launches iPad app
  177. Broncos' Strong Hand, While Dolphins Go Fish
    Playing your cards right in the search for a QB
  178. There's a Rypple in the Water: Living Social's Success with Social HR
    Rypple: Think project management software meets SharePoint delivered as a service, and Living Social loves it.
  179. How Would you Like a Tattoo That Rings When you Have a Call?
    Mobile phone company Nokia has patented a system that causes a tattoo to buzz when you get a phone call.
  180. Techies Have Registries Too! caters to techies
  181. Michigan Judge Restores Power to Democratically Elected Mayor
    Many people believe that the law is fascistic in nature and denies certain citizens the right to have democratic representation.
  182. Samsung Galaxy S III To Unveil On May 22, Says Report
    Much-Awaited Galaxy S III Is Coming Soon?
  183. The Foundary Finds Added Appeal In Online Shopping
    The Foundary thinks outside the box to acquire its members
  184. March 20, 2012

    An Oft Used quote from Shakespeare: "To Thine Own Self be True"
    The success at all costs, is a negative aspect of the Western world. The the next generation suffers.
  185. Miss America Brings Message of Hope to Safe Place Youth and Supporters
    Overcoming Adversity Can Be A Reality
  186. Online Document Storage, Sharing - Without an App
    Online storage company SurDoc announced cloud storage that is platform and application independent
  187. English Premier League: Manchester City and Chelsea Match-Up
    Manchester City vs Chelsea - March 21, 2012
  188. Peyton Manning and John Elway are Pure Evil
    Why Peyton Manning and John Elway are wrong for making this deal
  189. Why the United States Really Is Great
    United is the keyword for the U.S.
  190. Tigers Make It To The Asia Cup Final In Cricket
    Bangladesh knocks out India from Asia Cup
  191. Hines Ward Retires from the NFL
    Hines Ward announces his retirement Tuesday from the NFL after a great career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  192. Miami Dolphins Sign David Garrard as Starting Quarterback
    The Miami Dolphins sign veteran Quarterback David Garrard from Jacksonville.
  193. What Would Stars Do Without Photoshop? Look Like Us!
    Demi Moore's Ad Campaign a Photoshopped Wonder
  194. Smartphones, Public, Not Quite Ready For Financial Transactions
    Smartphones maybe not so smart for online banking, purchases
  195. Internet Economy More Valuable Than the U.S. Government
    New research reveals that the Internet economy contributes more than the federal government.
  196. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Afghanistan?
    I wish I knew.
  197. Haven’t Seen The Muppets Yet? Catch ‘em Now on Home Video
    “What's more illegal…briefly inconveniencing Jack Black, or destroying the Muppets?” –THE MUPPETS (2011)
    in Film
  198. New iPad Gets Too Hot, Apple Responds to Claims
    Apple responds to recent claims that teh new iPad runs too hot for some users.
  199. Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.0 ICS Source Code Released
    Samsung releases Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code for the Galaxy S II GT-I9100 for download.
  200. Paul Ryan's Path To Solvency
    It's time to think about the economic future of our country and the serious consequences of continuing along the same path.
  201. Why Companies Stress Brand Promotion Over Customer Service
    Brands should know better than to promote themselves instead of serving customers. But they don't.
  202. Internet Becomes Investigative Source In French Hate Murders
    Police scouring the Web for clues as they hunt a cold-blooded killer in France.
  203. Movie Review - Friends with Kids
    A great indie comedy with a big heart - directed by a woman!
    in Film
  204. Can Sony Win Again?
    With a new CEO in place, Sony's challenge is to re-establish itself in the marketplace
  205. Breaking News: New iPad Hits Record Sales!
    Apple Making Company History With Sales Of Its "Resolutionary" New Ipad
  206. iPad vs. Android Tablets, Reports Says The Winner Is...
    Android Tablets vs. iPad..And The Winner Is..
  207. Controlling People Using Mobile Apps
    Northwestern University researchers experiment with using incentives and mobile devices to control travel patterns
  208. Siblings and Autism
    When we think about Autism, we often forget that there are siblings that need attention too.
  209. March 19, 2012

    Annual Butterflies in Bloom at Meijer Gardens
    Meijer Gardens Annual Butterflies in Bloom Exhibit sparks awe and wonder.
  210. iPad. iStop. iThink. iLetGo.
    The new iPad — Why pay more for what you already have to get what you don't need?
  211. Senseless Loss of Life in Swiss Bus Accident
    Every preventable accident leaves us poorer
  212. Cloud Computing Industry Attempts to Police Its Own With CloudCode
    New Zealand based computing group seeks to provide industry-wide guidance as cloud computing grows in popularity.
  213. Video Games in the Smithsonian: Their Time Has Come!
    The Art of Video games exhibition comes to the Smithsonian.
  214. Peyton Manning Chooses Denver Broncos, Tebow Will Be Traded
    Peyton Manning decides to sign with the Denver Broncos, forcing Tim Tebow to be traded.
  215. Book Review: Breakdown By Sara Paretsky
    New Warshawski detective novel by Sara Paretsky full of fun, humor, action and features Chicago in summertime.
  216. "Friendly Twitter" Gets Even Friendlier: Interview with Eric Kim, CEO of Twylah
    Over a year ago, Eric Kim, CEO of Twylah, set out to build a new user Twitter experience. A half a year later, and the product has gained a powerful following.
  217. China Needs to Focus on Quality to Flourish
    New research by the World Bank highlights the importance of quality to the Chinese economy.
  218. Why Failed Executives Always Get Another Job
    Search Firms Kill Jobs and Investments by Creating a Mistaken Perception of Executive Talent Scarcity
  219. The Price of Gas - Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?
    Republicans are blaming Obama for increasing gas prices. Huh?
  220. With Broken Bodies and Tears, They Live On
    Sex slavery continues, Islam or not.
  221. The Social Face of the St Patrick's Day Riots
    Social media has again played a central role in civil unrest as riots hit Ontario.
  222. Google Making Major Moves in the Content Space
    Google as NBC?
  223. Facebook Added New "Interest Lists" Feature
    Facebook Added A New Pinterest-Like Feature
  224. Why Are Only 3% of Websites Doing Their Job?
    New research reveals that just 3% of websites deliver a good experience for users.
  225. Prometheus Movie 2nd Trailer
    Second trailer of Prometheus movie opening in early June
    in Film
  226. Apple Schedules Event To Discuss $100 Billion Cash Plans
    Apple will be announcing their $100 Billion intentions in a conference call Monday morning March 19th at 9AM.
  227. March 18, 2012

    Obama And Military In Denial
    How Many Rambo Movies Does It Take?
  228. Rapidshare Latest File Sharing Website Targeted By Entertainment Industry
    Rapidshare's latest struggle with the recording and publishing industries shows that although SOPA may be dead, the struggle for individual freedom on the web is far from over.
  229. BK KO's Bristol
    Brad "Twitter" Keselowski quiets the naysayers by notching back-to-back Sprint Cup wins at Bristol
  230. Is Breastfeeding Primitive in Today’s Society?
    Today's society is intolerable, almost indignant of women uncovering themselves to breastfeed in public, yet the WHO is calling for breastfed infants.
  231. Compensation Caricatures in Afghanistan
    The Australian military pays just $60 for Afghani loss of civilian life compensation; before you get angry, would other nations even pay that?
  232. Rising Star Hayla Reveals She Wrote Dance Hit “I’m Free” About Her Gay Ex-Boyfriend
    Hayla divulges that her Billboard hit “I’m Free” was written after she shockingly discovered her boyfriend of 7 years in bed with another man.
  233. Samsung Galaxy S III Image Appears Online
    An image of the unreleased Samsung Galaxy S III appears online, next evolution in Android devices.
  234. New Media Notes, Quotes, And Tweets From The 60th Mobil 1 12 Hours Of Sebring
    The following entry are observations registered in New Media posted on the internet for Saturday's 60th 12 Hours of Sebring
  235. Halong Bay Treasures the Caves of the Dragon
    Discover this amazing bay of Vietnam, bathed in the warm emerald blue waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.
  236. Pinterest Is The Web's Newest Darling
    Pinterest Is The Internet's Newest Sensation
  237. Google Nexus Tablet Expected in May 2012
    Google is rumored to announce the Google Nexus Tablet device in may at CTIA 2012.
  238. Why Is The Japanese Yen Depreciating?
    This post looks at the recent trend change for the Japanese yen.
  239. March 17, 2012

    Uganda's Government Responds: Invisible Children, Kony 2012 Have Some Explaining to Do
    Following the face of Kony 2012's publicized nude rant in the streets of San Diego, Uganda's Prime Minister speaks out against the "facts" in Invisible Children's viral video.
  240. HTC Phones Android Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade, Now Rolling
    Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update Comes To HTC Phones
  241. Poll: Most Americans Say Religious Liberty Not Threatened
    In Public Religion Research Institute's recent survey, Americans reveal their views on the status of the right of religious liberty.
  242. Mantle Plumes: Fact or Fantasy?
    Maybe it is Just Semantics
  243. Osama Bin Laden planned to kill President Obama
    Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden had planned to assassinate US President Barack Obama.
  244. March 16, 2012

    It's Audi R18 Diesel 1-2-3 Overall at 2012 Sebring Qualifications
    Germany's Andre Lotterer took the pole by sweeping around the 17-turn, 3.74-mile road course at a speed of 127.235 mph.
  245. Doctors Often Misunderstand the Science Behind Screening Tests
    Here's a primer on a frequently misunderstood — even by doctors — aspect of medical number counting. It can be vital to patients' health.
  246. The Exciting Saint Vincent and the Grenadines!
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines, unlike many of the popular Caribbean travel destinations, the area is not yet saturated with mass tourism which is good news, as it has less crowded beaches and plenty of places to escape and relax.
  247. It's not Capitalism, it's Cruelty
    As we move through our economic recovery process we must realize that many of those with money seem to be resorting back to their old ways.
  248. Team USA: Gymnastics
    Team USA-Gymnastics heads to the Pacific Rim Championship in Everette, Wash., for a weekend of competition
  249. Voice of Kony 2012 Video Detained for Public Drunkenness, Nudity, Lewd Acts (Video)
    Jason Russell, the voice and face of the viral Kony 2012 video, was reportedly detained last night for public nudity, lewd and drunken behavior.
  250. The iPad Retina Display: Resolutionary (Sometimes)
    While there are several iPad apps that can handle the new iPad Retina display, most unfortunately cannot.
  251. Social Customer Service Provides Savvy Companies Competitive Advantage
    Companies who use social media for customer service, and do it right, can create sustainable competitive advantages in their market.
  252. Cricket: Beware of The Hungry Tigers
    Tigers claw too strong for India
  253. Hard Cases Make Bad Law
    Ravi Committed A Hate Crime But Did He Hate His Victim
  254. Citizens United: The Pernicious Influence of Cash
    ... In rhyme.
  255. Rick Santorum Vows to Ban Internet Porn
    Hey Rick, Want To Hear The Sound Of One Hand Clapping?
  256. Diablo III To Launch On May 15, Accepts Pre-Orders Now
    Super Hot Diablo III Game Is Coming!
  257. Florida Passes Birth Injury Law, Leading to $15 Million Award [infographic]
    A new infographic showcases the widespread issue of birth injuries.
  258. Apple's Steve Wozniak Seen Waiting in Line for the New iPad
    Apple's Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Caught In Line For The New iPad
  259. Groupon Receive a Record Number of Complaints
    Groupon have landed in hot water after the OFT slammed the company in the wake of a record number of complaints
  260. Video Interview With Apple's Steve Wozniak About The New iPad
    What's Trending's Interview With Steve Wozniak About The New iPad
  261. Social Media Engagement for Older Professionals
    Tips to help late adopters successfully harness the power of social media
  262. Manson Girls: A Conversation With Susanna Lo
    Director Susanna Lo discusses her newest film "Manson Girls" which tells the story about the fateful summer of 1969 through the eyes of the women in the Manson Family.
    in Film
  263. How To Make Freelancing Work For You, Not Against
    The decision to hire a freelancer is a big one! You are opening the doors of your company to an outsider. Here's a quick list of things you need to keep in head before you hire someone.
  264. March 15, 2012

    Website Cloning: A Shameless Online Business Trend
    Is The Attack Of The Clones Here To Stay Forever?
  265. It's Not About How Many Servers Amazon's Got, But How Long It Will Matter
    A widely shared estimates Amazon Web Services uses 500K servers. That's great, but is Amazon beginning to feel some nipping at its heels?
  266. Diet Takes A Spring Break
    Emergency Chocolate Gone In A Flash
  267. Is The U.S. Waging a Covert War In Syria?
    So much for diplomacy
  268. RARE Earth Elements: Not so Rare
    Should the US blame China?
  269. Breaking News: NBA's Howard Remains a Magic, Other Big Names Got Traded, and More
    Judgement Day For Some Big NBA Players Today
  270. Iran's President Facing Possible Impeachment
    Time for a Vacation?
  271. What's Green at SXSW
    The Green Zone and more...
  272. How To Have a Free SXSW Interactive Experience
    Getting the Most Out of SXSW's Tech Show
  273. Democracy Lost: Unraveling Limbaugh from his Boycott
    Despite the musings of his fans, there is no moral equivalency between what Limbaugh did and how the boycotters responded.
  274. Jus Cuz: On Creating A Music Video With A Message
    Jus Cuz has definitely got what it takes to explode - be aware of them!
  275. Punishing the Homeless
    No good deed ever goes unpunished.
  276. iDisorder Book Review
    Author explores how new technologies may be harming our psyche and our minds in his new book.
  277. The Dark Side of Parenting a Child with Autism
    Every parent of a child with Autism has a lingering fear: what does the future hold?
  278. RIM: BlackBerry PlayBook Will Get BlackBerry 10 Update
    Research In Motion confirmed that BlackBerry 10 upgrades will go to the PlayBook later in 2012.
  279. 2012 CFDA Nominees
  280. Apple Stock Rises to $600 Per Share Prior To Friday Launch
    Apple hits a new high at $600 per share Thursday morning just a day before the new iPad is available in stores.
  281. Austin Homeless Hotspots
    Helping or exploiting the homeless? If it really makes you mad, donate.
  282. Genius or Sucker? The Dilemma of Being a Goldman Sachs Client
    Goldman Sachs' clients' reputations as financial wizards are highly questionable after Greg Smith's NY Time Op-Ed piece.
  283. The Adrenaline Lifestyle
    The energy source fueling an overwhelmed life.
  284. March 14, 2012

    Walmart Wants to Put Your DVD Collection on Their Cloud
    Walmart is offering a new service: Buy a compliant DVD or Blu Ray movie, and they'll let you put the movie on their Vudu cloud... for a price.
  285. How To Celebrate Easter In Italy
    Italian Easter traditions
  286. The Big Night Has Its Moments
    George LaMain is about to have the worst birthday of his life…
    in Film
  287. Playboy TV’s SWING Stars Holli and Michael Gear Up for 2nd Season, Speak Out On Dr. Phil
    Playboy TV's Holli & Michael Speak Out with Personal Comments on Recent Dr. Phil Swinger Episode
  288. Visual Communication Worth More Than a Thousand Words
    Visual Communications enhances understanding and helps business, individuals reach audiences continually strapped for time.
  289. Wish You Had a Sister? How about Three Bad Sisters?
    There Was Always A Man Happy To Give Them Anything They Wanted! (original poster)
    in Film
  290. Mass Effect 3 Review
    It will blow you away and the ending will make you cry, whether it's a good or a bad thing it's up to you.
  291. Why Should The US Worry If India’s Mamta Has Gone Mad?
    For the west and the US especially, who consider India as the place to be in for growth and business from multi billion dollar deals to create jobs back home, this mad embrace of populism by ultra sensitive female leaders of India must be a serious concern and a factor not to be missed in whatever projections they make
  292. The Unreal Engine is More Real Than You Think
    The Unreal Engine an Epic Journey
  293. BattleField 3 Expansion Packs on the Horizon
    3 DLC packs coming for Battlefield 3
  294. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For March 14, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  295. Are Social Media Campaigns Like Kony Successful in Effecting Change
    The use of social media as an activist tool poses interesting questions.
  296. Trade Your iPad 2 for a New iPad, Get up to $450
    You could get up to $450 for trade in on a new iPad for your old iPad or iPad 2.
  297. Goldman's Culture: When Making Money Isn't Enough
    Ex-Goldman Sachs executive describes a culture of employees rewarded for reviling and misdirecting clients.
  298. New Parenting Guide Offers Solutions on Kids and Technology
    Parenting is tough in a world where kids are growing up with technology all around them. Find real-world solutions to managing tech's impact in The Modern Parent's Guide series.
  299. The Miracle of Light Therapy for Pain Relief
    Light therapy offers great relief for a number of pain problems throughout the body.
  300. Unique New Environmental Investment Opportunity Emerges "Down Under"
    Australian carbon credits: The greenest of green investments
  301. Limbaugh's 'Slut' Comment Not Dying Anytime Soon
    Even weeks later, many businesses are still boycotting the Rush Limbaugh show.
  302. Kony 2012 Goes to Washington
    Kony 2012 uses classic film-making techniques to gain attention for Ugandan issue.
  303. Rick Santorum Wins Mississippi and Alabama. Gingrich 2nd!
    With Santorum beginning to pull ahead in the Republican primaries, independent-minded women are thinking nope, no way.
  304. Wikipedia Finally Kills Off Printed Encyclopedia
    The rise of Wikipedia was final today with news that the Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer produce a print edition.
  305. Breaking News: Android ICS Update For Samsung Galaxy S II, Now Rolling
    Samsung Galaxy S II Now Getting ICS Upgrades
  306. SXSW Is Too Big for Austin
    Increasingly important interactive conference has outgrown its original site
  307. One Slope, One Skier, Versus a Peugeot. Awesome.
    An Italian ski team take a Peugeot to the slopes for a downhill race. One you have got to watch...
  308. Cindy Rakowitz, PR 101: 'No Comment' Is Not A Solution
    Cindy Rakowitz, former Playboy Head of PR, discusses her new book on handling PR disasters and dos and don'ts
  309. Play Ball!
    Little League Team Parent for Dummies
  310. Afghan Massacre and the Insanity of Catch-22
    The insanity of Joseph Heller comes to real life in Afghanistan.
  311. March 13, 2012

    Ice Cold Can of Cancer - Death by Soda?
    The Carmel Coloring in Your Cola Causes Cancer
  312. From White to Green - Greenland's Glaciers are History
    New paper suggests Greenland is already well on its way to be glacier-free, and truly green, from warming already 'locked in'
  313. A Visit to the Past
    In Denmark you can travel back in time and visit a wonderful selection of historical houses...
  314. How Important are MBA Rankings?
    MBA applicants need to understand the real limitations inherent in the just released, hot-off-the-presses 2012 US News MBA rankings.
  315. North Dakota Grandma's Food Column Goes Viral
    An 85-year-old food columnist from North Dakota wrote a review of an Olive Garden restaurant that went viral.
  316. Urban Bleu: Boldly Breaking Out the Blues
    Blending their musical influences, Urban Bleu creates a unique and energized sound...ready to break out big.
  317. Who Is Out Of Touch Mr. Vice President?
    Stop the pandering and hypocrisy. All of you so called leaders.
  318. Happy Birthday Governor Romney... My Gift To You
    The Southern Strategy
  319. The Unsurprising New iPad
    Is the New iPad All It's Hyped Up to Be?
  320. We Still Live Here: Âs Nutayuneân (2011) Focuses on A Nearly Lost Language
    Documentary captures a linguistic miracle as Cape Cod’s Wampanoag Indians reclaim their lost language and reconnect with their heritage.
  321. Schools Incorporating Digital Learning Day
    Digital Learning Day is incorporating technology and online education helping to carve the path for future education.
  322. Oscar-Winner The Descendants (2011) Arrives on Home Video
    Everything just happens.
    in Film
  323. The Death of a Blogging Platform: Twitter Buys Posterous
    Twitter buys Posterous in a move to grab talent and hopefully, a better UI for users
  324. Samsung Galaxy S III Design is Completed and Ready For Production
    The Samsung Galaxy S III design is complete and features a uni-body ceramic design.
  325. Tag Heuer Is Joining The Smartphone Race
    Watch-Maker Tag Heuer Getting Ready To Join The Smartphone Wars
  326. Apple Will Release 7.85inch iPad 'Mini' In Q4 Says Samsung
    Apple launching a 7.85inch iPad Mini in Q4 2012 according to a Samsung Official.
  327. How Much is Too Much Coffee?
    A call for better labelling on caffeinated drinks
  328. How One Family Learned to Give Up Electronics and Love Aruba with Video
    Can this family unplug from their electronic devices and enjoy Aruba? Find out here.
  329. Aussie Company ASC Saves $4,000 Per Employee with Process Improvement
    An Australian company has saved $4,000 per employee after starting a process improvement in 2009.
  330. Is Obama A Muslim? So Say Mississippi And Alabama
    Stupids elect stupids
  331. Can the NFL Keep Control of the Bounty Scandal?
    Scary possibilities for 'perfect storm' if bounty issue goes to court
  332. Musician J.D. McPherson on Signs & Signifiers
    Musician J.D. McPherson is gearing up for a busy spring, as Rounder Records re-releases his 2011 album, Signs & Signifiers
  333. Marvel Comics App Coming To iOS And Android
    Marvel Comics Goes Digital
  334. Wanna Party at Marilyn Monroe's Place? Venue Matching Eventup Adds San Francisco
    Event venue match-up service EventUp adds San Francisco to its repertoire of fantastic locale-filled cities to hold your next memorable event.
  335. March 12, 2012

    Infographic Creation Tool Released With Create
    Is a revenue stream creating infographics about to slip away from designers with infographic making tool Create?
  336. White House Hispanic Outreach Touts Achievements
    More on immigration reform from the Obama Administration
  337. What the IEP Gives You: Services and Transitions
    There are a lot of services that are beneficial for your child with Autism, and they are outlined in the IEP.
  338. Education in Rural India
    Education is a basic necessity. It prepares, widens and allows exposure to the entire world through the mind. A sound education implies better quality of thought, which results in superlative quality of life. In India almost 90% of the schools are located in the villages. Independent studies show that over 91% of the rural schools at elementary level are controlled by the government.
  339. Is Lam Leaving Tod's?
    Derek Lam is said to have left Tod’s, where he served as the brand’s creative director since 2006.
  340. Does Less Sleep Cause Weight Gain?
    Recent studies have suggested that a lack of sleep may contribute to weight gain and obesity.
  341. KONY-2012; A Letter to my Teenage Son
    Questions arise about Invisible Children's Board of Directors
  342. FindNotary Launches Yelp for Notaries
    FindNotary has launched their Yelp like website to help people find notaries throughout the entire United States.
  343. Changing Social Norms in School Starts With a Conversation
    Until we have inclusive and diverse communities celebrated in every school, we all need to do the work. Changing social norms in school starts with a conversation.
  344. Warner Music Group & Nikon: Puttin' It Down @ SXSW 2012
    All zooms lenses are on The Warner Sound Captured by Nikon
  345. Greece Debt Swap Completion Provides Relief But No Plan
    Greece forces creditors to a debt swap to receive a second bailout but the future is still uncertain for the troubled EU member.
  346. New Study Reveals Privacy at Risk if You Lose Your Cell Phone
    Losing your cell phone could be risky for your privacy. Find out why and what you can do about it.
  347. Are Daily Deals Upping the Ante?
    In response to harsh criticism, Groupon and LivingSocial are rolling out new programs to help establish loyalty and ensure customer retention.
  348. Apple's New iPad Delivery Dates Now Show 2 - 3 Weeks Out
    Apple's supply of new iPad's is running very low due to customer demand, shipping in 2 - 3 weeks.
  349. HBO Warms to Apple's iCloud Service
    HBO Warms to Apple's iCloud Service
  350. Instagram Coming Soon to Android Devices
    Inatsgram Co-Founder Shows beta Instagram running on his Galaxy Nexus at SWSX and states it's coming "really soon".
  351. OK, Google...#WTH?
    OK, Google...I am trying. Really I am. So #WTH- Why This Hard?
  352. Android ICS Upgrade On Samsung Galaxy S II Delayed
    Samsung Galaxy S II ICS Update Release Date Got Jinxed
  353. Radio Wars Of Limbaugh And Huckabee - The Pro Vs. The Opportunist
    Huckabee has already admitted to a path of failure through its slogan “more conversation; less confrontation.”
  354. Brands Use Facebook Timeline to Tell Their Story
    Don’t fight the Facebook Timeline. Use it to connect to others by telling your story in a wholly new way.
  355. Is the Rumored Sale of Mashable to CNN a Sell Out or Win?
    CNN is rumored to be buying Mashable, according to various reports.
  356. If You Hit Someone On The Indian Coast It Is Better To Switch Off Lights And Run
    If you are in a sea going vessel and near the Indian coast, keep your curtains down and be ready to change course even if you will run in to some Somalian pirates, which is a safer option.
  357. Techno Desire Cubed
    As technological needs grow, the equipment to provide it grows smaller and smaller. But is compact hardware more efficient?
  358. A Conversation With Erika Eleniak
    Erika Eleniak, Playboy Playmate and star of Baywatch discusses her career and her role in E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial on the film's 30th Anniversary in 2012
    in Film
  359. Pinterest: Friend or Foe to the Blogosphere?
    Pinterest is creating an amazing tool for bloggers, but is it really good for the blogosphere? Dozens of bloggers interviewed, revealing a dark side to Pinterest.
  360. Growing Up Is Hard in Young Adult (2011)
    In a world where growing up is optional, Charlize Theron is perfect as a woman who has chosen the wrong option.
    in Film
  361. Rahul Dravid Announces Retirement From First Class Cricket
    The End Of An Era
  362. March 11, 2012

    Family Favorite: Indoor Waterparks
    Top three indoor waterparks in the Midwest.
  363. Explore United Kingdom
    Tourism is nowadays a popularly used word and an integral part of today’s culture as it refreshes people who are in need of a moderate leisure time. Tourism widely means travelling to other locations, which are known for stress relieving climatic conditions and mind nourishing natural beauty and spending some days for recreation. But these days the word tourism is used for business travels also.
  364. Dogs’ and Cats’ Best Friend? Not Facebook
    Has Facebook grown so huge that it doesn’t need to be altruistic?
  365. The Adventures of Tintin (2011) Is All Action, All Fun
    “There's something you need to know about failure, Tintin. You can never let it defeat you.”
    in Film
  366. Bag It (2010) Explores Our Brief Yet Everlasting Relationships with Plastic
    Paper or plastic? Or do you take your own bags to the grocery store?
    in Film
  367. Take a Fresh (2009) Look at How to Improve Our Food Supply
    New thinking about what we’re eating.
    in Film
  368. Book a Nanny and Fly Stress Free
    Babysitters make flying easier for families
  369. What Kind of Shopper are You?
    Are you a "de-shopper?"
  370. Stewart Scores Big Win at Vegas
    Tony Stewart checks Las Vegas off the "Has-Not-Won" list
  371. Canadian Public Needs a Protracted Air Canada Strike
    The Canadian government's meddling to avert a strike at Air Canada is likely to push Air Canada to bankruptcy protection.
  372. Weibo: Is China's Twitter Going to Come Here?
    Weibo is China's answer to Twitter. Will we see it here as well?
  373. ASUS Will Build Google Nexus Tablet to Rival Amazon Kindle Fire
    Google chooses ASUS to build a Nexus Tablet and will keep pricing under $250 to compete.
  374. Catholic Church Wages War on Gay Marriage
    The Catholic Church persecution of gays continues.
  375. Pepsi Changes Coloring Formula in Response to Carcinogen Concerns
    Pepsico is changing the formulation of its caramel coloring in response to a report linking the color with a known carcinogen.
  376. Prolonged Grief Increases Young Widows' Health Risks
    I wonder what would have happened if I didn't start seeing a doctor regularly after my young husband's death.
  377. Wal-Mart Buys Social Calendar
    Wal-Mart continues to push into social media and customer technology with new acquisition.
  378. iPad and iPad 2 On The Cheap From Apple
    Apple marks the original iPad and iPad 2 on sale online to clear out old inventory.
  379. Kickstarter Kickin' and RocketHub Flyin' at SXSW 2012
    Crowdfunding empowers artists to raise money from fans
  380. What Benefit am I Getting from this Medication?
    The benefits of statin medications have been oversold and the risks understated.
  381. Silence and Prayers as Japan Remembers Deadly Earthquake and Tsunami
    People all around Japan gathered to pray for the victims affected by Earthquake, Tsunami tragedy last year.
  382. March 10, 2012

    Huggies Ad Removed: Failed Humor at Dads to Blame
    Huggies' ad campaign offended the sensibilities and essence of upstanding fathers.
  383. Shocking Sex Attacks
    Is sexual assault an act of violence or depravity?
  384. KidVid: New Timmy Time - Timmy Finds Treasure
    “All aboard!” calls pirate captain Timmy as the treasure hunt begins.
  385. KidVid: Awesome Adventures Volume 1: Rescue Friends with Bob, Thomas, and Fireman Sam
    New adventures with Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, and Fireman Sam are coming March 13.
  386. Of Pink Slime & Buckyballs; The World Outside Your Door
    We humans have the technology to arrange molecules in a way that they do not normally occur in nature.
  387. Google Play Unifies Entertainment, App Marketplaces
    Google Play has started a new war in cloud-based entertainment services.
  388. Comic Artist Jean Giraud, Better Known As Mœbius, Dies
    The Comic Book World Looses One Of It's Greatest Artists.
  389. Indian Politics: Dad Decides in Favor of Son
    What next—only the future will tell!
  390. New iPads Sold Out, Now Shipping March 19th
    Apple's new iPad has been selling so fast that the initial launch supply is already sold out. Shipping is being moved back for new orders.
  391. Colts May Soon Be Regretting the Day They Let Manning Go
    Four-time NFL MVP Might Have His Best Days Behind Him. But A Declining Peyton Manning Is Better Than No Peyton Manning.
  392. Apple May Be Losing Profit for New iPad Pricing
    Apple may be taking less profit on the 3rd generation iPad to keep the retail price low and attractive.
  393. John Carter, the Pursuit of Wealth and Fortune
    John Carter is an epic film concerning the pursuit of material wealth and fortune at the expense of others.
    in Film
  394. Rush Limbaugh and the Testing of the Constitution
    With Rush Limbaugh in the news again, the timing couldn't be better to look at our most cherished beliefs.
  395. March 9, 2012

    Foursquare Adds New Feature: Operating Hours
    Explore function gets upgraded with great new information
  396. Breaking News: New iPad Are Sold Out!
    New iPad Sold Out In Less Than 3 Days After Launch
  397. Black Students Still Face Inequality In Public Schools
    If this will still continue to happen, then why did we desegregate in 1955?
  398. Restraining Before Take Off? Not Only Passengers, Flight Attendants, Too???
    American Airlines Flight Attendant Flips Out and Has to be Restrained
  399. Retail Tracking and Profiling - Help or Hurt?
    The idea of tracking customer purchases and “profiling” them thereby enticing with coupons, rebates, and other deals is nothing new.
  400. Here Comes the Sun - Solar Storms
    So far the solar storm has had little effect on the Earth, but the worse may be yet to come.
  401. The Lesser Known London
    During a visit to London one might wish to visit some of the lesser known gems...
  402. Facebook Tells Marketers They Need to ReOrg! Can the Wheel be Reinvented?
    Is one digital marketing operating model better than another?
  403. YouSendIt Workstream Assists Enterprise-Level File Sharing
    Cloud Gets Enterprise-Ready, Willing, and Capable
  404. Joseph Kony Becomes Internet Sensation
    Invisible Children Scores P.R. Victory. Anything else?
  405. 70 Year Old Japanese Man Preps for Olympic Games
    Hiroshi Hoketsu, a 70-year-old equestrian from Japan, is the second oldest man to qualify for the modern Olympic games.
  406. Sony Tablet S Review
    Kyle gives us a review of the Sony Tablet S. How well does this tablet hold up? Find out here.
  407. Charles Perry - Cover of "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
    Soul singer Charles Perry covers the hit song "Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetics
  408. Don’t Ape Around: The Gorilla Genome and the Media
    The publication of the gorilla genome exposes a frightening impotence of mainstream media coverage as an educator
  409. Silent House - Movie Review
    New Horror Film With One Shot Of Terror
    in Film
  410. March 8, 2012

    Michigan Democrats Propose Free Higher Education
    Michigan Democrats make a new move to fund higher education for all Michigan students.
  411. Student Loan Debt Slowing Down Economic Growth?
    How much is the student loan debt crisis affecting our economy?
  412. Content Curators Needed: Facebook's Interest Lists Unveiled
    Facebook unveils Interest Lists. Let the all-out content curation contest begin!
  413. Harold Camping Asks for Forgiveness for End of the World Predictions
    Harold Camping sends “an important letter” to followers asking for forgiveness for his errant end of the world predictions.
  414. AMEX & Jay-Z Are Bringin' It to SXSW
    AMEX and Jay-Z are collaborating for some music and excitement for this year's SXSW in Austin
  415. Skipping School - A Mental Health Day for the Kids?
    Mixed messages undermine influence and cost you in the long run
  416. Residential Security - Seven Questions to Ask
    You see it advertised through traditional and social media – residential security. Now more than ever, it is a concern of many.
  417. Storm Victims Face New Hazard - Scams
    Contracting Scams Follow Severe Weather
  418. Post-PC? In the Strict Sense, Yes
    The PC is dead; long live the PC!
  419. Computing in UK Schools is Failing Students
    Royal Society wants to drop ICT (information and Communications Technologies) from UK schools curriculum.
  420. Netflix Prepares to Launch Cable-Hosted Subscription Service
    Moves to Partner with Cable Service Providers
  421. A Conversation With Michael Berryman
    Michael Berryman discusses the 35th anniversary of the movie The Hills Have Eyes and his newest thriller: Below Zero
    in Film
  422. A Busy Week for AIPAC
    ... or: Raising the Stakes in the Middle East.
  423. Why Did Election 2012 Make Vladimir Putin Cry In Victory and Rahul Gandhi Smile In Defeat?
    If the election 2012 in Russia made Putin weep, despite his lack of intention to give up his iron grip on the lives of millions of Russians, the recent democratic elections in the largest state of India, Uttar Pradesh with a population of over 200 Million, brought smiles on the faces of millions of Indians proud about their democracy, especially of Rahul Gandhi, as he addressed a press conference to concede defeat and accept his share of responsibility.
  424. Revenge Is Not Always Sweet: Zero Balance
    I didn’t kill the snake; I just wounded it. –ZERO BALANCE by Ashley Fontainne
  425. The Food That Makes Us Slaves To An Addiction
    Our metabolism and digestive system are not designed for diets. Every diet makes us fatter. We should never diet!
  426. Cloud Computing to Create Nearly Four Million Jobs a Year
    Cloud computing is driving growth and jobs at an unprecedented rate.
  427. Catch Every Minute of London 2012 Live on YouTube
    The London 2012 Games will be live-streamed this year. Finally, you'll be able to get all the water polo you want.
  428. Going Out Tonight? Picksie Can Help You Decide Where
    Picksie is the new kid on the block, giving people something to make a yelp sound about
  429. Justice Department Threatens to Sue Apple and 5 Publishers Over Price Fixing
    Lawsuit Threatened Against Apple and Other Publishers? U.S. Justice Department Contends There Was Collusion
  430. iPad 2 Price Drop Makes It Perfect for Enterprise Use, App Development
    With a new price point on the iPad 2, will we see more enterprises adopting tablet, mobile applications?
  431. Google's Competitive Edge: Gaining Ground Over Amazon
    Google Knifes Prices for Cloud Storage
  432. On Syria, McCain Reminds Us Why We Voted for Obama
    Imagining a President John McCain administration is enough to make you relieved that Barack Obama won.
  433. Windows Server 8, Microsoft's Attempt at a New Server Paradigm
    Microsoft is looking to shake up your IT Admin with its upcoming server-based Metro UI.
    in IT
  434. What does Innovation in Construction Look Like?
    Strategic Partnerships to Spec.
  435. Is The New iPad A Worthy Successor To iPad 2?
    The New iPad: Is It Worth To Upgrade To It?
  436. March 7, 2012

    Massive Solar Storm Heading Towards Earth
    Massive solar storm may disrupt power grids, GPS services, air plane schedules, satellite navigation systems for next few days.
  437. The Other March Madness
    If the Big Publishing Houses were corporate banks, the small presses would be credit unions.
  438. Apple Revs Up Expectations for the Latest iPad
    Apple's new iPad revs up the marketing hype
  439. Swimming Legend Ian Thorpe a Long Shot for London 2012
    Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe seems a long shot to qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London.
  440. March Madness
    America is completely insane, for the most part
  441. Machine Head Rocks with Suicide Silence and Darkest Hour
    Machine Head's Eighth Plague tour leaves its mark on Atlanta; punch-drunk, shell-shocked and begging for more.
  442. Not-So-Super Tuesday
    No clear Republican frontrunner yet, but results are telling.
  443. The Road to London
    The road to London is officially open - The games of the XXX Olympiad begin on July 27.
  444. Buffing Up Your Brain: This Will Make You Smarter by John Brockman
    Are you willing to take a chance on a book titled THIS WILL MAKE YOU SMARTER?
  445. March Pro Days Will Be Pivotal for NFL Hopefuls
    Pro Days key to draft for NFL Hopefuls
  446. Let's Talk About The Buddy Group
    Check Creative Officer, Bryan Boettger talks social and business
  447. Ebook from The Fix: Courtney Comes Clean by Maer Roshan
    Courtney Love discusses her loves, life, and determination to survive.
  448. Spice It Up with The Inspired Vegan, Bryant Terry
    Bryant Terry is an award-winning chef and food justice activist; THE INSPIRED VEGAN is his latest book.
  449. It's Pink! Sprinkles Cupcakes Gets Vending Debut
    New York and Beverly Hills, Not Denver?
  450. Zuckerberg Takes a Bite Out of Apple
    Friendsheet Gives You Back A Piece of Time
  451. Don't Cry For Kucinich, America
    End of an era, DEnnis Kucinich is out of US congress
  452. Apple Announces the New iPad
    Apple announced the next generation iPad today, with same pricing as iPad 2.
  453. Wall Street Journal Hosts a Free Hackathon
    The Wall Street Journal will host a free weekend seminar to develop free web tools to improve data transparency and privacy
  454. Game Change: Can Mitt Romney Beat Obama?
    Can Mitt Romney Really Beat Obama?
  455. Super Tuesday: And the Winner Is - Nobody
    ... or, Super Wednesday?
  456. Universal Makes New Agreement with Redbox for DVDs
    Universal maintains the 28-day “window,” going against Warner Bros. – who wants 56-days
    in Film
  457. Empowering Artisans Through Sustainable Grass Roots Efforts in Haiti
    Fostering Self Sufficiency in Haiti with the Artisans Business Network
  458. Over 30 Million Accounts on Facebook Belong to Dead People
    Researchers and social media community managers struggle with how to handle death on social media sites.
  459. Gluten-Free Vegan Comfort Food Offers a Feast of Downhome Delights
    With an emphasis on good health and ease of preparation, “Gluten-Free Vegan Comfort Food” is an appealing recipe collection.
  460. Apple Just Announced the New Apple TV with 1080p
    Apple announced the new Apple TV in San Francisco today with full 1080p support.
  461. Bill Carter: A Modern Renaissance Man
    Bill Carter recounts his film Miss Sarajevo and his memoir Fools Rush In
  462. New iPad 3 To Unveil Today Using A New Technology?
    Apple's Possible New Technology On iPad 3?
  463. Making the Most of a Spare Room
    create a simple home office
    in DIY
  464. Halo 4 Coming But Not too Soon
    Latest Halo installment to debut during the Holiday season 2012.
  465. "Joe the Plumber" Wins Republican Nomination for Ohio House Seat
    Mr. Wurzelbacher faces a very uphill battle running against 15 term Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.
  466. Democrat Dennis Kucinich Loses Ohio Primary to Marcy Kaptur
    Dennis Kucinich will not be a member of Congress in 2013.
  467. Sarah Palin Would Consider 2016 Presidential Bid
    There is already talk of a 2016 bid by Sarah Palin.
  468. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For March 7, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  469. Super Rugby: South African Conference Analysis
    An in depth analysis of the early performances of South African teams
  470. March 6, 2012

    MajClub Paris
    Zen spirit in a chic body.
  471. Cross-Cultural Marketing -2-
    Companies should never try to adapt the market to your products it would simply not work, in the contrary you must adapt your services to the market and I can’t stress strong enough how this is crucial.
  472. Cut a Finger, Save a Life
    Here's an idea: Add mini bone marrow donor kits to bandage boxes, so the next time you cut yourself, you can register!
  473. Manning Out at Indy
    The 14 year Peyton Manning era ending for the Colts
  474. Nokia Scheduled to Release Phone with 41 Megapixel Camera
    The Pureview 808 offers a 41 megapixel camera and a multitude of features that were previously only available on stand-alone cameras.
  475. Raspberry Pi Satisfies the Market's Sweet Tooth
    The Credit-card size computer was meant for kids, but then...aren't we all "God's chillun'?"
  476. Hush Rush? Not In The U.S.A Now Or Ever. You Might Be Next !
    Lets play fair when we take verbal offense.
  477. Lulzsec Hackers and "Sabu" Arrested. What Impact Will This Have on Anonymous?
    Arrested Leader of Hacker Group Tied to Anonymous Used As a Government Witness. Impact on Anonymous?
  478. Windows 8: Features Preview And Requirements
    Windows 8 Getting Nice Reviews From Users So Far
  479. Advertise Your Mortgage Away
    Would you turn your house into a giant billboard to pay off your mortgage?
  480. Cloud Defies Definition
    Cloud Defines Business
  481. Dear Rush; a Communique From the Feminazi Camp
    ...Or, Rush Limbaugh: One More Reason For Health Care Reform.
  482. Companies not Tracking the ROI of Their Process Improvement
    Research suggests that most companies do not track their process improvement efforts for ROI.
  483. Running to Find a Cure for Mesothelioma [infographic]
    New infographic from Sokolove Law showcases the race to find a cure for mesothelioma
  484. iPad 3 Round Up, Apple Announces Tomorrow
    Apple gets set to announce the iPad 3 Wednesday. Here's a round-up of what we'll see.
  485. Happy Birthday Titanic
    “God Himself could not sink this ship," they aid. It sank a hundred years ago, April 14, 1912.
  486. Apple iPad 3 Will Be In Stores March 16th
    Apple's next iPad could be available in stores for consumers on Friday March 16th according to insider.
  487. Living-Vampire of India
    A disturbing report on India's Horrifying Power Politics.
  488. Defending Free Speech and Defying Fundementalists
    The best thing our political leaders could do to calm down the hurt sentiments of intensified mobs is to play the world’s smallest violin.
  489. Web Pirates Exploiting The Triple X Domains
    Businesses And Celebrities Beware: Cybersquatters are After You
  490. Can Pepper Jack Cheese Give You a Competitive Advantage?
    A Resource Based View Evaluation
  491. Are Companies Finally Warming to Social Media?
    New research shows that the number of companies banning social media at work is falling.
  492. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Review
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 gets a full breakdown. Is this version worthy of your upgrade?
  493. Anonymous Supporters Tricked Into Downloading Trojan
    Symantec has a blog post on how participants in the hacker group Anonymous may have been tricked into downloading code that steals their credit card information
  494. Police Surveillance Drone Crashes Into SWAT Truck
    A Police surveillance drone near Houston crashed during a test earlier this week, raising safety concerns.
  495. Republicans Backing Romney by Default
    Most looking to get it over with and move on.
  496. March 5, 2012

    Be the Miracle - Book Review
    People have been known to ask where the miracles are these days. Author tells readers they are standing beside us.
  497. W Hotel Paris Opera
    Insider's Guide to W Paris-Opera Hotel
  498. Airplane Travel is So Last Century
    Will those be the words uttered by frequent travelers in the year 2030?
  499. KidLit: Ann’s Amazing Adventure by Jeanetta Brancaccio
    “Some things take a very long time.” –Jeanetta Brancaccio
  500. The Individualized Education Program: IEP
    Getting help for your child with Autism doesn't need to be difficult, when you have an IEP!
  501. Leadership Lessons for MBA Applicants From Super Tuesday
    Love 'em or hate 'em, the candidates can teach MBA applicants three lessons about getting the admissions committee vote.
  502. Are Journalists Overpaid?
    Class envy of an onepercenter
  503. Android 6.0 "Key Lime Pie" Is Android's Future And Next-Gen OS
    Key Lime Pie 6.0 Is The Next-Gen Android OS
  504. Good Grammar: If You Won’t Use It, Who Will?
    Marsha Sramek simplifies grammar in the user-friendly "Great Grammar Book."
  505. Mass Effect 3's Release Marks The End Of An Era
    Commander Shepard's quest is nearly complete.
  506. IZOD IndyCar Series Sets A Social Media #hashtag Agenda
    What Randy Bernard was alluding to was that Barrichello brings his 1.47 million followers on Twitter.
  507. ESPN's Developer Center Favors Large Brands
    ESPN Developer Center launched today providing Headlines API and terms favorable for larger developers, not smaller ones.
  508. TechStar Brad Feld Discusses Pending Startup Accelerator Bubble
    Are We Approaching The Upper Limit Of Seed Accelerators?
  509. More Cloud Computing Jobs for India by 2015 Mean Fewer for USA?
    Cloud Computing Jobs for India Alone? No, Says Microsoft Study
  510. Day Spas: Perfect for Mother-Daughter Bonding
    A trip to the day spa could be just the thing for you and your daughter.
  511. KidVid: Lionsgate Offers New Barney, Angelina, & Thomas Titles for the Preschool Set
    Barney cleans up, Angelina solves a mystery, and Thomas & Friends are flying high in three new videos from Lionsgate and HiT Entertainment.
  512. Samsung Will Announce Galaxy S III Over Twitter
    Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy S III smartphone over Twitter in the first half of 2012.
  513. New Facebook Ads May be Straw that Breaks the Camel’s Back
    Under pressure to produce results for advertisers, Facebook resorts to even more blatant advertising, pushing fresh ads on its membership base. The last straw?
  514. Next Android OS Called 'Jelly Bean', ASUS Among First
    ASUS plans on being one of the first companies to launch Android 5.0 Jelly Bean devices in Fall 2012.
  515. The End of Business as Usual – Review
    In his latest book Brian Solis points the way for those who want to ride the social media wave and make their business a going concern in the social customer age.
  516. OpenStack Moves Closer to Prime Time
    NASA and Rackspace have teamed up to create a cloud computing solution allowing clients to change vendors whenever convenient.
  517. Facebook Set to Unleash Brand-Based Timeline Pages
    While Facebook members are the only ones currently using the new Timeline profile features, brands are eagerly awaiting their turn to use the new format.
  518. Those Without Sin Cast The First Chicken Wing
    Most people lie about their weight
  519. The New iPad 3: Encore and Uncovered
    The Possible Look And Features of iPad 3
  520. Senator Asks the FTC to Investigate Apple, Android
    Senator Charles Schumer (D NY) has asked the FTC to investigate allegations that both Apple and Android applications can steal photos without user permission
  521. Neutrino and the New Comedy of Errors
    Subatomic particle research has taken an exciting new turn
  522. ProFlowers Becomes The Seventh Company To Desert Rush Limbaugh
    Limbaugh may be in trouble
  523. Why Internet Based Voting is "Unfixably Broken"
    Two panelists at the RSA Security 2012 Conference explain why Internet voting
  524. March 4, 2012

    HBO Releases Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailers
    The second season of HBO's miniseries A Game of Thrones is slated to begin next month, and a few trailers have been released to entice us all.
    in TV
  525. Hamlin Wins Phoenix
    Hamlin vindicated at the track that ended 2010 championship run
  526. Is Steam Planning a New Video Gaming Platform?
    Valve is hinting that it will throw its hat into the the gaming system ring, and perhaps take on Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.
  527. TeenLit: Scandalous: 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About (So You Can Impress Your Friends)
    Who did what to whom and when? Get the scoop on the some of the twentieth century’s biggest scandals.
  528. Revenge in the Executive Suite: Accountable to None by Ashley Fontainne
    An intelligent revenge thriller with a fragile hero: ACCOUNTABLE TO NONE.
  529. Saugatuck’s Oval Beach
    Visit Oval Beach, in Saugautuck, Michigan - an award-winning beach that is fun for the whole family.
  530. N.C. State, Wake Forest Reach ACC Women’s Tournament Semi-Finals
    N.C. State and Wake Forest make their case for inclusion in the 2012 NCAA Tournament.
  531. Ain’t No Reason Not to Celebrate…Its National Grammar Day
    Grammar: It ain’t what it useta’ be
  532. N.C. State Upsets #1 Seed Duke 75-73 at 2012 ACC Women's Tournament
    N.C. State senior class wins against Duke for the 1st time.
  533. Upcoming Cars Technology: A Future Preview
    The Future Tech On Cars Previewed
  534. Witnessing the Demise of the GOP
    The GOP will loose in November 2012 and they deserve to do so.
  535. Watch English Premier League: Tottenham vs Man Utd - March 04, 2012
    English Premier League: Tottenham vs Man Utd - March 04, 2012
  536. March 3, 2012

    Zynga Platform Ready to Launch Skyward Away from Amazon Web Services Launching This Month Using its zCloud
  537. In the Mood for Some Classic Italian? Pour the Wine and Warm Up the DVD Player
    RaroVideo is the place to go for Italian with accents of irony and violence.
    in Film
  538. Stone's Throw Urban Farm
    Farmers turning vacant lots into micro-farms in the city of Minneapolis
  539. Rush Limbaugh and The Deafening Silence From the Republican Party
    Limbaugh disrespects woman and Republicans let him get away with it.
  540. Please, For God’s Sake Don’t Call Engelbert Humperdinck Engelbert Hyperlink!
    Engelbert Humperdinck, dubbed the "King of Romance", is best known for his 1967 hit Release Me, which kept The Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever off the number one spot.
  541. How heat Pumps Help Homes Meet High Standards
    Heat pumps are much more effecient than older heating systems and they are being used more and more in homes.
  542. Rush Thinks He Can Spot A Prostitute Just Because He Is One?
    GOP’s silence on Limbaugh comment tells all about them
  543. Balenciaga: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Balenciaga. Paris Fashion Week
  544. March 2, 2012

    The Hate Speech Must Stop. Boycott Rush's Advertisers
    Common sense and civility seem to have no place in GOP politics. Boycott Rush Limbaugh advertisers who sponsor and promote right wing hate speech.
  545. A Review: Windows 8 Consumer Preview
    How soon will we be taking the Metro?
  546. Cheaper Blackberry Smartphone Coming Soon?
    RIM shifting Their Gear To A More Affordable Phone?
  547. Are Robots Poised to Revolutionize Construction?
    Future trends of robotics within construction.
  548. Commoditizing Cloud-based Service Niches Opens the Door to Effective Collaboration
    Securing Industry Protocol with Government Guidance for the Idiosynchratic Colony of Cloud Services
  549. Could an Amazon Store Be Coming to Your Town?
    Could an Amazon Store Be Coming to Your Town?
  550. Apple At Top of "World's Most Admired Companies" in New Report
    Fortune has named Apple the Top Most Admired Company in the world.
  551. Harnessing the Power of Social Media: Good vs. Bieber
    #BeatCancer world record finally toppled to Justin Bieber fans who set off to beat the record in honor of his 18th birthday. After all, what else do you get for a boy who has everything?
  552. Frankenweenie: New Tim Burton Movie Trailer
    Disney has released a trailer for a new Tim Burton movie, called Frankenweenie. Sneak a peek!
    in Film
  553. Sleeping Pills Linked to Increased Mortality
    A recent study suggests that using sleeping pills is associated with a higher mortality risk.
  554. Leadership Development and Women’s History Month
    It used to be that women actually DID something to be recognized.
  555. Are Your Friends Talking Behind Your Back?
    Whether you are fifteen or fifty, the answer is probably yes...but does gossip serve a higher purpose?
  556. The Buzz Makers At MWC 2012
    Gadgets Noise Makers At MWC 2012
  557. Desperation Of The American Muslims
    When civil rights take backseat
  558. March 1, 2012

    Older Adults Get Better Sleep
    Sleep gets improvement with age.
  559. The Light Inside of Me - An Interview with Author, Vicki Scalzo
    Vicki Scalzo is the author of the inspiring children's picture book The Light Inside Of Me.
  560. Rockin’ with Rockpalast Historic Performances
    Four historic rock ‘n roll performances from the legendary Rockpalast.
  561. Severe Brain Injury Can Be Rapidly Treated With a Flu Medicine
    Flu medicine is found to be helpful in rapid treatment of severe brain injury.
  562. Inverness: Capital of the Scottish Highlands
    Inverness, Scotland, offers something for everyone - history, golf, nature, mystery, and great food.
  563. Gareth Pugh: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Gareth Pugh. Paris Fashion Week
  564. Google's Eric Schmidt Warns New UN Treaty Will be a Disaster
    A new UN treaty could change how the Internet is regulated, Eric Schmidt warns, emphatically, that we'll regret the changes if they happen.
  565. Brazilian Changing Of The Guard, Barrichello In As Meira Leaves IndyCar
    Rubens Barrichello brings with him an ardent and strong New Media (Twitter) fan base
  566. Finally, A Parent's "Dream" Gadget And App Is Here?
    At Last, A New Device And App To Protect And Monitor Your Children?
  567. Zynga’s New Individual Platform for Social Gaming
    Zynga is going to develop a separate platform for social game lovers.
  568. AZ Primary Exit Polls: A Moderate Conservative is Emerging
    Arizona exit polls reveal Republicans who are much more moderate than their oddball leaders.
  569. Why Are Italian Captains, Like Costa Cruise, Not The Flavour Of The Month?
    The incidence has also brought up severe lack of clarity as to the onus among the ship owners, the Italian navy and the Italian government regarding culpability of shooting and murdering innocent unarmed foreign nationals from Italian owned vessels in international waters.
  570. KidLit: Yuko-Chan and the Daruma Doll: The Adventures of a Blind Japanese Girl Who Saves Her Village
    Go on a journey into ancient Japan and discover the story behind the famous Daruma Doll.
  571. Judge Rules Company Liable for Employee's Stroke
    In an unusual workers' compensation case in Easton, Pennsylvania, a judge rules a company is liable for its employee's stroke.
  572. The End of Privacy?
    The Internet Appears Completely Out of Control
  573. Apple iPad 3 May Be Called iPad HD
    The next iPad may be called the 'iPad HD' after a Griffin accessory list shows naming convention.
  574. Promoted Tweets: A Goldmine for App Developers
    Promoted Tweets and Accounts on Mobile Apps
  575. What the Hell Is ZAAT (1971)???
    It’s a southern-fried fight to the finish (Florida style!) with the ecological state of the entire planet at stake!
    in Film
  576. Windows 8 Consumer Preview: 1 Million download in 1 day
    1 Million Download for Windows 8 Consumer Preview
  577. U.S. State Department Funds Fugitive Manhunt "Game"
    In a test of networked public surveillance, the State Department asks the public to hunt actors portraying criminals, with $5,000 going to each winning team.
  578. Will iPad3 Drive Into The PC Market?
    The iPad3 with a faster processor and better resolution would help Apple drive into the corporate world PC segment
  579. Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Review
    Does the 10th Anniversary Edition of Adobe Premiere Elements live up to its past editions? Find out here
  580. iPad 2 8GB Model May Launch With iPad 3 March 7th
    Apple may be launching an 8GB iPad 2 model at a lower price when the iPad 3 launches.
  581. Twitter and AMEX Deal – What Does It Mean for Local Business Owners?
    How the Twitter and Amex deal will affect business.
  582. AMD Acquires SeaMicro, Enhances Cloud Based Computation
    AMD has acquired SeaMirco to enhance the cloud computation based technologies.
  583. MediaPad 10 FHD Unveiled: To Challenge iPad?
    MediaPad 10 Is iPad's Newest Rival On The Tablet Market!
  584. Google's Privacy Policy Changes Violate European Law
    French privacy watchdog CNIL asks Google to delay privacy policy changes because the changes violate EU privacy law.
  585. New Privacy Policy by Google; Views From Around the World
    Google is going to change its privacy policy.