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  1. June 30, 2011

    Mark Lynas - The God Species
    A review of Mark Lynas new book, The God Species, coming out on July 7th, are we gods or fools?
  2. How to Shoot Vacation Video that Doesn't Suck
    5 Tips to help you shoot vacation video that won't bore your friends to death
  3. The Chase Heats Up in Daytona
    The Summer Stop at the Birthplace of Speed Kicks Off a Ten Race Countdown to the Chase
  4. Liking Facebook
    Do we have 'Like' fatigue?
  5. Lessons Learned From "Go The F--- To Sleep"
    How raising social media and a child is one in the same.
  6. "Falling Skies" Commentary: On the Other Hand
    After only two installments, "Falling Skies" is wearing thin.
  7. Star Wars Galaxies MMO Closing in December: Players Upset, Litigious
    Players' pleas to keep their beloved MMO alive in a free-to-play state have fallen on Sony's deaf ears
  8. Google+ or Minus: A Comparison to Facebook
    Google+ introduces some healthy competition into the land of social network giants.
  9. 2 Things I Need To Understand In Google Plus
    Why did Google do it that way?
  10. Have You Heard of CloudBerry Backup?
    Online businesses and power users now have a new online backup tool that fits their needs
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  11. Why Patronize Taliban Culture?
    Stop promoting oppression in the name of freedom
  12. Enterprise 2.0 Conference Boston 2011 Recap
    Social business comes to Boston conference and this year is bigger than ever!
  13. Dan Wheldon ... Championship Winning Driver, 2-Time Indy 500 Winner, Motorsports Color Commentator, Ambassador to American Open Wheel Racing
    Dan Weldon embraced the fast paced, event-filled three hours as if he'd been doing this microphone stuff for years.
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  14. Alex Mccord & Simon Van Kempen Attend City Model and Talent’s “Fighting Leukemia With Fashion Event” To Benefit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Amazing Cause
    City Model and Talent held their third-annual “Fighting Leukemia With Fashion” event at Lounge 404 in New York City in order to help raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).
  15. Defense Settles in Casey Anthony Murder Trial
    An alleged affair by George Anthony came to light today, Casey Anthony's defense finally rested, and a man learned why you never flip someone off in court.
  16. Reporter is Suspended for Calling the President a "D*ck"
    Don't call the President names. Seriously.
  17. Directed Waste Streams
    Recycling in a more organized way
  18. An NBA Rule Absurity
    How one little rule affects the game in a huge way.
  19. AT&T National Preview and Groups To Watch
    Justin Rose sets out to defend his 2010 title while six players look to take the lead in the FedEx Cup.
  20. Bill Clinton Steps in After Congress Fails
    Congress fails to create jobs so Bill Clinton steps in.
  21. Facebook and Google Getting Ready for the Second Internet
    World IPv6 day is the beginning of the transition from the first Internet to the second Internet.
  22. The Pope Tweets, Joins Twitter's Religious Crowd
    Pope Benedict XVI tweeted recently, joining an already brimming religious conversation on Twitter. Here are a few other great viewpoints to follow!
  23. North Korea: Stop Studying!
    North Korean university students told to put their studies on hold for 10 months and work on construction.
  24. Discount Divas: Getting the Best Out of Shopping Online
    Internet shopping. Don't you just love it? But how to get the best deals online?
  25. How Much Exercise is Enough?
    New recommendations from the ACSM give us the tools to answer how much exercise is enough each week.
  26. Parents and Community: The Overlooked Piece of the Education Puzzle
    An overlooked part of the education puzzle is the role parents play in their child's success.
  27. Should Subway Suffer Because Michael Vick Is “Sportsman of the Year?”
    What's the difference between Michael Vick and 100 pit bulls?
  28. A Day In The Life of An Audi A7 Driver: Day 1
    Audi has asked me to drive the 2012 A7 Sportback and write about it
  29. 17 Infants In Two Days Die In New Delhi India Hospital
    Death of 17 infants in Two Days Sparks Investigation
  30. Violence Erupts Again in Tahrir Square
    Violence breaks out in Tahrir Square, pitting protesters against police with tear gas and guns.
  31. The Taj: An Indian-owned Hotel in Yankeeland?
    Can an Indian transplant make it in Red Sox land? The Taj Hotel bought and took over the venerable Ritz-Carlton in Boston. How's it doing?
  32. The President is a... WHAT???
    Bye, Joe. Bye, Mika. Bye, Mark!
  33. Star Trek 45th Anniversary Celebration: A Story For All Trekkies
    Actor/Author Steven Lance speaks about involvement with Star Trek and friendship with "Scotty"
  34. The Myth of the Anti-War Left
    Taking a second look at the perception that the democrat party is anti-war.
  35. June 29, 2011

    Oppositional Defiant Disorder: The War at Home
    A day with a child who has Oppositional Defiant Disorder is a series of battles in an undeclared war.
  36. Do You Think Reading Is Important?
    A charity that you should check out!
  37. New Smartphone App Tags Photos Automatically
    TagSense Developed by Students from Duke, South Carolina
  38. Followers and Following - Twitter for Home Business
    Who to Follow. How to Follow. How Many to Follow.
  39. Flexible Summer Jobs For Teens
    Summer Jobs For Teens
  40. Why Google+ Can’t Kill Facebook!
    At the bottom of it all, Google+ is, essentially social network served in bottles! In contrast, the tsunami of free flowing Facebook is only in the making as explored in this article!
  41. Facebook – A Supplement to, or Replacement for, a Business Home Page?
    Can Facebook stand as a business's only site?
  42. Who Causes the Worst Office Politics: Drama Queen, Avoider or Splitter?
    Are you a drama king, an avoider or a splitter? What is the difference? Who is easier to work along side?
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  43. Mobile Opportunities in China
    China Online boom
  44. Apartment Complex Bans the American Flag
    Apartment Complex in New Jersey ban the American flag
  45. Christine Lagarde to Head IMF
    Lagarde becomes first woman in history to head International Monetary Fund and vows to bridge internal tension with emerging markets.
  46. Finally: Fergie Releases Low Quality Sex Tape
    Fergie gets undressed, writhes around naked on the floor, and touches herself. The author wishes to salt the earth.
  47. If You Want a Good Read, Start at the County Line
    Sometimes…people don’t talk about the past because there’s too much of it.
  48. Cancer in TSA Employees Rises as the TSA Ignores the Problem
    A rise in cancer among TSA employees is reported while information released under the FOIA proves TSA knew these risks
  49. Reel Fashion: On-Trend Fashionistas Borrowing From Fly Fishermen
    A new craze in the fashion world spells disaster for the closely-knit world of anglers.
  50. Grief Counselor: Casey's Party Behavior Typical
    Roy Kronk and son conflict each other, George Anthony's suicide attempt detailed, and a grief counselor says Casey Anthony's partying ways was typical.
  51. Early Addiction Recovery Guide
    Individuals in early recovery from drug or alcohol addiction have a difficult task ahead of them if they wish to maintain abstinence and avoid a relapse. The power of addiction cannot be understated. The cravings and obsessive thoughts common to early recovery can often be more powerful than one’s love for family, loyalty to friends, dedication to work, and even the individual’s passionate commitment to abstinence. Therefore, in early recovery, before the individual has the proven experience that he/she can stay clean or sober, the following four suggestions are offered, with the explanations provided.
  52. What is the Perfect Holiday to Cuba?
    The perfect way to discover Cuba. An opinion of an expert.
  53. CPSC Ensures American Moms Can Buy Safer Cribs
    CPSC requires more stringent crib testing and no more drop-downs; cribs must now have four solid sides.
  54. Diatomaceous Earth: A Nearly Perfect Organic Insecticide
    DE is also known as Mother Nature's bug killer
  55. Cooling Down the Dog Days of Summer
    Three Fountains for conquering the dog days of summer
  56. How Groupon Saved the World
    A Story of VCs, an IPO and GreenTech's Future
  57. So You've Heard of Google+ : What Exactly is There to be Excited About?
    So Google has a new "social network" out. What should you look out for?
  58. Kids Stealing from Parents: What You Need to Know Now
    Has your child been caught stealing from you or someone else?
  59. Don't Panic It's Organic, Good For Your Long Term Psyche Too!
    Magic Mushrooms and report beneficial long term effects psychologically and spirituality.
  60. Putting an End to Human Trafficking
    ICCR asks 27 companies to ask business leadership in eradicating human trafficking
  61. Childfree Couples & Permanent Birth Control
    Options for long lasting birth control
  62. Will the Wii U be Worth the Upgrade?
    Details about the Wii U, the Wii Upgrade.
  63. Women Breaking Barriers in Mideast Finance
    Entrepreneurial women are breaking barriers in Mideast finance and business.
  64. We Are a GREEDY Bunch, Ain't We Just?
    Quit being such a greedy bastard. It's THEIR MONEY! They EARNED it!
  65. Uncle Sam’ Justice
    Our legal system is truly blind!
  66. Switched at Birth: A Fresh Drink of Water
    ABC show Switched at Birth is one for the whole family.
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  67. AOL-Slacker Mashup Makes Sweet Music
    A new partnership between AOL and Slacker Radio doubles their reach, promising new features to their listeners.
  68. Guitars Strike a Chord at The Met
    The Guitar Heroes Exhibit at The Met is a Must-See (and Hear) - but only until July 4th!
  69. GOP Politicians Using Music Without Permission Not Just a Petty Concern
    Something doesn't add up with the party of 'property rights' gets caught stealing over and over and over.
  70. Applications2Apps and Enterprise Ecosystems
    Revolutionizing conventional enterprise systems
  71. Beware of Animal Lovers (that includes me)
    You can do what anything, but lay offa my puppies and kittens (or else).
  72. Greek Pastries and Bitter Herbs
    With Greek at the Crossroads and a few options to choose from, they must eat bitter herbs.
  73. Why the Young Generation Can’t Be Unemployed
    While looking for that perfect 9-5 job, the young generation can still make money and build a resume.
  74. In Iowa, Barack Obama Ups His Game
    The President upped his game on eating poorly in Iowa against the lecturing of his wife's, Michelle, My Plate Campaign.
  75. Microsoft’s Guidance on Distributed Domain Driven Design Architecture
    The community reacts to Microsoft's multi-layered architecture recommendations.
    in IT
  76. SkyCaddie SGX Review
    The SkyCaddie SGX is accurate and easy to use for golfers.
  77. Government Relations Found on eBay's Main Street
    eBay Members can Take Action
  78. UK Pension Funds - Guaranteed Drawback Plan
    Early Pension Retirement Options
  79. The King is Dead… Long Live the King
    Lulz have announced they are disbanding
  80. Tech Savvy Homeless Use the Web to Self-Advocate
    People experiencing homelessness use blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to find resources, get help, and improve their lives
  81. RIM vs. Nokia: The Loser's Cup - Racing to Fail
    Two Angels Cast From CyberHeaven
  82. 'Pottermore' Already Gathering Critics
    Fans and critics alike emerge with opinions on Rowling's new venture.
  83. Print-on-Demand : The Future of Hard Media?
    Content providers who do not provide responsive, versatile, and relevant solutions to customer needs and wants risk jeopardising their businesses, and leave themselves much more open to issues such as piracy.
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  84. Bristol Palin, Slut Walks, and Responsibility for Rape
    Society continues to put blame on victims for their own sexual assaults
  85. GOP Tips it Hand, Shows Anti-Job Agenda
    Republicans don't WANT new jobs. They want YOU to lose YOUR job. They want the economy to crash so they can blame it all on Obama!
  86. Is There Such a Thing as Too Socially Connected? Nope!
    6 WordPress Plugins For Optimizing Your Social Network
  87. The Changing Face of Cinema
    How is the ever evolving world of the internet affecting films?
    in Film
  88. Google + The Ins and Outs
    Is Google + any good? Will it succeed?
  89. Shia LaBeouf Claims He and Megan Fox Had a Fling During 'Transformers'
    Shia LaBeouf has just told Details magazine that he and Megan Fox had a fling while working on 'Transformers.'
  90. Fired IT Guy Uses Porn for Revenge
    It's never a good idea to anger the IT guy
  91. Biodiesel Crops Ready To Take Off
    Michigan airports have started to grow their own.
  92. Gentlemens Boots - The Chelsea
    Gentlemens Boots - The Chelsea
  93. June 28, 2011

    International Criminal Court Issues Warrant for Gaddafi
    The International Criminal Court issues a warrant against Moammar Gaddafi for war crimes.
  94. Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul Attacked
    The Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan was attacked by suicide bombers.
  95. Epicurean Ethics
    Just how fair is fair trade coffee?
  96. Is Diabetes Here to Stay?
    Is it any surprise that Diabetes has doubled since 1980?
  97. Roy Kronk Testifies in Casey Anthony Trial
    Confusing and troubling testimony from utility worker Roy Kronk in the Casey Anthony murder trial.
  98. Real Part Time Online Jobs for Real People
    Believe it or not, part time online jobs are for real.
  99. 5 Reasons Why Servant Leadership Works
    To be a servant leader requires that you let go of self-importance.
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  100. Why Are Cloud Business Intelligence Tools Suited to SMBs?
    The advantages that SaaS BI can bring to the SMB world.
  101. Study: Basketball Backers are Rabid Fans of Social Media
    80% of Sports Fans Use Facebook
  102. Can Being Guilt-Prone Impact Employee Performance?
    A study suggests that people who are prone to guilt have a tendency to work harder, perform better and make better leaders.
  103. Is Our Addiction to Tablets Changing the Way we Watch TV?
    Tablets are set to change the way we watch TV.
  104. US Government Seeks to Stave Off Malicious Foreign-Sourced Microchips
    How will the US Military seek to avoid purchasing counterfeit or maliciously-crafted microchips for use in critical operations?
  105. ‘Flotilla Megilla’ Turns Nasty!
    Information will be sent that will identify and delegitimise the activists who have decided to embark on a criminal venture as an act of provocation.
  106. Google Launches New Service - What Do You Love?
    Google makes a service for things that you love
  107. Google Takes on Facebook with its own Social Network
    Google finally soft-launches its long anticipated social netwowrk in a direct assault on Facebook.
  108. Google Finally Unveils Google Plus
    Today Google launched a limited invitation into its social media foray - Google Plus. Here's a short introduction.
  109. Will an Apology Save Sony's Reputation? Not Anymore.
    Sony CEO Reassures Shareholders that Hacked Users Are Coming Back
  110. Killer Yacht Party (2006) Screams onto DVD
    If only the director was as talented as the publicist…
    in Film
  111. Google+ Tries to Resurrect Search Giant's Social Presence
    Google+ attempts to socialize our content across the web
  112. Bank of America Flash Mob Protest Hits Maine Bank
    Bank of America Flash mob hits Maine bank
  113. This Family (2006) Should Be Seen But Not Heard
    You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family…or can you?
    in Film
  114. Rome Is Burning—Well, Greece
    Balancing budget on the backs of the poor
  115. Michele Bachman: There's a 70% Chance She's Lying RIGHT NOW!
    Why, THAT smells like LADIES' BRITCHES burnin' up somewhere...
  116. Creating the First Instrumental Food Music Album on iPad and GarageBand
    iPad Music - Silverfish
  117. Has Obama got a Secret Weapon for the Chinese?
    If President Obama wants to negotiate with the un-negotiable Chinese or the demanding Indians, he has a secret weapon now! The US has the Facebook!
  118. Has Piracy Met its iMatch?
    The world is eagerly awaiting Apple’s latest foray into cloud provision
  119. June 27, 2011

    Summer Has Arrived and So Have the Food Recalls
    Before you eat your summer treats, make sure they are not under recall.
  120. Star-Spangled Desserts
    Summer Cooking
  121. An African Folktale and the Miracle of Water
    A beautiful new children's book bridges the gap between African and American cultures and helps provide clean drinking water and education for the Maasai people.
  122. Great American Side Dishes
    Summer Cooking
  123. Losing Weight in Six Weeks: Just Tell Me What to Eat! by Timothy S. Harlan, MD
    Dieting is a pain in the fattiest parts of us, but Dr. Harlan is here to help.
  124. KidLit: All About Korea: Stories, Songs, Crafts and More by Ann Martin Bowler; illustrated by Soosoonam Barg
    How much do you know about Korea? How about your children? Learn more in the entertaining book, “All About Korea.”
  125. Going Wildly Affordable Organic on $5 a day
    If you don’t use organic ingredients because they are too expensive, take a look at this cookbook.
  126. Blagojevich Guilty on 17 Counts
    Jury finds former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich guilty on 17 counts of federal corruption.
  127. 3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Embrace the iPad
    Learn 3 reasons your small business will run better once you embrace the iPad.
  128. Has Terrell Owens Played His Last NFL Game?
    Terrell Owens has allegedly undergone potential career ending knee surgery.
  129. Life Is For Living
    When the past meets the present
  130. Does Rod Blagojevich Believe in his Innocence?
    Blago was stunned...does he really believe in his innocence?
  131. Open Government is Dead, or Long Live Open Government?
    To judge from recent U.S. news reports, open government is either thriving or in the midst of an unceremonious death.
  132. Supreme Court Throws Out California Law Banning Sales of Violent Games to Kids
    Free-speech notwithstanding, current laws are woefully inadequate for regulation certain interactive digital content.
  133. Google May Be on The Dock Soon
    Google is not an evil corporation but that does not mean there should be no oversight or that it should be totally unchecked.
  134. Authors' Tools Must Change with the Times
    Developers are having to create tools that will enable authors to sign books in a meaningful way... but what is most meaningful?
  135. Confusing Testimony, Mistrial Motion In Casey Anthony Trial
    In the longest day of testimony, a third mistrial motion was filed, and the jury listened to confusing testimony about a psychic-led video search.
  136. Ryan Giggs: The Price Of Lust
    Was It All Worth It ?
  137. How Much Is Our User Generated Content Worth?
    Or why we shouldn't own the content we submit to social networks.
  138. The Too-Slow Evolution of Electronic Medical Records
    They're better for your health than paper records, but doctors' offices are slow to adopt electronic records despite federal stimulus money.
  139. The Technology Of Free Speech
    Technology and free speech are facing a reality check.
  140. Note to Airlines: Skip the Flight, Just Charge for The Bags
    Since airlines make more money on their fees than they do flying, why bother flying? Just charge baggage fees
  141. Nevada Law Clears the Way for Practical Self-Driving Cars
    Now that we have self-driving cars, Nevada has taken steps to make them street-legal
  142. Unconstitutional Anti-Abortion Laws Threaten Women's Health
    In the talk about the fetus, the patient's health is being ignored
  143. US Supreme Court Votes in Favor of Protecting Video Games As Art
    In a 7-2 ruling, the SCOTUS strikes down California legislation which would have made certain video games sales illegal.
  144. Apple's New 7 Day App Return Policy - For Taiwan Only?
    Apple, under pressure from the Taiwanese Government, has reportedly extended its app refund policy to 7 days for consumers in Taiwan. How about the rest of us?
  145. Kurt Busch Wins in Wine Country
    Easy Victory for Kurt Busch at the Sonoma Road Course
  146. Afghan Violence Taking Toll on Women, Children
    Afghan insurgents victimize women and children to spread violence.
  147. John Galliano Trial Begins
    Retribution For Designers Racist Slur
  148. Marlboro Giant Fumes As The Australian Government Plans to ‘Smoke’ Away Tobacco’s Hot Branding
    Philip Morris Threatens The Australian Government
  149. OtterBox Commuter Case Review for the Nook Color
    When it comes right down to it, the OtterBox Commuter case for the Nook Color is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a case that makes it look more like a tablet and less like a book.
  150. Lady Gaga Accused of Stealing Japan Relief Money from Bracelet Sales
    Lady Gaga is being accused of stealing from the money her fans have raised toward Japan earthquake relief.
  151. Women, Networking and Deciding What You Want
    LinkedIn Study Suggests Women Not as "Savvy" Networkers as Men
  152. Alexa Survey Uncovers Three New SEO Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic
    In a large-scale survey Alexa has uncovered 3 little used but ground-breaking ways that significantly increase traffic to blogs.
  153. Fedrik Jacobson Wins The Travelers Championship
    Fedrik Jacobson earns his first career PGA TOUR victory.
  154. Breaking: Immigrant To Be Deported After Father's Day Weekend Bust
    Sheriff Considers single DWAI conviction 6 years ago a "serious criminal history" as Julio faces swift deportation
  155. June 26, 2011

    The Tweeter Will Inherit The Perks
    The Influential Tweeter will be the benefactor of choice jobs
  156. Fretting About Your Klout Score? Calm Down Already...
    Will social grading services like Klout point to success in other areas of our lives? Until they get their measurements right, let's hope not...
  157. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Jacket Sold At Auction – But Was The Price ‘Scary’ Enough?
    Jackson's "Thriller" Jacket Sold at Auction
  158. Comex on his Life as a Jailbreak Developer Working on iPad 2 Jailbreak
    Comex after working on the iPad 2 Jailbreak.
  159. Garfield Sherriff May Have Violated Federal Law
    Garfield County Sheriff explains immigration raid during Father's Day Event as a "gang sweep". Children still cry.
  160. Wine Bloggers to Gather in Virginia
    East Coast to Host North American Wine Bloggers Conference for First Time
  161. Water Damage:Warning Signs and Prevention Tips
    Water damage can be frustrating and expensive. Here are tips to help prevent it from occurring.
    in DIY
  162. KidLit: Liking Myself by Pat Palmer, Ed.D., Illustrated by Sue Ramá
    “It is OK to like yourself and be your own good friend…” –Pat Palmer Ed.D.
  163. Decorating The Vintage Modern Home
    Some people have a talent for pulling together diverse elements, the rest of us need to consult them.
  164. Pavlov's Dog and Behavior Modification for Changes in Eating Behavior
    Condition yourself to diet with rewards and punishments.
  165. Being Christian: Another Perspective on Same-Sex Marriage
    “A new command I give you: Love one another...By this everyone will know that you are my disciples.” John 13:34-35 (NIV)
  166. Block Island Celebrates 350
    Though I've been to Block Island many times, I'll never forget my first time.
  167. "Falling Skies" Review: City on Fire
    Spielberg gets his science fiction mojo back
  168. Small Businesses Need to Group Together
    Why small online businesses should work together to improve sales
  169. The Spirituality of Dress and The Dandy
    The Soul and the Suit
  170. Holy Click: The Vatican to Launch News Portal
    The Vatican to Launch News Portal
  171. Will the Real "Man" Please Stand Up!
    No candidate seems to be willing to come out and take on Obama directly. What a missed opportunity!
  172. Waiting for Star Wars: King Ulgo Usurps the Alderaan Throne
    SWTOR King Ulgo PvE trailer
  173. Ghosts in a Room of Words
    Printing museum visit sparks tribute to the press: the power, people, and mystique of newspapers in their heyday.
  174. Gays? Getting Married? Good-bye Civilization!
    Don't read this if you value your homophobia.
  175. Same-Sex Marriage on Honeymoon in NYC – But is The 'Newlywed' Law Doomed for Religious Divorce?
    NYC Approves Bill For Same-Sex Marriage
  176. Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Attacks Fellow Justice by Hitting Him in the Hands with Her Throat
    It's a sad day when a professional state supreme court judge isn't safe from being attacked by a woman's throat!
  177. June 25, 2011

    Standoff Between Lemonade Stand Entrepreneurs & County Officials Resolved
    A Montgomery County Inspector fined parents $500 after issuing warnings that their children were operating a lemonade stand without a permit.
  178. Facebook And Social Media Marketing
    Internet Marketing Requires Leaps of Faith
  179. Leading With Conviction
    You can't lead with conviction until you first live a life ruled by your convictions.
    in Guru
  180. New Videos Offer Rock History Bonanza
    Delve into the music and lives of iconic music figures Mick Jagger, Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, Ian Dury, Radiohead, Neil Young and scores more.
  181. KidVid: Timmy & Fireman Sam Have New Collections; Old & New Favorites Appear on Preschool Fun
    It seems like summer’s just started and we’re already thinking back to school!
  182. Top 4 Data Journalism Sites
    Why read about it when you can see the big picture? That’s the theory behind data journalism.
  183. Many Levels of Success for Online Sellers
    The smaller the business, the less likely sales are to come from the internet
  184. Is J-Lo Leaving Idol?
    Rumors abound that Jennifer Lopez will be leaving Idol due to family pressures. But are they true?
  185. .WHATEVER - How ICANN Is Changing the Way You Think of Domains
    ICANN opens domain registrations to vanity domains.
  186. Companies Continue Fights for U.S. Military Health Care Contracts
    The military TRICARE health insurance program is a large business that has companies fighting over the management contracts.
  187. New Online Backup Tool Zovo Seems Promising
    New startup Zovo promises to revolutionize the way people backup their files online
  188. Has 'The Office' Finally Found Its New Regional Manager? New Dunder Mifflin CEO Perhaps?
    NBC's The Office has been on the hunt for a new regional manager for the Scranton office and it looks as if they've finally found him — and then some.
    in TV
  189. Creepy Men Show Up in The Darnedest Places
    Man arrested in Colorado after allegedly being found in portable toilet tank at a yoga festival.
  190. The Meltdown
    Ways to head off overstimulation seem to point to learning methods.
  191. Two Years Later: Still No Words For The Loss of MJ
    My tribute to Michael Jackson
  192. Microsoft's Attempt in Healthcare Field
    Microsoft HealthVault for Mobile to manage all the medical records over the cloud.
    in IT
  193. From England to Iowa: It's Been a Great Week for Lotus
    New Hethel test track dedication and a first time IndyCar Pole for Takuma Sato has Lotus Group on top.
  194. Gay Marriage Lands In New York
    Marriage equality comes to New York.
  195. Breaking: Gay Marriage Legal in New York, Others to Follow
    Gay Marriage legal after quick signing by Gov. Cuomo
  196. June 24, 2011

    Time for US Involvement in Libya to End
    President Obama has waged a war both with Libya and with Congress; now, it is time for both conflicts to come to an end.
  197. Father John Corapi Becomes Black Sheep Dog
    Catholic Priest throws in the towel after 20 years. Becomes The Black Sheep Dog?
  198. Verizon Changes Data Plans, Launch July 7
    Verizon confirms rumors that the company will be changing its data plans from unlimited to tiered options starting July
  199. Man Up President, Call The GOP’s Bluff
    When are the Democrats going to grow spine?
  200. TaylorMade’s New Combo Ghost Spider Putter
    TaylorMade finally followed up their putter line with the new Ghost Spider. In 2008 they introduced the Monza Spider putter.
  201. The Gorilla Ate My Boss and His Direct Reports
    What do you do when that elephant in the room is staring at you?
    in Guru
  202. When is a Science Experiment Murder?
    When is a science experiment torture?
  203. What Sony Can (and should) Do to Assure the PSP Vita's Success
    As the initial excitement over the PSP Vita wears off, Sony now faces some tough challenges before launch.
  204. And Now, I Argue the OTHER Side of the Debt Ceiling Debate
    Grab your ankles and be PATRIOTS, America! Say NO to raising the debt ceiling!
  205. Are You Ready For Ads In Your Twitter Stream?
    Reports are that Twitter plans to release advertised, or promoted tweets, into your stream soon. Are you ready?
  206. Lee Anthony Takes Stand, Breaks Down
    A day after bombshell testimony by mother Cindy Anthony, Casey's brother Lee takes the stand, and breaks down.
  207. New York's Chinatown: A “Good Fortune” Destination with Video PostCard
    New York's Chinatown isn't just a place to visit, it's an authentic city within a city with lots of good luck energy
  208. Human Trafficking in the 21st Century and the Way We React
    A film about women trafficking from Eastern Europe helps us question our own role in the world we live in.
  209. "Columbo" Passes Away at 83
    TV legend succumbs to Alzheimer's
  210. Congress to Consider Decriminalizing Marijuana
    Congressmen Ron Paul and Barney Frank introduce a bill that would decriminalize marijuana.
  211. Small Business Owners Still See a Recession, Survey Finds
    In spite of growth and increased benefits for small businesses, small business owners are still cautious about the economy and the recession.
  212. Living in the City Stressing You? We May Know Why.
    City dwellers are at a higher risk of developing mental health disorders, researchers have discovered.
  213. Qaddafi Calls NATO Murderers - Vows Revenge
    In the wake of the deaths of civilians related to a Libyan regime insider, Qaddafi calls NATO murderers.
  214. Meeting the Locals: Connecting on the Road and at Home
    New Friends in Taiwan and Los Angeles
  215. Don't Count on GOP to "Come to Their Senses" on the Debt Ceiling
    Feel the cold steel pressed against your temple?
  216. A Joint Venture That Aims to Prevent Illegal Downloads of Copyrighted Material
    Cybermesh International and ContentX team up to tackle the problem of illegal downloads of copyrighted content.
    in IT
  217. Children and Technology
    Children take so many forms of technology for granted.
  218. Michael Jackson Fans Love Like No Other
    MJ's fans knew him through his words, and he embraced them with his heart.
  219. Will Japanese Virtual Performers Hurt the Music Industry?
    Virtual Musical Stars take over!
  220. June 23, 2011

    6 Weaknesses Big Business Have Using Social Media
    And how you can take advantage of them.
  221. Flying on Recycled Fat
    Biofuel makes headlines again
  222. Is SharePoint 2010 Ready for Social Business? Nope!
    10 years later, SharePoint still lacks basic social business capabilities
  223. Invest in the Old and Boring
    Mutual funds are not sexy ... and that's what you want!
  224. Rome Wasn't Built in A Day
    It’s been said that if you “think” you can do it, dream bigger. But where does that leave us when the dream is so big we are now left just simply… dreaming?
    in Guru
  225. Chromebook vs. Reality
    Google’s Chromebook has only been on the market for a few days, but it already feels outdated.
  226. How to Make the Perfect YouTube Video
    Amateur advice that's better than the pros
  227. Smartphone App Helps Locate Friends, Make New Ones
    Developers See eShadow as Companion to Online Social Networking
  228. Drawing a Curtain Around the Cloud
    Cloud computing start-ups Bromium and ScaleXTreme each announced exceptional investor funding.
  229. Hope, Heroes and Startups: DailyDigital
    DailyDigital moves power and revenue to the content creating people!
  230. What You Eat is More Important for Weight Loss than How Much
    Avoiding processed foods, starches, and sweets can help you lose weight according to a new study.
  231. ICE Raids Strawberry Fair Near Aspen; Children Cry During Fathers Day Event
    Rogue ICE Raid In Event Near Aspen Places Public At Risk, Children ripped from father during father's day
  232. First Nokia Windows Phone Announced
    First Nokia Windows Phone Has Been Announced
  233. Bombshells in Casey Anthony Trial Continue
    Evidence bombshells by mother Cindy Anthony took the Casey Anthony prosecution team by surprise over and over today.
  234. Obama Signals Era of Permanent War
    What President Obama didn’t say about Afghanistan is both tragic and troubling.
  235. Wyoming Has Moved to the Cloud
    Wyoming plans to save taxpayer dollars by moving government work and data to the Google cloud of apps.
  236. The WWE Launches an Anti-Bullying Campaign
    How is the WWE trying to prevent bullying?
  237. One Mom's Cure to Summer Boredom
    Keeping kids busy and active without going crazy.
  238. Advertising Affects Sexes Differently, Study Shows
    A recent advertising study shows that women tend to synthesize brand-related information from more sources than men.
  239. Mother Drops Bombshell Testimony In Casey Anthony Trial
    Cindy Anthony dropped a few bombshell revelations today that may tear apart big chunks of the prosecution's case against her daughter, Casey.
  240. Amish Man Arrested for a "Weiner Moment" with a Minor
    Amish Man arrested sexting 12-yr old girl.
  241. Amazon Rainforest Continues to Hold New Discoveries
    Uncontacted indigenous tribe found living in Brazilian Amazon rainforest
  242. Following Unwritten Rules
    Learning American social rules as an immigrant.
  243. New Antibiotic Found for the Treatment of Tuberculosis
    Scientists found new antibiotic to fight tuberculosis.
  244. Women Impact Collective Intelligence
    Groups with higher collective intelligence have more women.
  245. Women's Dental Health - Part 3: The Reproductive Years
    The reproductive years mark a distinctive period in a women's life. Many oral changes occur during this time that women should be aware of.
  246. Wordpress Infected With Malicious Software
    Hackers breach the famous blogging platform by injecting it with malicious code.
  247. New F.D.A. Graphic Labeling Could Deter Teen Would-be Smokers.
    F.D.A. approved graphics for cigarette labeling, could be good prevention for teen smoking.
  248. Google Hits One Billion Unique Visitors in May
    This May, Google Sites became the world's first company to reach more than one billion unique users in one month.
  249. The Travelers Championship Preview and Groups to Watch
    Bubba Watson will look to defend his 2010 Travelers Championship and earn his 3rd win of the season.
  250. Whitey Bulger: A Tweet, A Fugutive Caught and the Social Web Explodes
    Whitey Bulger, notorious Boston criminal, is caught in SoCal
  251. June 22, 2011

    Fan Shows L-O-V-E To Michael Jackson's Children
    Michael Jackson's kids receive gifts from a loving fan.
  252. Al Qaeda Members Escape Prison in Yemen
    At least 65 prisoners escaped from a Yemen prison, including alleged members of Al Qaeda.
  253. iPhone 5 Rumors: Dates and Design
    Summary of some recently released iPhone 5 rumors
  254. Finding Peace in the Chaos
    Finding a little peace in the chaos around us can be diffucult but not impossible. Here are 10 tips from a reformed Supermom.
  255. Haggling Over the Price of Rust
    is there a car shortage in the U.S.?
  256. Remove After-Effects of Viruses/Malware/Spyware and Trojan Horses
    This article explains how you can repair your system when a virus,malware,spyware or a trojan blocks essential services and tools such as task manager, control panel, cmd (command prompt regedit and much more.
    in IT
  257. Two Children Die From Scarlet Fever in Hong Kong
    A recent outbreak of scarlet fever in Hong Kong has killed two young children.
  258. Tech Draft 2011: After Their IPO (Part II)
    Second Half of the Show
  259. Pit Road Rumor: Red Bull to Exit Nascar
    Red Bull owner ready to pack it in after the 2011 season
  260. The TLC Diet - Heart Healthy Lifestyle Changes
    TLC - Can you reduce butter to the size of a die and bread to the size of a cassette tape?
  261. The Future of Professional Training: Digital & Chunky
    In the past 15 years, the digitization of media has made content more flexible, affordable and accessible. Consumer-focused content streams from news to music are rapidly transitioning to digital delivery.
  262. Is There Light At The End Of The US Foreclosure Tunnel?
    The inventory of homes facing or in foreclosure is dropping, but is the US headed to business as usual?
  263. Defining Effectiveness and Talent in an Educator
    Educators welcome a fair evaluation of our performance as long as we agree on the definion of the terms.
  264. Hair Care Tycoon John Paul DeJoria Invests in ‘Curly’ Company
    DeJoria Part of $1.2 Round of VC for NaturallyCurly Network
  265. Scotland Yard Working With FBI Arrest Suspect of LulzSec
    LulzSec associate, not "Leader", was arrested today in a joint operation by the Scotland Yard and FBI.
  266. Amazon Kindle News June Digest
    Latest eReader scoop: Nook Simple Touch, updated Kobo and Kindle Tablet scoop
  267. Microsoft Touch Scares Away Skype Execs
    Eight Skype executives resign as Microsoft announces internal management restructuring.
  268. Google Sage TV Purchase Adds One More Piece to the Google TV Puzzle
    Google's purchase of Sage TV has industry watchers wondering what the search giants plans are.
  269. The Facebook iPad app: 5 amazing features
    Facebook has finally launched its offical iPad app, sporting automatic privacy protection, improved dating support, real life integration, and more.
  270. So You're Thinking About Hiring a Personal Trainer...
    Tips for finding your perfect personal trainer
  271. My Experience at the 2011 U.S. Open at Congressional Country Club
    A few thoughts on attending my first U.S. Open
  272. Where is Apple taking us?
    What will Apple do to our humble PC's?
  273. Vampire Fans, Don’t Sink Your Teeth Into Blood Bath (1966)
    BLOOD BATH: The shrieking of mutilated victims caged in a black pit of horror!
    in Film
  274. Latest Car Industry Debacle: Used Cars Rise In Price
    New car shortages tighten things up
  275. Bashar al-Assad Uses Speech to Dig His Own Grave
    Syria's Bashar al-Assad attempted to use Monday's speech to quell international pressure demanding his resignation. He failed.
  276. The Most Expensive Bike Helmet I Ever Bought
    Why I wont be going back to
  277. Why We Need Bubbles
    Good recommendation systems remind us of things we forgot we loved, and introduce us to some we’d never have found.
  278. Today's Many Faces of Family
    Is the nontraditional is becoming more "normal"
  279. Evidence, Witness Problems Persist In Casey Anthony Trial
    As Casey Anthony defense testimony continues, problems arise with witnesses and hard evidence tying her to the murder.
  280. Michelle Obama Says "Yes We Can" End Injustice
    Michelle Obama motivates young African women to end injustice at the Young African Women Leaders Forum.
  281. happythankyoumoreplease Talks Its Way onto DVD & Blu-ray
    Sadness be gone, let's be people who deserve to be loved, who are worthy, cause we are worthy. (happythankyoumoreplease)
  282. 500 Best Public High Schools
    Newsweek magazine releases its annual list of the top 500 American high schools.
  283. Data Hints at $20 Billion Credit Card Debt Increase in 2011
    A new study finds that consumers' spending is on track to cause a $20 billion increase in credit card debt.
  284. Southern Baptists Make History by Electing Black Pastor to No. 2 Post
    This month the Southern Baptist Convention elected Pastor Fred Luter as its first African American vice president.
  285. 51 Year Old Lost Star Doug Hutchison Marries His Sweet 16
    Lost Star age 51 Marries 16-year old
  286. Michael Jackson Is One of Rolling Stones' Top 100 Greatest Artists of All Times, But.......
    The Anniversary of Michael Jackson death is this week. Included on The Rolling Stones' top 100 artists - his life reflects the universal tragic life story.
  287. Tools For Managing Your Finances Wirelessly
    Online Finance Tools
  288. Two Free Tools for Small Businesses
    One of the benefits of the maturity of the Internet is the number of free tools available to small businesses.
  289. I Like Huntsman. Therefore, He is Doomed.
    Wow! A civil Republican presidential candidate! He's DOOMED!
  290. Relocating Your Stuff and Your Computer to the Cloud
    Cloud Desktops are geared up to revolutionize the way we compute.
    in IT
  291. .com Has a New Competitor Now, .coke
    ICANN to make way for domain names tailor made for brands and organizations.
    in IT
  292. The Guilty Pleasures of Internet Branding - A New Era of Premium '.Whatever' Is Upon Us
    The New Era of Premium .Whatever
  293. Meet Firefox Version 5 Launches with a Thousand Small Improvements
    the first version of Firefox to be released in the fast paced three-month development cycle.
    in IT
  294. U.S. Military Changes in the Wind in Afghanistan
    The War in Afghanistan is poised to receive new leadership, and less troops.
  295. Emerging Markets and the Economics of Internationalization
    American Companies Looking Global
    in IT
  296. Dropbox Security Concerns Escalate
    Techcrunch highlights another security failing by public sharing company Dropbox
  297. June 21, 2011

    Six Surefire Ways of Getting More Traffic to Your Website
    Six surefire ways of getting lots of traffic to your website, increasing your online presence and make money online.
  298. The Franchise Hotel Website Dilemma - Don't Leave it to Corporate
    Why hoteliers who own big-name franchises need their own website instead of relying on corporate.
  299. Abortion Foe Abby Johnson Takes On Blogging Gig
    Former Planned Parenthood Employee Offers ‘Insider’s Perspective’ on Abortion
  300. New Cigarette Packages: Collect all Nine!
    FDA goes above and beyond their power to discourage smoking.
  301. Top Ten Teacher Movies
    Education Movies at Their Finest
    in Film
  302. International Midwifery Saves Lives
    For a relatively small cost, millions of lives could be saved.
  303. Driving Seems to Cause More Left-Sided Skin Cancer: Study
    Driving with that arm out the window just might cause skin cancer.
  304. Dating Website Dumps 30,000 Members For Not Being Beautiful
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, unless of course you are just ugly
  305. Good News for the Chip Industry
    Strong growth expected in chip sales
  306. Do We Really Need a New Browser Every Six Weeks?
    Once a year is enough for me
  307. Just How Crazy Are "Dating Sites" Getting?
    What is going on with dating sites nowadays?
  308. First Job: A Guide to Helping Teens and Young Adults Become GAINFULLY Employed
    Discussion about how to help teens obtain their first job
  309. Borders Finally Goes Belly Up
    What happens next after Borders goes out of business?
  310. Your Eating Style: Changing Your Approach to Food
    Self-knowledge goes a long way towards identifying your eating style and changing it.
  311. Is Your Kid The Next Orabrush YouTube Star?
    With over 14 million views, Orabrush is now seeking a child to recreate a viral video sensation. Will it be your kid?
  312. 'Reliable' Rumor: iPhone 5 Set To Release in August 2011?
    iPhone 5 Set For August Release?
  313. 156,697 Reasons Why The Bruins Stanley Cup Championship was Awesome
    Boston Bruins rack up $156K bar tab
  314. Dot Your-Name-Here?
    dot-COM has had its day - from 2012 organizations can buy new vanity domains such as dot-BRAND.
  315. Hope, Heroes and Startups: Social Media Marketing
    Social Networks Are Creating A New Altruism.
  316. RIM Expected to Begin Layoffs Globally
    Dropping market share forces RIM to make unwanted decisions.
  317. Prison System Reforms in The UK
    The government in the UK makes a u-turn on on prison system reform and takes another step in the right direction.
  318. ClamCase Keyboard Case for iPad 2 Now Available
    ClamCase Keyboard Case for iPad 2 Now Available
  319. UAE and Iran on Nuclear Energy
    Iran and UAE may not be trusted on nuclear energy
  320. Lamenting the Loss of the Wooden Chair
    Are literary agents cutting the enjoyment out of reading?
  321. Kim Kardashian’s 20.5 Carat Engagement Ring: Bigger Than Khloe’s
    The sexy socialite Kim Kardashian, 30, received a beautiful surprise from her NBA star boyfriend, Kris Humphries. On May 18, 2011, Humphries proposed to Kardashian in her Beverly Hills residence. The proposal itself was described as fairy tale-like.
  322. LinkedIn Today Available for Android Users
    LinkedIn’s own content curation site allows you to access real-time news in your industry.
  324. Cigarette Packaging Gets Graphic
    Are the Feds really doing all that they can to stop Big Tobacco?
  325. Newsflash: Women like Men with Jobs
    Women will marry for love, if he has a job. Or so single women say. Would taken women say the same?
  326. Is Your House Cleaner an Independent Contractor or Self-employed?
    Description: A self-employed house cleaner may seem like the answer to all your problems, but what about all the extra IRS paperwork? A house keeper company is a better solution.
  327. 5 Summer Yummies That May Make You Sick
    You might be surprised at these common picnic items that can make you sick.
  328. Learning Photography? How About Educational Resources Through Q&A
    Finding an answer to your photography questions on the internet
  329. Need Fashion Advice? There’s an App for that...
    Does that canary yellow silk blouse really suit you? Who to ask? Try a 'style sounding board' app...
  330. When I Tell You "You're Stupid," Try to Accept it in the Spirit in Which it Was Offered.
    Stupid is as stupid does.
  331. Does Google Get a Bad Rap?
    Does Google really do no evil?
  332. Sakshat - A $35 Tablet to be Released This Month
    India's Cheapest laptop just for $30 will be available in end June (2011).
  333. Super 8 Review: Sci-fi or Feel-good?
    Spielberg-Abrams collaboration produces disappointing, family-friendly science fiction (CAUTION: SPOILERS!)
    in Film
  334. John McCain - When in Doubt About the Wildfires, Blame Canada
    McCain Baffled at His Comments again
  335. All New Nokia N9 Set to Rock
    Nokia has announced a new breakthrough gadget at Nokia Connection 2011 held at Singapore. Nokia N9 is powered by Meego OS an Opensource OS for mobile. Nokia claims it to be world’s first button less smartphone. The Nokia N9 has a sleek and elegant looks with 3.9” capacitive AMOLED touchscreen. Even though Meego is a fresher, Nokia claims it to have enhanced to suite the users.
  336. Does Your Multi-vitamin Have What it Says it Has?
    Testing shows that multivitamin labels aren't always accurate.
  337. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: The Details
    Details about Android 4.0 including release date, features and compatibility...
  338. Why Social Media is Important to TV
    TV shows are starting to integrate Twitter and Facebook campaigns to increase engagement and get people talking.
  339. Tech Draft 2011: After Their IPO, Who Are the Pretenders and the Real Deals?
    Facebook is a PTPer, baby!
  340. Once More Unto the Breach
    Verizon, and others recently released findings on investigations into about 800 data breaches within the cloud.
  341. Mayor's Conference Calls to End War
    U.S. Mayors pass resolution to spend less money on war abroad, more money on domestic issues
  342. Using Google Correlate for Website SEO
    Correlated search phrases can be used to better understand what people are looking for and what associated keywords are being used today, in the past and in various locations.
  343. Protests Erupt in Syria After Assad Speech
    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad delivers a speech - protesters immediately express their displeasure.
  344. More of the Same: Brookings Spews Regulation Rhetoric on Capitol Hill
    Regulatory Rhetoric is Here to Stay
  345. One Stop Access Point for All Cloud Services
    Otixo is a new service which integrates all the cloud services and gives us a single point access to all the clouds. Otixo even helps you to copy files from one cloud to another easily.
  346. June 20, 2011

    Kids Who Cycle Gain Independence and Sense of Community
    Find out if your community is one of the top ranked most bicycle friendly communities in the country or just remind yourself why cycling is good for everyone, especially your children.
  347. Joplin Tornado Destroys More Than Buildings
    The Ozark Center for Autism
  348. Millions of US Kids Have Food Allergies: Survey
    A new survey shows that 6 million American children have food allergies.
  349. IDC Names IBM Worldwide Marketshare Leader in Social Software Platforms
    IBM continues to lead the market as it's recognized for the second year in a row
  350. Bye-Bye, Borders!
    Bookseller Borders hopes to emerge from bankruptcy with buyer before the end of July.
  351. How You Can Double Your Productivity
    How to improve your productivity in three 'easy' lessons
  352. Measuring Social Good - What WE Get For YOUR Money
    How do you decide what to invest charity money or public money to deliver social good? You need robust frameworks
  353. Different Strokes For Different Folks
    Garrigus proves it's not the size that matter when it comes to putting.
  354. "McIlroy-Woods"-Potential Game Changing Rivalry Brewing Up?
    Could we be witnessing a potential game changing rivalry in future? The emergence of Rory McIlroy in golf and its impact on the game once Tiger Woods is back!
  355. High School Hellcats (1958) Claws Its Way onto DVD
    “A man teaching home ec—how wild!”
    in Film
  356. Limiting Debt May Be Good For Your Mental Health
    Research suggests personal debt linked to several mental health problems
  357. The Alaska Marine Highway
    Drivers Ride For Free???
  358. 3 IT Tools That Have Withstood the Test of Time - Part 2
    Part 2 of a 3-part series
  359. Fan Appreciation; Greetings From less Than Jake
    Less Than Jake release a five track Ep Greetings From Less Than Jake to celebrate nineteen years of making music.
  360. Mitt Romney 2012: A Company Man In A Field Of Mortals
    Mitt Romney is a company man at a time when our problem is the company.
  361. Major Dropbox Security Flaw Let Users Enter any Password
    Customers deserve an explanation from Dropbox after major security flaw was revealed.
  362. LG Optimus 3D: UK Release Date & Pricing Released
    LG Optimus 3D: UK Release Date & Pricing Released for Carphone Warehouse
  363. Now Available on MOD: Crime against Joe
    “You can be just as crazy with an education.” --(Detective to beat cop who is surprised murderer graduated high school)
  364. Grooveshark vs. iCloud - Is the New Apple Product Worth the Hype?
    The public loved anything from Apple, but iCloud doesn't live up to the hype.
  365. Apple Looks to Take Cloud Computing to the Next Level with iCloud
    Apple's iCloud is set to change the way we know computing.
    in IT
  366. Rory McIlroy Wins the 2011 U.S. Open at Congressional
    Rory McIlroy sets records in U.S. Open victory at Congressional Country Club.
  367. IT is Losing Control of Technology
    How IT is being forced to embrace the widespread adoption of consumer technology.
    in IT
  368. The Girl in Black Stockings
    I’d like to get so drunk that I could look in a mirror and spit in my own face. [The Girl in Black Stockings]
    in Film
  369. NBC Suggests Separation of State & Church During U.S. Open
    NBC doesn't see the U.S. as "One Nation Under God"
  370. California Small Businesses Rise Up Against Proposed Internet Tax
    California small businesses form coalition to convince Governor Jerry Brown to veto internet sales tax.
  371. Obama To Tweet Personally – But Will He Catch Up with Twitter’s First Lady, Gaga?
    Obama To Tweet Personally.
  372. Heffner's Runaway Bride - Crystal Harris
    Crystal Harris leaves Hugh Heffner practically at the alter.
  373. The Gentlemens Cross Trainers - The Jodhpur
    Boots Suitable for a Gentleman
  374. TeenLit: Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens
    Written for LGBT teens, Queer is an enlightening journey through the world that is queer life.
  375. Where Do Fun Foods Fit into Your Diet?
    You can't eat your cake and have it too. Cake is not a diet food.
  376. Britain Focuses on Dangers of Social Media
    British Ministry of Defense to launch social media defense campaign
  377. Facebook Projects Hint At Bigger Battle with Apple, Twitter
    A war with Apple and Twitter seems eminent, as details emerge on multiple Facebook projects.
  378. When Travel Marketing Conferences Falls Short
    Why do social media, star-studded travel conferences fail to connect with the audience?
  379. How Women Perceive the American Dream
    Survey results reveal how women perceive themselves, their lives, and the American Dream. Over 70 percent of respondents said it's changed even from a decade ago.
  380. Fathers Day Call Reminder puts Google in Dog House
    Google Father's Day Reminder Creates Cold Shoulder Rather than Warm Fuzzy.
  381. Put On the Kettle, Get Out the Scones; It’s Time to Read The Herring in the Library
    Someone wanted Mr., I mean Shagger Muntham...dead, but who?
  382. Ryan Dunn, Jackass Star, Dies at age 34 in Fatal Car Crash
    Ryan Dunn, 34 years of age, dies in tragic car accident early this morning. Dunn is famous for his role in the hit MTV show "Jackass" that premiered in 2000.
  383. Huawei Unveils Tablet To Compete With Apple, Samsung
    Huawei unveils tablet to compete Apple, Samsung on monday 20 june with android 3.2 support.
  384. Mistrial Threatened By Casey Anthony Trial Judge
    After days of bickering by attorneys on both sides, the judge in the Casey Anthony murder trial threatens the ultimate sanction - a do-over.
  385. LulzSec and Anonymous Launch "Operation AntiSec"
    Two groups of highly skilled hackers have joined forces in what they deem "AntiSec", which if is successful will be a large scale event not seen before in the history of hacking.
  386. The Cost Benefit Myth of the Public Cloud
    There is a myth that public cloud usage is automatically cheaper than private cloud usage.
  387. Communicating How We Should Communicate
    Communicating is getting more challenging thanks to all the channels through which we can reach out and touch someone.
  388. AT&T: Desperate and Out of Time?
    Why AT&T really needs T-mobile
  389. Michele Bachmann and the Two Sides of Every Argument
    Faith vs. Fact; Truth vs. Fiction; Education vs. Indoctrination
  390. Denny Hamlin Edges Matt Kenseth for Michigan Victory
    Denny Hamlin overcomes season of hard luck to find victory lane
  391. Traditional TV Still Dominating But Online Video is Catching Up
    Who is watching online video? Is it a threat to traditional TV?
    in TV
  392. Marilyn Monroe Dress Rakes In Over $5 million
    The dress worn in the famous sewer vent auctions for $5.6 million
  393. SEGA: The Latest Security Breach
    The cyber break-ins continue, this time with SEGA
  394. U.S. Heading Slow Moving Peace Talks with Taliban
    Defense Secretary Gates states that his successor will be left with negotiating for peace in Afghanistan.
  395. Microsoft Disses WebGL Support - Pot and Kettle?
    Microsoft condemns WebGL standard, hopes no one remembers ActiveX
  396. Pragmatic RESTful API Design
    REST is a loosely defined architectural style. Due to ambiguity it is often misinterpreted. Following blog post provides a pragmatic introduction to some basic principles and best practices of RESTful API design for the web.
    in IT
  397. How Secure Is My Password?
    How (and why) to create a better password that you'll actually remember
  398. June 19, 2011

    You Get What You Pay For
    Think before you buy your next computer
  399. Hackers Halt Sega Pass
    Sega Joins Sony and the CIA as the Latest Database Hacking Victims
  400. Mozilla Firefox 5: Available Tuesday
    Mozilla Firefox 5: What To Expect & Release Date
  401. Google Nexus 4: The Android Monster Soon Going To Kill iPhone
    Google Nexus 4G An iPhone Killer !
  402. English Language is now Officially Dead; Who Sold the Alphabet?
    The full alphabet now resides as a dot com.
  403. World MMA rankings: June 19, 2011
    Updated MMA rankings for all 8 weight classes
  404. Should We Limit Homework in Elementary School?
    School districts are limiting homework time. I say we simply need to use classroom time in better ways.
  405. Why is Sustainability so Complicated
    Why is Sustainability so complicated, why can't I just pretend to be a plumber?
  406. Lack of Consequences Breeds Entitlement
    A deadly disease is running rampant through schools across the nation.
  407. Untappd: Tapping Into Social Check-ins for Brewskies
    Interview with Red Pint co-founder about the Untappd acquisition
  408. Why American Manufacturing Rocks
    Innovations built on brainpower rather than race-to-the-bottom cheap labor are propelling American manufacturing and exports.
  409. Ninja Prison Guard with @Lanevids
    Ninja Prison Guard is a short film for the AOC Three Minute Movie Contest.
  410. Fruit Diets - Fact or Summer Fantasy?
    Eating is not about an endless summer. Make behavior changes that endure for all seasons.
  411. Is it a Titantic moment for Canada?
    If Celine Dion’s “My heart will go on ....” hasn’t done it for Canada, the most beautiful moment for Alexandra Thomas from Vancouver with her Australian friend Scott Jones has no doubt become an Icon for Vancouver and Canada!
  412. Get on the Phone, the Twitter, the Facebook, take out a Newspaper Ad, get on Craigslist and Spread the Word Across the Land to TAKE CONTROL OF and OWN the JOHN BOEHNER SEX SCANDAL RUMOR!!!
    Enough with the Rumors! Let's turn this into an outright SCANDAL!
  413. Chronic Dev Team Gives Update On iPad 2 Jailbreak
    Chronic Dev Team Gives Update On iPad 2 Jailbreak
  414. Mind Eraser. No Chaser
    Scientist enhance rats memories with neural implant
  415. How to be productive using the iPod touch
    Must have Productivity tools on iPod touch
  416. Effective Social Media for Effective Market Research
    Social Media is a great source for your business that you have to focused yet.
  417. Al-Zawahiri Officially Takes Over From bin Laden
    Al-Zawahiri takes over Al-Qaeda six weeks after bin Laden's death. Raising questions...
  418. Raja Teams Up with Austin Young for “Diamond Crowned Queen” Music Video
    With the help of prolific photographer and director Austin Young, Raja’s Billboard breakout club single is brought to life in a “dragmatic” fashion.
  419. About to Leave for Enterprise 2.0
    Enterprise 2.0 Conference heads to Boston and is bigger than ever
  420. Chess Is Dying?
    This feature speaks about the world chess and how it seems to be approaching a dead end in some sense.
  421. June 18, 2011

    Dirty Tweets, Sperm Donation and Other Forms of Detachment
    In this "one-to-many" world of Twitter and Facebook we are often detached from reality. How Weinergate struck a cord in the search for my anonymous sperm donor.
  422. Questions Continue To Dog Case Against Casey Anthony
    As the defense team brings forth its expert witnesses, the prosecution's evidence in Casey Anthony's murder trial continue to take hard hits.
  423. An Interview with Gist's Greg Meyer - Part 3: The Growing Importance of Listening Frameworks
    The Conclusion of the Technorati Interview on Social CRM with Gist's Greg Meyer
  424. The App Model Must Die!
    Applications should work regardless of your operating system platform.
  425. Home or Small Business Advertising
    Post Free Classifieds
  426. How To Drive Digital Change and Social Media into the C-Suite
    CEOs have a lot to learn from PepsiCo’s digital story that can help them succeed.
  427. Where to Get Authentic, Boston-Style Pizza in Texas
    Parziale family has been making hand-tossed pizzas for more than 100 years.
  428. Can't You Feel the Heat?
    The dangers of leaving a child in a car unattended.
  429. U.S. Hires Explosive Disposal Companies to Clean Libya
    U.S. hires weapons disposal organizations to scour Libya for abandoned missiles.
  430. What to Do When Someone Steals Your Photos to Use in His Orkut Album
    Read if your Online Security Matters to you
  431. Mobile Phones Become Megaphones In Intersection of Mobile and Social At Retail Locations
    More than 40 percent tell those in their networks about "Moments of Trust" experiences
  432. Getting Rid of Homework, Not a Bad Idea
    Finally a school reform proposal that makes sense, getting rid of homework
  433. Homework Wars: Why Limiting Homework is Not the Solution
    Coming together to improve our schools
  434. Israeli Women Get Politicised On Separation of Religion and State
    “… because in Israel religion and politics are not separated as they are – and should be – in a true democracy, we must also be involved politically. The best way to do this is not just by voting in elections, but by joining a political party."
  435. Lockheed Martin Now Negotiating Contracts with the United States Senate
    U.S. Senate Committee has put specific requirements on the next JSF contract with Lockheed Martin in an unprecedented move.
  436. People Buy Viagra via Spam Emails: What Happens?
    Viagra via Spam Emails,People Buy Viagra via Spam Emails
  437. Kikkor Golf Shoes Review
    Are Kikkor Golf Shoes the most comfortable "sneaker" on the market?
  438. Is Boston Title Town?
    Boston is title town
  439. Wimbledon 2011: Top 3 Seeds in Focus Again
    Wimbledon Preview
  440. Wimbledon 2011 Preview: Williams/Fedal Showdown or Sharapova/Nole Dominance
    On the biggest stage of the Grand Slam tennis Wimbledon 2011, who will emerge out to be the winner? Will it be again dominated by Williams Sisters or Fedal or finally Djokovic/Sharapova will take center stage?
  441. 2011 Wimbledon Draw Released
    The draw has been announced at Wimbledon, the year's third and perhaps most famous grand slam.
  442. WordPress Issues a New Release Candidate for Version 3.2
    When should you download and when should you wait?
  443. Making Social Media Marketing Work For You – Part Two
    Can Social Media Marketing improve your business?
  444. June 17, 2011

    Olive Oil - Pour it On!
    Another possible health benefit to using olive oil
  445. Great Ideas for Father's Day
    Great Ideas for Father's Day
  446. Weight Loss - The Diet Conundrum in Your Community
    The Surgeon General thinks we need a reward to change our behavior for healthy nutrition?
  447. Tainan, Taiwan: Can I help you?
    Towering around Tainan, Taiwan
  448. Wine Purchasing 101
    A guide for those that just want to buy a bottle of wine already
  449. Krispy Kreme to Jump on the Healthy Eating Bandwagon
    Krispy Kreme to offer healthier food options in an attempt to boost sales and revive company.
  450. Ex-NFL Quarterback Suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome
    Ex-NFL quarterback Danny Wuerffel is suffering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
  451. Pride in a Tradition of 70 Years
    Women Inmates Sew Flags of 1812
  452. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT): App 91: The iPhone App Show
    The Tales of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles app for the iPhone is a great way to read this fantastic comics on an iDevice.
  453. The Future in the Skies
    How Airbus is Crafting an Environmentally-Friendly Fleet
  454. How iCloud Will Change the Process of Writing
    How will Apples new iCloud change how writers work on their current projects.
  455. Bug Expert: Casey Anthony Prosecutors Got It Wrong
    Fist fights and verbal sparring over evidence marked the 21st day of testimony in and out of the Casey Anthony murder trial.
  456. Saudi Women Driving into the 21st Century
    Protestors worldwide are driving home the point that Saudi Arabian women should be able to drive into the 21st century.
  457. Bad Magic In Bloomington
    Managing the Magic of Freedom In A College Town
  458. Nokia Windows Phones Coming to UK First
    UK Among Six European Countries To Get Nokia Windows Phones First
  459. Cloud Computing Costs are About What's After the Subscription
    Cloud Computer offers security, reliability and can be less expensive than managing your own solutions. What about after you've subscribed? What are the costs you'll be faced with?
  460. Unfriending on Facebook: Leaving A Party Gracefully
    A Way To Be At Peace With Unfriending, And Being Unfriended, On Facebook
  461. A Cloud-Based Disaster for Small and Home-Based Businesses
    As broadband providers start capping internet cloud access and speed, businesses should be on alert
  462. Help for the Lost Luggage Disaster
    Lost luggage is a reality and a nightmare. Why not use a luggage-forwarding company and avoid the stress?
  463. US Birthrate is Down: Immigration, Birthrate, and the Economy
    The birthrate is down, but that's not the whole story. How lower immigration is hurting the US economy.
  464. Catching The LinkedIn Spoof Email To Prevent Malware
    ZeuS Malware linked in fake LinkedIn emails. Inbox beware.
    in IT
  465. J.K. Rowling Reignites Potter-mania with
    The author seems to have something special up her sleeve as Potter-maniacs rejoice.
    in Film
  466. “I Dreamed A Dream” Musical
    "I Dreamed A Dream" Musical is a musical about Susan Boyle's inspirational life story and will open next year at Newcastle’s Theatre Royal before going on a worldwide tour.
  467. Myth Busted: Social Media Harms Real Life Relationships
    The myth that social media hurts real life relationships has been proven false.
  468. Why Choose ASP.NET Over PHP?
    PHP and ASP.NET are two most used languages in web development. So, why choose ASP.NET over PHP?
    in IT
  469. CIA Website Brought Down by LulzSec
    The most recent of a series of attacks LulzSec has breached the CIA's website and then boasted of it on Twitter.
  470. How Google and Under Armour Succeed with Digital Media
    Dan Taylor from Google and Dan Mecchi from Under Armour were the keynote speakers at the 2011 Digital Media Conference
  471. Democrat Janice Hahn Responds to Attack Ad With FEC Complaint
    California Democrat Janice Hahn says that the attack ad produced by the PAC Right Turn USA was racist and sexist.
  472. Obama IT Czar Leaves D.C. for Harvard
    Will his successor follow his ambitious 25 point plan?
    in IT
  473. Decisions and the Gosselin Case
    On May 13, 2011 a judgment was rendered in my favor against Kate Gosselin.
  474. I Accidentally Drugged, then Drowned, then Smothered My Baby, Didn't Tell the Cops or Call 911, and Then Went Partying. Forgive Me?
    I could NEVER serve on the Casey Anthony Jury!
  475. You Can Only Flog a Weiner for So Long!
    Can we open our eyes now? Is the big, nasty Weiner gone?
  476. New Facebook Phishing Scam Found
    Beware Facebook user from being hacked by phishers.
  477. Pakistanis Talk Change Online
    Pakistanis enjoy at least a little freedom of speech via the internet.
  478. Tensions Brew in Southeast Asia
    Recent moves by China and Vietnam have created a tense situation in the South China Sea. How did this occur and what can be expected for the future?
  479. Few Advantages of Localizing Globalized Social Media
    Social media can be derived to a way where we can use them to benefit its users in several aspects through localization. A very few are discussed here.
    in IT
  480. An Interview with Gist's Greg Meyer - Part 3: Reputation Management and Social CRM
    Gist's Customer Experience Manager on Using Social CRM Tools to Monitor Your Online Presence
  481. June 16, 2011

    Treating Syphilis to Reduce Infant Mortality in Africa
    Syphilis is a highly treatable infection which results in thousands of prenatal deaths yearly in Africa.
  482. Minneapolis Mayor Welcomes Netroots Nation, Tolerates Right Online
    Netroots Nation 2011 Convention kicks off in Minneapolis, MN and kicks conservative Right Online Convention to the curb.
  483. Quinoa - Supergrain of the Andes
    Don't neglect the supergrain quinoa for a source of protein.
  484. Are There Benefits to Having a Wooden Mannequin-Wife?
    Man married wooden woman.
  485. Sexuality and Freedom of Expression in the Adult Dating Experience
    A real narration of my own experience and opinion of the online adult dating niche market.
  486. Rhino Charge: Roughing It Up For The Sake of the Environment
    How a Unique Motor Challenge Race Event is Helping To Protect Priceless Ecosystems in Kenya
  487. Mobile BI to Replace Reports Push Model
    How mobile apps will replace report bursting
  488. Google Introduces New Reputation Management Tool "Me on the Web"
    Google takes giant first step in streamlining online reputation management for individuals and organizations.
  489. An Oasis of Brilliance in Arizona’s Desert Full of Crazy
    Believe it or not, Arizona takes the lead with a smart new public policy idea.
  490. Text Messaging: Better Than Twitter for Food Trucks
    Twitter is the haute food truck marketing tool today, but it's a short-lived romance. This article will explain why text marketing is a much better marketing mate.
  491. It's Getting Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot
    It's getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot, for serious realz yo. Hybrids and what not.
  492. Defense Begins Arguments In Casey Anthony Trial
    On the 3rd anniversary of Caylee Anthony's death, her mother Casey's defense team begins its arguments in her defense.
  493. Why the iCloud Won't be My Cloud
    Apple continues to draw a line in the sand between Apple-users and everyone else.
  494. "Me on the Web" on Your Google Dashboard Lets you Manage Your Identity Online
    Prevent Online Embarrassment, Manage your Online Identity.
  495. Now Offers New Custom Design Upgrade
    Personalizing your free WordPress blog has never been easier.
  496. Manchester United's Promising Defense: Tactical Watch
    It looks rosy for the red half of Manchester, with a lot of youngsters being on the agenda.
  497. Goldilocks and the Three Literary Agents
    Should authors include comparative titles in query letters?
    in Guru
  498. The Twitter #140 NYC Conference, The Vancouver Riots, And "Now"
    The Twitter New York #140 Conference is a great place to be, but Vancouver is burning...
  499. Why is One of the Best Music Webapps Around
    There is a new concept of social music player, and it's awesome
  500. The Rebirth of “Apple”
    We now see that Apple has a large piece of the pie in the computers market, phones, music players etc, but it was not too long ago when they were more in the shadow of “extra large” players like Dell, IBM and Microsoft
  501. The Future of Social Media - Embracing a New World
    The internet is going social! Social media is influencing how we use the web and its time to get on board.
  502. Get Your Fluffy On With "Happy Feet Two"!
    Are you ready for Happy Feet Two?
    in Film
  503. Bombshell: Surprise Witness In Casey Anthony Murder Trial?
    A disturbing new witness with possible ties to George Anthony may testify on behalf of the defense.
  504. Weiner-gate Closes
    Anthony Weiner resigns
  505. Yahoo Lets You Search for Apps in "App Search"
    Yahoo wants you to find apps by using their search engine, but it's already been done.
  506. Book Review: Alabama's Redemption by Hale Meserow
    Alabama's Redemption is a powerful tale of faith, character & romance, amid 1940s racial segregation.
  507. Stolen Valor Act 2: No Lie
    “If all untruthful speech is unprotected,” ruled Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, “. . . we could all be made into criminals.”
  508. Sony Tablets: Release Date Leaked
    Sony S1 and S2 Tablets Set For September Release
  509. Making Social Media Marketing Work For You – Part One
    Social Media Marketing is the new Klondike, or is it?
  510. A New Theory of Social Media Management Localization
    Large businesses and brands need to begin localizing within the United States to engage their audiences.
  511. Congressmen Anthony Weiner to Resign
    Rep. Weiner to resign from Congressional office amidst sexting scandal.
  512. Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants
    Pakistan arrests CIA informants. Future relations with U.S. may be in question.
  513. Boston: The New Titletown
    Seven championships in a decade. Boston is the true definition of Titletown
  514. An Interview with Gist's Greg Meyer - Part 2: Knowing Your Network Using Social CRM
    Part 2: Knowing More About Your Network, and Figuring Out What's Important
  515. Quickly Find Installed Applications or Contacts Using QuickDroid
    Quickly find applications, musics, and contacts using QuickDroid.
  516. The Barack Obama Economy - Greece-ing Our Skids
    Question: Why are we bailing out Greece when we should be bailing out ... ourselves?
  517. Oakland Plans Closure of Most of Their Libraries
    Only 4 of 18 Libraries to Remain Open in May if Proposal Passes
  518. Are We Just Playing The Percentages With Web Security?
    In a real sense, it's probably not practical or even possible to have a perfectly secure web presence.
    in IT
  519. Saudi Arabian Women Still Determined to Drive
    Women still determined to drive on June 17th in Saudi Arabia, in spite of threats of violence and reprisals.
  520. Cyber Intel Alert: Hackers Take Down CIA’s Website As The Security Business Goes Up
    Hackers Take Down CIA’s Website
  521. June 15, 2011

    China Turns Blind Eye to Lead Poisoning in Children: Human Rights Watch
    A report by Human Rights Watch alleges that Chinese children are being denied treatment for lead poisoning.
  522. Parent and Childfree Regret
    Getting Real About Regret
  523. Look Inside: Samsung's $500 Chromebook
    Samsung will make a nice profit off first Chromebook
  524. iPad 2 Jailbreak is Almost Ready Says Comex
    iPad 2 jailbreak is almost ready! says Comex
  525. Google Nexus 3: What You Need To Know
    Google Nexus 3 will be released with new Android Firmware: Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich.
  526. Is Twitter’s Competitive Advantage under Threat?
    Facebook is targeting the distinguishing factor of Twitter.
  527. Duke Nukem Forever Fails
    A look at the reviews for Duke Nukem Forever.
  528. Leadership Love is Spelled INTEGRITY
    Integrity in today's leadership roles.
  529. 2011 U.S. Open Preview & Fantasy Picks
    156 players from 22 countries will compete to win the 111th U.S. Open Championship.
  530. Did Facebook Really Get Unfriended? New Report Says No.
    A highly shared report stating millions were shedding their Facebook account has been retracted. So what happened?
  531. How to Use Your Money Wisely
    Wish choices for your money can help lead to a health financial life.
  532. Home-Based Business Advice – Collect RSS Feeds
    Share interesting content and educate, entertain and enlighten your customers.
  533. Women Make Better Investment Decisions than Men
    A recent study showed that the most common women's investment style significantly outperforms men's.
  534. A Dose Of Realism From Small Businesses
    Smaller businesses are notoriously downbeat when it comes to commenting on the market conditions they are experiencing
  535. Marketiing as a Driver of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurs need marketing as much as venture capital
  536. Diversity Challenges- Stereotyping
    Stereotyping, has its root in prejudice, is an unjustified negative attitude based on a person’s group or class identity acquired either through past personal experiences or through preconceived wrong beliefs.
  537. A Great Summer Smoothie Recipe: Taste of East India
    A Delicious Summer Treat!
  538. Do You Know How Fast Your Page Loads?
    Improve Your Blog's Load Time
  539. Is Klout Really What It’s All About?
    The standard of social media influence measurement adds LinkedIn to it’s metrics
  540. Rolling the Dice at Wimbledon: The So-Called "Big Server" Advantage
    Wimbledon champions have usually been "big servers". But are the final rounds dominated by "big servers"?
  541. Google Leads The Way In Promoting Home Solar Power
    Google to power your home
  542. Gets Customization, Privacy and Security Updates
    Customize your corks with professional accounts.
    in IT
  543. What I Learned From Google TV
    If you are not sure if you will use a new device, DON'T BUY IT no matter how cool it is - you will live to regret it.
  544. Pandora IPO is Steady Eddy
    Pandora public offering climbs steadily after a $20 opening on New York Stock Exchange
  545. Cloud - Ready for Prime Time?
    Is the cloud is ready for enterprises to completely trust with their applications?
    in IT
  546. 25GB Proprietary Disc is the Only Playable Medium on the Nintendo Wii U
    Nintendo does not have any plans to support playback of DVD's or Blu-Rays for Nintendo Wii U.
  547. Maybe I Want to Be Left Behind
    Like the Christian rapture, the hope of technology generates fear of being left behind.
  548. CEA President Discusses Innovation, Entrepreneurship
    Gary Shapiro, President of the Consumer Electronics Association, presents his thoughts on innovation, entrepreneurship, and the American Dream.
  549. $35 Laptop Sakshat to Launch This Month
    The much awaited low cost laptop from the Indian Government is all set to be launched in India by the end of this month. This could be India’s answer to $100 laptops developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US. The low cost device is powered by Android which makes it the cheapest android device made.
  550. Fifty-Six Year-Old to Give 25 Year-Old Her Uterus
    A mother and daughter are slated to participate in the first womb transplant next spring.
  551. Cows, Canines and Kids: The Chesterfield Inn
    New Hampshire's Chesterfield Inn is pet and family friendly with huge fields and lots to do.
  552. All The IT World is Concerned With is The Cloud
    It’s certainly big business - the analyst house, Forester, predicts that the cloud market could hit $240 billion by 2020; a huge sum by anyone’s standards.
  553. The Daily Internet Deal: A Tale of Two Groupons
    Groupons, or Group Coupons, seem perfect for impatient value-driven times.
  554. Apple to Pay Nokia Huge Settlement Fee in Patent Infringement Case
    Nokia Wins Patent Infringement Against Apple
  555. An Interview with Gist's Greg Meyer: Part 1: The Power of Social CRM
    Part 1: An Introduction to Greg Meyer, Social CRM, and Gist
  556. Justice Done In Wisconsin As Supreme Court Delivers Victory To Governor Walker
    Supreme Court rules on Wisconsin's contentious collective bargaining law issuing victory to Governor and defeat to unions.
  557. Apple Sued by iCloud Communications for Trademark Infringement
    The iCloud Communications is suing Apple over the use of the name iCloud.
  558. Pragmatic Woman Building Future of Afghanistan
    Sakena Yacoobi is a woman on a mission - her goal to educate an entire nation.
  559. Syria: When will the Violence End?
    Recently, the Syrian government has harshly cracked down on protests within the country, committing many violent atrocities along the way. When and how will this stop?
  560. Rock Masters Yes' First Single in a Decade
    The first single in a decade by rock masters Yes will get you flying
  561. Should You Purchase an Unlocked iPhone 4?
    Unlocked iPhone 4 is here, but Apple has much more for the future.
  562. Encrypt Your Hard Drive for Free with Truecrypt
    Alex Ward helps you to protect your files from theft by showing you how to encrypt your hard drive for free.
    in IT
  563. June 14, 2011

    Five Best Reasons to Workout in the Morning...and NOT After Work
    Top reasons wake up earlier and squeeze in a quick workout everyday.
  564. Controversial Tattoo Surfaces In Casey Anthony Trial
    As the State's case against Casey Anthony winds down, the "Bella Vita" tattoo Anthony got while daughter Caylee was missing comes to light.
  565. Falling U.S. Retail Sales Spark Fears of a Weakening Economy
    Will the bottom fall our on the economy again? Or are we still gaining ground?
  566. May Retail Sales Fall
    Retail has lowest sales in 11 months, factors in lower spending could be higher gas prices and biggest weather changes.
  567. How Social Media Saved The Economy
    Social Media has been one of the bright spots in the economy over the past few years.
  568. Watch Out, Wall Street?
    How Crowdsourcing Helps “The Little Guy” Stick It to “The Man”
  569. FDA Changes Sunscreen Labeling Standards
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued labeling guidelines for manufacturers of sunscreens.
  570. Kill the Irishman Explodes on DVD & Blu-ray June 14, 2011
    Based on the true story of Danny Greene, the man the mob couldn’t kill.
    in Film
  571. Red Sox Support the Bruins Quest for the Stanley Cup
    The Red Sox support the Boston Bruins
  572. The Third World a Catastrophe that Continues to Unfold
    Poverty at the hands of political leadership
  573. Hope, Heroes and Startups: Spring Metrics
    Do web analytics have to suck?
  574. Survey: Nearly One-Fifth of American Adults Are Sexters
    Almost One-Fifth of U.S. Adults Also Have Had Online Sex
  575. iPad 2 Jailbreak Imminent with JailbreakMe 3.0
    iPad 2 Jailbreak imminent with JailbreakMe 3.0
  576. BlogShort 30 Word Blogging Challenge
    Get Blogging Again Take The BlogShorts Challenge
  577. Lady Gaga's Social Studies
    The Artist Teaches Her Little Monsters How to Do Well and Do Good...Simultaneously.
  578. The Skinny Girl Margarita
    Skinny Cow "moo"ve over for what we all want, low calorie alcoholic beverages, not ice cream.
  579. Apple Is Now Selling Unlocked iPhones In The U.S. – Will Consumers Also Unlock Their “iWallets”?
    Apple Is Now Selling Unlocked iPhones In The U.S.
  580. 2012 NASCAR Hall of Fame Class Announced
    Yarborough, Waltrip, Inman, Evans And Glen Wood Comprise List Of New Inductees
  581. The Un-Constitutional Constitutionalists
    Gay Marriage Is a Religious Issue and Not a Consitutional One
  582. Another Reason to Go Organic
    EWG recently released it's Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, listing the produce most likely to be contaminated by pesticides.
  583. Facebook Sheds US Users as Disenchantment in its Home Market Grows
    Facebook fans may be tiring with the social network's quirky antics, at long last, suggests a slump in growth.
  584. Should You Screen for Autism?
    Autism is confusing and scary. Is it really worth it to screen your child?
  585. Social Media Marketing is Crucial to your Business Success
    Companies everywhere are adopting social media marketing in an attempt to gain more customers and reduce costs.
  586. Apple Predicted to Ship 1.5m Sandy Bridge Macbook Air's per Quarter
    Find Out More!
  587. Syrian Refugees Continue Fleeing to Turkey
    Syrian refugees continue crossing the Turkish border, after attack on Jisr al-Shughour.
  588. Once is Enough
    Why must celebrities apologize over and over when they offend a group of people?
  589. Waiting for Star Wars: Game Features
    SWTOR gameplay features.
  590. Apple Integrates Twitter: Why This Is Big
    Despite the bigger popularity of Facebook, Apple has chosen to fully integrate micro-blog Twitter into its latest Operating System, iOS 5. Here's why...
  591. Smart Grid Technology: Almost as Cool as a Personal Jet Pack
    Smart Grid technology may not be sexy, but it's important to America's future as a world leader.
  592. Mountain Lions in Connecticut?
    Mountain Lions appearing in odd places as nature thrives unbeknownst to us
  593. The Kids from Spain are Just Too Good: The Young Lions’ Lucky Escape
    Spain showed they were the best in the world at the World Cup almost a year ago now, and yesterday they showed why they would dominate the sport for years to come after a dominant display against England’s U21s.
  594. Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax
    Tom MacMasters is Amina Arraf. Media caught with egg on its face.
  595. Sarah Palin's ACTUAL E-mail from God — (I was "cc'd")
    I have so many questions... but after he CC'd me, he put me on his block list.
  596. June 13, 2011

    Weiner; The Legitmacy of His Sex Addiction
    Is Weiner's claim to sex addiction genuine?
  597. Challenges to Modern Day Fatherhood
    The state of the economy, extended deployments, and the current social tide make fatherhood increasingly more challenging.
  598. Free Mad Libs for Family Game Night
    Mad Libs: How to make your own for family game night.
  599. The DASH to Diet in Buenos Aires
    Salt kills snails. Don't let it take you down.
  600. Four Ways To Help Protect Your Preschooler From Sexual Abuse
    Empower Your Children Without Fear
  601. What the Cupcake?
    Are cupcakes and cupcakeries the new black?
  602. Are You Flying a "Mean" Airline?
    Is your airline among the meanest, most delayed, most complained about?
  603. Cocktails By the Bay - Forever Blue
    Summer entertainment with blue cocktails.
  604. Breastfeeding May Lower SIDS Risk
    Researchers seem confident that breastfeeding may reduce an infant`s risk of dying from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  605. How Uniform E-mail Signatures Can Help Brand and Promote Your Organization
    One of the most overlooked opportunities for online marketing also happens to be one of the most ubiquitous: the e-mail "signature"
  606. Air Canada's Unions Are On A Self Destructive Path
    Technical bankruptcy jumps at you Air Canada's First Quarter 2011, Interim Unaudited Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements and Notes?
  607. "Accidental" Gold Discovery Is 24-Carat Scam
    Scam Artists Come Out During Volatile and Uncertain Markets
  608. Winner of Power Lunch With Warren Buffett Breaks Record
    Power lunch auction with Warren Buffet ends with a new record.
  609. Is Your Small Business Destined To Fail?
    Businesses that have not taken advantage of the social web may fail. Here are 10 action areas to move from failure to success.
  610. Exposing Infants to Pets May Reduce Allergies
    Infants younger than one year who lived with pets were less likely to develop allergies than children who acquired them later in life.
  611. Two Spirits Debuts on Independent Lens Tuesday, June 14
    Fred Martinez was a Navajo boy who was also a girl. In an earlier era, he would have been revered. Instead he was murdered.
    in Film
  612. You BOUGHT the Book and Didn't READ It???
    They either bought it and didn't read it, or they forgot this part.
  613. Troublesome Sticker Surfaces In Casey Anthony Trial
    Chilling testimony about a heart shaped sticker found on duct tape binding Caylee Anthony's body emerges.
  614. For U.S. Men's Soccer Team Coach Bob Bradley, The Pressure is Now Officially On
    Following a Bad Loss to Panama in the Gold Cup, that Noose Around Coach Bob Bradley's Neck is Already Tightening.
  615. At the U.S. Open Golfers, Will Be Put to the Test
    The U.S. Open began it's practice rounds and ready to headline this weeks PGA Tour news.
  616. Goldman Sachs, Facebook and the IPO - 2012 It Is
    Social Media Behemoth Looks to Go Public in Q! 2012
  617. Women and Walmart - What the Supreme Court Decision Really Means
    Discrimination Case Will Lead to Landmark Ruling on All Employment-Related Class Actions Going Forward
  618. Harrison Frazer Wins The FedEx St. Jude Classic
    Harrison Frazer captures his first PGA TOUR victory in hos 355th career start.
  619. How Yesterday's "Meet the Press" MIGHT Have Looked if We Had an Actual Media
    If he's not a pervert, why's his last name "Weiner"?
  620. Breaking: Apple's iCloud uses Windows Azure for Hosting Data
    Find out More!
  621. Facebook Traffic Drops For a Second Month In a Row - Is The Funfair Over?
    Is the Facebook funfair over?
  622. A Cure for Unethical Behaviour
    Our heroes and leaders seem to be particularly prone to deviant behaviour right now. How can we stop the scandals?
  623. The ALCAN Highway
    Yes Virginia, you CAN drive to Alaska.
  624. Steampunk Gadgets - Turn Art Deco Into Art Techno
    Real life steampunk gadgets
  625. Bringing Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity to a School Near You
    Giving your child an advantage by teaching creativity skills at home
  626. Johannes Mehserle Released from Custody- Now What?
    Mehserle departs jail after early release
  627. Teaching Children Nutrition: A Resource Guide
    Teaching Children Nutrition: A Resource Guide
  628. Family Heritage: Celebrating Our Roots
    A connection to the past can motivate you to change your family's future.
  629. Al Qaeda Dropping like Flies
    Over the last six weeks, three major Al Qaeda leaders have been killed. What does this mean?
  630. Gordon Grabs Second Win of the Season at Pocono Raceway
    Jeff Gordon snags 84th career victory two months shy of his 40th birthday.
  631. June 12, 2011

    Mavericks Win First NBA Championship
    Mavericks exercise final 2006 demon with 4-2 series win over Miami for first NBA crown.
  632. Proposed Circumcision Ban Runs Afoul of First Amendment
    Activists seeking to ban circumcision fail to understand the First Amendment consequences.
  633. Is it a Choice? - Losing Weight and Your Health
    When will we learn to curb our appetites?
  634. The Expert Panel of Moms on "Diva Mothers": How Much is Too Much?
    Ridiculous or Reasonable- Chime in about the "Diva Mother" Phenomenon!
  635. Understanding Cryonics - Part 2 - Vitrification & Storage
    The Vitrification and long term storage of cryonicaly suspended subjects.
  636. Under a Painted Sky Judy Wexler
    The follow-up to the highly acclaimed Dreams & Shadows leaves us disappointed.
  637. Reality TV Meltdown
    Don't stand for reality TV overload, make celebrities work for you
    in TV
  638. Marketing Fine Art Photography by Alain Briot
    “Nobody hangs a $100 photograph over the mantle in their million-dollar home.” — Alain Briot
  639. World’s Most Body Pierced Woman Weds in Scotland
    Woman with 7000 piercings weds
  640. Save Money and Calories by Eating at Home
    New federal government regulations attack obesity on the restaurant front requiring calories to be listed on menus.
  641. Is Higher Learning Worth It?
    Should you take out student loans to achieve a degree?
  642. Homeowner Forecloses On Bank
    A sweet revenge on bank
  643. Slut Walks and Dress Codes
    What SlutWalks Teach Our Daughters About How to Dress
  644. Weiner Cries Treatment
    Another scandal has a public figure "seeking" treatment
  645. Anthony Weiner – The new American Dilemma.
    So the dilemma for majority of Americans is how to condone a supposedly inappropriate act of a politician when it concerns his most important asset everyone wants to vote for!
  646. Are you taking cyber attack seriously enough?
    The IMF are the latest organisation to fall foul of hackers. How secure is your business?
  647. Who Will Be The Challengers To Our Trophy Next Season?
    Discover who i think will be are main rivals for the premier league next season.
  648. How much would people pay to have dinner with you?
    Warren Buffett has recently sold a lunch date for over $2 million. See how you can turn lunch with the boss to your advantage.
  649. Gandhi In Heaven Cries Aloud
    Greed takes over India
  650. Father's Day Golf Gift Ideas
    Not sure what to get dad this Father's Day? Here are a few suggestions!
  651. Google on a Roll with Android Topping Smartphone Charts
    Google's dominance of the smartphone market is no accident of fortune.
  652. Modern Warfare 3 Vs Battlefield 3? It’s A Very Serious Debate
    It's just a game, lighten up
  653. Why Weiner Has to Go! A Video Presentation
    Weiner did something naughty. He must go so that Democrats might grow a spine and learn how to recognize real obscenity when they SEE it.
  654. Dream World or Lack of Reality?
    Free running or not, some people live in reality and some don't.
  655. June 11, 2011

    LAMP Web Sites Looking Good To Phishers
    The LAMP web platform reported to be the favored target of phishing attackers.
    in IT
  656. LeBron-Wade: Probable Sinus Effects of Their Gimmick on Game 6
    LeBron-Wade- The Probable Sinus Effects of their gimmick on Game 6.Will Dallas be fueled more to close out the championship?
  657. Understanding Cryonics - Part 1 - Real Science? Or Science Fiction?
    Understanding the Science Behind Cryonics - Is it Science Fiction?
  658. Can Refrigerators Start a Revolution?
    The implications of a military-commercial complex in developing nations
  659. Two Foreign Arms Deals for Boeing Cushion Future U.S. Defense Cuts
    Boeing won two deals with India and Taiwan this week that will help offset reductions in domestic arms spending.
  660. Canadian Union of Postal Workers' Strike Shows The Union's Disregard For The Marketplace
    Canadian Union of Postal Workers strike is classic out of touch union leadership shoving a corporation over the precipice.
  661. Addicted to Tanning?
    Even though it has been proven by multiple studies that UV rays cause skin cancer, many people continue to tan. Evidence now shows that tanning is considered an addiction.
  662. With Crime Scene Photos, Casey Anthony Goes From Tearful To Furious
    As disturbing photos of Caylee Anthony's dead body are shown to the jury, Casey Anthony's demeanor goes from sad to furious.
  663. Medical Marijuana Laws Must Yield to Employer Drug Use Policy
    Your employer drug testing policy not required to yield to state medicinal marijuana laws.
  664. Promising leukemia drug provides boost for Micromet
    Micromet's new drug gives hope to patient's with an often deadly form of leukemia.
  665. How to Waste Cash as a Hotel Owner — OTAs
    Hoteliers need their own hotel websites if they want to compete.
  666. No iCloud Music for UK Until 2012
    Find out More!
  667. Order Your Google Chromebook Today
    Google Chromebook laptops are now available for preorder. If you want a netbook that does everything the Internet has to offer (but that's it), then this is for you.
  668. Robert Gates Lays It on the Line with NATO
    Defense Secretary Gates tells NATO that it's time for a change - no more leaving everything on the U.S.
  669. 140 Characters Is Enough for a TV Pilot Review
    New TV Shows Reviewed in 140 Characters or Less on Twitter
    in TV
  670. How Bored Are You? Bored Enough to Go to a Dog Wedding?
    There's a dog wedding going on and you're invited!
  671. Jisr al-Shughour: Point of Conflict
    Amidst the swirling chaos that is the Middle East today, the fate of one Syrian city could determine the course of the entire Arab Spring.
  672. Health Care Reform: The Sky is Not Falling
    While the Affordable Care Act has its issues, fears of massive problems in 2014 are overblown.
  673. June 10, 2011

    Modesty: The Endangered Value
    The active, systematic destruction of modesty seems to be the mission of modern pop-culture.
  674. Autism Sanity in an Insane World
    The cause of Autism is unknown, which fuels arguments. But is it really worth the effort?
  675. How American Hunters Abuse U.S. Foreign Aid
    How American hunters use US Foreign Aid to subsidise their sport
  676. Ten Reasons to Love Your Dentist
    How to Change Your Mind About Your Next Dental Appointment
  677. On Benefits of Universal Apps
    Dropbox and Instapaper will survive even after the release of iCloud and Safari Reading List
  678. USA Sinking Faster Than You Think
    Two wrongs do not make it right
  679. Social Belonging - The Body Book?
    Will social belonging motivate behavior change for healthy eating?
  680. "Once You Hammer in the Nail, All You're Doing is Damaging the Wall"
    There's really 2 ways people are currently over doing it
  681. How to Make Gift Giving Extremely Inexpensive (and Fun!)
    Ever been invited to a party, and you had to run out to buy a gift that ended up too expensive or too blah? Here's the fix...
  682. Feelin' the Heat: Exercising Comfortably All Summer Long!
    With a little bit of planning you can exercise outside all summer-long
  683. BlogGlue: Improving Blog Traffic
    Social Networking and SEO combined
  684. Who Owns Your Name on the Internet? You? Maybe Not
    Cyber squatting and name jacking; what's your name worth to you?
  685. Wimbledon 2011: After Nadal Can Federer Reclaim His Fortress?
    Nadal's French Win and Wimbledon Preview
  686. Food Stamps for Fast Food?
    Using food stamps in restaurants would be a blessing and a curse
  687. Time to Play: "Papers, Please! Papers! Have Your Papers Ready!"
    Can YOU Pick the Guy Who WON'T Be Asked For Papers?
  688. Chimp Attack Victim Receives Face Transplant
    Mutilations, maulings, and deaths from wild animal attacks are on the rise. And it is happening in America's back yards.
  689. It Will Increasingly Pay to Avoid Allergens
    Budget deficits, healthcare costs, and climate change. They gang up on people with allergies.
  690. Pesticide Residue In Food Poses Health Risks
    It's hard to avoid pesticides in your food unless you choose organic
  691. Peeping Trevor Watches Mac Users Shower
    Tech guy allegedly installed spyware and urged women to take their computers into the shower
  692. Thousands of Citibank On Line Credit Card Accounts Hacked. Customers Name, Account Numbers and E-Mail Addresses Compromised.
    In a new trend in cyber attacks, the Citibank credit cards system is hacked. A direct hit to a major bank.
  693. Levinson 4 President; Running The Hard Way
    The official Michael Stephen Levinson on line statement of candidacy for president of United States.
  694. LeBreakdown
    11 short months ago, Lebron James uttered the most infamous words in NBA history. Tonight, he probably regrets his Decision more than ever.
  695. FIFA Bans Iran's Women's Team
    FIFA bans the Iranian Women's soccer team from competing in Olympics trials. Let them play!
  696. Microsoft Will Profit From Apple's iCloud
    Microsoft should be thanking Apple for their decision to kill off XP with iCloud.
  697. Apple Resorts to Humble Bullying as Student-Developer Feels Hard Done By
    Apple steals college undergraduate's app, then sues YOU for copying.
  698. Thriller Jacket: Where The Money's Going
    Who gets the proceeds from the sale of the Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket?
  699. Tippi Hedren Loves More Than Just The Birds
    Legendary film actress has a big heart for animals
  700. Alabama Shows Them Boys in Arizona How to DO Institutional Racism, By Golly!
    If they ain't got nuthin' to hide, they don't gotta worry about it. Cept for the time they gets held in jail.
  701. June 9, 2011

    5 Early Interventions To Change Childhood Eating Patterns
    Michelle Obama's Let's Move Day Care Program may save money by preventing chronic disease related to obesity.
  702. Gaddafi Encouraging Rape and Viagra
    Moammar Gaddafi is accused by the International Criminal Courts of encouraging his soldiers to rape.
  703. Small Business Changing Attitudes Towards Flexible Working
    The behaviours and attitudes of small businesses are changing the way we work according to a new study by Microsoft.
  704. Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic - "Welcome to the Jungle"
    Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic (2CELLOS) with their rousing rendition of Guns n' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle"
  705. iPad 2 Jailbreak Coming Soon
    iPad 2 Jailbreak coming soon
  706. No Friends... Only Allies & Enemies!
    Is life really war?
  707. Swiss Follow Germany in Phasing out Nuclear Energy
    The desicion to phase out nuclear energy by Germany and Swiss was politically motivated
  708. Cold Mailman - "Time is of the Essence"
    The new single from Cold Mailman took some pretty extensive editing.
  709. The Yemen Conflict: War #4
    The United States military is shrinking while the scope of conflict is growing as we wage 4 wars in foreign lands.
  710. Outlier Travels in the "Land of Enchantment"
    Traveling New Mexico on an Art/Food Theme Vacation
  711. Heavy Wrinkles May be Linked to Low Bone Density
    Wrinkles- Low Bone Density?
  712. Prude Nation Meets Anthony’s Weiner
    Anthony Weiner sexted with his pals and our collective head exploded. How embarrassing.
  713. Facebook Facial Recognition Feature Creates Uproar, Reignites Privacy Debate
    Facebook is repeating its old mistakes and clinging to old defenses.
  714. Anthony Weiner Could Have Almost Touched His Women!
    . It is difficult to see how a moralistic club of public servants will be able to keep aloof and pretend that the lines and boundaries of morality need to remain carved in stone!
  715. Graphic Photos Cause Casey Anthony Trial To Abruptly End
    As photos of daughter Caylee's duct-taped skull are shown, Casey Anthony falls ill, and the trial day ends early.
  716. Google Maps Makes Public Transit Easier
    Google's latest foray into public services offers yet one more great way to make commuters' lives easier.
  717. Leadership Dilemma: Sexuality and Sabotage
    How do we trust our leaders?
  718. $1 Billion Valuation of Exposes the Upside of the Economic Downturn recent one billion dollar valuation proves it to be a recession winner.
  719. Autism More Complex Than We Thought: New Study Breakthrough Could Help Diagnosis and Treatment
    New published studies indicate hundreds of DNA mutations involved in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Could help with early diagnosis and treatments.
  720. KevJumba: Putting the Social in Social Media
    YouTube Superstar Celebrates Birthday By Helping Build a Secondary School in Nairobi
  721. Drew Brees Discusses the NFL Lockout: "We Have to End This Lockout."
    Drew Brees discusses the NFL Lockout and the Saints off-season workouts.
  722. What You See Ain't What You Get
    What do talent acquisitions and the LinkedIn IPO have in common?
  723. We Can Save One Million Lives in Next Four Years From AIDS and Tuberculosis
    Save One Million Innocent People from TB in Next Four Years
  724. Does Bernanke Make the Grade?
    Does Bernanke deserve a dunce cap?
  725. Human Barbie Mom Gives 7-year-old a Breast Implant Voucher
    Mother Gives Boob Job to 7-year-old
  726. Richard Dreyfuss Reads Apple iTunes EULA
    Richard Dreyfuss provides a hilariously dramatic reading of Apple iTunes End User License Agreement
  727. Flying the Family Unfriendly Airports
    Why are our airports so unfriendly to family travelers?
  728. Disaster Or Opportunity?
    Tsunami in Japan may propel them into space sooner than expected
  729. Poll: Over Ninety Percent of Americans Still Believe in God
    Gallup poll results released last Friday: More than 90 percent of Americans still believe in God.
  730. VA Study Highlights the Effects of Rape Culture on Sexual Assault Reporting
    Two thirds of sexual assaults reported to VA personnel do not get properly handled.
  731. YouTube, Video Media, and 21st Century Frontier Justice
    Not since the Old West has there been a form of redress so swift as video evidence of bad behavior.
  732. A Film for Anthony Weiner: "It Gets Better!"
    It's NOT the end of the world, Anthony!
  733. Cupertino City Council Mayor: "No Chance" we are Denying Apple; Mothership Here we Come!
    Apple leaves everyone overawed with historic masterpiece dubbed the Mothership!
  734. Why ‘Big Data’ is a Big Problem
    A transparent and rich data stream is the lifeblood of many companies. But, as many businesses are increasingly finding, the ever-growing stream of information is fast becoming an unmanageable torrent.
    in IT
  735. The Ambition by Lee Strobel
    Religion, politics, and corruption all join hands in The Ambition.
  736. What Happens in the Hauler, Stays in the Hauler
    In the new "Have-at-it-Boys" environment of NASCAR, you have to pay to play.
  737. Fake Facebook Tattoo Backfires
    What makes the difference between a successful viral campaign and an annoying prank?
  738. LeBron James in The Eye of Being the Best Player in NBA
    King James tagged by basketball exports as a greater than Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.
  739. Did We Just Wipe Out the Wolves?
    How will the recent delisting of gray wolves from the endangered species list really affect their population?
  740. How to Remove a Boner From Your Shorts
    NY Rep Weiner still has some work to do with the digital community.
  741. Iran's Nuclear Weapon Threat
    Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. What does this proliferation mean for the world and how can it be stopped?
  742. U2 Concert in Seattle Surprised Crowd with A Message from Zero Gravity
    U2 dedicated their hit song "Beautiful Day" to Gabrielle Giffords and Commander Mark Kelly.
  743. NATO Staying the Course in Libya
    NATO extends military action against Moammar Gaddafi for three months.
  744. Bin Laden Eulogy and the Future of Al Qaeda
    Ayman al-Zawahiri issues a video eulogy for Osama bin Laden, and calls for jihad against the West.
  745. Battle: Los Angeles Review and Giveaway
    Check out this Battle: LA review and get a chance to win a Blu-Ray copy of the movie.
    in Film
  746. A Modest Proposal
    Conservatives want to take away your ability to do your job; let's make it even easier for them.
  747. June 8, 2011

    Green at Work
    Don't just think green at home
  748. Computer Focus Of Attention In Casey Anthony Trial
    As cadaver dog searches are wrapped up, Casey Anthony's laptop computer becomes the focus of her murder trial.
  749. How to Build Profitable Networking Relationships (Online and Offline)
    Not all traffic is the same. Nor are the people you'll meet at networking events. Let's put it all into perspective.
  750. FedEx St. Judes Classic Preview & Fantasy Picks
    Lee Westwood looks to defend his 2010 title at the FedEx St. Jude Classic
  751. Leadership Mindset Shift: Engaging Women 21st Century Style
    Have you noticed? Good women leaving the high powered business sector have a theme. They say “It’s just not worth it”. And these are super educated individuals who have the smarts to make a difference. So, what’s going on?
  752. A Big Myth about DINKs
    DINKs and the childfree are not synonymous
  753. Waiting for Star Wars at E3: The Eternity Vault trailer
    E3 SWTOR Eternity Vault trailer.
  754. The Sims About To Shake Up Zynga's Facebook World
    Zynga has dominated Facebook's gaming environment. The Sims is about to shake things up a bit...
  755. A Story of Two Documentary Filmmakers, the Internet, and Leveling the Playing Field
    Gorilla filmmaking and marketing
    in Film
  756. Frank Turner, England Keep My Bone; An English Album by an English Man
    A Review of Frank Turner's Latest Album England Keep My Bones
  757. It's Better Late Than Never
    Do you think that you are too old enough, or right time has gone or there are more talented young people than you? Should you quit? Read on to find more.
  758. On LinkedIn, Tetris Links You
    LinkedIn goes game crazy with its own version of Tetris. Now, you can fool around under the guise of "networking."
  759. The Romance of Steve Jobs
    Apple's New "Spaceship" Campus Brings the Future to Cupertino
  760. A Faux News EXCLUSIVE: Human Male Aroused by Sex Photos
    They Report, We Decide.
  761. Building New Roads Doesn't Decrease Traffic
    A warning to those who care about taxes, driving, or the environment: building new roads does nothing to reduce traffic congestion.
  762. PTSD Study Points to Need for Increased Women's Specialty Care at VA Hospitals
    If Female combat veterans get PTSD at least as often as men, why are there so few services for their needs?
  763. The Angry Workplace
    How Anger can hurt and help us in today's workplace
  764. Sibling Rivalry: Good Kid vs. Bad Kid
    Here are some specific ways to cut down on the sibling rivalry in your household.
  765. Fabrics For Gentlemen 101 - Wool
    An introduction to the core textile of a gentleman's wardrobe.
  766. Cancer Never Has The Final Say
    Raising awareness about neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, after a devastating loss.
  767. Getting Indie in Beijing
    Your guide to the most exciting indie music venues in China's dynamic capital.
  768. Baring it All When Women Just Don't Care
    How women really feel about pictures of mens' parts.
  769. Water – Essential Liquid of Life
    Water is our only non-renewable resource. Without it, life is impossible.
  770. Organic vs Not - Dollar Cost Averaging Approach
    How to wisely allocate grocery dollars for organic produce.
  771. Putnam National Golf Club Review
    Putnam National Golf Club is located in Mahopac, New York.
  772. Poop Alley: The Urban Problem of Human Waste
    American cities are going to have to address the poop problem quickly, before our urban centers become unrecognizable and intolerable.
  773. A New Cloud of Gadgets – Silver Lining For Technology or Rainy Days For Cyber Security?
    Are data and online info really safe?
  774. Yet Another Article on Apple's iCloud
    Look out, it's the iCloud!
  775. Microsoft Refuses to Cut The Cord With Windows 8 on Tablets
    Should Microsoft Care About Legacy Users?
  776. The Media is Just Doing Its Job
    Unfortunately, its job has nothing to do with informing the public.
  777. KidVid: Angelina, Roary, and Bob in New Titles for June
    Three new treats for the pre-school set: Angelina, Bob, and Roary on DVD, VOD, and digital download.
  778. Screening for Ovarian Cancer: No New Answers
    Recent research sheds no new light on detection of ovarian cancer in its earliest stages.
  779. Progressives’ Double Standard On Anthony Weiner
    Politics as usal for the Democrats
  780. The U.S. Men's National Team Kicks of the Gold Cup With A Win
    The U.S. Men’s National Team kicks off the Gold Cup with a workmanlike win over Canada
  781. Kitten Finds the Most Horrifying Object in the World
    A small kitten runs into an object that has taken down many a heroic sports figure. Hence, the feline's fear.
  782. The Color of Night Is Dark Indeed
    In a world gone mad, is the madwoman sane?
  783. Black Eyed Peas Concert Will Allow You On Stage
    New technology will allow upcoming concert viewers to join The Black Eyed Peas on stage, virtually.
  784. Social Beer Network Untappd Snaps Up Rival Red Pint
    If you love sharing your fondness for a good brew? Social beer network Untappd just merged with rival Red Pint. Bottoms up!
  785. Meet Kathy, Katy Perry's Online Alter Ego
    Singer Katy Perry has created an online alter ego, in preparation for the launch of a new music video.
  786. Star Trek 45th Anniversary: Intro to The World of Tomorrow
    45 years of turning a mirror to society and challenging to us look...
    in TV
  787. Weiner's Twitter Gaffe Provides Lessons in Social Intelligence
    Story shows the power of social media and the risks of using it
  788. Cell Phones Carcinogenic - WHO Says So?
    5 Billion cell phones attack brains every day.
  789. Teaching Our Children About Love
    Emotional Intimacy Cultivates a Child’s Feeling of Belonging
  790. June 7, 2011

    Casey Anthony Trial Shifts Focus To Evidence Analysis
    Evidence analysis takes center stage at the Casey Anthony Murder Trial, and CSI's famous "Body Farm" is detailed.
  791. 5 Things Employers Can Do to Help Employees Take Vacations
    Most of us anticipate vacations, a break from routine and look forward to spending time with family doing fun stuff.
  792. Launch a Twitter Campaign Before Anything Else
    Small business owners can use Twitter to help them build a community of customers before their doors are open.
  793. The Price of a Tweet
    Sen. Weiner is not the only Twitter bad boy (or girl) out there. Here are some others who publicly oopsied.
  794. Do You Solemnly Swear To Keep It In Your Pants?
    Why should I care if a politician had an affair?
  795. Confusion Reigns Over Bahrain Grand Prix
    The Bahrain GP is off - but it might be on still
  796. Succesor to Wii Showcased at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 )
    Nintendo reveals the successor to its best selling console 'Wii'
  797. The Blessing of Broken Windows in the Wake of Japan’s Devastating Earthquake
    Soon after Japan’s devastating quake the world was looking for news of how the retaining walls of the Japanese economy would fare against a financial tidal wave of similar magnitude. Is it possible that broken windows are Japan's answer to inject new life into it’s economy?
  798. A Classical Music DVD Feast – Beethoven and Mozart
    There are all the things you think you know about Mozart and Beethoven, and then there’s the truth…
  799. America is Just Now Catching up to the French
    The Anthony Weiner scandal has taken the French and the rest of the world by surprise and questions about where the US is heading for with its passion for scandals.
  800. How Very, Very Christian of You!
  801. Make It or Break It - Habit Control
    Repeating the same behavior expecting a different result is defined as insanity.
  802. Blueberries for Better Health
    Anticancer Diets
  803. TOMS Shoes Has Bigger Things in "Sight"
    TOMS Shoes announces new campaign to help give sight to a people in need.
  804. Learning Lessons from an Eco School House
    See “a community work together to build a sustainable future for its children.”
    in Film
  805. Being Penny Foolish Can Land You In Trouble
    Is penny a legal tender in the US?
  806. Is Apple Killing Popular Apps?
    Find out How?
  807. Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence Banned in UK
    Gory movie "The Human Centipede" banned by the British Film Board.
    in Film
  808. How Warren Buffett Makes Goldman Sachs Look Good
    The 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative Graduates Its First Class in New Orleans
  809. The Reality Of Bail Bonds Television
    Is the bail bonds industry helped or harmed by reality television?
    in TV
  810. Mi Bossa Nova Carmen Cuesta
    Carmen Cuesta celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Bossa Nova with a tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim.
  811. Thank You, Reese Witherspoon
    It's time the good girls stop laying low in Hollywood.
  812. Apple Introduces iCloud but Leaves out Music Streaming
    iCloud lets you store your media online, but where is the streaming service we were hoping for?
  813. Gay and Bisexual Teens Putting Themselves at Greater Risk: New CDC Study
    New CDC survey of 156,000 high school students shows Gay and Bisexual students take more chances with safety.
  814. Why Women Fake Orgasms - The Meryl Streep of it All!
    The Orgasm
  815. Two Reasons to Change Your Eating Behavior Today
    Not the #1 reason to change your eating behavior.
  816. Muslim Women: A Call For Women to Become More Obedient to their Husbands
    A call for women to become more obedient to their husbands.
  817. Haptonomy: How to Communicate When You Can't Use Words
    Haptomony allows you to communicate when no words can be used - with your unborn baby, with elderly people...Why not try it?
  818. Cell Phones May Cause Cancer?
    News Report: Cell Phones May Cause Cancer - Honestly, I think we all knew this already.
  819. Schmalfeldt's Inferno
    I shoulda listened to Dante.
  820. Lampanelli: Turning the Tables on the Westboro Baptist Church
    Lisa Lampenalli turns ignorant protests into a $50,000 donation
  821. Why I Love and Hate Apple's iCloud
    Are we giving up too much personal freedom for convenience?
  822. The Arab Spring Takes a Bloody Turn
    In Syria and Libya, atrocities and crimes against humanity have been committed; however, they are not from the side which one would expect.
  823. Rick Santorum Announces Presidential Bid
    Rick Santorum formally announced that he is running for President in 2012.
  824. Why the U.S. Is Still in Iraq
    Five U.S. Troops killed in Iraq. U.S. future there still unsettled.
  825. Waiting for Star Wars at E3: Return of the Sith
    The Sith Return
  826. Stars of Twilight and American Idol to say “I Do!”
    Nikki Reed from Twilight and Americn Idol Paul McDonald to wed
  827. Audi Swipes Song From Eminem
    Audi Steals Eminem's Lose Yourself For Commercial.
  828. June 6, 2011

    Drug Used to Treat Breast Cancer May Actually Prevent It
    A new study suggests that a drug used to treat early breast cancer may actually help to prevent the disease.
  829. 6 Tactics Big Business Use On Social Media You Can Leverage
    Social Media Isn’t Going to Save You.
  830. Help Your Budget with Super Cheap, Healthy Food
    Super foods with super low prices
  831. Need to Grow Your Facebook 'Like' Count? Buy Them Now.
    Services are selling Likes, followers and views on the cheap. Will brands and users buy in?
  832. The Coca-Cola iPad App is The Real Thing
    It's the Real Thing!
  833. To Pay or Not to Pay
    Closing Costs Can Be Reduced, a Timeline Can Help You Calculate the Reduction
  834. Web Designers & Copywriters – The Perfect Marriage?
    Isn't it time more creatives went into partnership?
  835. Odyssey Golf's Winning Streak
    A winning mix of Odyssey Golf putters proves they have what it takes to bring victories for Tour players week after week.
  836. Racing's Elite Gathers at Eldora Speedway for Annual Charity Event
    NASCAR drivers return to their dirt racing roots
  837. John McAndrew
    John McAndrew's lyrics flow like poetry. Though mostly renowned as a pianist, he is much, much more.
  838. Why Google Doesn't Have to Worry About Facebook Putting it Out of Business
    Why Google doesn't have to worry about Facebook putting it out of business.
  839. QR Codes In Television Advertising
    QR codes in advertising through television must stop now
    in IT
  840. Kevorkian; A Lesser-Known Crime
    Dr. Jack Kevorkian just died. Best known for killing an estimated 130 patients, it’s a lesser-known fact that I’ll always remember him for. Kevorkian killed the Grey Age of radio.
  841. 3 IT Tools That Have Withstood the Test of Time - Part 1
    Which tools can you not live without?
    in IT
  842. Apple’s iCloud: The New Multi-Presence Cloud
    The iCloud is a new kind of cloud where copies of data exist in MANY places. This is a game-changer.
  843. Serbian Officials Encourage Destabilization in Northern Kosovo
    A cohort of Serbian government officials - including two ministers - entered Kosovo illegally over the past days
  844. Weiner Admits "Inappropriate Relationships" Online
    Rep. Anthony Weiner has admitted to sending a lewd photo of himself on Twitter, as well as other bad online behavior...
  845. Our National Hour of Shame. I Mean Andrew Breitbart and the National Press
    Our Great National Shame... the media.
  846. Woman Wakes Up At Dentist Office With British Accent
    When Karen Butler went to the dentist for dentures, she'd no idea she would wake up with a British accent.
  847. Hope, Heroes and Startups - Overview
    Interviewing startup entrepreneurs to find the new economy.
  848. Google, Social Media and Watching Larry Grow
    Google's Acquisition of PostRank demonstrates its Commitment to Social Media and the Google Culture
  849. Official: Apple releases iOS 5
    FInd out complete details about the iOS!
  850. Laguna Church Series: Saint James the Apostle Church, The Artisan's Church
    Part of my Laguna, Philippines Heritage Churches series.
  851. Travel in Black and White
    Old Travel Movies vs. Reality TV
  852. How Did Travel Become a Commodity?
    When did travel stop being a personal experience and become a commodity. Was it the obsession for low cost, cheapest price?
  853. Protect Your Teens When They Drive This Summer
    The summer months are the most dangerous for teen drivers. Take these extra precautions to keep them safe.
  854. BREAKING: Apple Unveils Mac OS X Lion
    The Lion's here and its roaring!
  855. Autism In The Family
    Autism can overwhelm you with the first diagnosis, but the second doesn't hold the same dread.
  856. True Grit (2010) Available for Home Viewing
    Vengeance and retribution…circa 1880.
    in Film
  857. Miami Heat Win Pivotal Game 3 of NBA Finals
    Game 3 was a pivotal game in the NBA Finals and the Miami Heat came ready to play.
  858. Steve Stricker Wins The 2011 Memorial Tournament
    Steve Stricker earned his 10th career PGA TOUR victory on Sunday.
  859. and The Secrets of Steve
    First authorized biography of Steve Jobs a bestseller nine months before publication
  860. One Maverick’s Lone Battle To Save His Assailant’s Life
    What is the real message of Quran?
  861. How Does One GET "The Calling"?
    He told Noah to build an Ark and Michele to run for President.
  862. GUI, WIMP And MPG...Huh?
    Computer interfaces - the times, they are a-changin'
  863. Where's the Local and Seasonal in MyPlate?
    The benefits of filling MyPlate with local and seasonal foods are many.
  864. Man Down: The Many Sides of Rihanna
    With her new song "Man Down," Rihanna has sparked yet another controversy, and another important conversation...
  865. Move Over, John Grisham; Make Room for Adam Mitzner
    “…a young and idealistic attorney’s gamble with the truth becomes a shattering game of secrets and lies…”
  866. McIntyre Makes The Big Lead Go
    What started as an outlet, has turned into one of the
  867. What to Expect From Today's iOS 5 Announcement
    The day has finally arrived, today is the day Apple is going to announce some big software updates for its desktop and mobile products.
  868. The Germans Made a Mistake on Nuclear Energy
    Nuclear energy is the most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly energy which can benefit the world.
  869. Unrest, High Prices Hamper Africa's Recovery
    Africa weathered the global economic crisis, but rising fuel and food prices could slow 2011 growth, a new report warns.
  870. Sarah Supporters - STAND TALL!!!
    She's UNDEFEATED! YAY! So keep sending all your money to her because she has PLANS for it. And plans for YOU, TOO!
  871. June 5, 2011

    Social Decay at the Hands of the Plutocrats
  872. The Turning Point of WWII: D-Day Commemorations
    There are still heroes of D-Day among us who are the bearers of living history, tales of valor and patriotism.
  873. Roland Garros Thrilling Men's Final
    The big question at this year’s Roland Garros men’s final - could Federer continue his stellar play and put a dent in Nadal’s armor?
  874. The Company Men (2010) Will Work for Food
    “In America, we give our lives to our jobs. It’s time to take them back.”
    in Film
  875. Why Americans Are Hated Throughout the World
    American Exceptionalism is on the decline and may not recover.
  876. Take Shadows and Lies Home June 7
    “Organized crime brought them together, now a crime of passion will tear them apart.”
    in Film
  877. Will Froth Survive The Fray?
    Froth or bubble, who will survive the tossing and turnings of the internet and fickle advertisers?
  878. Rand's Atlas Shrugged Hits the Screen, Makes an Intellectual Call to Arms
    Ayn Rand's Objectivist Epistemology Hits Hollywood
  879. Melting Down the Miami Heat's Game 2 Performance
    The Miami Heat had meltdown in game 2 of the NBA Finals and ended up blowing a 15 point lead.
  880. AdiPURE Golf Shoes Review
    The AdiPURE golf shoe offers great comfort and stability.
  881. Building Up to WWDC 2011
    WWDC 2011,what we know and what we don't?
  882. Rembering RFK: An Icon for Modern Liberalism
    43 years ago today, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated
  883. June 4, 2011

    Monterey Jazz Festival 2011
    Get read for the 54th Monterey Jazz Festival!
  884. Death at South Jersey Amusement Park
    11 year old dies after falling from ferris wheel at wildwood NJ Morey's pier in south jersey.
  885. The Elephant in the Room for Small Business
    How and why Small Business owners drive themselves and others into a frenzy and how to get out of trouble.
    in Guru
  886. Small Business Growth About More Than Credit
    a support network will be needed to provide good quality guidance, analysis, advice
  887. Comprehension of Technology and Market Capitalization
    This is indeed baffling and raises the question of the comprehension of the intricacies and future direction of technologies they are investing in.
  888. We're Under Internet Security Attack - Or We Aren't
    Worries about Macs, E-Mail Program and Mobile Devices
  889. Roland Garros Crowns A New Champion
    China gets her 1st Grand Slam winner
  890. Are Drones the Answer in Pakistan?
    How will Pakistan respond to recent US drone attacks on insurgent fighters? What implications will this have for the state and the region?
  891. Angry Birds Expansion Continues, Rolls out PC Version
    Angry bird is now available on PC for $4.95.Free Demo version also available.
  892. Waiting for Star Wars: Advanced Classes
    Star Wars gives gamers another peek at Advanced Classes.
  893. Here's Sarah Palin's Rebuttal to her History Critics
    A Mama Grizzly Scolds her Cubs!
  894. Canadian Pastor Asks Congregation to Pay it Forward
    What would you do if someone gave you $100 and asked you to use it to change the world for the better?
  895. Facebook and Family: Is there a protocol?
    Can family Facebooking go too far?
  896. ITT Continues to Make Money Off of Legacy Radio but Defense Business Future Hazy
    One of ITT Corporation's key military products production is winding down while the company reshapes itself for a new defense market.
  897. "Lords of Salem" to Have Breasts
    Rob Zombie gives an early peek into Lords of Salem
    in Film
  898. Tribute to a Man of Dignity
    Jack Kevorkian passes away.
  899. Roland Garros Men's Semifinal Battle #2
    In the second semifinal of the day, Novak Djokovic took on Roger Federer in what was to be a match to remember.
  900. Independence Police Open Fire on Alligator Lawn Ornament
    Police shoot concrete alligator
  901. Star Tours - The Adventures Continue
    The imagineering team behind Star Tours - The Adventures Continue discuss the ride.
  902. June 3, 2011

    E-wallets and Mobile Payments: Are Small Businesses Ready?
    Mobile payments are the next new thing for point of sale transactions. Small businesses need to get ready.
  903. The Midnight Ride of Sarah Palin
    Sarah Palin rewrites history, AND Longfellow's poem!
  904. What Do “Power Users” Think About the Twitter Acquisition of TweetDeck?
    Some see the value to end users, while others express skepticism and worry about Twitter shutting down their API
  905. Widespread Panic Concerts to Be Streamed Live on Facebook
    Shows to Originate from Theater in Austin, Texas
  906. Monarchies, Fiefdoms & Corporate Culture...
    it totally blows to be king!
  907. The Groupon IPO Reveals a Weakening Business Model
    The Groupon IPO exposes the effect of increased competition and decreased consumer interest.
  908. Casey Anthony: I'm A Victim, Just Like Caylee
    Weekly wrap-up: Damaging jailhouse videos continue to whittle away at Casey Anthony's defense team's arguments.
  909. The Active Person and Caffeinated Products
    Many exercise professionals recommend that before a workout one should not drink beverages with caffeine.
  910. TheFurFiles - Felicitous Factoids, Musical Mephistopheles, Crazy Canadians
    Relationship advice for the love challenged.
  911. Food Pyramid Becomes a Food Plate
    The USDA replaces the food pyramid with a food plate. Half of the plate is fruits and vegetables, while the little bit for fats and oils has been removed all together.
  912. Google Browser Support for Google Apps
    Google to discontinue support of older popular browsers for Google Apps.
  913. Want a Safe Investment? Typewriters.
    The last mechanical typewriters have been manufactured, making the original form of the typewriter officially a finite commodity.
  914. Social Media Can Work With all Products and Services
    No matter how seemingly dull the product or listless the service, social media can enliven any sales or promotional strategy.
  915. The Debt Ceiling: From We The People, to We The Suckers
    The Straight up, no-nonsense 411 on The Debt Ceiling Issue
  916. The Ride of Your Life
    Life isn't always a box of chocolate, sometimes you can anticipate what you are going to get.
  917. Veggies Don't Poop: The EU Search for E. Coli Culprit
    Because we are all downstream from unclean cooking surfaces, factory farms, feedlots, and slaughterhouses we all probably consume a certain amount of bullshit with our food.
  918. How Much Money is Your Electric Vehicle Really Saving You?
    There are several aspects to consider when calculating the true cost of an electric vehicle.
  919. Mladic Faces Charges in The Hague
    Ratko Mladic faces charges for war crimes at The Hague.
  920. Joplin Native Jamie McMurray Surveys Hometown Devastation
    NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver Jamie McMurray has emotion packed day in Joplin, MO.
  921. Roland Garros Men's Semifinal Battle #1
    Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray battled it out today in the semifinals of the French Open.
  922. Young Women and HIV/AIDS: The Personal is Political
    How the politics of misogyny has impacted the spread of HIV/AIDS among women worldwide
  923. As Twitter Keeps Growing - Grow Your Business With It
    Twitter has come a long way from an amusement to a powerful communications tool that can reach your customers.
  924. Cancer Store USA, Designed by a Survivor
    Dr. Melanie Bone created Cancer Shop USA, patient designed products to make chemotherapy easier
  925. Business Advice To Chase Bank
    When Chase Bank Cannot Sale a Foreclosed House
  926. Glee's Jane Lynch to Host the Emmy Awards
    Jane Lynch a.k.a. Sue Sylvester of GLEE will host the 2011 Emmy Awards!
    in TV
  927. Sony Pictures Hacked This Time website has been hack by a group of hackers named Lulz Security(LulzSec)
  928. Long-Awaited Advances in the Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma
    After 13 years without any advances in treating metastatic melanoma, the FDA has approved a new drug; and two pharmaceutical companies are working together on a combination drug study.
  929. Grantland Launches June 8
    According to Bill Simmons, will launch on June 8. This ESPN-backed website will focus on sports and pop culture.
  930. Death Wish: Kevorkian Dead at 83
    Kevorkian's preoccupation with death made him one of the most ghoulish figures in American social engineering.
  931. Stricter Guidelines on Apple Products Promotional Giveaways
    Apple released strict guidelines on using Apple products for promotional giveaways.
  932. Allergy Season in Full Swing
    Did allergy season start without you?
  933. Lifesavings Goes To Family Radio, Crumbs To Heirs
    False Prophet Preys On Vulnerable
  934. District Court Judge Fred Biery Prohibits School District Graduation Prayer and Instigates Righteous Indignation
    The First Amendment of The Constitution Takes Another Beating
  935. Edwards Indictment Will Push Weiner's Wiener Off the Front Page
    Move over Weiner. Here comes an even BIGGER dick for the News Porn industry to maul!
  936. What Social Media Must Learn From E-Mail
    Why you should be segmenting your social media traffic to rise above the noise
  937. Public Breastfeeding: Why Are We Still Having This Argument?
    We're all told breast is best, but some say breastfeeding is not best in public.
  938. Chad Henne: Equal to or Better Than Mark Sanchez?
    Let the debate begin: Henne? or Sanchez?
  939. Sen. Russell Pearce Furious On Van Susteren Show, Some Republicans Wary
    School Teachers and Republicans offended by Pearce calling them "anarchists" and the "Recall Cartel"
  940. Is the Arab Spring a Failure?
    It has been several months since the Arab Spring began in Tunisia. However, little progress has been made. Why, and what next?
  941. Romney Officially Announces 2012 Presidential Bid
    Mitt Romney officially announces his 2012 presidential bid while we wait for Palin to do the same
  942. June 2, 2011

    Jailhouse Video Revelations In Casey Anthony Trial
    As Casey Anthony's lies become evident, detective interviews and jailhouse conversations emerge in her murder trial.
  943. Connecting the Connections: Social Networking for Small Businesses
    What not to wear when mixing social networks and small business strategies in today's economy
  944. Dear Goldman Sachs, Where Were You During the Subprime Collapse?
    Goldman Sachs receives subpoena by the Manhattan DA, are there criminal charges? or just a slap on the hand with a tsking finger?
  945. Serial Entrepeneur Melts Down in San Francisco
    Flip daddy Jonathan Kaplan launches grilled cheese and soup stores after exiting the camcorder industry
  946. Snooth Pops the Cork on Social Wine Sharing
    There's a new social network made especially for wine lovers, or those interested in making wine their next best friend.
  947. Nintendo 3DS Users to Get Free Access to Around 25,000 Wi-Fi Locations
    Nintendo 3DS set to give free Wi-Fi access at around 25000 locations in US.
  948. Top 10 Superheroes of Chicago
    Who are the Windy City's most sensational superheroes? Check out our list of the comic book characters of Chicago.
  949. Attack of the Clones: Klout Copies Google +1
    Social Media Startup Blatantly Copies Google +1 Just Hours After Launch
  950. NO CRAWFISH??? Time for Some Hot Flaming Property Damage!
  951. Country Superstars of the 60s & 70s on PBS, June 4
    Take a trip down Memory Lane with Historic Performances from the Stage of the Grand Ole Opry, 1965-75.
    in TV
  952. Simplified Spelling is Not So Simple
    Do we need to "simplify" our spelling rules? Or would it create more problems?
  953. War on Drugs an Epic Fail, Says New Report by World Leaders
    World leaders say we lost the war on drugs. Now what?
  954. Boy Secretly Donates Kidney To Buy iPad 2
    Think you'd give a body part for an iPad 2? Read this Chinese boy's bizarre organ donation story...
  955. Groupon & Expedia Deal Means Deep Discounts for Travelers
    The deal between discount giant, Groupon, and on line travel agency, Expedia, could mean Groupon-like travel deals and no pressure to redeem them.
  956. The Many Roads to Becoming Childfree
    One way surely puts where you stand to the test
  957. Sony Playstation Network Services Restored
    after the Sony Playstation Network downtime, the store is now back online. Announced on Thursday by the Playstation Director Grace Chen that all the online services were restored in all countries except Japan
  958. Photobucket Teams up with Twitter to Offer Photo Sharing Service
    Twitter announced s new change to its web interface and search improvement at Rancho Palos Verdes,California about getting a photo sharing service. Photobucket teamed with twitter to be able to upload and host images
  959. The School Dilemma: When Do You Advance Your Child?
    School changes can be scary when you don't know the teacher. When is it right to advance your child?
  960. Bullies Losing Sleep, Cause or Effect?
    Sleep problems could be causing bullying.
  961. AMD Announces its Next Round of Microprocessors
    AMD continues its barrage of new processors with Trinity and Z-Series releases
  962. The Road is Rocky - Kosovo's Euro-Atlantic Illusions
    Politicians in Kosovo often tell about their ambitions to join NATO and EU - but in the middle term future its an illusion.
  963. Confessions of a QR Code Virgin
    Innocent observer of QR Codes poses questions that few dare to whisper.
  964. Dating 101: Your Guide To A Summer Love
    The resident expert tells you how to find YOUR summer love.
  965. Playground Safety on The Road This Summer
    Playgrounds are not as innocent as they look. On the road? Stopping at a playground? Check the playground's safety
  966. YouTube Helps You Make More Videos with Creative Commons Library
    YouTube rolls out new tools to help their users avoid copyright violations and make better videos.
  967. KKK vs. WBC- Who Will Win?
    Vega's Views: The Truth Infused With Sarcasm
  968. It's Time to Play "FIND THE SMARMY HEADLINE!"
    The LAUGHTER! The funny, funny LAUGHTER!
  969. The Memorial Tournament Preview and Fantasy Picks
    Luke Donald and Phil Mickelson headline a strong field this week on the PGA TOUR.
  970. Top Game Releases for June
    Gaming releases in June.
  971. New Jersey Manifestation Exloding For Dream
    The local rally has turned into a national event in support of both the local and national Dream Act
  972. June 1, 2011

    Storms Brewing In And Out Of Casey Anthony Trial
    As brother Lee Anthony and sheriff deputies are brought in to testify, storms begin to surface in and out of the Orlando courtroom...
  973. Can a Mother Breastfeed While Working?
    Can a working mother successfully breastfeed her baby?
  974. Egyptian Military Under Scrutiny - Human Rights Issues
    The Egyptian Military is under scrutiny for its tactics in dealing with protesters.
  975. Small Business Spending on the Rise
    Small business are set to spend more money this year than last year, particularly on technology and online efforts
  976. Who Would Buy a House?
    Believe it or not, for most it's a good investment. For some it's also a chance to put down roots.
  977. Financial Karma and the Ostrich Generation
    Poor financial decisions now may mean a retirement without enough money - financial karma
  978. Flexibility at Work is Important
    Many employers have learned the importance of creating work environments that support a healthy work-life balance for employees.
  979. Indie Filmmakers Achieve the Illusive 'Film Look'
    New digital cinema cameras allow indie filmmaker to achieve same technical quality as big Hollywood studios for a fraction of the price.
    in Film
  980. Will The iPhone 4S Change The Enterprise?
    What should the IT Manager expect in June?
  981. Take Down the 'Dark Alliance' with Zynga's Empire and Allies
    Zynga's first combat based strategy game releases on 1st of June
  982. Ashton's U-Turn - MEP Lunacek won't be EU Representative in Kosovo
    EU Commissioner Ashton suddenly rejects the application of her former favorite candidate Ulrike Lunacek as EU Representative in Kosovo
  983. Roland Garros Men's Quarterfinals Wrap-up
    The remaining quarterfinal matches were contested today at the French Open, featuring Rafael Nadal, Robin Soderling, Andy Murray, and Juan Ignacio Chela.
  984. Old Glories
    The rain couldn't dampen this parade, Not this year,
  985. Advertising and Your Self-Esteem: The Ad-Free Experiment
    Free yourself for a day from "You're Not Good Enough" messages
  986. The Modern Paleolithic Revolution
    Paleolithic man has suddenly returned to the present to revolutionize what we believe about healthy living.
  987. Kamikaze or Heroes? Japanese Elders Tackle Fukishima
    The elder Japanese, lobbying to put their lives on the line at Fukushima, exemplify Japanese honor and national character.
  988. Comcast Cable: The Joker and the Thief
    With news of Comcast's Extreme 105 service, Harry Burton asks where the consumer's in for a good thing.
  989. India Says OK to Move their Grand Prix to December to Accomodate Bahrain
    Indian Grand Prix could move to December to accomodate Bahrain GP
  990. Microsoft "Could" Purchase Nokia
    Why would Microsoft want to saddle itself with a mobile phone manufacturer?
  991. Former CEO Admits Google ‘Screwed Up’ on Social Media
    Google dropped the ball on social media during his watch, says former CEO, Eric Schmidt. But that was not for lack of trying.
  992. Radical New Birth Control for Men 100% Effective
    A radical new birth control drug is finally out for men thats 100% effective.
  993. Another Whodunnit Solved... How Weiner's Weiner Wagged into Twitter World
    Is that my... my.... my... OH MY GOD!!!
  994. Bye-Bye Food Pyramid of The Past, US Steps Up with a New Plate.
    USDA to release new food icon, no more "my pyramid".
  995. Sperm Trade Promoted by Donor Sibling Registry Website
    Parents of sperm-donor conceived children can use a well-known registry, created to reunite families, to search for, advertise and obtain sperm from anonymous donors.
  996. Social Media – Why It’s Important to Think Beyond FaceBook & Twitter for B2B
    There is life after Facebook and Twitter
  997. The Food Truck That Drove Right Over Kosher Politics
    Why the monopoly on Kosher certification must end.
  998. Let's Play "Journalist!"
    Is that a banana in your undies, or are you just outraged by the smear campaign?
  999. Arizona Anti-Immigrant Politics Bite Russell Pearce, Recall Underway
    Arizona Sen. Pearce loses favor with voters after fallout from anti-immigrant legislation hits consumers and businesses.
  1000. Emotions Bubble Over in Casey Anthony Trial
    Casey Anthony's mother Cindy takes the stand, and emotions rise as an explosive confrontation is recalled in court.
  1001. Manal al-Sharif Is Released in Saudi Arabia
    Manal al-Sharif is released from prison, but with a high price in principles.