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  1. October 31, 2010

    Report Says Tea Party is Losing Black Vote
    A new study shows that the Tea Party is losing the black vote as the mid-term elections approach.
  2. Colorado Senate Race Buck v. Bennet Turns On 5
    Voter turnout will determine who drinks tea and who drinks champagne.
  3. Globalization Ain’t All Bad, Really!
    If it's cheaper to outsource abroad, will locals accept lower investment returns in outsourcing corporations and pay higher product prices?
  4. Internet Insecurity - Invasion of the Bad Guys
    Days of system takeovers, link redirects, and emails from unknowns
  5. What Do You Want Out of Life?
    Earn the money that you need.
  6. KidTunes: Why can’t I go to Kidtopia
    What's better than a Happy Meal toy? Ham and Burger’s new release Kidtopia!
  7. Rally to Restore Sanity
    Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" and Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central staged a huge rally in D.C.
  8. Where oh Where has Mischief Night Gone?
    Toilet paper, eggs, and shaving cream, oh my!
  9. Halloween Night Escape Artist Makes Hunger Disappear
    For Halloween and hunger awareness in Toronto, Scott Hammell won't leave his clear plastic container
  10. Boo at the Zoo
    Happy halloween to the animals
  11. Final Call to Liberals: Stop Foreign Influence in US Elections
    Defend your freedom
  12. George Hickenlooper, Cousin to Gubenatorial Candidate John Hickenlooper Dies
    Emmy winning director in Denver for Mayor John Hickenlooper's run for Colorado governor and the Starz Film Festival
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  13. Will Fiat Leave Italy?
    Before Leaving Italy, Marchionne Should Sell Alfa Romeo
  14. Two Minute Warning: Nevada Harry Reid Fights for Comeback
    Reid trails in polls, needs last minute comeback to save immigration reform.
  15. The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit
    Getting to a proper weight and shape is about more than just dieting and exercising. It is about getting in balance.
  16. Textbooks? Check! Tuition? No Comment!
    Textbooks and tuition are two separate industries, yet they're both required for education.
  17. Environmental Toxins May Hinder Weight Loss Efforts
    Chemicals and toxins from food, household cleaners, water and air are shown to inhibit successful weight loss efforts.
  18. Rhode Island Innkeeper Keeps the Light On for UFO Researchers, Abductees
    Victorian landmark provides annual retreat from ufology’s fringe and fray
  19. Top Scary Halloween Movies
    Grab some popcorn and scare yourself to death with these Halloween classics
  20. Google's Trick or Treat Scooby Doo Halloween Logos
    Google does Halloween Scooby Doo.
  21. October 30, 2010

    Dentists Paying Kids To Donate Halloween Candy
    Operation Gratitude aims to ship more than 21 tons of Halloween candy to deployed American service men and women.
  22. IRS Rules Against Raising Healthy Children
    NO Tax Sheltered Health Care Accounts for Breast Pumps
  23. White House Reveals Obama’s Itineraries in India
    White House revealed a broader a picture of what President Obama is going to pursue during his India visit.
  24. Cholera Stricken Haiti Gets Help From Brazil
    Brazil Sends $2 Million in Aid to Haiti
  25. Oklahoma Strikes Back Against Sharia Law
    Rep. Rex Duncan - tough on sharia law, gentle on your baby's skin
  26. Oscar & Emmy Watch: Musings & Misgiving: Boardwalk Empire
    Bravo, Buscemi!
    in TV
  27. Silvio's Latest Scandal
    Will Italians awaken to Berlusconi finally?
  28. Magic Put On Disappearing Act In Miami
    After talking for three months, the Magic fell silent on Friday night.
  29. Microformats Resources to Help Structure Your Data for the Semantic Web
    A collection of resources on using microformats to structure data for the semantic web.
  30. Enhanced Airport Pat Down Means Hands On
    New pat down methods are more intrusive, and include the inside of legs and bra front. The TSA encourages the use of X-rays.
  31. Extreme Gear for Photography
    Pick the right gear to get photos of big animals
  32. Mount Merapi Erupted, Killing 25 People
    Mount Merapi disaster
  33. Security and Mobile Shopping: Is it Safe?
    Can we really shop on our mobile phones with peace of mind? Are we as savvy with mobile security as we are with internet security?
  34. October 29, 2010

    Voter Intimidation Alleged by Arizona Sheriff Arpaio
    Arpaio e-mail discourages Latinos from voting.
  35. Get Trapped in an Elevator with Nova Tuesday, November 2
    What’s up with elevators? How safe are they? What are your chances of getting trapped?
    in TV
  36. Leadership Strategies: Become a Feedback Junkie
    Obtaining feedback from your employees.
    in Guru
  37. Bank of America and Other Lenders In The Hot Seat Once Again
    Bank of America Foreclosure Fraud
  38. Ultimate Homer Football Call
    Hometown announcers are the best, especially when you're a fan of that home town team.
  39. A Hard Story to Swallow: McDonald's Forced To Pay Employee For Weight Gain
    Former Brazilian McDonald's manager successfully sues McDonald's for weight gain during time of employment.
  40. EU Leaders’ Summit Agrees Rules to Avert Crises
    European Union member countries meeting in Luxemburg have agreed broadly the new rules to prevent economic crises.
  41. Iguana Farts in the Bathtub
    Fart jokes are almost always funnier than they should be.
  42. Flu Season Is Here: Should I Receive A Flu Shot If I Am Pregnant?
    Safety of flu vaccine in pregnancy
  43. It's the Jersey Shore, Charlie Brown!
    Charlie Brown characters meet the cast of Jersey Shore.
  44. Daft Punk's "Derezzed" Tron: Legacy Video
    Daft Punk's "Derezzed" video offers an exclusive glimpse of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.
  45. Skin Therapy – How to Look Gorgeous and Nourish The Body at the Same Time
    A review of some natural, chemical-free makeup and cosmetic choices for everyday use.
  46. Finding the Entpreneurial Spirit by Driving Across the Country
    Rise of the Cubicle farmer is in full swing, finding entrepreneurial stories from around the country
  47. Really, Just How Ignorant are Americans?
    How much ignorance can a country stand?
  48. Ballots, Polling, and Ads Oh Why?
    The recent political campaigns have gone too far.
  49. Wasteful Individuals Leave Water Running
    How to stop wasteful behavior?
  50. Compostable Makeup Brushes
    Eco beauty
  51. One More Color to Ohio State University's Identity
    Scarlet, Gray, and Green.
  52. TheFurFiles - S&M Secret, Dating My Daughter's Ex, Feline Fetish
    Relationship advice for the love challenged
  53. The Meet: Applying the Scientific Method to Pickup - Part 1
    You don't need a line to make a connection, you need a basic plan, the right attitude and a goal. And you need to fight the inertia of not doing anything.
  54. KidLit: The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester (ages 8-12)
    Owen Jester makes the most magnificent find--but how will he put it to use?
  55. Things Go Boom - Black Eyed Peas Hit With Two Copyright Infringement Suits
    In two separate but related lawsuits, the Grammy award-winning group Black Eyed Peas are being sued for copyright infringement.
  56. T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780 Coming on Nov. 17
    T-Mobile's first BlackBerry 6-based phone is setto ship November 17.
  57. Multi-Vitamin Use Shown to Dramatically Lower Heart Attack Risk
    Multi vitamin use associated with significantly lower risk of heart attack in women.
  58. October 28, 2010

    Scariest Haunted Houses - Just in Time for Halloween!
    Ghostly figures and other paranormal activity.
  59. Michigan Businesses Seeing Signs of Growth in Continued Tough Economy
    Jobs on the Rise Yet Businesses Still Can't Find Qualified Applicants
  60. The Quality of Mercy
    Tea Party seeks their pound of flesh
  61. Top Five Global Reasons We Use Mobile Phones
    Do you think all people do on their phones is talk and text? You would be surprised.
  62. India Succumbs to US Pressure, Accedes CSC Pact for Nuclear Liability
    India has signed multilateral Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage at Vienna that prevents the US companies paying nuclear damage liabilities.
  63. Book 'Em Danno One Last Time
    Veteran television actor James MacArthur passes away at age 72. Was "Danno" on original Hawaii 5-0
  64. The Poor Man’s Gold
    The poor man's gold is important
  65. Seven Reasons Why Liberals and Progressives Must Vote
    Some Obama supporters are inclined to just stay home on election day. Here are seven compelling reasons why that's a bad idea...
  66. A Chat With Luciana Caporaso: UK's Hottest Music Diva Hits the States
    She's killing it on Youtube. Luciana Caporaso talks about the "I Like That" video, her up-coming E.P. and more.
  67. Facebook Lobbied to Kill Privacy Legislation and That's a Good Thing
    Facebook has every right to lobby against this legislation. Even President Barack Obama, in his recent interview with the nation’s most influential man, Jon Stewart, acknowledged lobbying as part of our democracy.
  68. Hands Up for 1000mb Downloads?
    South Korea is aiming for gigabit connections by 2012. Should we be doing the same?
    in IT
  69. Best Practices in Making Your Home Gym
    Choose home gym fitness equipment that meets your needs.
  70. Location Based Mobile Brands on Demand
    Location Based Marketing or "geo location" marketing will grow to 300 million coupon users as more and more people agree to be tracked in exchange for deals
  71. Spirit of Adventure
    Live your Dream Today
  72. Clava Leather Scorecard Organizer
    The Clava Leather Scorecard Organizer is a great gift idea for the golfer in your life.
  73. Catch and Release is a Good Idea in Fishing
    The annual opening of fishing season in Missouri. Exciting and environmentally friendly!
  74. Exclusive Interview: Chelsea Autumn Talks About Her Scandalous Split from Patti Stanger and Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker plus the Launch of Queen of Hearts
    Exclusive interview with former Bravo "Millionaire Matchmaker" star Chelsea Autumn and partner Wesley Ryan about the move forward with their own matchmaking firm and TV show called “Queen of Hearts."
  75. Food Prices on the Up and Up
    Be prepared for increasing food prices.
  76. Sandra Day O'Connor Honored at Women's Conference
    Minerva Awards Ceremony held at Women's Conference in Long Beach, Calif.,
  77. Women's Conference Hosts Political Debate
    Matt Lauer asks California governor candidates about removing offensive ads.
  78. NFL Picks Week 8
    Who Will Win and Why – You know you want to know
  79. Rove Pokes A Hole In Sarah’s Balloon
    Does Rove know something that others don't?
  80. Haiti: An Era by Omission.
    It´s amazing that Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located in the same island just like West and East Germany in the 60´s and 80´s, both sides separated by a wall and assured with army.
  81. New from Tribeca: The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (DVD)
    Tribeca Film's latest entry into its DVD series of indie films focuses on "America's Last Outlaw Family."
    in Film
  82. School Board Fails To Protect Students From VP Hate Speech
    Several people "liked" the verbal abuse handed out by the school board VP.
  83. A Fresh Look at the Worst Drivers in the United States
    Observations while seeing the light
  84. October 27, 2010

    U.S. Army Soldiers Blog And Tell
    The U.S. Army lets soldiers share their own stories to attract recruits and build brand trust.
  85. IRS Refuse Tax Break on Breast Pump, Why?
    IRS: Yes $200 Million Per Month Baby Formula and No on $500 Tax-Free Health Spending Account
  86. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is Set to Take On the iPad
    Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android OS is a Solid iPad Competitor
  87. Despite Mental and Physical Woes Brett Favre Wants to Play Sunday
    Favre in the lime-light for all sorts of reasons.
  88. Arizona Voter Registration Law Illegal, Pierce Claims Fraud
    Ruling too late for many Latino voters. Pierce says he will investigate and prosecute fraud.
  89. The Way The Internet Works is Changing – Domain Suffixes Are Dead
    Domain names are dead, brands need to be bigger and badder then ever to survive and thrive
    in Guru
  90. Kudos to Arundhati, You Are a Ray of Hope!
    Arundhati Roy defied the threat from the Indian government of facing sedition case for supporting Kashmir cause.
  91. What Does The 1st Amendment Really Say?
    Place of religion in politics?
  92. Arizona BLM Yanks Down Offensive Border Signs, Pierce Cries Foul
    Old sign discouraged use by US citizens and supported anti-immigrant rhetoric of Tancredo, Brewer and Pierce
  93. The Wonderous World of Haterade
    When you mock things you secretly enjoy, you are sipping on haterade.
  94. Conan Reveals His Halloween Costume
    Conan O'Brien reveals his super-creepy Halloween costume.
  95. Digital Signage: Made You Look!
    The intense competition for your attention drives new and innovative dynamic signage
  96. How to Solve VoIP Voice Quality Problems
    Solving VoIP voice quality problems is easier than you think.
    in IT
  97. Rand Paul Volunteer Defends Stomping Incident
    The Tea Bagger who attacked the MoveOn volunteer thinks he's the one who's owed an apology.
  98. Lady Gaga Stars in Sexual Harassment Video
    Lady Gaga makes a surprising cameo in this educational video.
  99. Persecution of Albinos in Africa - Part 2
    Awareness starts with each one of us, so please let us spread the word to avoid more persecution and discrimination.
  100. Is There Really a Biological Clock?
    Is the biological urge primal or just realization of the reproductive door closing?
  101. A Round-Trip to Airplane Karma
    Airplane Karma, it works both ways, so plan accordingly.
  102. Self Help for Halloween
    A Psychiatrist talks about what we can learn from Halloween...
  103. Diet Soda Shown to Hinder Weight Loss Efforts
    Diet soda consumption shown to hinder weight loss efforts as dieters overcompensate for calorie reduction.
  104. Free for All Cooking Is Not as Wild as It Sounds
    Don’t deprive yourself of foods you love—try FREE FOR ALL COOKING, the cookbook that makes restrictive diets less restrictive.
  105. Regret, Love, and Teen Sex: The Loss of Great Sex Ed
    As abstinence only sex education becomes the norm, teen pregnancy and HIV rates are on the rise. How the author's sex ed prevented her from a similar fate.
  106. Hollywood and the Great Regurgitation or Bring Back Steve Guttenberg
    Remaking, Revamping and Repackaging. Is the Movie Industry's Braintrust Bankrupt?
    in Film
  107. Damn it Felt Good to Beat the Heat
    Miami Heat came to Boston with something to prove and Boston wasn't having any of it.
  108. MTV Launches "Unity" to Fight Cyber Bullying
    The fight against cyber bullies gets a boost from MTV.
    in IT
  109. Calorie Kings
    Warning: Just Reading This Will Cause Weight Gain.
  110. Digg's Strategy: Revert to "Startup Mode"
    Digg's CEO promises to cut costs and "listen hard."
  111. Border Patrol Uses Mobile "Peep Show" X-Ray Machines
    The mobile X-Ray machine sees through walls and clothes.
  112. Magnesium Slashes Heart Attack Risk, Helps Prevent Diabetes
    Magnesium is shown to be deficient in most people and can help prevent diabetes and sudden cardiac death.
  113. Social Media Isn't Always Free, Especially if Brands Want to Succeed
    Free isn't always free when it comes to social media for business.
  114. Green Garage, Female Owned and Operated
    Carolyn Coquillette is a talented, hard-working, young and beautiful female gearhead.
  115. Ideas on how to Reuse "Trash"
    Another useful site
  116. TeenLit: 97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School
    97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School offers teens ways to have a richer, more fulfilling life.
  117. Haiti Cholera Marches: Are a Supply of Medicines Enough To Stop It?
    Cholera marches in Haiti...Where is the end?
  118. Change So Subtle, You'd Never Notice it to Believe In!
    Governors,Scammers & Spammers... Oh My!!
  119. Tancredo Deportation Plan Shreds Families, Costs Billions
    Arizona lost jobs, real estate values, and suffered a national boycott from anti-immigrant legislation.
  120. TeenLit: Girl in a Funk Helps Dispel the Blues
    Reclaiming your serenity can be as easy as one, two...chamomile tea.
  121. October 26, 2010

    Brands in Lebanon Should Start Leading The Way - (Part 1)
    The Lebanese brands and companies face a saturated market, with opportunities to lead the way with an ecofriendly direction
  122. Legally Reduce Credit Card Debts
    Today you can legally reduce credit card debts by almost 50 percent.
  123. Decline in Small Business Bankruptcies Into Second Year
    Five quarters in a row, small businesses bankruptcies have declined.
  124. Buying vs. Renting a Home, Home Equity (Maybe) vs. Cash
    Owning a home is good and bad; having a big savings account is great.
  125. Arundhati Roy Statement Becomes Cause for Debate
    Human-rights activist Arundhati Roy could possibly be charged with sedition over a statement made regarding India and Kashmir relations.
  126. Successful Video Blogging Requires Taking Risks
    Video blogging is all the rage, but do you have what it takes to become a vlogging superstar?
  127. My Chemical Romance Releases New Video for "Na Na Na"
    My Chemical Romance blasts off with the first video from Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys.
  128. Innovation; What is The Next Big Thing?
    Is Farmville the pinnacle of human achievement?
  129. The Superions - Destination Christmas Is Not for the Timid
    Fred Schneider and The Superions add a new twist to “making the Yule-tide gay,” with Destination...Christmas!
  130. House Comes to DVD and Blu-ray
    Criterion and Janus Films rescue this Japanese cult classic from obscurity.
  131. World's Biggest Firework
    The massive explosion of what may be the world's largest firework.
  132. Woman Stomped by Rand Paul Supporters
    A violent attack on a MoveOn protestor in Lexington, KY.
  133. On Foster Care in Los Angeles; The Business of Child Abuse
    LA County has drastically reduced the number of children in foster care. Is this all progress? Or are fewer children being protected?
  134. We Deserve Leaders As We Are
    Do politicians need basic education?
  135. Travel as Theater of the Mind
    Time travel with Mozart, walk the streets of London with Charles Dickens, and get to know Elvis Presley all through these audio BioViews: Travel as Mind Theater.
  136. Mount Merapi Shows Signs of Potential Eruption
    This active volcano is on the verge of an eruption.
  137. Blog Review: Indie Games Hits The Mark for Gamers has an informative and richly designed blog for the indie game lover.
  138. Editor Skips Out on $45,000 Dental Bill
    How much is your dentist bill?
  139. Gridiron Grips Review
    The Gridiron Grip has the look and feel of a leather football
  140. The Straw That Broke This Voter's Back: Mommy, What is "Rape"?
    An ill-timed political telemarketing call puts this voter on the sidelines. Make me watch your desperate ads, go ahead. But you crossed the line when you involved my kids.
  141. Reduce Electrical Vampirism, Save Electricity and Money
    AT&T offers an eco-friendly, energy-smart charger.
  142. Apple and Sony?? That's More Like Apples and Oranges
    Pardon me while I laugh.
  143. Apple's Rumored Acqusition of Sony, A Gamers Dream
    Regardless of the rumors, it certainly would be an interesting mix of East meets West technologies, and thinking that gets me excited about the gaming industry again.
  144. Your Copier Is A Spy
    Most modern photocopy machines contain a hard drive that keeps a copy of everything you do on it.
  145. Private Jailers Ask PA For More
    Northampton County Council votes to move ahead with prison for profit rather than study or discuss the matter.
  146. Thrill The World: Halloween Comes Early for Charity
    Cities around the world dance to 'Thriller' to raise money and awareness for charities of their choice
  147. Huge Solar Project on Public Land
    But only in California and Nevada
  148. Cheers & Jeers Week 7
    The Best & Worst in the NFL for Week 7
  149. October 25, 2010

    Aggressive Quadrotor
    Aggressive Quadrotor
  150. Ken vs. Ryu in Live Action Street Fighter
    Live action Street Fighter
  151. The Printing Industry Transformed
    The Internet has totally changed the way we communicate and the way the public is informed, while compelling businesses to listen to the demands of the consumer.
  152. Rise of the Cubicle Farmer
    The ride of the cubicle farmer is an epic journey to shine a light on the changing landscape of "work."
  153. Are Selective Foreclosures With Responsible Remortgaging The Answer?
    We need a timeout to find feasible, affordable housing solutions.
  154. A Little Salt in the Wound for Favre
    Brett Favre should have hung-up the cleats four years ago and because he didn't, he's paying for it this year, big time.
  155. Digg CRO Chas Edwards Moves to Start-up Pixazza
    Digg's Chief Revenue Officer, Chas Edwards, leaves the company to join start-up company Pixazza.
  156. HOW TO: Write a Social Media News Release
    Similar to a news release, a social media news release (SMNR) serves as an effective online media communications tool that is vital to every public relations practitioner.
  157. Persecution of Albinos in Africa - Part 1
    People suffering from albinism have long been stigmatized, shunned and denied access to health care, education, and other benefits
  158. Sony Retires the Walkman After 31 Years
    Sony says its Walkman will no longer stand after April 2011.
  159. Best Weight Loss Diet Determined by Genes?
    Genetic sampling may be able to determine whether a low carb or low fat diet is best for weight loss success.
  160. What Does Your Avatar Convey About You?
    Choosing an avatar for your Twitter or any other social media account is like stepping into the interview room and meeting a potential employer for the first time.
  161. Women in Green
    What is the green impact of women's choices?
  162. Pedal to Generate Free, Clean Electricity
    Exercise for health and for clean energy
  163. How to Commit to a Social Media Content Strategy
    Keep the content alive and well.
  164. Who Wins October's Most Obnoxious Celeb?
    My Cat and Dog, Lilly and Ginger, were having a debate this morning over which celebrity was going to win the Most Obnoxious in October Award.
  165. Maternity Pay: What Is The Best Deal For Everyone?
    The European Parliament has just voted to extend the period of time that women have maternity leave on full pay, but is this sustainable in the current economic climate?
  166. Auburn Climbs To #1 Spot in BCS
    Tigers jump from 4th to 1st, Oregon remains #2.
  167. October 24, 2010

    The UK Spending Review and the Impact on Nottingham
    The impact of the Chancellors CSR 2010 on Nottingham and the property market in general
  168. DVD: The Best Government Money Can Buy Outs the Truth about Lobbying, October 26
    It’s like South Dakota or some damn thing...
    in Film
  169. Spirit Day to Support LGBT Youths
    Sometimes it takes a tragic event to bring people together in a sign of support.
  170. Music Review: Toph-E & The Pussycats - No Ordinary Day
    A healthy dose of rhythm and blues mixed with uptempo, improvisational jazz gives you “R & Bebop” — courtesy of Toph-E & The Pussycats
  171. Lebanon: The New Jazz Scene?
    The emergence of the Jazz scene in Lebanon is witnessing mainstream acclaim.
  172. Browser Tip: Check Out CheckFox
    Add-on for Firefox Browser selects check boxes for you, and saves your hand.
  173. Women Trying to Navigate the Recession's Path
    The government is trying to help women battle the effects of the recession.
  174. Loveland Pass Ski Area Opens; Colorado Peaks Blasted With Snow
    Colorado Ski Areas Open After Storm Blasts Peaks With Powder
  175. Phoenix Talks Tough with Protesters
    Phoenix wants guilty pleas to the original charges or go to trial. Immigration reform would solve problem.
  176. DVD: Oliver Stone Goes South of the Border to Teach Us About Our Neighbors
    Oliver Stone gives South American leaders the opportunity to speak for themselves.
    in Film
  177. Oscar & Emmy Watch: Musings & Misgivings: The Social Network
    Zuckerberg Unbound
    in Film
  178. The Oscars & Emmys: Musings & Misgivings: Mad Men's Emmy Drama
    Here, the overrated and the underrated are conjoined.
    in TV
  179. Mindfulness vs. Egoic Consciousness
    The ego is not the totality of the self
  180. A Passionate Appeal to the Democratic Base
    Vote for your own interest.
  181. Another Blacked Out Sunday in a Football Town
    NFL Blackouts; are they a good idea in a recession?
  182. Gordon Ramsey Won't Eat at My House
    Casserole. It's what's for dinner.
  183. Does the NH Union Leader Have the Right to Ban Gay Marriage Announcements?
    The New Hampshire Union Leader refused to print a gay marriage announcement, causing heated debate.
  184. April Smith and the Great Picture Show Release Their Awesome Video for Terrible Things
    The Weeds trailer was cool, but just wait until you see who April is having for dinner. Wickedly brilliant!
  185. Now on DVD: Tupac Shakur: His Final Hours
    "Tupac Shakur: His Final Hours" cannot answer the most important question, "Who killed Tupac Shakur?"
    in TV
  186. NASA Crashes on the Moon
    NASA has found water and other molecules on the moon.
  187. KidVid: Scholastic Storybook Treasures’ Treasury of Storybook Classics 2
    Instead of giving kids toys with a million parts, how about a DVD collection of 100 stories?
  188. Kegging Your Home Brewed Beer
    Kegging your beer takes your home brewing experience to the next level. While it may not be for beginners, read to find out why kegging your beer can be beneficial.
  189. 10 Steps to Create an Animated Widget from RSS Feed
    Advertising your blog is easy by creating an animated widget on Feedburner and posting to all of your sites.
  190. How to Get a Firm Flat Tummy Like Hillary Swank
    Learn how to get six-pack abs by adding resistance to ordinary exercises.
  191. A Short Description of Modern Psychoanalysis
    What is Modern Psychoanalysis?
  192. New Diabetes Cases Projected to Triple by 2050
    Diabetes is projected to triple by 2050 but is preventable with low carbohydrate diet and blood sugar monitoring.
  193. October 23, 2010

    Mom Brain Grows After Childbirth
    Moms experience brain growth after childbirth.
  194. Hey Juan Williams, "You Are Black, I am Afraid"
    Some people are afraid of other ethnic groups too!
  195. Can a Single Word Save the Democrats in 2010? Yes!
    Can the Democrats be saved with a word. Yes, but "Miracle" is that word.
  196. KidLit: Do Witches Make Fishes? by Jason Mayo
    Boy! You are tempting your fate!
  197. The Crypt of Creepiness Presents Room 6
    “My cats don’t wait to get hungry, and I don’t wait to feed my cats.” --Helpful library worker, Room 6
    in Film
  198. Book Review: Urban Girls by Howard Huang, edited by Dian Hanson
    “Would a model that appealed to urban African Americans alienate the white boys at Wal-Mart?” — from the introduction.
  199. KidLit: Althea’s Window Box and the Land of Slumber by Jason Britsas
    Bring your imagination and join Althea on a journey in her dream adventure...
  200. The Step and Repeat Wall Moves Off the Red Carpet
    Recently, the step and repeat backdrop has begun to move off the red carpet and into the lives of everyday people: Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, weddings, sorority pledge dances, to name a few.
  201. People’s Daily and UFOs: Every Day They Write the Book
    People’s Daily continues to impress with its thorough, professional coverage of a topic that still makes American media giggle like little girls
  202. Prostituted Government, America up for Sale
    The American system of government, once the envy of the world, is but an immoral shadow of its former self. Our democracy is now on the auction block, being sold to the highest bidder.
  203. Gitex Dubai Buzz
    An expatriate view of Gitex
    in IT
  204. Hidden Languages and Really Hidden Languages
    If you are looking for hidden languages, you’ve got to go where they are hiding.
  205. October 22, 2010

    In Defense of "Prop 19" or Why it Will Pass and Why it Should, Ought and Must
    OR, This Time California Really Disappears, But Only in a Cloud of Smoke...Say What dude?...I Forget...
  206. Perfect Halloween Gift/DVD: The Halloween Stories Collection from Scholastic
    Finally, a Halloween gift for kids that won't give them upset tummies, but will entertain year 'round.
    in Film
  207. U.S. Slave Trader Pleads Guilty, Faints in Front of Judge
    Giant paid workers $3.50 to clean rooms, then charged huge fees in a human trafficker company store
  208. The New Sporting Couple
    Sharapova breaks s million hearts.
  209. Of Twitter, Burgers, and Hotel Performances
    The sales of one Milwaukee burger business are booming, thanks to Twitter
  210. Five Steps to Escape the Bad Debt Basement
    Forget the TV ads and quick fixes, the best ways to rid yourself of credit card debt are often simple and lifestyle-oriented.
  211. Are You A Satisfied or Dissatisfied Customer?
    How many people do you tell about a bad experience vs a good one?
  212. President Obama: "It Gets Better"
    President Obama speaks out on gay teen bullying.
  213. The Weather is a Dick
    No, seriously, you guys.
  214. They Said I Was A Faggot And I Should Die! It Gets Better
    A message to gay and bullied teens, "It gets better!" "Please stay around to see it!"
  215. The Life and (Especially) Death of Jim Morrison on DVD
    “…the end of laughter and soft lies, the end of nights we tried to die, this is the end.” –Jim Morrison
    in TV
  216. Sex + Dotcom = $13,000,000 Sold Offshore
    Gary Kremen became a drug addict and lost it all in his suit over
    in IT
  217. A Budding Actress and Sex Scandal
    Bangladesh defends its young victim.
  218. Canon EOS 7D - The Video Challenge
    The Canon EOS 7D is a great digital SLR still camera, but for this review, my primary challenge was video.
  219. To Air or Not to Air
    Why do we need a MacBook Air?
  220. Control Leptin and Ghrelin to Aid Natural Weight Loss
    The appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin need to be in balance to assist natural weight loss goals.
  221. Father Offers To Defend Killer Of His Son, Murdered at ASU Tempe
    Reward for killers grows, but the accomplice can make a deal that would save his life
  222. Sri Lanka: To Go or Not To Go?
    The truth about the conflict: will we ever know?
  223. The Death Of Multiculturalism
    Multiculturalism is no longer viewed as a model social structure, but as an idea that has seen its day.
  224. Tancredo Down 6% In Polls For Colorado Gov.; Maes "Bullied"
    Maes won't be bullied and stays in the Colorado Governor's race.
  225. Winterization Tips
    Save money with these changes.
  226. Halloween Costumes Made of Reused and Recycled Material
    Save money, save the planet
  227. Brett Favre's Texting Scandal
    Favre's wife, Deanna, relies on faith to get her through ordeal.
  228. A Citizens United Conspiracy – Were Supreme Court Justices Involved?
    It’s time to demand answers to the most troubling questions since the Nixon Era.
  229. October 21, 2010

    Why Apple Would Be Crazy To Announce A Verizon iPhone
    AT&T iPhone users and Verizon iPhone users are apples and oranges
  230. The New Macbook Air, Still Just a Very Expensive Netbook
    While it is a beautiful machine, it does not stop me from saying the the Macbook is simply a very expensive secondary netbook that cannot replace your primary laptop.
  231. Exxonmobil Exxtremely Unnecessary
    What the hell are you advertising?
  232. Marketing On A Shoestring
    Marketing on a tiny budget
  233. U.S. Cellular Launches "The Belief Project"
    The new offerings from U.S. Cellular
  234. Ugly Meter App Rates Your Beauty
    Ugly Meter: Who are you to judge?
  235. Just Tweet It [video]
    First comes Beat It, then Eat It, not make room for Tweet It
  236. Jr. High Boys and the I Love Boobies Campaign
    In a brilliant marketing scheme, capitalizing on our hyper sexualized culture, the keep a Breast Foundation folks have certainly generated publicity, but at what cost?
  237. Music Video: Warpaint, "Undertow"
    A warm, gauzy video for the band's debut single.
  238. Scre4m Gets Teaser Trailer in Time for Halloween
    Scre4m (a.k.a. Scream 4) gets less-than-promising teaser trailer.
  239. Movie Trailer: I Love You Phillip Morris (NSFW)
    I Love You Phillip Morris gets long-awaited U.S. release date.
  240. South Park Spoofs Inception
    South Park explains Inception in this clip from the show.
  241. Canadian High School Football Brawl
    A high school football game in Ontario turns ugly.
  242. Watch the Controversial Juan Williams Interview
    Check out the controversial remark that got Juan Williams fired from NPR.
  243. Facetime For Mac Reveals Huge Security Hole
    I’ve been picking on Steve Jobs lately, but for all his recent verbal sparring with Google and RIM over the “mess” of their respective platforms, Jobs would be wise to check his inflated ego at the door.
  244. T-Pain "Rap Song" Featuring Rick Ross (Behind The Scenes) Video
    Watch T-Pain behind the scenes of his new single "Rap Song."
  245. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: NPR, Liberal Sissies
    NPR showed they are a unicorn-riding liberal powerhouse of political correctness and cowardice when they fired Juan Williams.
  246. One Country's Fire, Other Countries' Woe
    Air pollution from forest fires
  247. Mothers and Others
    A resource for sustainable consumerism
  248. Venezuela to Develop Nuclear Program - With Iran's Help
    According to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty all countries have the right to develop peaceful nuclear energy. Venezuela, one of the signatories, is working on developing a nuclear energy program.
  249. How to Start a Golf Career
    Want to start a career in golf?
  250. TheFurFiles: He’s Stealing My Boyfriend, Genetically Predisposed To Cheat, Sugar Baby Turned Sugar Mama
    Relationship advice for the love challenged.
  251. Third World Politics in America
    Arianna Huffington: a new left voice
  252. Light Exposure While Sleeping May Effect Body Weight
    Light during sleep linked to increased risk for obesity due to hormonal and metabolic imbalance.
  253. Christians Who Get the Childfree & Those Who Don't
    Responses range from getting it, to suffering with it, to relishing not getting it.
  254. NFL Picks Week 7
    Who Will Win and Why – You know you want to know
  255. Book Review: State of Fear by Michael Crichton
    A work of fiction that makes some wonder: how much is fact?
  256. Hey, Paranormal Activity 2, I HATE Your Trailer
    This trailer cannot go away soon enough.
  257. Using Adobe Illustrator: How to Scrunch Symbols
    Learn to push symbols closer together or away from each other.
  258. Will America Recover Under Republicans? Probably Not
    Republicans might get the keys to Congress but will they do anything to help you and me?
  259. Are Supreme Court Justices Above Ethical Concerns?
    Are the Supreme Court Justices also "too big to fail?"
  260. The Meet: Pickup Artists and Knowing What to Say
    Before you dismiss the PUA, there's something to be said about someone that's always out there practicing The Meet.
  261. A Chat with Keltie Colleen About Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom
    Not just another celebrity rockstar girlfriend: Keltie Colleen talks about infidelity, media attacks, death threats and her new book.
  262. Carly Fiorina Opera TV Ad
    You just got dissed on Aria!
  263. October 20, 2010

    Forgetfullness and Medical Malpractice
    A doctor left a sponge in a patient's abdomen and it wasn't necessarily malpractice.
    in Guru
  264. Three Credit Card Processing Trends Will Impact Small Businesses
    With the passing of the Financial Reform this year many businesses feel that there is an end in sight for unfair rate increases.
  265. OH BO
    Bo Burnham and a wicked funny rap.
  266. An Open Letter to Steve Jobs' Ego
    Steve Jobs is bigger than life and just like a superhero, he has his own form of kryptonite.
  267. How Deep Does Your Beauty Go?
    How deep does beauty go?
  268. Most Job Seekers Fail to Employ Social Media
    Only 40 Percent of Job Hunters Use Tools Like LinkedIn, Twitter
  269. Justin Bieber Hits Up New York Times Best Sellers List
    Justin Bieber's latest tweets about his best selling book.
  270. Glee Girls Gone Wild!
    Glee girls perform for GQ Magazine.
    in TV
  271. Timing Conception in Early Menopausal ladies be Possible
    The power to conceive decreases roughly ten years before the menopause begins. Ladies programmed for early menopause getting married late in 30s are more likely to face problem in conceiving.
  272. People Prefer Solar Energy
    It's time to ask for it now
  273. Rubicon Is the Best Show On Television You're Not Watching
    Why aren't you watching this amazing program?
  274. Dancing With the Stars: Who The Hell Is Voting For Bristol Palin?
    Bristol Palin's continued survival on DWTS stokes the flames of conspiracy rumors.
    in TV
  275. Standards Not Structures
    Welcome to the Age of Unreason
  276. Dem Candidates See Light at the End of the Tunnel, on an Oncoming Train
    Recent news has given Democratic candidates a little hope, very little. Is the light they see a positive change in voter opinion, or is it an oncoming train?
  277. Canucks Rypen Grabs Wild Fan by the Jersey
    The line between player and fan is once again breached.
  278. A Recent Business Trip To Cannes
    A very nice little holiday in Cannes, once I got the work over with!
  279. Where Is Respect For The Respectable?
    Give honor where it is due
  280. Hispanic Leaders Getting Out The Vote, Promise Arizona Gives Hope
    An energized Hispanic base could change key elections
  281. The Dobbs and Pony Show; Immigrants Living In Fear
    Workers feared apprehension if they drove so they were stranded. 12 hour days at normal pay was typical
  282. Why We Should Celebrate the Corn Sugar Bloggers
    Instead of being insulted, mom bloggers should be thrilled that the corn lobby is targeting them for their high fructose corn syrup image improvement campaign.
  283. Batusis Rocks the West Coast
    New York Dolls, Dead Boys, Blackhearts and The Cult: Gotham bad boys, Batusis, tear up the west coast.
  284. Can B Vitamins Help to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?
    B vitamins are shown to dramatically lower risk factors that lead to Alzheimer's disease progression.
  285. Eco Jewelry
    All that sparkles can also be green.
  286. Why Do Children And Teens Make ‘Summer Camps’ Part Of Their Lives?
    There are many different reasons why children and teens make camp a part of their lives each year.
  287. October Already An Auspicious Month for UFO Disclosure Advocates
    Mainstream scientific community, United Nations consider implications of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence
  288. A Time Old Question: Altruism vs. Self-Care
    How does the history of thought influence our concept of altruism?
  289. Golf in Bermuda
    Bermuda has some of the most scenic golf courses in the world
  290. Sheriff Under Investigation in Arizona Stumps For Nevada Candidates
    A Sheriff under investigation for civil rights abuses is stumping for Tea Party and other candidates.
  291. Politico's Ben Smith "No Comment": The Lie That Elected Barack Obama
    How Ben Smith killed a story and changed history: Obama, Harvard, and the Saudi connection.
  292. Judge's Ruling Barring "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Stands
    Judge Virginia A. Phillips refused today to suspend her own ruling barring the implementation of the Federal Governments "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT) policy.
  293. The Starbucks Digital Network is LIVE in the United States
    The Starbucks Digital Network is live in U.S. Starbucks coffeehouses for all customers using the free Wi-Fi offered at every store.
  294. October 19, 2010

    Carriers, Manufacturers, Violate DMCA
    the boundary of intent behind fair use and interoperability has moved past custom roms into boardroom deals
  295. The Short Shelf Life of Stars Today Pales in Comparison to Lennon, Jackson
    The Short Shelf Life of Stars Today
  296. Millionaires Embrace Social Media More than Other Americans Do, Poll Shows
    Wealthy Americans Spend Less Time Each Day on Facebook, Other Social Media Sites than Typical Americans
  297. Epic Fast Food Pizza
    Uh, you want a side salad with that massive pile of heart failure?
  298. Fuming Over Fumes In Colorado: State Error Could Cost Motorists
    State must argue lower emission standard is a threat to public health
  299. Jobs Calls Android a Commodity, Not Software
    Steve Jobs takes on Google, says Android is a commodity, and that the 7" Tablet PC will be dead on arrival.
  300. KidTunes: Free from The Flannery Brothers
    Free KidTunes are available to download--a gift from the Flannery Brothers.
  301. How to Fly with Your Golf Clubs
    Are you prepare to fly with your golf clubs?
  302. Crisis Communications
    How much is corporate reputation worth to the bottom line?
  303. Charlie Bit Me and the Meme
    Charlie bit meme proves to be more popular than the original
  304. T-Pain: If I Could Change the World Foundation
    T-Pain is attempting to change the world for the good.
  305. Backstage with Anthrax: Joey Belladonna and Charlie Benante Go Metal Thrashing Mad
    Ten minutes locked in a cinderblock room with the creators of thrash metal, welcome to the Madhouse.
  306. Celebrity Secrets - In Pursuit Of Beauty And Health Part 2
    More Important step towards becoming a slimmer more beautiful you!
  307. Personal and Financial Self Defense Moves for Life
    Personal and financial self-defense techniques go hand in hand.
  308. Los 33: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You...
    You know it's going to happen sooner or later.
  309. Stop-Motion Lite-Brite Music Video
    Great video. Middling song. Worth watching, if not listening to.
  310. Stephen Colbert Storms Off The View
    Stephen Colbert (sort of) defends Bill O'Reilly on the popular morning talk show.
  311. The Doomed Cottage
    The old cottage and a remote controlled helicopter make for some good video footage
  312. California's Proposition 19; Not Such A Dopey Idea
    Proposition 19 in California sounds like the only good thing that might happen in November, but not if the feds have anything to say about it.
  313. India's Supreme Court Lashes Out at Government Wastage of Grain
    The Supreme Court of India asked the government to make the Public Distribution System reachable to poor Indians.
  314. How Google Is Killing Higher Education
    Google has gotten so good that it's affecting the way college students think.
  315. NFL Cracking Down on Flagrant Hits
    NFL to hand out suspensions for flagrant hits
  316. Study Shows Source of Calories Important to Weight Loss Efforts
    Refined carbohydrates promote fat accumulation while protein assists healthy blood sugar and natural weight loss.
  317. Fox News? Et tu, Brute
    OR, Some Simple Solutions to Cutting and Reforming Our Out-of-control Spending and Entitlements.
  318. What the Buck? You Can Choose To Be Gay
    Gays have choices, like alcoholics.
  319. Twitter Improves Search Technology
    Twitter, continuing with its excellent query serving capacity, has now revamped its search engine.
  320. Parent's Guide to Surviving a Disney World Vacation
    A parent's guide to surviving Disney World with kids in tow
  321. Blog Focus: Witches, Miners, Facebook, Bing! Plus Skype, Flowcharts and Sustainability
    The latest and greatest from Technorati's top bloggers.
  322. Selecting a Custom Thumbnail for Your Video Upload: How is the Law of Privilege Applied?
    The Relation of Custom Video Thumbnail Policies with the Law of Privilege
  323. Cheers & Jeers Week 6
    The best & worst of Week 6 in the NFL.
  324. October 18, 2010

    Making Sense of Fantasy Football
    Fantasy Football: the ways in which it is flawed as well as a plan to fix it.
  325. NASA Selects 215 Small Business Research and Technology Projects
    Projects have a total value of approximately $129 million.
  326. Debunking Two Investment Myths
    Financial myths abound, particularly about budgets, but I think investments misconceptions are the most damaging, particularly these two.
  327. In Memory: "The Mandelbrot Set" by Jonathan Coulton
    Dr. Mandelbrot has passed away. This is the pre-death tribute song from Jonathan Coulton.
  328. Protect Yourself with Home Finance
    Home buyers are realizing that foreclosed properties require title insurance.
  329. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  330. Drupal Expecting Downtime; Looking for Beta Testers for Relaunch
    Drupal expecting downtime as they relaunch
  331. Patriots Make Comeback in 23-20 Overtime Victory Over Ravens
    Deion Branch proves he can fill Randy Moss's shoes.
  332. Was the Moss Trade an Olive Branch for Patriots
    Randy Moss' departure to the Vikings paved the way for Deon Branch and Tom Brady to hook up once again
  333. Cancer-Cutting Diet Alternatives
    Watch the BBQ, as charred meats increase your cancer risk.
  334. Bieber Being Investigated for Alleged Assault of 12-Year Old
    Justin Bieber hits up the laser tag center and doesn't tweet about it!
  335. Jets Squeak by Broncos to Win 24-20
    Jets add to 5-1 record with Sanchez throwing first interceptions of the season.
  336. Wild Kingdom: On a Wall Near You (But Not Me)
    Did I miss this in design school?
  337. Bad Reviews Do Mean Negative Experiences
    A bad review in Trip Advisor or any other review site usually means the travel experience was bad!
  338. Chilean Miners Begin to Tell... and Sell... Their Stories
    One miner said the tubal ascent was a joyride up to the light of day.
  339. The Changing World of Moms
    Apple pie mom is a cherished media image, but the world has changed and stay at home moms are becoming the minority.
  340. Buck "Toxic" Talk Puts Gay Teens At Risk
    "Gays" basically make a choice (to be gay), Ken Buck says.
  341. Integrating Facebook and Skype
    Is this moving interconnectivity onto a whole new level or an opportunity missed?
  342. Is She Or Isn’t He?
    Can we all be good sports when it comes to gender bending?
  343. General Electric Co. Invests More in Energy Efficient Appliances
    Sustaining jobs, the environment, and competitiveness
  344. Qinling UFO Rumor False Says People's Daily
    No UFO, no villages abducted
  345. 26 Coal Miners Dead, 11 Trapped After Explosion
    People are paying with their lives to extract energy from the earth.
  346. What Your 3 to 13-Year-Old Child Can Do During the Holidays
    What should your son or daughter do during the holidays? Maybe a children's holiday camp is the answer.
  347. A Testament to the Human Spirit
    To watch the rescue of 33 Chilean miners, and to hear a eulogy for a 20-year-old young woman, was to witness a testament of human love.
  348. Lower the Chance of Cancer with Diet and Lifestyle Strategies
    Cancer has not always been as prevalent and natural diet and lifestyle changes can prevent this deadly disease.
  349. T-Mobile USA To Offer HTC HD 7 & Dell Venue Pro Windows 7 Phones
    T-Mobile has announced the HTC HD 7, the first smartphone to run the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.
  350. October 17, 2010

    Changes to ForEx Regulations Will Only Hurt The Little Guy
    New Foreign Exchange restrictions will leave small businesses at a disadvantage worldwide.
  351. The Practical Side of Sustainability
    "Green" building is still a long way off
  352. What Is That Font & How To Type an Ω?
    Ever wonder what font that designer used? Maybe you need the keyboard combination for Ω. Why didn't anyone show me these tricks before, you ask? Well here ya go!
  353. Secretary of Housing Spanks Reckless Bankers Over Foreclosures
    The Obama Administration jumped on banks for inappropriate foreclosures. Where have they been all of this time?
  354. Bangladesh Whitewashes New Zealand In Home Series
    When the Tigers roared, the Kiwis meekly submitted.
  355. Tancredo, "I Am Where I Am Supposed To Be"
    If Maes abdicates as the Republican candidate, Tancredo might steal the Colorado governor's race.
  356. Never Underestimate the Power of an Organic Lemon
    We have all heard the "apple a day" line, but who has ever heard of a "lemon a day" to maintain peak health?
  357. Book Review: Sliding Into Home by Kendra Wilkinson
    Kendra gives an inside look into her troubled life growing up, her near-death drug overdose, and the phone call from Hef that changed her life.
  358. Social Media Birthdays
    Losing a whole day to responding to birthday wishes on Facebook.
  359. To Facebook via Orkut: A Writer's Blogging Platform Journey
    Unmanageable love for technology
  360. Interview with BlogWorld Co-Founder Rick Calvert
    At the "World's Largest New Media Conference", connecting bloggers and brands is serious business.
  361. A Notable iPhone Stunt On Subway
    An unheralded band uses iPhone apps and viral marketing to repeat the stunt success of Lucy and Ethel.
  362. October 16, 2010

    The Crypt of Creepiness presents Session 9
    Tensions rise as an asbestos cleaning crew works in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past.
    in Film
  363. In Defense of Christine O'Donnell...Sort of.
    OR, What Happens When the Proverbial Dog Finally Catches the Proverbial Automobile?
  364. Upheaval at the Turn of the Millennium
    Perhaps history will say about us that we were a people who fought back during the upheaval at the turn of the millennium. We showed strength and courage to adapt, learned to accept more diversity, and showed compassion for more people and causes.
  365. How Much Should We Pay for Clean Air and Water?
    Breathing easier
  366. UK Police in Twitter Experiment
    A UK police force has used Twitter in a unique way to document its activities for 24 hours. Read what happened.
  367. UFO Rumor Mill In Overdrive: E.T. Embarks On Large-Scale Relocation Initiative
    Did UFOs cause entire villages to disappear in China's Qinling Mountains? Doubtful.
  368. Boise State: National Title Contenders and a Business Example
    Business Lessons from Boise State Football
  369. YouTube Converts! So Why Doesn't It Work For You?
    Video converts better than almost any marketing platform available today; so why is not working for you?
  370. First Class Wingshooting At The Bluffs In Colorado
    You can be hunting in the field less than an hour after landing at DIA
  371. Celebrity Secrets - In Pursuit Of Beauty And Health!
    Our first lesson in the pursuit of Beauty and Health!
  372. From BlogWorld: What Goes On In Vegas Shouldn't Stay There
    Take a quick video tour of the BlogWorld and New Media Expo exhibit hall.
  373. Four Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Readable
    A Guide for Bloggers
  374. Sext Message Not Sent
    Must Obey Apple
  375. Hickenlooper Leads Tancredo 14 Pts for Colorado Gov
    Tancredo wishes Maes would leave the race. Maes wishes Tancredo would go back to Arizona.
  376. A Democratic Communication Breakdown
    Why the party is limping into the mid-term elections
  377. Chairman of Partner to Corona Beer Backs Anti-immigrant Candidate For Governor
    Pete Coors, whose partner is Corona Beer, plans to hold a fundraiser for anti-immigrant candidate for governor, says Tancredo.
  378. The Girl Next Door Is an Excruciatingly Disturbing Film from 2007
    The true story of a shocking crime and a secret that wouldn't keep.
    in Film
  379. From BlogWorld Expo: Was #beatcancer a Guinness World Record?
    BlogWorld attendees support a cause by sharing the Most Widespread Social Networking Message of 2010.
  380. From BlogWorld Expo: Five Tips To Creating Travel Porn
    Gary Arndt, author of the popular travel blog, Everything Everywhere, talks about making a living wandering the world.
  381. October 15, 2010

    Organizing Your Finances the Fun Way
    Start with wants, then needs,and make your budget achieve them
  382. The Keys to Good Medical Website Design (Part 4)
    Why are cousins the worst medical practice business partners?
  383. Yahoo! and Takeover Bids
    There are rumors of a takeover bid of Yahoo! by AOL and some venture funds.
  384. Movie Trailer: Lena Dunham's Tiny Furniture
    Quirky SXSW hit gets IFC distribution.
  385. Gosh, Sarah Palin's Alaska Looks Flippin' Fun
    Sarah Palin gets reality show on TLC.
  386. The Twitter Virtual Concierge
    The UK's Premier Inns chain announces the first Twitter Virtual Concierge
  387. Crying Wolf: The Manhattan UFO
    And UFO enthusiasts wonder why they aren't taken seriously
  388. Run, Rahm, Rahm! But Don't Forget Who You Are
    Rahm Emanuel doesn't have lock on mayor's job in Chicago. His "listening tour" and hard work are just beginning.
  389. Boca Raton Resort & Club: Resort Course Review
    The Boca Raton Resort & Club Resort Course is one of the premier golf destinations in Florida.
  390. Water Wars Addresses the Greatest Crisis Ever Faced by the Human Race
    Access to water is a basic human right until drought, flood, and greed collide.
    in Film
  391. Leafs Look to Stay Perfect; Head to New York City to Face the Rangers
    The undefeated Maple Leafs head to the Big Apple to face the New York Rangers.
  392. Windstalks: Another Way To Harness Wind Energy
    What other innovative ways are there?
  393. Successful Weight Loss Requires More Than Counting Calories
    Successful weight loss doesn't require precise calorie counting but portion control and balance is essential.
  394. The New Skype 5.0: What's In It For You?
    Is video finally coming to Facebook?
  395. Palm Pre 2 Photos Leaked
    If Palm/HP want to really be a player, they need to price the Pre 2 to attract customers that have never seen the webOS before.
  396. Chilean Minors Unite, Georgia Divides, "No Illegals"
    33 miners pulled have new lease on life. 27 students lose their future.
  397. Is President Obama Set to Renege on Campaign Promise to Military Gays?
    Are Some of US More Equal Than Others? If You are Gay Serving in the Military, You are not Equal.
  398. October 14, 2010

    Dying 7 Year Old Girl Harassed by True White Trash
    What the hell is wrong with some people? Tormenting a dying 7 year old girl? Hell awaits these fools.
  399. The Keys to Good Medical Website Design (Part 3)
    Medical Website Design: Creating interactive and impactful sites on Content Management Systems (CMS)
  400. Curious Case of Mobile Phones Lifting Poverty
    UNCTAD reports on the link between mobile phones and poverty alleviation is something beyond the facts on the ground.
  401. Simplifying Paperwork Would Solve Foreclosure Mess
    The foreclosure freeze has been caused by carelessness and a return to old-school ways is the solution
  402. The Life Settlement Industry Will Be Dead In Two Years
    Expert claims life settlement industry funding will dry up within two years.
  403. T.I. Talks Down Suicide Jumper
    T.I. comes to the aid of a suicide jumper in Atlanta.
  404. Facebook and Bing Introduce Social Search
    Bing and Facebook have joined to bring social media and search engine marketing together.
  405. Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst in All Good Things
    Andrew Jarecki makes his narrative debut with this tastefully art directed picture.
  406. Fantasy Football Conspiracy Theory
    I have a conspiracy theory. Somewhere in the world, in a hidden room decked out with 72’ HDTV’s, endless remote controls, and lazy boys lined up in a row, a secret society of Fantasy Football Illuminati is conspiring to take over the world, one league at a time.
  407. A People United Rescue 33 Souls In Chile
    Faith, prayer, daily meetings -- A united community saves the miners.
  408. Spinal Tap
    A jury in Toledo awarded a woman $4 million for the lumbar puncture that caused her paralysis.
  409. Were the Chilean Miners To Be Forgotten? San Jose Goes Broke
    Were 65 miners left to die in Pasta de Conchos?
  410. Will Republican Dirty Money Drive Democrats To the Polls?
    You should have called me last October, Mr. President
  411. The Fur Files - A Fondness For Females, To Swing Or Not To Swing, Won't Date Whitey
    Relationship advice for the love challenged.
  412. Worlds Largest Social Media Conference Begins Today in Las Vegas
    2010 Blogworld & New Media Expo
  413. Choosing the Right Summer Camp For Your Child
    You’re thinking of booking your child onto a summer residential camp. How do you and your child decide which summer camp to choose...?
  414. Blackberry Playbook: RIM’s Best Play Yet?
    The Playbook has been announced, and what a piece of hardware it is.
  415. Too Sexy For Your Text? Apple Patents Anti-Sexting Technology
    The new question though is: Too Sexy For My Texts? Apple apparently thinks so.
  416. Chile And the Rescue of the San Jose Miners
    Chile, through excellent use of diversity, inclusion and crisis management, was able to turn a potential disaster into a rescue mission that saved lives.
  417. Using Adobe Illustrator: How to Resize Symbols
    Learn to shrink or grow symbols.
  418. Pictures of Whale Visiting Different Neighborhood Not Just a Fluke
    A female humpback whale was confirmed to have traveled farther than any known animal.
  419. Childfree as Families of Two
    Definitions of "family" need to change.
  420. The Chilean Mining Story Isn't the Real Disaster
    Should the Chilean miner story get more coverage than US job loss?
  421. I'll Give Up Books When They Pry My Cold Dead Fingers Off The Paperback
    Change is bad. The advent of the electronic book reader and the imminent demise of print has got to be a sign of the apocalypse.
  422. Former TV Producer Turned Rapper Pony Boi Gets Papered Up
    Pony Boi is transitioning from a very successful network reality show producer and filmmaker to a Hip Hop recording artist.
  423. NFL Picks Week 6
    Who Will Win and Why – You know you want to know
  424. The Tigers In Their First Ever Series Win Against The Kiwis
    Historic series win for the Tigers
  425. Gays in the Military, Federal Judge Orders, “Let Those Soldiers Serve”
    "Don't ask, don't tell" is dead, if the Democrats want it to be.
  426. The Tired Act
    Arenas' act has grown thin on the NBA world. What's next?
  427. Should Boise State Be #1 In BCS Standings?
    Broncos are tops in mock standings. Will they be there come Sunday when the real standings are released?
  428. The Meet: Getting Out and Meeting People
    You can't do This Post-Modern Love by yourself - the first step is getting out there and meeting her.
  429. The New Knowledge Of The Digital Age
    Is Internet Expanding our Brainpower or Making Us More Shallow?
  430. Lights Out for Merriman in San Diego
    Frustrated with injuries and lack of focus, Chargers set to release linebacker when healthy
  431. Lifestyle Changes Can Aid in Weight Loss
    Lifestyle changes can assist weight loss efforts and strategic planning are essential to the process.
  432. Stelios Comes To Agreement With EasyJet
    The long-running feud between Stelios Haji-Ionnou and easyJet has finaly been resolved.
  433. Cheers & Jeers Week 5
    The Best & Worst of the NFL in Week 5
  434. October 13, 2010

    Career Builder Survey: Some Workers Regret College Major
    A new CareerBuilder survey shows 36 percent of workers with college degrees said they wish they had chosen a different major in college.
  435. How Your Job Can Help You Save Money
    Make sure that you are participating in any type of retirement or savings plan that your employer offers.
  436. Is Britain As Tolerant As Equality Commission Says?
    The flip side is what is unfair and this is where the Equality Commission were able to offer a better suggestion, "an unfair outcome is one which you cannot influence your life outcome despite you talent, effort or ambition."
  437. The Crypt of Creepiness presents Wicked Little Things
    “Prey for them.” --Wicked Little Things tagline
    in Film
  438. They're OUT - Chilean Miners Have All Been Rescued!
    Chilean rescue is a success
  439. The Dictionary of High School B.S. Gives the Low-Down on H.S. Mysteries and Miseries
    The "Dictionary of High School B.S." cuts the B.S. while succinctly defining high school.
  440. Jets Roll to a Win Over Vikings with Field Goals 29-20
    Randy Moss makes a good showing for round one with Vikings
  441. Chinaphobia Enters the Political Lexicon
    Senators Latest Mudslinging Tactic Brings China Into the Fray
  442. Underestimating the Chicago Politician Again? GOP Should Beware of Obama!
    The GOP should be careful and avoid underestimating once again the politician from Chicago - just ask Hillary Cliton and John McCain!!!
  443. Trick or Tweet! Free and Fun Stuff for Your Twitter Account on Halloween
    Cool, creepy and festive ways to decorate your Twitter page for Halloween
  444. Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future Teaser Remake
    Fox reprises his iconic role as Marty McFly in this loving remake of the original teaser.
  445. Wayne Coyne Prints Poster Using Own Blood
    Flaming Lips frontman uses his own blood as ink for this one-of-a-kind print.
  446. Ron Jeremy Teaches How to Suck and Blow
    Learn to play the mouth organ like a pro.
  447. A Mind to Kill
    What have the writers done with DCI Bain?
    in TV
  448. A Federal Judge Orders Halt to Expulsion of Gays
    The Ruling against "don't ask, don't tell" will play a vital role in the elections of 2010.
  449. 3D TV; Must-Have Gadget or Modern Gimmick?
    3D television is the latest service to debut - but is it worth the development and consumer cost?
    in TV
  450. The Crime of Self-Defense
    Self-defense should be a right, not a crime.
  451. TeenLit: Girls Against Girls Looks at the Causes and Prevention of “Mean Girls”
    “No one likes a mean girl...they fear her..."
  452. Golf Pictures: The 11th Green at The Boca Resort & Club
    The Boca Resort & Club in Boca Raton, Florida is a beautiful golf course.
  453. Soundtrack for a Revolution Examines the Role of Music in the Civil Rights Movement
    “We ain’t gonna let nobody turn us around. “ --Martin Luther King, Jr.
    in Film
  454. Eco Fees: Paying More to Live
    Unfair punitive methods don't work to increase eco-consciousness.
  455. Barnes & Noble Launches Self-Publishing Platform PubIt!™
    E-books to be New BFF for B&N?
  456. Rescuing the PR Travel Release: Tips, Tricks and Traps
    Travel PR and the Press Release have to become less text heavy and more open, invitational. Targeted.
  457. October 12, 2010

    Haunted Houses Scare Up More Business in Spite of Frightful Economy
    According to the National Research Federation, the number of Americans planning to visit a haunted attraction this year spiked to 20.8 percent
  458. Bail Bonds Marketing
    Creativity is a must for successful bail bonds marketing.
  459. Uptrend Spotted in Shares of Devon Energy Corporation (NYSE:DVN)
    DVN has broken a key resistance level
  460. Interview: Melba Moore Wins On “One More Chance” With Jimmy D. Robinson
    Legendary singer Melba Moore, still magnificently voiced, is currently featured throughout full-length CD titled, “One More Chance” with Jimmy D. Robinson.
  461. Star Wars Trilogy Paper Animation
    An amazing Star Wars animated short done with paper. Paper!
  462. Legalize Hemp While You're At It
    Legalizing marijuana is the first step to something much more important: legalizing hemp.
  463. "How to Be a Man?"
    In the latest "Tales of Mere Existence" Levni wonders how to be a man.
  464. Very Mary-Kate Returns
    Elaine Carroll returns as everyone's favorite Olsen twin.
  465. "Toy Grit" Mashup Trailer
    True Grit meets Toy Story.
  466. Wes Anderson's Stella Artois Commercial
    Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola team up for beer commercial.
  467. Mobile Location Services Aren't Only About Checking In
    Don't just check-in; check out these location-based guides for your smartphone
  468. Everything Explained through Flowcharts Is a Hilarious Guide to Making Choices
    Some of life’s decisions--like which salad dressing to choose--are too hard to make on one’s own.
  469. Kindle Singles: It's Got a Beat, But Can You Dance to It?
    Is Kindle Singles aiming to knock out the publishers?
  470. Gap Blinks
    “They really were in big trouble and now they have some breathing space.” — Tony Spaeth, Identityworks
  471. Carl Paladino: Truth In Advertising
    Carl Paladino may be a homophobic mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger, but he has the courage of his convictions.
  472. Obama The Best Boss, Says A New Poll By Adecco
    What quality do you want in your boss?
  473. Music Review: Jeremy Siskind - Simple Songs
    A bright new star not only shines, but reminds us that piano jazz is alive and well!
  474. Eric Clapton: The 1960's Review Is a Respectful Retrospective
    Follow the fascinating rise of Eric Clapton as he established his voice nearly fifty years ago.
  475. What if Pastor Jones Held a Rally and Nobody Came?
    The Pastor of the Gainesville, Fl. based Dove Outreach Center, Terry Jones, doesn't draw a crowd
  476. Pomegranate and Natural Nutrients Can Help Prevent Weight Gain
    Pomegranate and Super Nutrients inhibit fat cell formation and assist weight loss goals.
  477. “Give a Kid a Kid” Album Promotion from Keller Williams
    If you buy a CD, can you help lift someone else from poverty?
  478. YouTube Blocked? SchoolTube Isn't
    These kids are going to be the next generation in media producers!
  479. Planning For The Future
    What if the history of our world is not progressive and we are actually going backwards?
  480. Frito Lay's Electrically Charged Delivery Trucks
    Frito-Lay has five electric vehicles in its New York City trucking fleet.
  481. An Introduction to Structured Data Using Microformats
    An introduction to marking up Web content for structured data using microformats.
    in IT
  482. Less Noisy Compostable Bag Coming Soon
    New packaging, same potato chips
  483. Recuva: Recovers Deleted Files Quickly, and It's Free
    Use Recuva to restore deleted files quickly and painlessly. Best of all, it's free!
    in IT
  484. Hitting the Road with Infant and Toddler Multiples
    Five items to keep multis happy (and their parents) on the road
  485. Twitter Aims High, Hopes to Have One Billion Users
    Twitter co-founder Evan Williams expressed confidence yesterday that Twitter would reach its goal of one billion users.
  486. Columbia University Recognized for Reuse Program
    Joining the Institution Recycling Network
  487. October 11, 2010

    2010 Blog Action Day Looks to Be Biggest Online Event Ever for Clean Water Cause
    Join us here at Technorati as we write for the 2010 international Blog Action Day, promoting the clean water cause.
  488. Google Translates Dead Languages Better
    Google Translate has... devolved? Language translation tool now supports Latin.
  489. Where's the TV?
    The impact of television and computer time on young children's brain development.
  490. I’m Goin’ to the Bingo...or Maybe I’ll Just Stay Home and Watch Bingo! The Documentary
    "Nobody cares what you wear...nobody cares if your kid's on drugs and got arrested last night." --Bingo player
    in TV
  491. KidTunes: Keller Williams Sings to "Kids" on His Sixteenth Album
    Flying turkeys, hula hoops, and car seats are just a few of Keller Williams’ musical targets designed for “Kids.”
  492. Conflict Solution Touchdown
    How to handle people pushing your buttons.
  493. The Keys to Good Medical Website Design (Part 2)
    What makes a great medical website is its functionality as an online office
  494. Social Network - Don't Get Caught in the Web
    Social networking is more than just social, it means business.
  495. Miami Heat Won't Win the NBA Championship
    Miami Heat are the odds on favorite to win the NBA Title, but it won't happen this year
  496. The US Needs Technology Leaders That Are Maverick Risk Takers
    Truly great leaders will believe in their products and/or services and seek to be successful.
  497. Harvard Honors Austin Suburb’s Bright Idea for Citizen Engagement
    Manor Labs Project Serves as Virtual R&D Factory for Improvement of City Services
  498. Reverse the Effects of Aging with Natural Diet and Lifestyle
    Researchers have identified the four primary reasons we age and how to slow the process with diet and lifestyle.
  499. Blonds-Only Island Resort Stirs Racism Charges
    A "Blonds-only" resort in the Maldives, created by a Lithuanian company of blonds, is stirring a lot of interest and criticism.
  500. Essentials for Peaceful Living with Newborn Multiples
    Five items that make life with new little ones easier
  501. Cracked Seed
    Strange yet tasty, cracked seed snacks abound in Hawaii.
  502. Motorola Annouces the Droid Pro
    Motorola goes after BlackBerry form-factor with an Android-based phone.
  503. 12 Party-Goers Hospitalized after Central Washington University Party
    Police gained entrance by kicking down the door.
  504. Slow and Steady Guest Blogging Yields Rewards
    Increase the value of blog and brand through guest blogging and other writing. Slow and Steady wins the race.
  505. Slayer Guitarist Kerry King Sets the Record Straight: Backstage at the Jagermeister Tour
    Kerry King talks World Painted Blood, Dimebag Darrell's guitar, and Grammy Awards during a live backstage video chat.
  506. Post-Election Congressional Structure Looking Clearer
    The GOP will probably win at least the House, but I'm not bold enough to place a bet on it.
  507. Safe Disposal of Toxic Household Items
    Find out how to safely dispose of toxic chemicals and why it is important to do so.
  508. Riddle Me Ahab; Obama, the Titanic and a Rather Pesky, Great, White Whale Called Reality
    So What is the Darn Connection Already?!
  509. Retailers Paying to Become Greener
    Green is the business model of the future.
  510. Who Is The Professional Left?
    The President seems to be in a lose-lose situation for the November elections.
  511. The New Age: Free Lunch
    Internet allows anyone to live the American Dream, to have their Free Lunch.
  512. October 10, 2010

    Music Review: The Jazz Passengers - Reunited
    Maybe if I was more familiar with their previous work this would have been more enjoyable.
  513. Freezer Burns: Review of Fisher Boy's Meal in a Bucket
    Another Unbiased Review of Frozen Food Products
  514. KidLit: Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden Burn the Rrrrump Rrrroast, Much to Our Amusement
    Meet the Silliest, Warmest Know-It-All, Mrs. Pinkelmeyer from Poppingham, England and her furry brown dog, Moopus McGlinden, in their first adventure.
  515. Chilean Miner Rescue Update - 10/12/10
    First Miner is Rescued.
  516. TeenLit: Where’s My Stuff? Is a Guide for De-stressing at Home and School
    How can a kid keep her room clean, when there’s so much stuff and no place to keep it?
  517. Why Berlusconi is Not the Right Person to Lead Italy
    If Berlusconi will win again in Italy, will he be the right person?
  518. The War on Science is a War on Jobs
    In 2008-2009, during the worst recession since the 1930s, American scientific researchers created nearly 1,200 new companies.
  519. The Keys to Good Medical Website Design (Part 1)
    First article about Medical Internet Marketing discussing how to create a functional Medical Website Design
  520. Increase your Social Following with a Mobile Cross Channel Sweepstakes
    Marketers wanting to increase their social media following would be wise to employ a mobile cross channel sweepstakes promotion.
  521. Social Media Sites Become ‘Playground’ for ID Thieves
    Social Networking Far from ‘Bulletproof,’ Expert Says
  522. National Geographic Explorer Examines the Human Cost of "Solitary Confinement"
    As much as you would like to “get away from it all,” could you survive years of 24/7 solitary confinement?
    in TV
  523. Tween/TeenLit: Split in Two: Keeping It Together When Your Parents Live Apart Helps Kids Adjust to Two Homes
    “Split in Two” is a must-have book for children who split their time between mom and dad.
  524. My Exciting Weekend Trip to San Diego, California
    Discover the beauty of San Diego: 70 miles of beautiful beaches, world class attractions and much more...
  525. Eating In The Raw - Enjoying The Experience at Raw Aura
    A review on the restaurant Raw Aura along with head chef Doug McNish who specializes in bringing gourmet raw food dishes to clientele.
  526. Will They Ever Leave Michael Jackson to Rest In Peace?
    Will they ever leave Michael Jackson Rest In Peace?
  527. TeenLit: Girl in a Fix – Quick Beauty Solutions (and Why They Work) by Somer Flaherty and Jen Kollmer
    The essential beauty manual for girls who think on their feet…and make their feet look good while doing it.
  528. October 9, 2010

    Hollerado Presents the Human 8-Bit Video
    The new video from Hollerado is much more creative than any of the crap that might be shown on MTV.
  529. Four Weeks To Go and Thinking About a Guy I Don't Know
    Columnist inspires 3-day for the Cure Walker
  530. The Shifting Sands of ECM Platforms
    The rate of change of ECM platforms is leading to companies switching more frequently and system lifetime decreasing
    in IT
  531. Verizon's 4G Strategy Targets Sports Fans
    Somebody at Verizon understands that sports fans are also heavy wireless broadband users.
  532. The Big Danger of the Mobile Web: Your Privacy
    Think before posting with your cell phone.
  533. Good Night’s Sleep Essential to Weight Loss Efforts
    Sleep linked to appetite hormones which influence fat burn and weight loss efforts.
  534. Mirror Neurons and Bullying
    Our power over pack mentality
  535. Take a Walk on The Boardwalk... Boardwalk Chocolates
    A review on Boardwalk Chocolates and the ethics and idea behind the business and its operations
  536. Social Media Helps Business Growth
    Small Business is becoming more knowledgeable on how to grow businesses with social media tools.
  537. Developing Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Practice (Part 3)
    Why Medical Internet Marketing is a cost-effective medical marketing strategy
  538. Fall into the—What?—Wait a Minute!
    It’s not a matter of aesthetics, it’s a matter of familiarity.
  539. A Hitchhiker on the Road
    Descending the Cairo Side, a novel of the traveling life by Kit Herring
  540. Tighten Your Belts Folks, IMF Predicts Grim Future
    This ride is going to be long and hard.
  541. Intelligent, Sophisticated Writing Characterizes Inspector Lewis – Series 3
    Inspector Lewis arrives on DVD, providing viewers with beautiful countryside and ugly murder.
    in TV
  542. Did Lou Dobbs Hire Illegal Immigrants on His Million Dollar Ranch?
    Did Lou Dobbs maintain show horses using "contractors" who hired undocumented workers?
  543. As Lennon Would Agree, Give Peace a Chance
    Making Peace after Family Conflict
  544. Brett Favre and The Tiger Rule
    Brett Favre shows his penis and still can't get a date. What's the world come to?
  545. Les Misérables celebrates 25th birthday
    Les Misérables has been marking 25 years in the West End - how?
  546. Midsomer Murders – Set 16 Serves Up Murder Over Easy
    There’s murder afoot in the English countryside, but it won’t be giving you nightmares.
    in TV
  547. America — A Country of the Brave and the Free?
    Free for whom?
  548. October 8, 2010

    Low Interest Debt Consolidation For Credit Cards and Get Out of Debt Burden.
    Consolidate your debts at low interest rates. Enjoy the benefits which helps you to stay away from bankruptcy.
  549. Developing Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Practice (Part 2)
    The success of a medical marketing campaign completely depends on the support structure.
  550. Managing Small Businesses with Spreadsheets
    Managing Small Businesses using Spreadsheets can be effective. Well, it’s certainly cost-effective… but is it efficient?
  551. Corporate Exemptions from the New Health Care Plan Have Started Already
    McDonalds and 29 Other Organizations Got Health Care Coverage Waivers. Well, Why Not Me Too?
  552. Dow Jones Hits 11,000 for the First Time Since May
    Is it just me, or is the world a brighter place when the Dow is up?
  553. Was Roy Halladays No Hitter Really that Big of a Deal?
    Roy Halladay is just the 2nd player ever to pitch a No Hitter in the playoffs, theres just one problem with all of this
  554. How Do You Rank on Twitter?
    Find out how you rank on Twitter by measuring influence, followers, reach and more with these free tools.
  555. Facebook's New "Download Your Data" Feature Just Might Teach Us Something
    I grew up with the Internet. Today’s kids are growing up on the Internet. That’s a distinction with a very marked difference.
  556. Spence Hot Springs Near Jemez Getting Spanked
    Jemez Springs a/k/a Spence Hot Springs provides a lovely soak in H2o from Mother Earth
  557. Relationships: Eight Points To Remember
    Understanding relations in a better way
  558. Twitter’s Innovation Continues with the Launch of Promoted Accounts
    Twitter has successfully introduced its latest innovative advertising option to which it has given the name ‘Promoted Accounts.’
  559. Zuckerberg Reveals New Facebook Features
    The scoop on what the new features are and how they will relate to your life.
  560. Can I Have Work/Life Balance Working Full Time?
    Stay at Home Dad and Full Time Working Mom - Recipe for Success? Or Disaster?
  561. Blue Jean Chef Meredith Laurence Teaches Us How to Be Comfortable in the Kitchen
    Be as comfortable in the kitchen as you are in your blue jeans.
  562. Mini Tool Must-Haves For Your Digital Media Toolbox
    A short list of "must have" application mini-tools for digital media production
  563. Do We Need the Nice Police?
    What can we do about cyberbullying?
  564. The Impact of the iPhone
    Or how Apple has influenced the mobile space
  565. Diabetes Prevention Strategies
    diabetes, prevention, vegetables, fruits,
  566. Greenwashing Index
    Anti-greenwashing measures to protect consumers
  567. Recycle Your Blue Jeans and Get 30-40% Off New Denim at Gap
    A call for unwanted denim
  568. How to Find Ideas for Your Blog Posts
    And Jump-Start Your Writing
  569. Adopt-a-Word: PRIVACY, Before it is Lost Forever
    "Ninety percent of everything we write today is communicated by just 7000 words."
  570. Detritus Artists: Sustainable Art
    The dump can be used as a hardware and art supply store.
  571. October 7, 2010

    Small Business Owners Expect 'Bumpy Road' Ahead
    Majority Plan to Boost Capital Spending, Delay Hiring
  572. NFL Picks Week 5
    You know you want to know
  573. New Enterpreneurs to Take us Out of Recession
    Make it easy to start a new business
  574. Cantilena Offers a Peaceful “Good Night” for Baby
    “Cantilena” is a musical goodnight kiss for babies and their adults.
  575. Zombie Girl: The Movie Is the Story behind Pathogen and the “Little Girl” Who Directed
    “My mom and I don’t really share the same vision.” –Emily Hagins
    in Film
  576. Credit Control is Vital to Ensure Cash Stays in Your Business
    The customer that doesn't pay is a bad customer
  577. Pathogen Is a Zombie Flick with a Difference—The Director Was Twelve
    …the next day you get ravenous and kill and eat the entire human race. –Girl Zombie
    in Film
  578. It's The Zombie Apocalypse. Bring Friends. And Extra Controllers.
    The Zombie craze isn't as glamorous and as full of teen angst as the Vampire craze, but gamers would rather fight a Zombie than a metro Vampire. Well, more than once at least.
  579. Why Are GOP Female Candidates so Weak?
    There are thousands of qualified Republican women. Why aren’t they running?
  580. Music Video: Die Antwoord, "Evil Boy"
    Die Antwoord get even weirder in this clip for their latest single.
  581. Movie Trailer: Danny Boyle's 127 Hours
    Danny Boyle's Aron Ralston biopic gets full trailer.
  582. Social Software in the Enterprise: Moving the Conversation to Outcomes
    Alistair Rennie, General Manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions talks about how the social media conversation has moved to solutions that drive outcomes.
  583. The Art of the Elevator Pitch
    Alex Blagg teachers the art of the elevator pitch.
  584. The Fur Files - In Love With Two Men, How To Land Your Dream Woman, Bad Boyfriend
    In Love With Two Men, How To Land Your Dream Woman, Bad Boyfriend
  585. The War With Muslims Has Just Begun
    The issue of homegrown terrorism is one of increasing concern to security agencies in western countries.
  586. New Zealand Journalist’s Indecent Slur on Indian Chief Minister
    Once again racial vulgarity is displayed, now on New Zealand state-owned broadcaster TVNZ.
  587. Hillary for Veep in 2012! Is it Possible? Is it Probable?
    Or the Untimely, Tragic, Sudden and Mysterious Suicide of VP Biden in Dec. 2010.
  588. Mixtape Review: Bow Wow's Greenlight 3
    Rapper Bow Wow's new Greenlight 3 mixtape shows off his talent, maturity, eds-pick
  589. Using Diet and Exercise to Control Body Fat
    Diet and exercise control how fat is stored in the body and lead to natural weight loss.
  590. Despicable Me - A not so Despicable feature!
    Enjoyable fun for all the family full of laughs and 'Ahhhh's'!
    in Film
  591. Kiev, Ukraine - Your Ultimate Travel Destination
    Would you like to find out why Kiev is one of the most desirable travel destinations? Keep on reading...
  592. Motivation and Mind-Setting, Part One
    Parents are instrumental in helping prepare young minds for life as adults.
  593. What Type of Shirt is Worn with a Man's Wedding Suit?
    There are a number of choices of shirt to wear with men's wedding suits, including the Kent collar.
  594. Revisiting Germany
    A trip back to Germany after 19 years or so.
  595. The Lion's Roar
    What it is like to find the voice inside of me; the one that speaks the full truth.
  596. Zellweger on Motherhood: Not an Ambition
    Is Renee Zellweger excited about having a baby with beau Bradley Cooper? Not.
  597. Logitech Release Details on Upcoming Google TV Device
    Logitech's Google TV solution, the Revue, will launch along with HD video calling, and Android/iPhone remote control apps
  598. Cisco Unveils Umi Home Telepresence: Who Will Use It?
    Who will buy the new Cisco Umi?
  599. Redefining Consensus Reality: American Media's Coverage of UFOs
    ABC reaches back with both hands, finds ass, but still gets scooped by Technorati
  600. Bad Economy Predicted to Turn "Fairly Bad"
    Economic experts are warning of more troubled waters ahead...and other crap I barely understand.
  601. Can Republican Obstructionism be Morally Justified?
    The Republican minority in Congress has done everything in its power to block any and all legislation created by Democrats to help average Americans. Can their obstructionism be morally justified?
  602. Foursquare Takes Aim at Travel and Tourism
    Foursquare and other location based devices are changing how we travel and the travel industry.
  603. 2010 #PRNews Digital Summit Review: Newbies Welcome
    PR News Digital Summit was more like a digital refresher and 101 for newbies.
  604. Belichick's Baffling Ways
    Patriots players being let go throughout the years, and who's behind it all
  605. (The Steps of) This Modern Love
    This Modern Love needs a dating/relationship road map. Luckily, we have one right here.
  606. October 6, 2010

    Hispanic Business Community Pleased by New SBA Rule
    Change Expands Access to Federal Contracting Opportunities to Women-Owned Small Businesses
  607. Tweet Library App Catalogs Twitter Messages
    iPad App Sells for $9.99
  608. Are The Markets Really Broken?
    Computerized trading aids short-term volatility and long-term stability. This benefits both traders and investors.
  609. George Washington University Study on the Economic Effects of Being Overweight
    A new study reveals the cost of obesity is huge on many levels.
  610. Live Concert Review: Slayer and Anthrax Rock the Jagermeister Fall Music Tour
    Metal Gods Slayer and Anthrax thrashed fans in Atlanta on their latest power-driven, fuel-injected tour.
  611. Music Review: Dan Berg and The Gestalt - Manifesto
    A fusion of art, visceral and cerebral, popular and esoteric.
  612. Rick Sanchez And The Vast Left-Wing Jewish Media Cabal (Including Me)
    What constitutes racism in America today? Is it time to free Rick Sanchez?
  613. Man Eats Sixteen Sugar Packets
    The New York City Health Department wants you to stop drinking soda.
  614. Rube Goldberg Marriage Proposal Machine
    Man develops Rube Goldberg machine to propose to long-time girlfriend.
  615. What to Do on a Space Date
    Your favorite Star Wars characters show you how to get laid.
  616. Natural Supplements That Fuel Weight Loss by Switching Obesity Genes
    Natural Supplements are shown to directly influence obesity genes to promote weight loss efforts.
  617. Wind Farms Impact Real Farms
    Wind farms affect the temperature of the air in the area, impacting local farming.
  618. Responsible Parents Model Healthy Self-Care
    5 Simple Ways To Nurture Yourself
  619. Follow the Catwalk Trail Into History: Glenwood New Mexico Hiking For All Levels
    Wilderness experience for all levels, a walk into history
  620. Gloria Allred is Back, Putting the "Eaze" in Partisan, Litigious "Sleaze."
    Gloria Allred is back, and once again shows the dark side of lawyers.
  621. Will John W. Henry be denied Liverpool FC?
    Will the Boston hero be able to save one of the English Premier League's biggest clubs?
  622. How to Be a Better Restaurant Customer Is an Insider’s Guide to Great Service
    Read "How to Be a Better Restaurant Customer" and make restaurant workers—and the diners around you—happy.
  623. Facebook To Make Major Announcement Today, Event Starting Now
    Facebook will be making a major announcement today.
  624. Defeat Radio Boredom With A Mysterious Liberian Hip-hop/pop/rock Hybrid
    Defeat radio boredom And "Dream Out" with A mysterious Liberian hip-hop/pop/rock hybrid.
  625. Top Golf Video Ganes
    A look at the top golf video games on various systems.
  626. It Only Happens In America
    A school dropout calls a Harvard graduate illiterate.
  627. Death by Pants Off Dance Off
    Countdown To Meltdown
    in TV
  628. Verizon Offers Program to Trade In the Old for Gift Cards
    Verizon's environmental and social contribution
  629. October 5, 2010

    Small Business Jobs Act May Hurt More Than It Helps
    BOSS Business Services Releases Updated Special Report on 2010 Tax Law Changes
  630. Cheers & Jeers Week 4
    The Best & Worst of the NFL in Week 4
  631. Language on the Web: What International Websites Have to Consider
    When you're working on an international website, there are a lot of 'language' considerations.
  632. New iPhone App Tracks Campaign News
    Prospective Customers Include Journalists, Bloggers, Campaign Managers, Lobbyists, Political Observers
  633. Developing Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Practice
    The key to a good campaign is research.
  634. White House Goes Solar
    The White House is finally going green with some new Solar Panels. Jimmy Carter is proud.
  635. 3 Reasons Why I'll be Willing to Pay for Digital Magazine Content
    Are you listening magazine publishers?
  636. Woodward Says Hillary-Obama Ticket Very Possible in 2012
    It's kind of official: Hillary will most likely be on the Presidential ballot in 2012 as VP.
  637. Stock Up on Sugar Before Your Next Negotiation
    Eat sugar before your next negotiation.
  638. Sarah Silverman on Gay Suicide
    Sarah Silverman speaks out about the recent gay teen suicides.
  639. Movie Trailer: Julie Taymor's The Tempest
    A quirky, star-studded adaptation of The Tempest.
  640. 1950s-Style Inception Trailer
    Dig this fan-made Hitchcock-style trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception.
  641. "Happy Together"/"Paper Planes" Lip Dub
    French art students lip dub a mash-up of "Happy Together" and "Paper Planes."
  642. Anubis Comes to Life After an Off-Limits Excursion
    An interesting, if off-limits, exploration at the Karnak Temple near Luxor, Egypt
  643. UN to Ahmadinejad: Shut Up.
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech before the UN’s General Assembly has become a regular feature of the first furious week of each year’s session.
  644. The Munsters Are Coming Home Again
    The 60s classic is making a comeback.
    in TV
  645. We’re Not Kidding: A Tribute to Barry Louis Polisar Is the Best KidTunes for Adults Ever
    If “We’re Not Kidding” doesn’t make you smile and sing along, you need a vacation!
  646. Why Do Children Love Gaming ?
    Games give children a level of control they may not feel in their non-gaming lives.
  647. Viewership: Gain and Loss
    Commonwealth games at India have failed to pull crowds, and when they were just turning the tide with India bagging a few medals, Indian Cricket Team has won a test match against Australia in what turned out to be a dramatic encounter.
  648. In Mohali India Beats Aussies By One Wicket
    Laxman frustrates Australia
  649. Low Carb vs. Low Fat Diet: Your Best Choice for Health and Weight Loss Goals
    Choosing between low fat and low carb diet for best health and weight loss goals.
  650. Stop The Bullying In Schools
    Bullying teenagers, especially gay teenagers or ones who are still questioning their identity, is becoming an epidemic.
  651. How to Prepare for Golf in the Rain
    Preparing for golf in the rain will make the round easier to handle.
  652. Special Teams Seal the Patriots Victory Over Miami
    Patrick Chung moves Patriots into AFC tie with Jets.
  653. October 4, 2010

    Social Media, the Great Equalizer (and in Chicago!)
    The Chicago Mayoral race is a wide open field, and Foursquare may just make that field even wider.
  654. Greg Giraldo is Dead: Comedy's Talent-To-Hack Ratio Dives
    Tough Crowd and Comedy Central Roast vet Greg Giraldo died last week.
  655. Duke Nukem Forever Live Demo
    Duke Nukem returns in Duke Nukem Forever. It's been years in the making, and finally some gameplay video has been released.
  656. Calls It Quits
    The Mobile Vlogging Service Will Shut Down Oct. 22
  657. Terrorist Attacks Possible in Europe?
    EU airports are on high alert after a terror plot was exposed highlighting commando-style attacks. U.S. responds by securing trains.
  658. “Once Upon a Time” is alive and well in The Naturals by Sharon R.C. Petersen
    Natural elements are brought to life in “The Naturals,” a delightful import from the UK.
  659. Reel Culture Explains Why 50 Classic Films Are Must-Sees
    Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!
  660. How to Properly Close a Credit Card Account
    There is a right and a wrong way to close a credit card account, and by doing it the right way, you can save yourself a lot of potential headaches.
  661. 12seconds Closes Up Shop shuts down
  662. Team Dynamics at West Point – A Shared Experience
    As they might say at West Point, leadership is not for sissies, and the reward is in the privilege of belonging to something bigger than oneself.
  663. Recasting Is A New Way to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster
    This is a new strategy on how to pay off your mortgage loan without having to refinance the mortgage.
  664. Controlling Office Pests (the Human Ones)
    Help change your office environment.
    in Guru
  665. What Is The Future Of Work?
    What is the world of work going to look like in the next decade? Now is the perfect time to plan ahead.
  666. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  667. Full Theatrical Trailer for Coens' True Grit
    We get our first substantial look at the Coen Brothers' True Grit in this full-length theatrical trailer.
  668. Mark Zuckerberg Guests on The Simpsons
    Mark Zuckerberg phones in a wooden guest appearance on The Simpsons.
  669. Charlyne Yi vs. TMZ
    Charlyne Yi takes on the yellow journalism and media manipulation of TMZ.
  670. Jeaneology (by Nancy Flynn) Shows Girls How to Recycle Discarded Jeans into Cool Fashion Accessories
    The projects in “Jeaneology” will have you falling in love with your old blues all over again.
  671. British Chancellor Misses His Child Benefit Promise
    With child benefit scrapping, the coalition government began its attack on the welfare state system of the United Kingdom.
  672. Halloween Prevails At Universal Studios
    It's that time of the season; where will you get your scares?
  673. Nobel Prize and Their Not So Noble Decision
    What were they smoking?
  674. KFC Uses Reusable, Recyclable Containers
    Will the fastfood industry turn green?
  675. Stay Current In Digital Media Training
    Staying current and learning new techniques is essential for multimedia pros. Here are some easy ways.
  676. Top Signs Your Business Needs a Cross Channel Marketing Strategy
    Marketers absolutely must embrace cross channel concepts. It cannot be deemed optional.
  677. Are You a Prosperity or Poverty Thinker?
    Which category you're in could dictate your financial future (unless you take steps to change it).
  678. Selling the "Polygamy Tour"
    Polygamy Tours into a polygamist community in Colorado reportedly is doing a brisk domestic and international business
  679. Quarrels Between Parents Affect Their Children
    You should see your fight from the child's point of view and be aware of its consequences in the long term.
  680. China Gets Wiretap Security, But Not India Or America.
    China and Russia get wiretapping rights from internet and mobile service providers, but democratic nations do not. Why?
    in IT
  681. Is Resveratrol the Key to Anti-Aging and Natural Weight Loss?
    Resveratrol influences genes which help to protect the heart and brain while assisting natural weight loss efforts.
  682. The Deep Web: The Internet's Obscure Data Mine
    A bit about the Internet's hidden data mine, the ever-present Deep Web.
  683. Portland's Eco Roof Program Greens the City
    Green roofs
  684. Under Water "kites" to Generate Wave Energy
    Another way to harness renewable, clean energy
  685. October 3, 2010

    Chanukah: The Missing Menorah Teaches Kids Chanukah History and Tradition
    Join the Shalom Sesame gang for a celebration of Chanukah, and a little mystery.
    in TV
  686. NY Jets Blow Out Buffalo Bills 38-14
    LaDainain Tomlinson breaks Tony Dorsett's rushing record.
  687. Welcome to Israel Is a Muppet’s-Eye-View of The Holy Land, Specifically for Pre-Schoolers
    Can you tell me how to get to the land of Israel?
    in TV
  688. Oksana Says "Baby Sister" Natalie Not The Tape Leak - Maybe Mel Did It?
    Oksana Says "Baby Sister" Natalie Not The Tape Leak.
  689. Devil: Mystery more than Horror
    "Devil" is a combination of light horror, mystery, and thriller all shown effectively from inside a stuck elevator.
    in Film
  690. In the Beginning, Before TV
    A descriptive tale of how three tribal Shaman used fear to manipulate their clans. It happened then, it happens now.
  691. The Happy Meal Wars
    Are we saving our kids or going down a slippery nanny state slope?
  692. Top Weight Loss Diet Tips to Improve Heart Health
    Diet tips to assist weight loss efforts can help prevent heart disease.
  693. Today's Mobile Industry: Think Easy Peasy
    Remembering this children's rhyme will assist those who are designing wireless products and services.
  694. Bank of America Halts Foreclosure Process in 23 States
    Bank officials are accused of not verifying information.
  695. Enjoy Golf with Realistic Goals
    Enjoy golf with a realistic view of what you expect from it
  696. Gila Cliff Dwellings a Wilderness Hoot
    Most campsites are free and there are many bed and breakfasts.
  697. T-Mobile G2's Hardware Issues
    With the official launch of the T-Mobile G2 only four days away, early adopters have already noticed some issues with the hardware.
  698. Autumn Bird Watching
    Bird watching on the Ribble Estuary
  699. Five Things to Look Forward to this NHL Season
    NHL opening night is only four days away.
  700. 'Tis the Season... for Writing
    With the changing weather, I find myself writing more. What motivates you to write?
  701. October 2, 2010

    Respect the Zuck: My Take on "The Social Network"
    Maybe we should be more like Zuck. Walking out of "The Social Network," I liked him even better than before.
  702. Taggart Returns to DVD with Set 3. Murrrrrrderrrrrrrr, Anyone?
    What could a television crime drama filmed in Scotland for 27 years possibly have going for it? Everything!
    in TV
  703. A Campaign Promise; The Promise Made to be Broken
    A Campaign Promise, The Promise Made to be Broken or What a Fool Believes.
  704. WEGetALiteraryAgent finds clever ways to make a love connection between writers and agents.
  705. Decoding Mom by Jake Miller Helps Girls Understand Moms
    “Decoding Mom” is a disarmingly honest (and amusing) guide for helping girls manage their moms.
  706. Project Bandaloop Dancers Propel Off Buildings and Cliffs
    Video of Project Baldaloop dancers
  707. Alaskan Walruses Crowd Shore Due to Lack of Sea Ice
    A sign of global warming?
  708. Health and Vitality Through Energy Medicine
    Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD present Energy Medicine techniques at the Teton Wellness Festival in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
  709. Cisco and Jawbone Team So You Never Have to Take Off Your Bluetooth Headset
    Cisco Systems and Jawbone will team up to create hands-free wireless headsets that can transparently move from mobile devices to Cisco IP phones.
  710. Step Two to Travel Writing, Know the Travel Mags
    I am bombarded with numerous submissions that have nothing to do with my travel magazine.
  711. Sometimes The Law Takes A Twisted Path
    A family awarded $60.5 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit had the verdict reduced multiple times to $10.2 million and faces another reduction.
  712. Top Tips to Lose Weight by Eliminating Soda
    Eliminating soda and sweetened beverages can assist weight loss efforts and lower disease risk.
  713. Four Expressions The Web Has Officially Ruined
    Certain words have crept into our vocabulary and are being used ad nauseam.
  714. A Travel Website To Make Life A Little Easier
    A very handy travel website which really does make life a bit easier.
  715. Nomads: All Who Wander Are Not Lost
    Living in Gers in Mongolia
  716. Summing Up Photokina 2010: Photographic & Imaging Fair Extraordinaire
    Photokina 2010 photo and imaging extravaganza closed last week in Germany with good attendance figures and new dimensions.
  717. Team USA Grabs Early Lead at Ryder Cup
    Bubba Watson and Jeff Overton help USA grab early lead in Wales.
  718. October 1, 2010

    Successful Small Businesses Conduct Regular Progress Reviews
    Every owner/manager of a small business needs to constantly seek areas for improvement through monthly management reviews.
  719. Hurried Foreclosures Could Slow Foreclosure Activity
    The number of foreclosures nationwide could decrease because of shady tactics by lenders
  720. The Sociobiology of Hero Worship or Why We Love Celebrities
    Why are celebrities so important to us?
  721. Cyberbullying Our Way to Hell
    Has anyone heard The Golden Rule lately? Does anyone know it?
  722. The Separation of Church and State: Does Religion Affect Votes?
    Mid-term elections are coming up - Does religion affect your vote?
  723. 2501: Migrants A Journey (on DVD) Explores Art Inspired by Those Who Left
    A massive art project inspired by migration is the subject of a fascinating documentary.
    in Film
  724. Assault of the Sasquatch (on DVD) Is So Bad It's Hilarious
    Think of it as a collection of great lines as opposed to a decent film.
    in Film
  725. The NFL's "Crucial Catch": Real Men Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    Items auctioned off to benefit American Cancer Society
  726. Get Loyalty from a Brand by Being Nice to their CEO
    How service with a smile works both ways
  727. Depression Linked to Obesity
    Study finds that depression and obesity are linked and improving body image can assiist weight loss goals.
  728. Music Is The Key
    New research points to music as the key to enhanced brain function, especially when taught at a young age.
  729. Getting "Off the Grid"
    Reclaim your free time from the online world
  730. Are Pets the Childfree’s “Kids”?
    Just becuase the childfree have pets does that mean that they are their "babies"?
  731. Enough Is Enough
    Five young people in the last two weeks have taken their own lives due to bullying.
  732. Saying “Bye” to Continental’s Name... And Free Food
    The name "Continental Airlines" fades into history as the Continental-United merger is done, and United becomes the name of record.
  733. Interview: Raw Power - Iggy Pop and The Stooges Bass Player Mike Watt Gets Floored
    Punk rock's greatest "thud staff" wizard discusses his latest project, touring with Iggy Pop and his life as a Stooge.
  734. Congress Passes on Budget, Tackles Pesky TV Commercials
    Is it just me or has Congress forgotten that they work for the American people?
  735. Congress Feeds Voters Baloney While They Eat Steak
    Democrats flee Washington without completing agenda. Republicans sneak out the other door.
  736. Sutures (on DVD) Is Better than It Deserves to Be
    You’re going to see the world…one piece at a time.
    in Film
  737. Rain Causes Problem at 2010 Ryder Cup
    A soggy start for the Americans in Wales.
  738. 2010 Golf Trip Part IV: Bayside Resort Golf Club
    The Nicklaus designed Bayside Resort Golf course is a must play.
  739. RIP Xmarks
    Xmarks, one of the first browser sync services, is going to close up shop.
  740. Telecommuting and Online Shopping Increases Carbon Footprint
    What are the ideal online shopping conditions needed to reduce carbon footprint?
  741. Cutting the Cord is a Hard Thing to Do When You're a Social Media Geek
    Cutting the cord is not an easy thing to do, but sometime it has to be done.
  742. Why the Pledge to America Bombed
    The Party of No puts it in writing -- and no one really cares…
  743. New House and No Internet: What is a Boy to Do?
    How Moving House Can Give You A Technology Detox, Whether You Wanted It Or Not