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  1. September 30, 2010

    Researchers Fly Away with Goofy Prize for Bat-Sex Study
    Team of Chinese, British Scientists Videotaped Fellatio Among Fruit Bats
  2. Working with Bank of America Home Retention Department
    Credit card debit, unemployment and loan modification help.
  3. Banking with a Green & Local Touch – ING’s Friends of Savers Party
    Review of a banking event in Toronto hosted by ING promoting local businesses.
  4. Forex Trading Restrictions Posed on Retail FX Small Account leverage by US Regulators
    CFTC comes out with a new set of rules and regulations for all involved in forex trading within US shores.
  5. Technology Brands Reach Out to Women
    Women Influenced $90 Billion Worth of Consumer Electronics Purchased in 2007
  6. How to Choose a Career or Profession
    Confused about choosing career or Profession?
    in Guru
  7. Creating Profitable MLM Habits
    Creating Money Making Habits in Network Marketing
  8. Lady Gaga Captivates While Bono Persuades, Online Influence Survey Shows
    A new survey shows that 90 percent sense a big difference between ‘Popularity’ and ‘Influence.’
  9. Jalen Rose is Dead Wrong about the LeBron Race Card Story
    The LeBron camp is pulling the race card with "The Decision" coverage.
  10. The Obama Administration Doesn’t Get It, Does It?
    President Obama Increasingly Clueless
  11. The Fur Files - Douchebag Dilemma, Mad For Make-Up Sex, Wandering Eye
    Relationship advice for the love-challenged.
  12. How to Use Hashtags Without Looking Like a Total Beginner
    Learn how to use Twitter hashtags, what they mean and how to find like-minded followers in your timeline
  13. Feeling Stuck in the Tangled SEO Web?
    A few simple SEO tips help website owners understand their options and rise in page rankings.
  14. David Cross and Keith Olbermann Discuss Religion
    Political commentator Keith Olbermann sits down to discuss religion with comedian David Cross.
  15. Golf Trip Part III: Bear Trap Dunes
    Bear Trap Dunes is a 27 hole facility located in Ocean View, DE.
  16. Cheating? Tears? Drama? A New Season of Project Runway Begins!
    Premier of Project Runway on Lifetime tonight
    in TV
  17. Law & Order: SVU Totally Gets Gamers
    SVU's stereotype of gamers is a little outdated.
  18. Movie Trailer: Skyline
    Will this indie sci-fi feature subvert mainstream genre cinema or be another sub-Hollywood crapfest?
  19. Most Earth-like Planet Found
    Scientists discover first planet capable of supporting extraterrestrial life.
  20. PSA Compares Hamburgers to Heroin
    New misinformed PSA tries to scare parents.
  21. TripAdvisor Adds Cool New Feature: “Reviews At A Glance”
    TripAdvisor adds a cool new feature: "Reviews At A Glance." These quick summaries of long reviews are a boon to travelers.
  22. Twitter Gets a Makeover
    Twitter tweaks its user interface and some love it, while others hate it
  23. Social Media: A Social Malignancy?
    Whoever said sharing is caring must not have considered social media; here sharing sometimes leads to tragedy and suffering.
  24. R2-D2 Droid Now Available For Those Who Know Han Shot First
    You may not be getting laid, but your phone can shut down garbage mashers.
  25. Get Some "TruGreen" for Making Your Landscape Greener
    TruGreen offers tips to prepare your landscape for the fall and winter seasons.
    in DIY
  26. 3 High Protein Meals a Day Can Fuel Weight Loss
    Eating three high protein meals each day leads to weight loss success.
  27. Diabetics may get benefit from Magnesium Supplementation
    The role of magnesium in glucose metabolism is very important; it acts along with insulin in maintaining glucose homeostasis.
  28. How Can Online Games Affect Us?
    How does an online game affect you ?
  29. Health Care – The Ugly Debate
    Barack Obama's popularity is in free fall. Foremost among his sins is the attempt to introduce state funded health care.
  30. Is Enogastronomy The New Frontier For The Development Of Teaching Methods?
    Participants at the IATE (International Artist Teacher Exchange) program in Genoa experienced a new teaching philosophy based on enogastronomy.
  31. Digital Fine Art Printmaking
    Print technology for the digital media artists - The giclée for archival fine art printmaking and photography.
  32. New Poll Shows Athiests Know Most About Religion
    Religious people it seems, do not even know the basics of their own religions.
  33. Did LinkedIn Just Become the New King of Social Search?
    If first impressions are any indication, this could be a game-changer in the world of social search.
  34. CLIA's World's Largest Cruise Night
    CLIA's World's Largest Cruise Night is consumers' chance for across-the-board savings from all their favorite cruise lines.
  35. Faith, Ego, and Inner Wisdom
    Learn to manage change, creating an easier flow and manifesting what you want.
  36. Not Much Hope for Change as Kim Jong-il Prepares to Ascend His Double Rainbow Back to Baekdu Mountain
    It is difficult to imagine the world without its parallel universe in North Korea. Will we miss the Kim family dynasty?
  37. Is Lindsay Lohan Toying With The Law in Order to Make a Buck?
    Is it conceivable that Lindsay Lohan is getting into all this trouble lately sort of on purpose?
  38. (Randomly Meeting) This Modern Love
    The first in a series of relationship articles geared slightly more for men. Slightly.
  39. September 29, 2010

    New iPhone App Lets You Ask Questions of Social Networking Friends
    AskMeTellMe Promises to Cut Through Social Media ‘Chatter’
  40. Kmart Announces Launch of Its Smart Sense Kmart Brand
    Introduction of Exclusive Product Line Provides Customers Wider Product Offerings at a Value
  41. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: Wiretapping the Internet
    In this week's Paranoid Guide, Paranoia waxes poetic about the Government's proposal to wiretap peer-to-peer communications. Keen!
  42. Obama's Healthcare Law Presents New Challenges for Small Businesses
    Tax breaks will help reduce the cost burden of new healthcare law
  43. The Semantic Web: An Explanation in Plain English
    An explanation of the Semantic Web, structured data, and the linked open data cloud in plain English.
  44. Central Ohio's Local Food Challenge
    Eat Local Challenge kicks off this Friday for Central Ohioans. We need more of these kinds of events!
  45. NFL Picks Week 4
    Who Will Win and Why — You know you want to know
  46. Staying Safe on Twitter: Are You Protected?
    How to stay safe on Twitter using your keyboard and common sense!
  47. Promoting Your Blog on Facebook: The Nuts and Bolts Guide
    Learn how to syndicate your blog entries on to Facebook.
  48. Ten Commandments Of The Honorable Merchant
    Frumpish dogmas from the Middle Ages recovered: the German revival of the honest and respectable Businessman
    in Guru
  49. Geeky 8-Bit "F*ck You" Parody
    A geeky chiptune homage to the popular Cee Lo tune.
  50. Embarrassing WABC Weatherman Blooper
    WABC's Bill Evans has an embarrassing on-camera blooper.
  51. The Shocking Truth About Rachel Maddow
    BillyBobNeck reveals a shocking truth about America's favorite lesbian liberal commentator.
  52. Mark Zuckerberg Directs The Social Network
    Mark Zuckerberg's own version of the Fincher-helmed biopic.
  53. Regarding "Jersey Shore," I Just Feel Bad at This Point
    The most disappointing Season 1 to 2 drop in reality show history
    in TV
  54. Seal's Super Sexy Video with Wife Heidi Klum
    Seals secrets
  55. Chef Suicide: Was it Ramsey or Debt?
    Chef Joseph Cerniglia tragically commits suicide, was the Ramsey connection to blame?
  56. 2010 Golf Trip Part II: Rum Pointe Seaside Golf Links Review
    Rum Pointe in Berlin, MD is an excellent coastal course designed by Pete Dye.
  57. Wake Up Calls: What Does it Take to Commit To Permanent Change?
    President Clinton is changing his health by changing his diet. Do you have compelling reasons to lose weight?
  58. Playing The Race Card - Part 3
    Playing the race card too early and too often is like the boy who cried wolf.
  59. How Much Should We Pay For Maternity Leave?
    Could paying women more maternity pay discourage employers from taking them on? Should maternity leave instead be shared between men and women?
  60. Siri for iPhone 4
    Siri for the iPhone; love it, don't leave it.
  61. Think Deeper About Using Colors on the Web - A Fruitful Explanation
    Evolutionary look at why we may prefer colorful web designs over those in black and white.
  62. The Dreamer Among Us
    The dreamer still walks among us.
  63. Be the Change
    Changing our lives is in our own hands; being the change for others holds great power as well!
  64. Discrimination, Erasing History: Who Will Speak Up?
    Down the slippery path...
  65. Bamboo: Green Building Material of the Future
    It's possible to live in, wear, eat bamboo, and drink water filtered by it.
  66. Pledges? We Don't Need No Stinking Pledges!
    The GOP needs more walk and less talk.
  67. September 28, 2010

    University of Texas Shooter Wasn’t Social Media ‘Addict’ Like His Peers
    Is Facebook ‘Virtual Heroin’ or a Useful Tool for College Students?
  68. “Bad Boss” Revolution
    Boss Bashing is an epidemic
    in Guru
  69. Google Drops A Red Herring, Says Bing Key Threat
    Google says lowly-placed internet search competitor Bing is the key threat, not Apple or Facebook.
  70. Becoming an Author: POD vs. Traditional Publishing
    Examining the route to go with printing on demand or traditional publishing.
  71. Free Advice For Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans
    Here is some important information which could be immensely useful in overcoming your bad credit rating.
  72. Few Retailers Are Bagging Social Commerce Opportunities
    Survey Shows 22 of 25 Major Online Retailers Don't Employ Strategies Like Groupon's
  73. Think Librarians Are Hot? Not So Fast
    How Being A Librarian Is Not, Actually, One Of the Top 50 Career Moves of 2010
  74. Roosevelt Radio: The Best Band You Haven't Heard Of - Yet
    San Francisco indie band Roosevelt Radio craft debut release the old fashioned way
  75. Sarah Palin Booed on Dancing With the Stars?
    Was the "booing in the ballroom" directed toward Palin?
  76. Australia’s Next Top Model Final Fail
    Sarah Murdoch announces the wrong winner in the finale of Australia's Next Top Model.
  77. Street Musician Rocking the iPad
    Street musician rocks the iPad to rake in the cash
  78. A Look Into How The Microsoft Cloud Is Taking Shape
    Microsoft aren't stopping at just offering cloud-based storage and processing power; they want to bring the cloud into everyday life.
    in IT
  79. Veetle Looks to Jump in on the Live Broadcasting Market
    In some odd, interesting and fun way, Vettle can be like watching video in real time with a bunch of strangers.
  80. Does Microsoft Really Understand Smartphone Users?
    With Windows Phone 7, despite an array of features promising to keep us connected to what matters most to us, Microsoft is hoping we’ll use our phones less? Yeah. That’ll happen.
  81. Playing The Race Card - Part 2
    The racial card is not only played by whites against blacks, but it has also been used by blacks against whites, and by white against Hispanics.
  82. Microsoft Beefs Up Hotmail With New Features
    The new Hotmail is poised to take over as the premier web email client, with features that make Gmail look antiquated.
  83. Setting Goals for Weight Loss Success, Tracking Your Progress
    Setting a realistic goal and monitoring your progress are keys to successful weight loss.
  84. Cheers & Jeers Week 3
    Best & Worst of Week 3 in the NFL.
  85. Commonwealth Games Likely to Affect India’s Economic Image
    As the Commonwealth Games are approaching fast, the Indian authorities are struggling to put on the finishing touch.
  86. Home Improvement Retail Giant Recycles
    Lowe's recycling program
  87. Farewell Dawn Olsen, we Hardly Knew ye
    Senior Technorati Editor Dawn Olsen is talking the long walk into the sunset, this is how we say goodbye - with a good old fashioned roasting.
  88. Midwesterners Stand Firm on Gubernatorial, Congressional Races
    Voters in the Midwest are real close to opening up a king-sized can of whoop ass in November.
  89. America’s War on Drugs; Would Surrender Be So Bad?
    America has spent billions of dollars on its "War on Drugs." What have we to show for the money?
  90. Hamas Leaders Vow To Keep Fighting
    Hamas' leader vows to keep fighting the Israelis.
  91. BlackBerry Announces the Playbook Tablet: What Will It Bring to the Market?
    In addition to the Playbook's differences between the competition, the tablet has features that match other tablets including video conferencing, multimedia capabilities (including Flash) and a promising app platform.
  92. 2010 Golf Trip Review Part I: Arrival & The House
    A review and tips for booking a house for you golf trip
  93. Report: Official Google Voice App Headed to iPhone
    The official Google Voice iPhone app is reportedly heading to the iTunes app store, finally.
  94. Bears Emerging as NFC Dark Horse
    The unorthodox way the Bears win reminds one of the 2006 season and Super Bowl run.
  95. September 27, 2010

    At National Press Building Today: UFO Interference With Nukes
    National Press Building hosts military witnesses to UFO interference with U.S. nuclear installations
  96. Lindsay Lohan Headed For Rehab For The Billionth Time
    Lindsay Lohan gets to punch her rehab card once more.
  97. Infographics as Marketing Strategy
    12 Take-Away Points for Businesses
    in Guru
  98. UK Bank Walled Up By Angry Businessman
    Unable to access the credit needed to grow, small firms are resorting to desperate measures to highlight their plight.
  99. First Trailer for Coen Brothers' True Grit
    Coen Brothers remake looks promising.
  100. Recovery Planning: Best Practices to Stay in Business
    The current economic downturn continues, but that doesn't have to spell disaster.
  101. Rants, Billion Dollar Sales, BS Moves by CBS and Travel News
    Blogging Focus covers all the news that's fit to print on Technorati
  102. Life-Size Mouse Trap at Maker Faire
    Mark Perez unveils his life-size Mouse Trap game.
  103. What Today’s Housing Market Means to You
    Today's housing market can be your opportunity.
    in Guru
  104. New Rules for Debt Settlement Companies
    Know your rights with debt settlement companies
  105. Take Away Shows Presents: The Hundred in the Hands "Pigeon"
    The Take Away Shows is an excellent example of the fusion of independent music and the internet. In this video the NYC based band The Hundred in the Hands plays their song "Pigeon."
  106. Halo Reach Smackdown; LL Cool J vs. Snoop
    LL Cool J & Snoop Dogg go head to head in Halo: Reach.
  107. Rockin' Out With the Bit52's Robot Band
    The robots are taking over! The pop music scene that is.
  108. Norwegian Recycling's "Miracles" Mashup
    One of the most technically proficient mashups we've ever seen.
  109. CBS Clearly Needs More Creative Talent
    CBS is turning to Twitter once again for its show ideas. What the hell CBS? Hire some damn writers!
    in TV
  110. Wal-Mart Plans to Purchase Massmart in $4.2 Billion Deal
    Wal-Mart is rolling back to South Africa
  111. White Roofs Save Energy
    A cheap D.I.Y. project.
  112. Jimmy Smits is the "OUTLAW"
    The OUTLAW takes on the justice system, one case at a time.
    in TV
  113. Southwest Airlines Acquires AirTran, Expands Routes
    Low-cost airline Southwest acquires AirTran, gaining international routes, Atlanta and major East Coast cities.
  114. Open Letter to Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown; Where Do You Stand On Education?
    California parents are fed up with lack of funding and support when it comes to educating our children. Meg and Jerry...what will you do to fix our public schools?
  115. Furyk Wins TOUR Championship and FedEx Cup Playoffs
    Furyk makes par worth $11,350,000!
  116. In Politics, Is Your Voice Actually Heard?
    Politics; are the voters important to the candidate after they are elected?
  117. Playing The Race Card - Part 1
    Playing the race card is bringing the issue of race into a debate or issue to confuse or dilute the situation. It is amplified in socio-political environments.
  118. A Switch in Time Saved...A Hospital
    Texas Supreme Court Justice now believes that a bed footboard that collapsed is medical equipment and a lawsuit over it must have an expert affidavit.
  119. That's Rum Way to Do It
    Move over Restaurant/Breweries - The Rum Bar is Mamboing Your Way
  120. A Look at HTML 5 and SEO
    From an SEO point of view, there are new tags and content areas within HTML 5 that can help to get higher page rankings on search engines.
  121. Will There Be An iPhone 5?
    With Android, HTC, and possibly a new phone coming onto the market, Apple has its shields up.
  122. Cut Junk Food Intake to Fuel Weight Loss Efforts
    Today's mainstream junk food diet promotes disease and leads to excess weight gain.
  123. The Commonwealth Games. In a Week? Really?
    In Delhi, a city of contrasts and contradictions, India is preparing for the Commonwealth Games. But how ready are they - really?
  124. Taking on the Top 3 Cross Channel Marketing Challenges
    Without a doubt, the future is now for cross channel marketing on mobile devices.
  125. September 26, 2010

    Dexter: Why Ordinary People Love a Brutal Murderer
    Dexter our darling murderer!
  126. In Their "Pledge To America", Republicans Seek To Reivent Themselves
    "Pledge To America" hopes to catapult Republicans to control of Congress
  127. Smart Phones Revolutionize Travel
    Smart phones are revolutionizing the way we travel and giving travel suppliers a way into our minds and wallets.
  128. Changing Diet and Behavior to Fuel Weight Loss
    Our environment and peer pressure can influence weight gain.
  129. A Way to Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Wellness
    What to choose, needs or wants?
  130. Film Conventions: The Celebrities' Cash Cow
    Horror/Sci-fi Celebrities: There's Gold In Them There Conventions.
  131. Organic Food, What's The Situation?
    The organic food and products on everyone's lips.
  132. Is Forex Grid Trading a Viable System for Forex Traders?
    Do strategies based only on forex grid trading constitute a viable forex trading system?
    in Guru
  133. What's Next for Google?
    Google's on the verge of world domination.
  134. September 25, 2010

    Repeal Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Don't Pass The Senate
    Gay Military Members Dealt Another Blow
  135. Pret A Manger Opens First Chicago Store
    U.K. favorite Pret serves busy Chicagoans 'ready to eat' fresh sandwiches and salads in the Loop
  136. Small Town Pioneers
    Current research on how to leave the city and survive
  137. Post Age Kids
    Communication without getting sacked
    in IT
  138. Bugs Are the New Sushi
    Saving the Planet, one insect at a time
  139. Can Angelina Pivarnick from MTV's The Jersey Shore Transform into a Pop Star?
    Angelina Pivarnick from MTV's The Jersey Shore is hard at work and hustling.
  140. The Heart’s Code Says We Are All Interconnected
    Not the brain, we are ruled by our hearts.
  141. Chinese Media To U.S. Regarding UFO Coverage: Grow A Pair
    Photography students in Pingyao photograph UFO and China's newspaper of record is all over it.
  142. Zoos Are Among Big Cats in Twitter Kingdom
    Zoo Industry Ranks Higher than Beauty Care, IT, Software on Twitter
  143. Japan Rejects Apology to China, Rift Deepens
    Even though the Chinese trawler captain was released by Japan, the rift between the topmost Asian neighbors continued to evolve.
  144. Italian Anti-Defamation League Ought To Attack Jersey Shore
    Italian anti-defamation league ought to attack Jersey Shore.
  145. A Fusion of Comedy and Politics as Stephen Colbert Testifies Before Congress
    Colbert "testified" before Congress, and hilarity ensued...and it accomplished nothing.
  146. Yes You Can
    Resources for canning summer produce
  147. World's Largest Wind Farm Now Operational
    The UK becomes more energy independent
  148. Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs Struggle to Make a Mark in Sri Lanka
    Make money online ventures in Sri Lanka are in a stalemate at the moment.
  149. Space: The Final Tourist Frontier
    Don’t know where to go on your next vacation? It’s time to think outside the orbit.
  150. Food Logs are a Diet Imperative
    Food logging for diets, why it works and why you shouldn't resist doing it.
  151. Israel and Palestinian Peace Talk's Enter Final Hour
    Israel and Palestine Peace Talks Enter Final 48 Hours.
  152. The Republicans Rail and The Democrats Tuck Tail
    The Republicans are preparing for a big election in November, with an angry populace supporting their return to power, and the Democrats are clearing the way.
  153. Expand Your International Blog Readership with Translation Widgets
    Use translator widgets to make your website and blog multilingual for the billions of people that don't read English.
  154. September 24, 2010

    United Stock Exchange of India Successfully Completes First Week of Operations
    There are 225 registered trading members and 32 clearing members on United Stock Exchange
  155. Small Business Debt Consolidation : Things You Need To Consider
    It’s always better to plan out your small business debt consolidation when you are considering consolidating your business credit dues.
  156. Google Apps hits 3 Million Businesses: Still Less Than 3% of Google's Revenue
    The battle of Cloud Computing continues
  157. How Many Friends does $100M Dollars Buy Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg?
    Why did Mark Zuckerberg choose to donate $100M to Newark instead of to other equally needy but less connected municipalities?
  158. Accessories Can Save the New Flip Video Camera
    Accessories help set the Flip camera line apart from an iPod Touch.
  159. Controlling Diet and Exercise to Drive Weight Loss
    Proper diet and exercise perceptions are necessary to combat the mindset which can lead to successful weight loss.
  160. Zuckerberg’s $100 Million Donation Isn’t Just About PR
    Less than 24 hours have passed since Forbes released its annual list of the 400 richest Americans, but that hasn’t stopped the flurry of web buzz over the finding that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has surpassed Steve Jobs in personal wealth.
  161. Cadbury Goes Fair Trade in Canada: It's a Start
    Cadbury has recently switched to Fair Trade chocolate for their Dairy Milk line in Canada, but do they really mean it?
  162. Why Apple Should (and Shouldn’t) Give Devs More (i)OS Access
    Apple has a bad habit of restricting the access which developers have to inner workings of iOS. Is it right?
  163. How This Curly Girl Copes: Products for Super-Curly Hair
    A look at some sustainable and raw vegan hair products and steps that can maintain natural curls.
  164. Obama Faces Stiff Headwinds in November, Poll Says
    Whom to vote for?
  165. Lindsay Lohan: Skip Bail and Go Directly to Jail
    Judge denies bail for Lindsay Lohan
  166. "Exercise 24" Aims to Be First Ever Tsunami and Earthquake Drill... Online
    A two-day tsunami and earthquake drill taking place entirely online is kicking off today all across the Internet.
  167. The Limits of Secrecy, Hacking and WikiLeaks
    All information should be free.
  168. Small Tips When Purchasing Duvet Bedding Online
    Choosing the right bedding.
    in DIY
  169. Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy (Part 1)
    Wash your car and the engine.
  170. Don Nelson Out as Warriors' Head Coach
    Coach will take settlement, assistant Smart takes over.
  171. If You Call Yourself a Social Media Expert You’re Completely Full of Sh*t
    "We need to do social media" is the new "We need a website"
  172. Recession Declared Over, "Summer of Recovery" Reigns
    All the signs of a recession are in place, but where is this "recovery" the Obama administration touted?
  173. Rick Perry vs. Sheboygan Showdown?
    Spokesman: Texas Governor “More Focused on the Texas Press than on Editorial Writers from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.”
  174. Ohio State University's Electric Car Reaches 307 mph for New World Record
    Speed without gasoline
  175. Jagermeister Fall Music Tour Schedule: Slayer Megadeth and Anthrax
    Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax hit the road for the Jagermeister Fall Music Tour
  176. September 23, 2010

    Beginner's Guide for Live Video Webcasting
    Here are some specific video & audio suggestions for those just starting out with video webcasting
  177. Did BP See Them Coming?
    Fuzzy math in the Gulf.
    in Guru
  178. Tweetings Brings Simplicity, Ease-of-Use to Twitter iPhone, iPad and iPod Users
    Discover Tweetings, a fresh new way to connect to Twitter using your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad
  179. How to Get Ahead in This Tough Economy
    Be proactive in your job search and while employed.
  180. NFL Picks Week 3
    Who Wins and Why — Smart. Funny.
  181. The Fur Files - Dating Grampa, No Time For Flowers, The Other Man
    Relationship advice for the love challenged.
  182. Obama: The Job Killer
    Wrong focus has Obama continuing to drive the American economy into the ground.
  183. Many More Small Businesses Now Eligible for Long-Term Financing With SBA 504 Loans
    SBA 504 loans are typically used by small businesses needing more operating space
  184. 12 Reasons for Businesses to Consider Mobile Advertising
    How Text Messages are Changing the Advertising Landscape
  185. Facebook Uses Twitter to Alert Followers their Site is Unavailable
    Facebook Tweets that Their Site is Unavailable for Part of a Second Day.
  186. Neglecting Old Relationships is Wasting Time and Money
    How many times have old relationships passed you by?
    in Guru
  187. O’Donnell Mania Sweeps the Capitol
    Everybody in politics (and I mean everybody) is rooting for Christine O'Donnell's long-shot Senate bid.
  188. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  189. DWTS: Alas, Poor Hoff, We Barely Knew Ye
    Another shocker in week one of DWTS. We're gonna miss the Hoff.
    in TV
  190. China’s Growth Interests US Leaders
    Against the backdrop of the US Congress' criticism of Chinese yuan policy, President Obama is all praise for China.
  191. To Plan or Not to Plan? Technology and its Effect on Planning
    How technology influences our ability to plan.
  192. Showtime's Dexter Parodied in 60 Seconds
    LandlineTV skewers Showtime's hit show Dexter.
  193. El Guincho's "Bombay" B-Movie Mayhem
    El Guincho's latest music video is totally wild (and totally NSFW).
  194. Music Video: Animal Collective, "Bluish"
    Animal Collective take distribution into their own hands with their latest video.
  195. Facebook Dies, Twitter Freaks Out, and We Realize Our Social Media Dependence
    For about 15 minutes this afternoon the Internet freaked out. Facebook had died.
  196. Major League Soccer Puts Its Best Foot Forward Friday Night
    If you like soccer but not MLS, Friday Night's long-awaited Galaxy/Red Bulls clash may convince you otherwise.
  197. The Book Crossing and Why are Books So Good to Share
    A great social networking site for literary or book types and the reasons we love to share books
  198. German First Division Soccer Now Headed by “Cinderella” Team
    A German first division soccer team has defied the odds and burst into the top position of Europe's best competitions, leaving the "usual suspects" far behind.
  199. Canada's Long Gun Registry: A Waste of Tax Dollars?
    Though emotional, this is an issue we need to look at objectively. Guns don’t cause crimes! People commit crimes using guns and other weapons.
  200. Surviving Miscarriage: A Love Letter To My Unborn Child
    A love letter to my unborn child whom I will never know......
  201. Curious Eaters - Common Raw Questions Answered
    Answers to some of the more common questions asked of a raw vegan.
  202. The Best Ice Cream in Toronto (And It's Coconut Ice Cream!)
    A review my favorite non-dairy ice cream option in Toronto
  203. Apple's Latest iPod Touch is More Advanced Than the iPad
    I had considered the purchase of an iPad in the next few weeks, but I am reconsidering and looking at the new iPod Touch instead.
  204. How to Motivate Your Weight Loss Lifestyle
    Permanent weight loss is possible when you make the proper commitment to achieve your goal.
  205. 10 Significant SEO Quotes: Helping You Understand The Climb To The Top
    Here are some quotes that summarize what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.
    in IT
  206. Another University with Green Initiatives
    Cleveland State University's High Performance Building Technology
  207. Diet Drug Faces FDA's Disaproval Yet Stays On Market
    Beyond a pill for every ill
  208. September 22, 2010

    Zuckerberg Donates $100 Million To Newark Public Schools; Facebook PR Kicks Into High Gear
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will make a $100 million personal donation to the Newark, New Jersey public school system.
  209. Why Celebs are Prone to Substance Abuse
    Why celebs are more prone to substance abuse than the average Joe.
  210. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez Will be Newest American Idol Judges
    The Newest Judges Will Be The First of Many
    in TV
  211. Wannabe Grandparents' Pressure to Have Kids
    Motivations for our parents to want us to have kids
  212. Using Adobe Illustrator: How to Make Symbols Transparent
    Also learn how to make symbols opaque if they're already transparent.
  213. Web 3.0 Demystified: An Explanation in Pictures for the Rest of Us
    An understandable and progressive definition of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0 with cool pictures!
  214. Tips For Taking Your Family To London
    Traveling with your family to London requires more planning than research. Here are some tips
  215. Portal 2 Co-op Bots, Full Trailer
    The Cake is a Lie! Portal 2 is coming. Now with co-op.
  216. Business Accelerator Program Helps Small Businesses Succeed
    American Family Insurance teams up with nationally recognized business experts to help guide small business owners towards success
  217. BrainPOP Announces Partnership With National STEM Video Game Challenge
    Part of President Obama's National "Educate to Innovate" Campaign, Contest Seeks to Strengthen Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Skills (STEM)
  218. Announces Nominees for Worst Ad in America Awards
    Honda, Progressive and Quiznos Will be Battling for the Glory of Worst Ad in America
  219. Experts Warn of Possible Small-Scale Attacks by al-Qaeda
    The risk for homegrown terrorist attacks is growing - so say "experts."
  220. Hong Kong Remains World's Freest Economy
    Cato Institute Releases 14th Report on Global Economic Freedom
  221. Cree to Produce Next-Generation LED Wafers with New Manufacturing Capability
    New Production Line Will Enable Larger LED Wafers, Increasing Output and Production Efficiency
  222. A Vincent Jackson Loss is a Hank Baskett Gain
    Vikings fail to pick up Vincent Jackson
  223. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: The Flu Shot
    Hey hippies - get the flu shot for you and your kids. I don't want to get sick because you are too stupid and irresponsible with your families health.
  224. Start your own reseller hosting company
    Nowadays there are plenty of ways to make money online. People from all over the world
  225. Political Correctness Threatens Our Future
    The longer we refuse to deal openly with the tensions created by a clash of cultures, the more strained relations will become.
  226. 6 Resources to Help You Stay Current with Social Media
    Finding core go-to resources in the social mediasphere
    in Guru
  227. Smart vs. Hard
    Startup success requires more than just grinding out 12-hour days.
  228. PC Science Fiction Games That Might Make You Forget StarCraft II
    Two games that have great game play and can be played on almost every computer.
  229. 2011: The Year of the Tablet
    The big boys coming to eat part of the Apple.
  230. Blaming the Victim
    A jury awarded $1.95 million when a patient died after multiple plastic surgery procedures.
  231. Bumper Sticker Shock
    You are not what you drive ... are you?
  232. Meat vs. Vegetarian Diet: Your Best Choice for Weight Loss and Health
    Choosing between vegetarian or meat diet for best health and weight loss goals.
  233. Can Facebook Live up to the Hype or Will Facebook Pages Fall Flat?
    Are the changes from Fanpages to Pages and the Facebook Like button meaningful or superficial changes?
  234. Facebook's Rumored Phone
    A Facebook branded device on Android is not out of the question.
  235. Prepare for Your Golf Trip
    Know what to pack before you get on the road.
  236. Machines Have Taken Over Your Life: Consider Yourself Warned
    The E-Needy Era is marked by individuals' needs to connect instantly, consistently and spontaneously.
  237. What Takes Shines off The Majestic Mansions?
    Story of a mansion that has lost its glory
  238. Add "dirt" to Fresh Produce
    Is molecular gastronomy going too far?
  239. Smoking Bans Reduce Asthma Attacks
    Legislation for the sake of better health
  240. Volkswagen Golf TDI Fuel-Efficient and Fun to Drive
    One way to reduce carbon footprint
  241. September 21, 2010

    Lady GaGa's Sizzle Sells, But Susan Boyle's Talent Will Endure
    Contrasting Lady Gaga & Susan Boyle: Who will last the test of time?
  242. Tea Party; GOP Friend, Foe, or Foil?
    The Tea Party is stacking up some impressive primary victories. Will their momentum translate into helping or harming the GOP in November?
  243. Bail Bonds Marketing Is Tricky Business
    With stiff competition and strict laws, bail bonds marketing can sometimes lead to hot water.
  244. Study Finds Consumers Accumulating Debt in Fragile Economy
    A new study finds that consumers are on track to accumulate $26 billion more in debt by the end of 2010.
  245. Banks Bailout Stings Unemployed
    Bank bailouts aren't helping people who need help.
  246. Leapfrog to Leadership
    Leaping to Leadership
    in Guru
  247. Boise State's Big Test
    Broncos need to make giant statement on BCS Dreams
  248. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  249. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  250. Ok Go is Back With "White Knuckles"
    Ok Go, the masters of keeping the creative alive in music videos are back with their latest video, "White Knuckles."
  251. Conan Takes Questions, Makes Sandwich
    Conan O'Brien makes a massive sandwich in response to fan mail.
  252. Sarah Palin's Top 10 Tea Party Mama Grizzlies
    Satire skewers Palin's favorite female Tea Partiers.
  253. Ahmedinejad: "War Without Boundaries"
    President Tom is back at it again, this time threatening war, if his paranoid fears come true.
  254. Vick Is New Eagles' Starting Quarterback
    Reid changes mind days after naming Kevin Kolb starting QB
  255. Twitter "onMouseOver" Exploit, #NewTwitter, and New Features Put Twitter PR to the Test
    A quickly spreading exploit, ongoing launch of "New Twitter," and two new, much-requested features for "New Twitter" created a busy day for Twitter PR.
  256. Future of Web Designers: Extinction or Evolution?
    Are web designers going extinct? Maybe, now that it's so easy to make your own free website.
  257. Tags to Inform Food Shoppers of Nutritional Value
    100 equals best for health
  258. Obama Faces the Frustrated and "Exhausted"
    The President took on tough questions on his economic track record, but is it too little, too late?
  259. Temporarily Mute Talkative Tweeters with Muuter
    Want to temporarily mute overzealous tweeters who clutter your timeline? This free service makes it simple.
  260. Tiffani Thiessen Reports Trouble Losing Baby Weight
    Despite cardio workouts, weight lifting and eating healthy low- fat meals, the actress is finding it difficult to return to her pre-pregnancy size.
  261. FDA Logic Provides Another Reason To Choose Wild-Caught Salmon
    The FDA is on the verge of approving genetically modified salmon, but wont require GM labeling AND will not allow non-modified salmon to be labeled as such
  262. Reduce Risk of Cancer and Diabetes by 50% with Vitamin D
    Vitamin D controls over 3000 genes which help prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease and immune disorders.
  263. Healthy, Catered School Lunches Prevent Anarchy
    Local caterers offer new alternatives for school lunches, delivered right to your child's school.
  264. Cookbook Basics For Beginners
    Every cook has to start somewhere
  265. The iPodification of the Internet
    ICT Experts Explain Their Views on the Future of the Internet
  266. "The Event": NBC Premieres UFO Disclosure Series
    Next Monday, series to lay its extraterrestrial cards on the table
  267. Third UFO-Related Airport Shutdown In China This Year
    Baotou Airport reroutes flights for almost an hour after UFO detected in vicinity
  268. Cisco Cius and Avaya Flare Should Target Health Care Providers
    Both Cisco and Avaya have recently unveiled flat-screen tablet devices to be used in enterprise environments.
    in IT
  269. Local Food Resources
    Find out how to eat for better health
  270. German Wine Growers Riding a Storm
    In Germany, wine growers across the 13 producing regions are tackling mud and rain-damaged grapes to avoid the second costly drop in production volume in two years.
  271. White Clay Creek Country Club at Delaware Park
    White Clay Creek Country Club is a challenging course located in Wilmington, DE.
  272. Genetically Modified Salmon
    Would you eat it?
  273. Coca-Cola Recycles
    Big university means big business
  274. Denver Bronco Wide Receiver Kenny McKinley Dead at 23
    McKinley found dead in his Denver area home.
  275. September 20, 2010

    Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Tackle The Deficit
    The Paris/Lindsay law will allow us to pay down our country's debt in no time
  276. Blurring the Lines Between Business Reporting and Blogging
    Should a story about active business tweeters by a major daily newspaper be considered news or SEO juice?
  277. Screw the People, the House Needs to Campaign
    The House wants to adjourn early, perhaps not the best idea.
  278. Katy Perry Gets "Hot 'N Cold" with Elmo
    Katy Perry and Elmo duet on Sesame Street.
  279. Conservative Women Speak Out in Fire From the Heartland
    Fire From the Heartland chronicles the rise of the female voice in the conservative movement.
  280. Bo Burnham is a Hypocrite
    Bo Burnham's new video for "words, words, words."
  281. Doctor Who Fan Builds Lego TARDIS
    JustJon build this TARDIS model from Legos and an Arduino.
  282. Genetically Engineered Salmon Questioned by FDA
    GE Salmon -- coming soon to a plate near you?
  283. Hot Over Facebook Events with HotList
    HotList helps location-based event goers find their new social location
  284. Foursquare 2.0 for iPhone Released
    Foursquare checks in with 2.0 version of iPhone app
  285. Making Gasoline From Plants
    Algae and sunflower
  286. Dreary for Drury in Early Going of NHL Season
    Chris Drury will miss four weeks and the start of the season opener due to a broken finger
  287. Are the Nuggets Softening Up on Dumping Anthony?
    Is Denver going to dump Carmello Anthony?
  288. Xavier Ferlet Narrowly Wins the USA's Top Windsurfing Racing Series
    Xavier Ferlet Wins The USA's Top Windsurfing Racing Series
  289. White House to Run Ad Campaign Linking GOP to Tea Party?
    The Tea Party is part of the GOP, lest we forget that.
  290. Bedbugs Running Rampant in New York City Niketown
    New York tops the list of US cities facing bedbug infestations
  291. Becoming an Author: Information Management
    Some ideas for keeping track of those pesky details in your writing.
  292. Your Best Weight Loss Strategy: Diet or Exercise?
    A calorie restricted diet is shown to be a much more effective weight loss tool as compared to exercise.
  293. How Long Should the Summer Vacation Be?
    The summer's now officially over, but should we be rethinking the school vacation? Does a long vacation do more harm than good?
  294. Using Adobe Illustrator: How to Rotate Symbols
    Learn to how spin symbols.
  295. Sharing Digital Content in the Arab World
    Creative Commons Sees Arab Youth as Having Amazing Potential to Create and Innovate
  296. Michael Nelson on Shaping the Future of the Internet
    Georgetown University Professor Michael Nelson believes Internet is in adolescence
  297. CGI: Create Your Own Worlds and Let Your Imagination Run Wild
    Photographers, retouch artists, videographers and designers could consider CGI (computer generated imagery) as a possible extension of work in photo-realistic illustration.
  298. Kim Kardashian Dashes to Europe After Breakup
    Kardashians on European spending spree vacation.
  299. NBC's The Event Dramatizes UFO Disclosure
    Is Hollywood foreshadowing a major announcement?
  300. Are Ace Hotels The Coolest Hotels In America?
    Ace Hotels in New York, Seattle, Portland and Palm Springs may be the coolest hotels in America.
  301. Want to Know What Really Makes Us Human? Better Know Your SQL
    How the Internet Contains The Essence of Humanity: Open-Source Genetic Databases and SQL
  302. The Host by Stephenie Meyer
    Stephenie Meyer tackles another standard speculative fiction topic and does a pretty good job of it.
  303. Bryan Ferry’s New Album Olympia Announced
    Bryan Ferry is back with new album to be released on October 25, 2010
  304. The Cube Offers Plastic Peril
    ITV's abundance of acrylic showcased on the perilous game show The Cube
    in TV
  305. September 19, 2010

    Jets Secondary Takes the Patriots to Task in 28 - 14 Victory
    Sanchez has career high of 3 touchdown passes
  306. Confusing Route To New Wireless Router
    Twenty-five percent of routers go back to the store with frustrated buyers.
    in IT
  307. Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts, We All Scream for Tax Cuts!
    One part tax relief, one part government spending: key to economic revitalization. (Note: Tax cuts for the wealthy not included.)
  308. Why TV Networks Need to Get on the Apple TV Bandwagon
    Earlier this month at the latest Apple Keynote, Steve Jobs unveiled the latest and greatest of all things Apple
  309. The Countdown is On: 7 Weeks to Go
    Training for the 60 mile 3-day for the Cure becomes more difficult
  310. Is There a Limit to Human Achievement?
    Human spirit overcomes severe odds
  311. A New Meet and Greet Parking Option at Birmingham Airport
    Stress Free Parking at Birmingham airport offers a real alternative to the usual options for parking your car at Birmingham airport.
  312. Oil Spill Takes False Blame for Dead Zones
    Reviewing the false claim that the BP oil spill is responsible for fish and crab deaths in the Gulf Coast dead zones.
  313. Top Weight Loss Habits that Burn Belly Fat
    Poor lifestyle and dietary habits lead to excess weight which can be difficult to lose.
  314. Come See the Harder Side of Sears: Retailer’s Site Sells Leather Gear
    ‘Elegant Moments’ Apparel Includes Harnesses, Skirts, G-Strings
  315. Deflation Fears Linger for the US, Fed Data Shows
    Deflation for the US is threatening investors and policy makers, as policy review is due on Sept 21, 2010.
  316. Perhaps English Isn't Dead--It's Evolved
    Gene Weingarten says English is dead. Though tongue-in-cheek, he makes some assertions I can't help but disagree with.
  317. Just Say No to Facebook Mobile Device and OS
    Dear Facebook, please don't create a phone or a mobile operating system; focus on what you do best, social networking.
  318. CBS Mobile App to be Best Friend of SEC Fans
    CBS Sports mobile app will pimp out all of the SEC games that are on CBS live via the iPhone
  319. The Tell-Tale Heart
    Hospital found liable for fraud after patient buried without his heart.
  320. September 18, 2010

    Beware of the Hogs
    Razorbacks can break open SEC West if they can Roll Alabama
  321. Kings Of Devon Wins Audiences' Hearts
    The premiere of Kings Of Devon.
    in Film
  322. Scientific Results Filtered by Canadian Government
    In spring, Natural Resources Canada scientists got a new rule. No revealing results without the Minister's approval.
  323. It Is Jobs, Stupid
    Open letter from 300 economists
  324. The Fundamentals of Sound
    An introduction to the elements of sound.
  325. When Celebrity Relationships Turn Dangerous
    Pondering the turbulent relationship of Mel Gibson and his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.
  326. Pop Singer Lauren Hildebrandt Releases “Bed Bugs” Parody Song and Video
    In lieu of a recent bed bug attack, singer Lauren Hildebrandt has put out a hysterical musical ode to the pesky, blood-thirsty critters, titled “Bed Bugs.”
  327. NFL Notebook
    Some quick hit thoughts as we head into week 2 of the NFL Season
  328. Beltway Bound: Is Warren Ready for Washington?
    Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren is ready to serve the President. But is she ready for the Beltway blowhards who want to see her fail?
  329. What's the DIfference Between Recycled, Remanufactured and Refurbished Office Cubicles?
    Learn about the different types of recycled office furniture - from as-is to remanufactured to refurbished office cubicles.
  330. Thirty-one Cowardly Democrats
    President Obama defined the conversation for the final weeks of Campaign 2010, but before it could take root, 31 cowardly Democrats broke rank.
  331. US Couple Charged with Passing Nuclear Secrets
    A US couple is accused of passing nuclear design and manufacturing information to an undercover FBI agent posing as a Venezuelan agent.
  332. What Your Facebook Profile Says About Your Personality
    Six years ago, I was a freshman in college. Facebook had just launched, and at the time was a closed network restricted to an approved list of universities.
  333. Google Plans to Take a Swing at Apple with New Music Service
    Google poised to add music service to is belt
  334. A Technology Boom in Cambodia?
    I came away fairly optimistic that Cambodia might be the next Asian country to experience a technology boom.
  335. Since When is Being Happy a Weird Thing?
    A reminder to enjoy life and just be happy.
  336. The Law and the Obama Administration
    Or, first thing we do is send in the lawyers, then the clowns.
  337. Manage and Grow Your Business Socially with Objective Marketer
    A patent-pending web based service allows you to schedule, segment and interact with users dynamically
  338. September 17, 2010

    Canada Says No More Michael Moore!
    Michael Moore slams canada
  339. The New Twitter Has Launched – Are You Upgraded Yet?
    The release of #NewTwitter has all the features we've had to use third-party apps for, but is it really what Twitter needs?
  340. Social Network NaturallyCurly Pumps Up the Volume with Acquisition joins the NaturallyCurly family of sites.
  341. Facebook Posting Trips Up Woman in Workers’ Comp Scheme
    Woman Sentenced to Three Years’ Probation, Ordered to Pay Nearly $9,000
  342. Delaware GOP Candidate Calls Liberals Nazis
    Glen Urquhart thinks Hitler invented the separation of Church and State.
  343. Dudes Totally Freak Out During Brooklyn Tornado
    Footage from the heart of this week's Brooklyn tornado.
  344. Websites for Your Financial Survival - Part I
    Lower basic bills through assistance websites.
  345. AdWords Campaign Experiments are ACE
    A Better Way To Compare AdWords Campaign Changes
  346. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  347. Survey Says: Housing Market Will Improve
    Fannie Mae's latest national housing survey shows Americans have not lost all faith in housing
  348. Solar Ibex Solar Cooker Will Make You Look Incredibly Cool
    Solar Ibex project could bring awesome alternative kitchen to your backyard.
  349. Mobile Apps And The Post-iPhone Era
    A report from the Pew Internet Project reveals some insights on the evolving app culture.
  350. Is This BP's Mess, Or Not?
    You may be looking at the first terrible aftereffects of the BP oil spill.
  351. Doggonit! Protect Man's Best Friend!
    Ride with your pet in your lap? Give your pet a safer ride.
  352. Diversity: Harmful Effects Of Discrimination - Part 4
    If you don’t want your workplace to be a hostile environment or even become the next murder scene, practice diversity.
  353. SocialSmack Unveils Apps for Consumer Feedback
    SocialSmack Apps to be Available on iPhone, Android Platforms
  354. Safety First: Helping Kids Stay Safe
    Complacency is the enemy of safety. The best way to learn safety is to make it second nature.
  355. Top Weight Loss Diet Mistakes
    Understanding top diet mistakes assists weight loss goals.
  356. If I Could Marry A Power Tool
    It would be the Dremel Multi-Max
    in DIY
  357. New Female Aphrodisiac: If There Wasn't A Problem, They Wouldn't Need A Cure...Right?
    There's a new aphrodisiac for the ladies. It'll warm up your woo-hoo, but whose buying it?
  358. A New Gout Drug, Pegloticase, Approved by FDA
    Gout is a very painful arthritic condition involving, in the majority of cases, the joint that joins the big toe to the foot, called first metatarsophalangeal joint.
  359. Don’t Delay High-Speed Trains In The US
    Move on the ground at 200MPH
  360. What is Causing Ocean Life to Beach Itself in an Attempt to Breathe?
    Why dead zones are causing animal life to come to shore looking for oxygen
  361. Indo-Pak Express Recommended for Highest Pakistan Civil Award
    Indo-Pak Express will be rewarded with highest honor by Pakistan despite rivalry with the neighbor.
  362. The Greatest Invention in Golf: The Golf Cooler Bag
    A golf bag with a cooler pocket is perfect for golf trips or bachelor parties
  363. Jerk? Try One of These Five Snarky Words Instead
    Instead of labeling people jerks, here are five special insults with a charm all their own.
  364. Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 [video]
    Will Seesmic for Windows Mobile 7 be the killer dashboard app or will it be ho hum like other dashboard apps on other popular mobile OS?
  365. Google and Facebook to Decline in Importance, Experts Say
    Inbound marketing expert think that Google and Facebook will decline in importance over the next three years
  366. Are Congressional Democrats Turning Into the New Republicans?
    That donkey isn't morphing into an it?
  367. Child Abuse, Lies and DCFS: A Dirty Job
    DCFS is a closed system that guards information well beyond the needs of legitimate privacy. Criticize at your own risk!
  368. Fashion Backward: E-Tailer Needles Us with "Blog Writer Dress"
    “The Look is Sort of Like Your Mom’s Housedress Meets Laura Ingalls Wilder,” Blogger Says
  369. September 16, 2010

    Perhaps Women DON'T Belong in Men's Locker Rooms
    Ines Sainz, hot pants and smelly locker rooms don't mix.
  370. The Fur Files - Grass is Always Greener, Furry Fun, Train Him Up
    Ridin' the Freedom Train, Sprinter in the Bedroom
  371. Reserve Bank of India Beats Forecast on Rate Hike
    The RBI increased policy rates more aggressively than expected. It cautioned that the inflation would remain at high levels for some months
  372. A Mobile Kind of Week In Silicon Valley
    Are you lost in translation when it comes to mobile applications and creating an ecosystem for your brand? Don’t fret Mobile 2.0 and Think Mobile are in Silicon Valley!
    in Guru
  373. NFL Picks Week 2
    Who Will Win and Why - Laugh, Cry, Impress Your Friends
  374. Where Does Your Blogging Inspiration Come From?
    Inspiration for writing comes from all over the place
  375. Pricing Strategy
    The most important strategy for a business is pricing strategy
  376. The Republican Circular Firing Squad
    Will the civil war in the elephant party make it stronger?
  377. Dems Calling for Tax Breaks for All
    Some House Democrats want to extend the tax cuts to everyone, including the rich.
  378. Believe It or Not, Boston Wants The Pucks Back
    Boston Bruins fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season
  379. Report: Michael Vick to Start on Sunday for the Eagles
    Michael Vick might be starting in week two
  380. Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Facing Charges
    Floyd Mayweather could be facing the biggest fight of his life
  381. Tech Tale: Company to Release Children’s Story Apps
    Works by Authors, Illustrators, Celebrities to be Offered for iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android
  382. Reading Nutrition Labels Assists Weight Loss, Improves Health
    Study finds that people who read nutrition labels are able to lose weight faster and improve their health.
  383. Alie and Georgia Mix a PB&J Cocktail
    Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark mix up a new cocktail web series for Food Network.
  384. Conan's First TBS Photo Shoot
    Behind-the-scenes of Conan O'Brien's first photo shoot for TBS.
  385. From De Rossi to DeGeneres
    Another Hollywood star is changing her name, but this one is different. Portia de Rossi has decided to change her name to DeGeneres.
  386. Using iPad for a Visual Media Portfolio
    4 ways to create an iPad portfolio of your visual media. For photographers and video pros, the iPad is the perfect device to show your work.
  387. Childfree: Do They Regret Their Choices When They're Old?
    You won't have kids to be there for you when you're old
  388. Fructose, Corn Sugar...Whatever...It's Not The Same As Sugar
    The big corn refiners continue to use smoke, mirrors, and outright lies to the public about fructose and health risks
  389. Break Out the Fosters, Tea Party in Australia
    Australia gets its very own Tea Party.
  390. How to Reliably Watch Football Online
    A few hundred dollars is a small price to pay to watch your favorite teams this year. Time to bite the bullet and buy, because there really is no decent alternative.
  391. Top Ten Travel Social Network Sites for 2010
    There are many good travel social networks to chose from. Here are what one ranking site calls the top ten.
  392. Why Worry About Things We Have No Control Over?
    A reflection about people's vulnerability when it comes to life events we cannot control, in spite of our efforts
  393. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  394. September 15, 2010

    HotelPlanner Partners With Washington Redskins
    Youth sports in Washington DC metro area will also benefit
  395. An NFL Lockout May Have Longlasting Effect on Several Business Sectors
    Lockouts have cost NBA and MLB serious fan base
  396. Patriots Ship Out Lawrence Maroney and It's About Friggin' Time
    Lawrence Maroney is traded to the Denver Broncos
  397. T-Mobile G2 Specs Published
    What T-Mo won't say, HTC will.
  398. Paranormal Activity Goes Worldwide
    The ghostly activity begins to spread worldwide.
    in Film
  399. IE9 Beta Released. And It's Got Major Chops
    Microsoft's latest browser is an enormous leap forward.
  400. New Mad Men iPhone App Gets You Loaded with Style
    Drink like Don Draper with this new cocktail guide and game.
  401. GETTING HOUSED: Final Predictions for Big Brother Finale
    Who wins the big money, who wins the popularity contest, and what will Julie wear?
    in TV
  402. Book-Selling Guru Gary Hoover Launches Business Academy
    Speaker and teacher started one of the country’s first book superstores
    in Guru
  403. Affordable Healthcare in America — Fighting Fiction and Facing Facts
    Healthcare costs continue to rise and insurers are asking for more rate hikes. Is there any end in sight?
  404. FDA, USDA Employees Claim They're Pressured To Compromise Safety
    FDA and USDA employees report pressure in the past year from food industry and political interests to compromise safety for the sake of profits
  405. Cut Sugar and Carbs to Live Longer, Drop Weight Faster
    Sugar and refined carbs cause immune system damage leading to weight gain and risk of heart disease and cancer.
  406. A Quest for Health with Help from Social Media
    How a little motivation from pals (and frenemies) can help you achieve fitness goals
  407. Welcome to the Real World, Twitter App Developers
    Twitter app developers should stop complaining and do a little innovating themselves. This is business.
  408. We Don't Need No Stinkin' Code Monkeys
    We're entering the decade of the developer, but code monkeys are not enough
  409. The Law and Evolving Media
    In a world where anonymity is fast becoming archaic, the protection of privacy should start in the home, so keep your information close.
  410. Nine Percent of Americans Regularly Rely on Social Networks for News
    News consumption through social networks most prevalent in 30-39 age group
  411. Vinegar Clinically Proven To Destroy Fat Without Diet Change
    Vinegar Reduces Body Fat
  412. Ines Sainz and the Jets: Hey Baby, Welcome to the Pros
    Is it wrong to verbally acknowledge the presence of a beautiful woman? Well, it depends...
  413. Erin Hills Golf Course: Home of the 2017 US Open
    A review of Erin Hills Golf Course by a PGA Professional. Erin Hills has been awarded the 2017 US Open.
  414. Hemp - The Wonder Plant!
    A review of hemp-based products from foodstuff to clothing
  415. Do You See The Internet as A Threat or an Opportunity for Journalists?
    Is there any room left for the print media? Sales are declining, but there must surely be some benefit to making use of the internet for journalists.
    in IT
  416. Geothermal Pumps Heat and Cool Efficiently
    A cheaper way to heat and cool buildings
  417. Tea Party Continues to Feast on the GOP
    Purity tests in the GOP will lead to its defeat.
  418. Delaware GOP Bites the Dust
    Republicans exile moderates; Democrats a broader church?
  419. Sarah Palin- and Tea Party-Backed Candidate Scores Upset in Delaware
    Palin/Tea Party-backed Christine O'Donnell won big, but her uphill fight is just beginning.
  420. Central Ohio as Energy Hub
    $250,000 grant to focus on manufacturing and storing power in central Ohio
  421. #140Conf: I'm a Dad & Damn Proud Of It
    CC Chapman speaks at the #140Conf in Boston, MA on September 14, 2010 about how brands are ignoring dads in the social media space
  422. #140Conf: Effect of the Real-Time Web on News Gathering
    Review of the media portion of the #140Conf held in Boston, MA on September 14, 2010
  423. Social Media Casualty: Power and Privilege
    Power is addictive and you have tasted the drug. Life is good, or at least it used to be before social media sucked all the life out of its meaty bones.
  424. September 14, 2010

    A Wishing Well For Sad Regrets
    An anonymous place to store your regrets.
  425. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: Hikers or Spies?
    This week Paranoia wonders if the three hikers currently being held by Iran are really hikers or if they are really spies. Either way, we need to get them home now.
  426. Reggie Bush Has to Hand Over the Hardware
    Reggie Bush has to cough up the Heisman Trophy
  427. Amazing Dice Mosaic
    Two Hollywood icons sculpted entirely out of dice.
  428. Season Two Eastbound & Down Trailer
    Kenny Powers returns in the second season of the hit HBO comedy.
  429. Conan Takes Your Questions
    Conan responds to fan questions on YouTube.
  430. Help Wanted: Business Person To Run United States
    Time to rethink our country's leaders, business people need apply.
  431. Apple, Pear, Banana. Bush, Madoff, Enron.
    To beef up his charade as a “war president”, he had to beef up not only the impact of 9/11, but also the future risks. Thus, for nearly eight years he perpetrated an economic sham more cunning than a Bernie Madoff or an Enron.
  432. University of Texas Sports Program Gets Face Time on Facebook
    Longhorn Athletics Department Sets Up First Official Facebook Fan Page
  433. From Blackberries to Strawberries
    From the Blackberry to the chef's knife, a writer's plight on blogging and cooking
  434. Interview: A Chat With New Medicine at Uproar Festival Atlanta, 2010
    Uproar Festival 2010: Backstage Interview with members of ass-kicking, hard rocking, metal band New Medicine.
  435. Big Firm Bonuses Back to pre-Crisis Level
    Executive bonuses have returned to pre-crisis levels
  436. The U.S. Economy is Still in the Poorhouse
    The U.S. Economy is Still Headed for the Poorhouse
  437. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  438. Small, Midsize Businesses Blame Facebook for Social Networking Bugs
    Survey: 33 Percent of Companies with up to 1,000 Workers Have Been Hit with Malware or Virus Infections
  439. Constructive Contagions: Social Media, Meet Social Engineering
    Can positive health behavior be embedded in online social networks?
  440. Member of Russian Parliament Calls for Center For UFO Studies
    Kirsan Ilyumzhinov leaving parliament, but not leaving UFOs
  441. 5 Reasons to "Cold Email" Other Bloggers
    Every blogger should "cold email".
  442. Gaming Platforms, Interactive Technology for Students Get Multimillion-Dollar Boost
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Sets Up $100M Innovation Fund, Plans $300M Investment in Education Tools
  443. Media Goes Mad Over Randy Moss’ Post Game Outburst
    There was probably a method to the apparent 'madness' of Randy Moss going off in the press after Sunday's Patriots victory.
  444. NFL Cheers, Jeers, and Props Week 1
    The Best & Worst of Week 1
  445. Get The Funk Out: An All-Natural Deodorant
    A review on an all natural deodorant product, made locally in Toronto Canada.
  446. Clothes So Sweet You Can Almost Eat ‘Em: The Laundry Tarts
    Dedicated posting to natural detergent and soap base. Chemical free cleaners
  447. Eat Fat to Boost Weight Loss
    Dietary fat is essential to good health and assists natural weight loss.
  448. New Program Pursues Academic Missions for Mars
    Mars Education Challenge to Reward Inventiveness by High School Science Teachers
  449. Austin Rules as Sex-Crazed Capital of U.S., Magazine Says
    Home of University of Texas Ranks First in Condom Sales
  450. HackFest's first HackFest this November
  451. What To Do Before Applying For Your Next Auto Loan
    You are probably eager to get behind the wheel of your dream car, but before you do, apply for an auto loan online.
  452. Yellow Pea Flour Fights Belly Fat
    Yellow Peas Fight Fat
  453. The Amazing Liver and Why We Foolishly Ignore it
    The liver is a great piece of equipment and is most often ill-treated, abused, unappreciated, overworked and ignored.
  454. Exceptional Service On The Train To Manchester Airport
    A great service on the Transpennine Express train from York to Manchester airport.
  455. Public Universities Can Spur Renewable Energy
    Solar Power a viable option
  456. The Retail Investor Has Left The Building
    And won't be back anytime soon.
  457. Clean Coal Still Dirty
    Study estimates that coal-fired power plants will cause $100 billion in annual health costs
  458. September 13, 2010

    What's for sale?
    $40 Pabst Blue Ribbon and the mosque in NYC.
  459. Diablo Cody Chats With FNL's Coach Taylor
    Diablo Cody interviews Kyle Chandler in an Airstream trailer in the latest installment of "Red Band Trailer."
  460. Weezer Auto-Tunes the News
    Weezer joins this installment of "Auto-Tune the News."
  461. 127 Hours Brings Aron Ralston's Amazing Story to Life
    Canyoneer Aron Ralston's story comes to the big screen.
    in Film
  462. Sometimes Athletes Don't Know When to Hang 'Em Up
    Allen Iverson looking overseas to play this season
  463. Small Business Incentives Lost in Tax Debate
    Tax cuts overshadow the issue of improving small business incentives
  464. Gowalla Opens the Book on Campus Recruiting Effort
    Geo-Location Company to Visit UC Berkeley, UT Austin, MIT, Harvard, Stanford
  465. The Jig is Up on Tort Reform
    A new study shows that the annual cost of medical malpractice, including defensive medicine, was 2.4 percent of all health care costs.
  466. Leadership, Paranoia, and Metanoia
    Working Together for Our Common Future
    in Guru
  467. The Time May Be Right For Car Refinancing
    Interest rates are at historic lows. Now is the time to take advantage of refinancing your car loan.
  468. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know about what's going on in the markets.
  469. In Defense of Zuck: Mark Zuckerberg's Philosophy
    Don't hate Zuck. His philosophy might not necessarily be such a bad thing.
  470. Some Democrats Look to Bieber to Bail Them Out
    Can attaching Justin Bieber's name to a Democratic message help rein in votes for the Democrats? One group seems to think so.
  471. He’s Baaack! Gordon Gekko Released From Prison For Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
    He’s wiser, he mellower, but he can still swim with the sharks.
    in Film
  472. Naval Nuances: China and the HIgh Seas
    In case you were becoming too comfy.
  473. Redemption: Dustin Johnson Wins the BMW Championship
    Johnson earns big win; Ryder Cup players falter.
  474. An Unorthodox Link Building Strategy from McDonald's
    Why you should follow the link strategy of traffic kings.
  475. How 20 Minutes on Twitter Started a Profitable Client Relationship
    Social media works best when people connect with people. Here's one example.
  476. I Hate Politics!
    Why I hate Politics.
  477. Post-Natal Depression And Dads
    Do men also suffer from post-natal depression? Is it not our fault for presenting false expectations about the major upheaval that is parenthood?
  478. Diversity: Harmful Effects Of Discrimination - Part 3
    Discrimination and harassment have mental and physical health consequences such as frustration, stress, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and heart attacks.
  479. Sleep May be the Key to Successful Weight Loss
    We need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night for optimal health and weight loss success.
  480. Will Google Instant Cut Off the Long Tail?
    Many consider this to be Google's attempt to cut off long tail search phrases.
  481. Diseases Associated with Gastrointestinal and Extra-Intestinal Cancers
    There are certain diseases which are treated as alerts for physicians to go deep in search of gastrointestinal cancers, those that may exist or are likely to develop in future.
  482. Study Finds Sorghum Bran Higher In Antioxidants Than Blueberries or Pomegranates
    New research results show substantially higher levels of healthful antioxidants in common, inexpensive sorghum when compared to better known fruits.
  483. Using Adobe Illustrator - Creating Symbols 101: Part 1
    How to create and spray symbols in Adobe Illustrator
  484. Make Plans to Lose Weight With Lifestyle Changes
    Achieve successful weight loss by planning diet and exercise into your weekly schedule.
  485. The Manual of Food Photography
    This is a must-have book for anyone interested in preparing food for the camera
  486. E-Waste: A Profitable Business
    Benefit for all
  487. Microsoft Pours Weed Killer On Its Vine
    Microsoft shuts down its location based social networking beta for emergencies, Microsoft Vine.
  488. FAA's New Regs Limit Flying Time For Pilots To Reduce Fatigue
    FAA new regulations reduce pilot flying time to reduce pilot fatigue, a known dangerous condition
  489. T-Mobile G2 Going on Pre-order Later This Month
    A few days ago, T-Mobile USA revealed the company’s next Android phone, the T-Mobile G2.
  490. Baby Carrots Marketed as Junk Food
    Same stuff, new packaging to attract children.
  491. Google Instant Meme
    What do you get when you mash-up Billy Joel and Google's Instant Search?
  492. USA Wins Gold FIBA 2010 World Championship
    Kevin Durant earns the MVP award
  493. September 12, 2010

    From Cars to Computers, Social Networkers Seek Consumer Advice, Info Online
    49 Percent of Respondents in Survey Use Social Media Sites to Help with Electronics Purchases
  494. Federer Goes Down in U.S. Open Upset
    Serbian Novak Djokovic brings Swiss Roger Federer down in semi-final in five sets at U.S. Open. Rafael Nadal awaits.
  495. Is This Really Necessary?
    Senseless death over Koran burning issue
  496. How Will Berlusconi Win Again in Italy?
    Political campaign already started in Italy; only Berlusconi knows it
  497. Controversy Plagues Sofia Coppola's Win at 67th Venice Film Festival
    Sofia Coppola Somewhere wins 67th Venice Film Festival.
    in Film
  498. Harrisburg University Plans Social Media Blackout, Has Lost All Short-Term Memory
    Harrisburg University plans a "social media blackout" to reflect on life pre-social media, since their short-term memory is apparently lacking.
  499. Orbiting Global Mobile Event Horizon
    Global Mobile Media Marketing Web 3.0 Internet Brand Marketing Future
  500. Pareto Principle is Common Sense for Your Business
    The Magnificent Seven Rules of Business
  501. Plenty of Questions to be Answered at Final Round of BMW Championships
    A lot at stake on Sunday at the BMW Championship
  502. iHateYou
    i i i i i
  503. September 11, 2010

    My Gaming Memories
    Part 1 - The Early Years
  504. The Wanted Are Very Unwanted
    The Wanted: an "All Time Low" indeed.
  505. India’s Government Paper Proposes Weakening FDI Rules
    India’s Commerce ministry released a discussion paper on Friday.
  506. Passive Solar Buildings
    The ultimate energy efficient home
  507. Michael Moore: "If That 'Mosque' ISN'T Built, This Is No Longer America"
    Michael Moore speaks for everyday Americans
  508. It's Official: Willow Smith Signed to Roc Nation Records
    Willow Smith--daughter of Will Smith--gets signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation record label.
  509. Angelina Jolie Dons Burqa… Sort Of
    From a sassy lass to grace incarnate, Angelina Jolie makes strides in U.S./Muslim relations.
  510. Williams-Sonoma Completes One Stock Repurchase Only To Start Another
    Cook's supply store has eyes toward future expansion
  511. IMF Briefing Note Says Slow Growth is Certain in 2nd Half of 2010
    The IMF said in its briefing notes issued to deputy finance ministers of G20 countries that global growth would slow due to recent turbulence in sovereign debts and prolonged weakness in the US financial sector.
  512. Budget Report Shows Increased Spending in 2010
    Even though spending has increased 1% in 2010, the CBO will tell you it has decreased 2%.
  513. Energy Policy: The Leaders vs. The Zombies
    German leadership in solving climate change creates action and investment, while the U.S. misses out.
  514. The Differences Between Our Decorative Bed Coverings
    Knowing the difference between the bed linens we purchase online is very important. All bed covers look just about the same behind a computer screen but each has its own distinctive feature in real life.
  515. Certain Antioxidants May Cause Cancer, Are We Surprised?
    Is there a perfect food? Yes, and it's called variety.
  516. Uproar Festival Review: Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold Rock Atlanta
    Uproar Fest main stage review featuring Halestorm, Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed
  517. Finding the New the Frontier is Essential
    Prosperity is a vital issue since it holds civilizations together. Let me share a few ideas about it.
  518. Why the Desire to Keep Going Back to India
    I know it's quite repetitive and boring when the topic seems to be the same, but in a real sense there is not one India which is modern and a competitor of China, but several Indias in one.
  519. Gone, But Never Forgotten
    Memorials and Tributes to Victims of 9-11
  520. "I Want Your Sex" on the Runways of New York City's Fashion Week
    Marlon Gobel and Chris Mann are "Mr. America"
  521. September 10, 2010

    World's First HDR Video Demonstration
    Soviet Montage demos their HDR video technique.
  522. Vivitar Is Trying to Get Into Your Grandparents' Pants
    Vivitar and Blue Moon Studios are attempting to use naivete to remove your grandparents' dignity.
  523. When Bad Things Happen to Famous People
    From Phil Spector to OJ Simpson - when bad things happen to famous people.
  524. A Produce Farm in a Pickup Truck
    Your can grow food anywhere!
  525. Scrubbing Carbon Dioxide from the Air
    Is carbon sequestration a feasible solution to counter global warming?
  526. Money vs Loyalty
    Money Over Loyalty?
  527. The Thing About Fashion Week...
    Surviving New York's Fashion Week
  528. Step One to Travel Writing, Getting Started
    For me, the word “travel” conjures images of far away, unknown places. Step one, travel.
  529. California Gas Explosion Update
    Update San Bruno gas explosion
  530. Why is Apple is Trying to Kill Me?
    The conspiracy to keep the revenue flowing is uncovered.
  531. Vampire Filler: A Stem Cell Face Lift?
    Non-surgical facelift utilitizes patients own stem cells
  532. Perfection is the Enemy of Great Writing
    Is the pursuit of perfection actually harming your writing?
  533. Statistics Show Afghanistan Is Poor, Illiterate, Young Nation
    28.1 Percent of Residents Illiterate, CIA Says
  534. Gainesville, Fla. Pastor Offers Insight Into the Mind of A Loon
    Terry Jones is showing that he's an example of what evil can lurk in the hearts of men.
  535. Terry Jones...Your Favorite Non-Christian's Favorite Christian
    Religion unites us. Religion divides us. Pastor Terry Jones is definitely doing the latter while giving America a bad name.
  536. Coffee Party Brews New Political Movement
    Group’s First-Ever Convention Set for Late September in Kentucky
  537. The Mosque Debate
    Politics and religion are a hazardous mixture.
  538. Waste Not, Want Not: Buy Yourself Some CRAP!
    A look at a local design company that makes unique fashion items using waste materials from other local companies
  539. 3 Reasons I Like Google Instant
    Google instant isn't all bad.
  540. Why Not Get a Juice Boost? Starbucks has Other Choices
    Letting the coffee lovers know that there are other choices at Starbucks than coffee
  541. Apple Exposes App Store Developer Guidelines
    iOS developers are suddenly given a set of detailed guidelines by Apple
  542. Major Gas Explosion in San Bruno, CA
    Gas explosion near San Francisco Airport; Homes Destroyed
  543. 8 iPhone Apps Every International Traveler Should Have
    Here is my list of the top eight iPhone apps that I use regularly while traveling internationally.
  544. Controlling Lifestyle and Hormones is Key to Successful Weight Loss
    Controlling critical appetite hormones provides the key to successful and permanent weight loss.
  545. Green Buildings Enhance Health and Productivity
    Green buildings for the sake of better health
  546. Pending Report Downplays Optimism Regarding Electric Cars
    The potential for meaningful growth in use of electric vehicles in the U.S. is limited, given current infrastructure and energy policies.
  547. Google Instant - Consequences for Search Advertising
    Has PPC and SEO really been turned on its head?
  548. California Air Resources Board Mandates Tire Pressure Checks
    Tire Regulation Keeps Tires Inflated
  549. Diversity: Harmful Effects Of Discrimination - Part 2
    The intensity of the psychological, emotional and physical injury that may result from being a target of discrimination can be deep.
  550. Insurance Coverage For Uncommon Diseases
    If you have an unusual disorder or disease, you are your own best advocate in ensuring coverage for your treatment.
  551. Internet Explorer 9: What To Expect
    New features and supported standards of Microsoft's next release of Internet Explorer.
  552. Poken: Touch and Go
    Connecting the Real World to Your Online Presence
  553. Affordable High Quality Multiparty Videoconferencing using Skype and VuRoom
    Get your company on Videoconferencing almost for free
  554. In Sports World, Shaq Stands Tall on Twitter
    Poll: One-Fourth of Sports Fans Track Favorite Athletes Through Social Media
  555. September 9, 2010

    The Fur Files - No Such Thing As Perfect, Two Heads in Bed
    One woman asks should marriage be
  556. Enter to Win Oscar Red Carpet Seats!
    Online entry to win bleacher seats on the 2011 Oscar Red Carpet
  557. 2010 NFL Preview: San Diego Chargers
    Chargers get it done in reg. season. Can they do it in postseason?
  558. Justin Bieber Twitter Fever
    Teen sensation Justin Bieber utilizes 3% of Twitter's server space.
  559. Leadership Priorities: Thinking Social Change
    Sudden Change is Frightening
  560. Mosque at Ground Zero: A War in Itself
    A mosque at Ground Zero threatens to disturb the already restless peace of NYC. Here's an interesting take on the issue.
  561. Obama Announces New Incentives for Small Businesses
    President calls for letting some tax cuts to expire
  562. Buyer’s Logic: No Tax Credit, Not Buying
    There is a reason home purchases have dropped since the homebuyer tax credit expired
  563. Some Sops for Worrisome Investors as the New U.S. Data Offers Positive Signs
    US data released this week are somewhat encouraging
  564. UK Interest Rates Remain at 0.5% and Look Set to Stay There
    The Bank of England keeps UK interest rates on hold yet again.
  565. Let New Cubicles Maximize Your Office Space
    You may need to consider purchasing new cubicles which are symmetric and allow reconfiguration.
  566. How to Choose A Flexographic Printer
    Brand owners and brand managers must have the knowledge to select the proper print manufacturer.
  567. Google's Instant Search - Is it Worth the Hype?
    Is Google's new instant search worth its hype? 5 reasons why the author thinks it is not. A critical look at the new feature.
  568. Old Spice "Raven" Commercial
    Sadly, this man isn't Isaiah Mustafa.
  569. A Cappella Inception Trailer Re-Dub
    Inception trailer re-dubbed with a cappella music and sound effects.
  570. YouTube Time Machine
    The concept is simple. The possibilities are endless.
  571. Music Video: Kirby Krackle, "Zombie Apocalypse"
    Kirby Krackle fights zombies in this animated music video.
  572. 2010 NFL Preview: Oakland Raiders
    Are the Raiders finally pulling themselves from their own blackhole?
  573. Company Says ‘I Do’ to Its First Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo in Texas
    Same Love, Same Rights Event Set for Sept. 12 in Austin
  574. CVS Introduces $99 Netbook
    Sylvania Device Runs on Windows CE Operating System
  575. Tips to Exercise Easier, Lose Weight Faster
    Exercise tips to help you work out easier to reap the many health and weight loss benefits of physical activity.
  576. Plaxo Updates iPhone App
    Plaxo’s 1.0 Release Gives Broader Access to Tools
  577. IDC: Android Looms as ‘Wild Card’ in Growing Smartphone Market
    Forecast Says Google Operating System to Hold Nearly 25 Percent Market Share in 2014
  578. Diversity: Harmful Effects Of Discrimination- Part 1
    Being subjected to discrimination in any form can trigger a range of negative feelings and reactions in its target
  579. Salamanca, The Soul of Spain
    Salamanca is the soul and spirit of Spain. It's here in this walled, old city that the Spanish language was born.
  580. Becoming an Author and Finding the Time
    Finding time to write a book is no easy task. Read here for resources and ideas.
  581. How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?
    The lowdown on how to select blog post length.
  582. NFL Picks Week 1
    Who will win and why
  583. 2010 NFL Preview: Kansas City Chiefs
    A change in staff gives Kansas City hope for a change in results.
  584. Obama Comes Out Swinging in Cleveland
    President Obama spoke to a crowd in Ohio yesterday and delivered what was arguably his best speech since taking office.
  585. GETTING HOUSED: Losing All Hope is Freedom on Big Brother
    Shawshank, Eddie Murphy, The Usual Suspects and the Big Brother Final Four.
    in TV
  586. Wes Craven's My Soul To Take Contest
    Win a signed poster for Wes Craven's newest flick.
    in Film
  587. Blogging and Social Media are Killing Off Newspapers — Including the New York Times?
    NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. says their paper won't always be in print. Perhaps blogs and social media are to blame.
  588. Ground Zero Mosque a Test
    Development near Ground Zero an assault on Western culture.
  589. Does the U.S. Have Too Much Democracy?
    Is it possible?
  590. Rahm Jumping Ship?
    Who is in the running to replace Rahm-bo?
  591. Bring on the GOP Majorities in Congress
    If you think the Republicans are crazy now, wait for the full-on crazy after they win back the Congress.
  592. What to Watch at The BMW Championship
    There are plenty of stories at the BMW Championship this weekend.
  593. Tip to Get Eyeballs on Your Blog: Ignore SEO
    SEO isn't nearly as important to website growth as you think.
  594. 2010 NFL Preview: Denver Broncos
    Broncos look to be in year of transition under head coach Josh McDaniels
  595. September 8, 2010

    Obama Announces New Incentives for Small Businesses
    President calls for letting some tax cuts to expire
  596. Inspire Yourself First Before You Inspire Others With Your Small Business Marketing
    How do you keep your marketing inspired overlong periods of time?
  597. Stephanie Rice Sorry for Using the F-Bomb and It's Not Good Enough
    Apology For Gay Bashing Comment Insufficient - Stephanie Rice in the Wrong
  598. Calculate Your Net Worth
    Know what you own and owe and what you're worth.
  599. New Guy, New Cubicle, New Challenges
    Introducing a fresh hire into his new cubicle can be a big challenge.
  600. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  601. How To Tie Your Shoes Really Fast
    Learn how to save years of your life by tying your shoelaces really fast.
  602. The Money Tree
    Amy Krouse Rosenthal pinned $100 in dollar bills to a tree in Chicago.
  603. Google Introduces Google Instant
    Google introduces new real-time search results.
  604. Lady Gaga Stops Show to Break Up Fight
    Lady Gaga breaks up a fight in Washington D.C.
  605. Interview: April's End Lead Guitarist Dan Buquicchio
    A chat with one of New York's up and coming speed metal bands.
  606. If You’re Not Participating on Twitter Every Day, Do People Stop Talking to You?
    How do you track conversations on Twitter? How often should you participate?
  607. 2010 NFL Preview: St. Louis Rams
    The Rams at 50 million reasons to look at the future. Can they surprise early?
  608. Solar, Alternative Energy Tours Coming Your Way
    National solar tours are being held the first weekend of October in almost all 50 states.
  609. Non-Stick Coatings Linked to High Levels of Bad Cholesterol
    Toxic effects from non-stick Compounds
  610. What is Your Page Rank?
    Finding page rank of your blog and the ranking of your name in Google are two ways to boost your ego.
  611. Proposed Change to New Car Fuel Economy Labels
    Grade Your New Vehicle Based on Fuel Economy and Tailpipe Emissions
  612. Waste Not Center
    Yet another way to reduce and reuse
  613. Non-Recycling Residents Must Pay Fines
    Is it fair and to whom?
  614. T-Mobile Gets Android-Aggressive (BOGO + Free Extra Lines)
    T-Mobile responds to Verizon's BOGO with even more.
  615. Low Carb Veggie-Based Diet Assists Weight Loss, Improves Health
    A diet centered around fresh vegetables assists weight loss, while animal protein diets are correlated with heart disease and cancer.
  616. Did the Childfree Have Bad Childhoods?
    Does a troubled childhood result in not wanting kids?
  617. Citrus Juices and Vitamin C Boost Absorption of Green Tea
    Supercharge your Green Tea
  618. Organic Fruit - New Evidence Shows Not Only Fewer Chemicals, But More Nutrients
    This new, peer-reviewed study provides strong evidence that organically grown fruit is not only lower in harmful chemicals, but is also significantly higher in vitamins and antioxidants.
  619. New PatriotApp Lets iPhone Users Report Suspected Terrorism, Crime
    Citizens are Country’s Best ‘Network of Eyes and Ears,’ Creator Says
  620. Obama Takes a $50 Billion Infrastructure Punch at the GOP
    President Obama announced plans for $50 billion in infrastructure spending yesterday. But needing Republican support that he's unlikely to get, is there a method to his madness?
  621. America's Fading Passion
    On the 9/11 anniversary, we need to hearken back and rekindle our passion as Americans
  622. "New" Stimulus Package?
    President Obama has presented us with a new stimulus package. Didn't I hear this before ?
  623. GOP Momentum Could Also Turn Out to Be the GOP Downfall
    Republicans see big gains on the horizon, but they shouldn't get comfy just yet.
  624. Loading, Buffering and Booting: The Lost Days of Our Lives
    The price of technology must include the value of the wasted hours we spend trying to get it to work.
  625. Cloud Storage Provider Backupify Gains $4.5M in VC
    Technology Backs Up Data from Facebook, Twitter, Other Services
  626. September 7, 2010

    The Sean Penn, Wyclef Jean Hissy Fit
    Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean engage in pissing match over who's more helpful to Haiti. Seriously.
  627. Guy Love: The Dad Blogger Theme Song
    The new theme song for Dad Bloggers every where.
  628. How to Buy Your First Car
    Financing your first car can be a daunting task.
  629. Vehicle Wraps: A Better Alternative to Supergraphics and Mega-billboards
    An innovative outdoor marketing solution
  630. For Want of a Nail . . .
    When and Where Should You Incorporate Your New Business?
  631. Is Kanye West Exchanging His Big Ego For a Big Heart?
    Kayne West is still trying to make it up to Taylor Swift. Awww...
  632. Survey: Freedom, Not Lack of Full-Time Work, Propels Freelancers
    56 Percent of Freelancers Driven by Ability to Be Their Own Boss
  633. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  634. Creating An Effective Team
    Passion drives team success
  635. Glen Davis Has to Be Committed
    Glen Davis is quite the character on and off the court
  636. 5 Tips To Improve Your Online Sales
    Know Who You Are, Make it Easy, and Don't Fake Testimonials
  637. Rocketboom Interviews The Room's Tommy Wiseau
    Rocketboom's Molly sits down with The Room auteur Tommy Wiseau.
  638. Real Estate Investing: Why You Need A Black Belt Mortgage Broker
    Real Estate investing can be extremely profitable and fun
  639. YouTube Launches Life in a Day Channel
    YouTube promotes upcoming Life in a Day feature film.
  640. College Courses Specializing in Social Media are in a Class by Themselves
    Drury University, University of Alabama at Birmingham among Early Adopters in Social Media Education
  641. NCAA Punishing the Wrong People
    NCAA needs to punish the true violators, not the ones inheriting the mess
  642. End of Daley Dynasty in Chicago Presents Opportunity for Rahm Emanuel
    The retirement of long-serving Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley presents an opportunity for Rahm Emanuel to exit the White House.
  643. Talking Wine and Web with Gary Vaynerchuk
    Gary Vaynerchuk talks wine and web on Sirius Radio with his new show
  644. Do You #FollowFriday on Twitter? What #FF Means and How to Use it Effectively
    All you need to know about #FollowFriday and the best tips for recommending followers on Twitter.
  645. Android And The $99 Eken Tablet
    With all the recent press iDevices have been receiving recently, I thought Android deserved a bit of press
  646. Labels – Why Does Choosing a Lifestyle Mean Being Pigeonholed?
    Taking a look at labels that are used around eating, vegan, vegetarian and raw lifestyle, and the benefits and drawbacks.
  647. Team USA Ryder Cup Captain Corey Pavin Announces His Team
    Pavin makes four captains picks to join the squad.
  648. Watch charity:water Drill New Well to Celebrate Its Fourth Anniversary
    Today, charity:water will celebrate its fourth anniversary by drilling a new well for people living in Central African Republic
  649. Change The New iPod Nano Into An iWatch
    Apple's iPod can be used as a watch.
  650. How Google Android Is Catching Up To Apple iOS
    Apple is not alone anymore
  651. Top Fitness Myths That Prevent Weight Loss
    As obesity rates continue to soar, understanding physical fitness myths can lead the way to successful and permanent weight loss.
  652. Pregnant And Over Forty? Learn About The Quad Screening Test
    Don't be alarmed; false positives occur on the Quad Screening Test.
  653. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: Church Plans to Burn Quran
    In this week's Paranoid Guide, Paranoia calls out The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainseville, Florida, who are unwittingly starting a holy war rooted in ignorance.
  654. Crumbs For Main Street, Bread For Wall Street
    Obama’s new initiative: too little, too late
  655. Obama’s Infrastructure Plan Would Make Skies Friendlier for Air Travelers
    NextGen Initiative Designed to Revamp Clogged Air Traffic Control System
  656. American Farmers Venture into New Field: Social Media
    Survey Finds 46 Percent of Young Farmers, Ranchers Use Tools Like Facebook, Twitter
  657. September 6, 2010

    Machete or the Good, Bad and the Ugly
    Machete is an action film with a strange assortment of stars in supporting roles and Danny Trejo playing the world's ugliest man as the title character, "Machete."
    in Film
  658. HBO Films Presents My Trip To Al-Qaeda
    One man struggles to find answers to 9/11 by following the dangerous trail of Al-Qaeda.
    in TV
  659. Llamas With Hats 3
    Llamas with hats take a vacation. Fun!
  660. Having Fun On Juggalo Island
    Insane Clown Posse's third single off Bang Pow Boom gets a video.
  661. Charley Hoffman Shoots 62 to Win the Deutsche Bank Championship
    Hoffman wins first event since 2007, Kuchar remains at top of FedEx Cup standings.
  662. More UFO Love For China, This Time In Zhejiang Province
    People's Daily covering UFOs in China as serious news
  663. Week 18--Mall Walking At School
    12-mile training walk leaves Pink Me Out team a tad sore
  664. We Can’t Get Enough of Hoarders
    How much stuff does a person really need? For some, this is an open-ended question.
    in TV
  665. Abortionists Make Abortion Perception Even Worse
    Legal or not, the presence of back alley type abortions makes the practice look as evil as some believe it to be.
  666. Front Loaded Infrastructure Stimulus Plan in the Works
    Mmm... stimulus. Obama wants to spend more money that we don't have. Is it worth it?
  667. Corporations Have an Increased Presence in Politics
    Communication expenses in 2010 have already risen to over 40% more than the 2008 cycle.
  668. The Return of the Late Night Mistress
    Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, makes her grand return to late night television this fall.
    in TV
  669. Are Print Readers More Valuable than Digital?
    Are traditional media users really more valuable than digital?
  670. Revis and NY Jets Reach Agreement
    Revis Island returns
  671. Where to Locate the Best Auto Financing Rate
    Getting approved for auto financing in the form of a car loan can be a stressful process.
  672. GETTING HOUSED: Final Four Play for HoH on Big Brother
    Digging through trash, house-guests fight for $10k and spot in final three.
    in TV
  673. USA Network Covert Affairs - Week 6 Recap
    A series of affairs keeps Annie on her toes as she works to determine the source of the CIA leak.
    in TV
  674. Keep Lost Weight and Belly Fat Off for Good
    The key to permanent weight loss is to control mind and attitude and lifestyle.
  675. The Differences Between How Men and Women Travel
    Men and women are very different. No question. But they even travel differently. Here's how.
  676. USA Network Covert Affairs - Week 4 Recap
    Annie's mysterious lover appears and not just as a flashback as Annie tries to turn a retired CIA agent.
    in TV
  677. Are Girls More Clever than Boys?
    New research shows girls and their teachers think they are cleverer than boys from an early age. Is this part of our current obsession with exaggerating the supposed differences between girls and boys?
  678. September 5, 2010

    Protect the Fetus & Newborn Babies – Be Alert to Chemical Dangers!
    Pregnant women and parents endeavor to minimize health risks to babies. Best tips highlight how to avoid health issues!
  679. Nest Egg or Debt Reduction?
    Staged savings and investing procedure isn’t easy. It requires tough choices and patience to reduce the interest expenses.
  680. On Renewable Fuels, the Public is Ahead of the Beltway
    American businesses and individuals have started the switch from fossil to renewable fuels on their own.
  681. Turning Your Bedroom Into a Relaxing Oasis
    The perfect getaway will soothe our souls and relax our minds.
    in DIY
  682. Arsenic In Your Eggs: The Untested Risk That The FDA Continues To Ponder
    The FDA and USDA have known for years that there is arsenic in our poultry. Now it has also been found in the eggs that we eat.
  683. Yasir Hameed Claims He didn’t Talk, But Truth is Otherwise
    Yasir Hameed, who blew the lid on match-fixing scandals surrounding Pakistan's team, denied talking to any newspaper but the facts imply otherwise.
  684. Congressional Democrats Attempting to Avert Disaster
    With less than two months until the midterm elections, Democrats may be past the point of no return.
  685. Financing For the Car of Your Dreams
    There are different ways you can obtain a car loan, but one of the most convenient is to apply online.
  686. How To Create PDF Documents - For Free
    Turn any document or image into a PDF document. Free!
  687. Who Wins With A US Brokered Peace Between Israel and The Palestinians?
    There are great opportunities to change the world for the better.
  688. Why Internet Explorer Has Lost Marketshare
    Internet Explorer has gone way down from the throne to being a pain for the users, Let us shed some light on whats gone wrong
    in IT
  689. 97-Year Old Woman Saved From Pitbull Mauling by Her Cat
    97-year old Sophie Thomas is saved from marauding band of vicious pitbulls by her demure little calico kitty Tiger. CATS RULE!
  690. Black Crowes' Chris Robinson Says Taylor Swift "Horrible"
    Chris Robinson can't even remember his last hit song, but that's not going to stop him from hating on little girls.
  691. Pointy-Toothed Ancient Sex Pests (aka Vampires)
    Don’t you just hate them?
  692. Email and Social Media Makes Us Lazy Communicators
    Email and social media have turned us into lazy communicators afraid of person to person interaction
  693. Top Nutrients Drive Weight Loss, Burn Fat
    Natural nutritional supplements provide an important edge to the millions of people trying to lose weight.
  694. USA Network Covert Affairs - Week 4 Recap
    Annie and a Mossad agent are trapped in Zurich without benefit of knowing whether they can trust one another.
    in TV
  695. USA Network Covert Affairs - Week 3 Recap
    Annie seduces a college boy in order to reach his sister, the mistress of a corrupt government official.
    in TV
  696. Two Rounds Down & Two to Go at Deutsche Bank Championship
    Deutsche Bank Championship still up for grabs.
  697. Interview: Anthrax Lead Singer Joey Belladonna Talks American Carnage and Rejoining the Anthrax Brotherhood
    Anthrax lead singer Joey Belladonna talks about his reunion with the band, his side projects and American Carnage.
  698. 2010 NFL Preview: Seattle Seahawks
    The Pete Carroll era begins in Seattle. Will he have success this year and beyond?
  699. September 4, 2010

    International Bacon Day is Today!
    Thank a Pig
  700. In Praise of Judge Bolton and Her Truly Wise and King Solomonesque Decision
    Judge Bolton and King Solomon have a lot in common. They like cutting things in half.
  701. Want to Know Why Apple Changed the iTunes Logo? Because CDs Are Dead.
    It's time to get over the new iTunes icon because Apple is forging ahead, with or without the design snobs.
  702. Top Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight, Part II
    Top reasons for weight loss failure and declining health are explained and resolved by following a natural paleo diet.
  703. Is VoIP Google's Candy on the Gingerbread?
    Changes to Gmail; what is next for Android?
  704. A Mother’s Love Brings Her Dead Baby Back to Life
    Life is a miracle
  705. Food Intervention Show Comes to TLC
    TLC's new show Freaky Eater is the new Food Intervention Show, helping people control their food obsessions.
    in TV
  706. School Today is a Race To Nowhere
    Too much homework and lack of sleep leave kids of today in a race to nowhere. Documentary chronicles education culture
  707. In Search of the Right Direction, the Poynt App Finds its Way
    Poynt, a local search app is helping us find what we are looking for
  708. Study: Spending on Location-Based Ads Will Reach $1.8B in 2015
    McDonald’s, Pepsi Among Advertisers Experimenting with Geo-Targeting
  709. Job search 101
    Three key strategies to make your job search more effective
  710. Finding the Best Rate on Used Car Financing
    Buying a used car is a great way to get yourself behind the wheel of a nice car without paying the money for a brand new vehicle.
  711. Celebrities Get Slammed with Credit Card Scam
    Even if you've done business with a merchant for years, check your charges and protect your personal financial information
  712. Destination Getaway in Virginia
    Fall destination getaway for couples seeking to reconnect romantically or just looking for a spot to vacation in during the fall months. Scenic roads, wineries and festivals al in one state.
  713. Rockstar Energy Drink Presents Uproar Festival 2010, in Atlanta
    Concert News: Rockstar Energy Drink's Uproar Fest coverage coming soon. And with live interviews. Who'd a thunk it?
  714. Vending Machine Diet Harmful for Kids
    Snack Food Diet Can Add 14 Pounds a Year
  715. Critical Apps for Blogging Apple Fan Boys on the Go
    Tips and tools for the hardcore blogger on the go
  716. Texas Attorney General Launches Antitrust Investigation into Google Search
    Google confident it operates in best interest of users
  717. Young Women Have Strokes
    A young woman had a stroke and the subsequent medical malpractice lawsuit settled for $5.3 million
  718. September 3, 2010

    2010 NFL Preview: San Francisco 49ers
    The best chance for San Francisco to reach the playoffs rests on Alex Smith. Can he do it?
  719. Guide To A Customer's Happiness
    Learn how to make small changes that will put a smile on your customer's face.
  720. The Time May be Right for You to Refinance Your Vehicle
    Everyone wants to save on their monthly car payments, whether money is tight or not.
  721. Rakes in the Dough as Seller of Refurbished Dell Gear
    Austin, Texas, Company Forecasts $16 Million in Revenue This Year
  722. Another Big Blow to India-Focused Vedanta Resources
    India-focused Vedanta Resources is asked to explain the violations of green laws and why the environmental clearance granted to Bauxite refinery shouldn’t be cancelled by the the environment ministry.
  723. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  724. American Idol 2010 to Hold Auditions in Los Angeles
    The search for the next American Idol begins
  725. Music Video: Kylie Minogue, "Get Outta My Way"
    Kylie Minogue's latest video is refreshingly straightforward.
  726. Bosnian Puppy-Throwing Girl Caught
    Bosnian puppy-throwing girl is caught by police.
  727. Why Whale Wars is the Most Important Reality TV Show Running
    How a small group of radicals might be saving your future.
    in TV
  728. Harmony Korine Acts da Fool for Proenza Schouler
    Harmony Korine produced "Act da Fool" for Proenza Schouler's Fall 2010 collection.
  729. U.S. Open Brawl
    A drunken brawl erupts during last night's U.S. Open match.
  730. EPA Report Indicates Increasing Man-Made Dead Zones In Our Waterways
    This new report from environmental and agency scientists shows an alarming rate of increase of "dead zones" in our waterways, caused largely by our overuse of fertilizers.
  731. 7.0 Earthquake Hits New Zealand
    Tsunami warning not likely for the New Zealand earthquake
  732. LOLCats and People Who Make Stupid Videos Deserve a B-Slap
    LOLCats aren't funny, regardless of what you idiots think of it
  733. Top Myth Exposed On Illegal Immigration
    Shocking facts show that the vast majority of illegal immigrants have commited serious crimes but are not being prosecuted for them.
  734. Five Tips to Kill Bloggers Block
    Five ways to kick the writer's block that every blogger experiences at some point
  735. Moderate and Radical Islam in Western Society
    When faced with displays of Islamic extremism, the apologists claim the real problem is a misunderstanding of Islam.
  736. Social Media Increasingly Aids Hunt for Missing Americans
    Family, Friends Tap Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for Help
  737. Two Groups to Watch at The Deutsche Bank Championships
    Who to watch at The Deutsche Bank Championship
  738. Angry Birds For Android (Beta) Now Available
    Huge iPhone hit comes to Android 2.x handsets
  739. Seeing Possibilities - Mental Bandwidth Is Critical To Your Career And Life
    Why it is important to ensure that your mind is always fresh and open to possibilities, ready for a new challenge and able to perceive the big picture.
  740. Jeep’s New TripCast App Lets You Be a Tech-Savvy Traveler
    Geo-Location Platform Is Cousin of Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places
  741. Hooked Up At Sea? Not So Much.
    I'm gonna be away for the next week. Don't expect any submissions until I get back.
  742. MSU Professor: Corn Ethanol Results in Energy Gain
    Michigan State University professor proclaims production of corn ethanol an overall energy gain.
  743. Craig's List Missed Connections: People Finding Other Random People
    A look at the "Missed Connections" section of Craig's list.
  744. All New California Commercial Buildings To Have Zero Net Energy Balance
    All new commercial buildings in California will be required to have a zero net energy balance by 2030.
  745. BedBugs Bite, Hotel Reputations Fall: Terminix Rates Your City
    Bedbugs are a national disaster, and hotels live in fear of a bad bedbug review. See where your city is on the bedbug list
  746. Top Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight
    Beyond healthy diet and regular physical activity, lifestyle factors play an important role in assisting weight loss.
  747. Eat, Pray, Upload: Meet the New Media Moguls
    Do it yourself publishing
  748. Save Our Planet, One Sandwich At A Time
    Safe & Waste Free Lunches for Kids
  749. Miracle Tonic - Good Ole Coconut Oil
    A look at the additives in the cosmetics and skincare products we use everyday, and the simpler alternatives.
  750. The Grocery List - How Much of Yours is Local?
    A look at the origin of the foods we buy each day and week, and the environmental impact of local versus imported produce
  751. Obama and His Titanic Presidency Continue to Sink
    Latest jobless numbers show Obama has squandered taxpayer money with nothing to show for it
  752. Are You Ready for Some (Fantasy) Football?
    Hype aside, the whole fantasy football concept is pretty remarkable.
  753. Facebook + Music = Disaster?
    Terrible music and Facebook statuses just don't mix.
  754. September 2, 2010

    The Fur Files - Fat Wife, No Kids, This Guy's No Joltin' Joe
    Relationship advice for the love challenged.
  755. GETTING HOUSED: Puppets and Dance Troupes on Big Brother
    Punishments are handed out as the house guests all play nice.
    in TV
  756. The Beat of New York
    The Beat of New York captures New York in it's purest form.
  757. 1938Media Responds to Eric Schmidt's Name Change Theory
    Loren Feldman of 1938Media responds to Google CEO Eric Schmidt on who should change their names to erase the past - kids or adults?
  758. Zach Selwyn Drops Some Nashville Freestyle
    Zach Selwyn cranks out some impromptu freestyle country comedy down in Nashville
  759. Do Not Use U.S. Taxpayer Money To Bail Out Kabul Bank
    The Fed Chairman Wises up after the event
  760. Das Racist Go 8-Bit in New Video
    Check out a pixelated, bikini-clad Sarah Palin in Das Racist's new 8-bit video.
  761. Early Zach Galifianakis Performance
    Eight years ago, Zach Galifianakis was still doing the same bits we know and love today.
  762. How to Secure Your IT Infrastructure And Save Money!
    Manage your users and train them in IT Security
    in IT
  763. Watch Radiohead's Fan-Made Live in Praha Recordings
    Live in Praha was shot by 50 Czech Radiohead fans with HD cameras.
  764. Stars Whose Loved Ones Turn Into Vultures
    What happens to stars whose parents or lovers turn on them and begin to use them?
  765. Writer Eats a Mrs. Baird's Fruit Pie; Tweets about it from his iPad
    Twitter has finally released an official app for ipad. The writer uses it to tweet about a delicious desert.
  766. Three Ways to Help “Do-It-All” Employees Start to Delegate
    Delegating makes the workplace go round
    in Guru
  767. Four Unique and Innovative Ways Charities are Using Twitter
    Learn how organizations are using Twitter to change the world - one tweet at a time.
  768. Cannabis Coming Soon To a TV Near You
    Cannabis advertising on television? Whatever next?
  769. Castro Acknowledges Cuba's Past Homophobia
    In an interview with the Mexican Press, Fidel Castro fesses up to countries dark past.
  770. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  771. If Stupidity Was A Commodity, Our Economy Would Be Booming
    The number of Americans who believe the president is a Muslim or a foreigner is inexplicable and frightening.
  772. Obama Declares End to Combat Operations in Iraq; Stops Short of Declaring Victory
    The president didn't specifically say it, but a win is a win.
  773. Controlling Emotion and Stress -- Tips to Fuel Weight Loss
    Controlling stress and emotional eating can have a large impact on reaching your weight loss goal.
  774. Organic Strawberries More Nutritious than Conventional Strawberries
    Organic Strawberries Better than Regular
  775. Yet Another Oil Rig Explodes In the Gulf
    Yet another Oil Rig has exploded in the Vermilion Bay in the Gulf of Mexico close to BP's Deepwater Horizon
  776. Oil Rig Explosion off the Coast of Louisiana
    New oil rig explosion; damage uncertain
  777. Survey: 19 Percent of Americans Check Email in Bed
    Survey shows more e-mattress geeks among men than women
  778. Rapper T.I. and Wife Tiny Arrested on Drug Charges
    T.I and his wife were arrested Wednesday on possession of drug charges after a traffic stop in West Hollywood.
  779. Why are Brand Marketers Still Slow to Embrace Social Media?
    Survey shows that brand marketers are not adopting social media as many thought
  780. Samsung Shows Off iPad Competitor
    Samsung releases the Galaxy as a rival to the iPad
  781. Pregnancy – Who Can forget Food Cravings?
    Women that have experienced pregnancy will relate to the overwhelming control of food cravings. Husbands certainly remember cravings!
  782. Interior Design Tips
    DIY re-upholstery and save.
    in DIY
  783. Austin’s Ileenie Weenie Turns Teeny-Weeny Idea into BlogathonATX
    Founder hopes event happens again in Austin and spreads to other cities
  784. Golf Road Trip: Saratoga Springs, NY
    Saratoga Springs is the perfect place for a golf weekend.
  785. Apple Pushes New iPod Line
    Steve Jobs presents the new iPods in San Francisco today.
  786. Paris Hilton Tweeting Her Innocence
    Paris Hilton tweeting on cocaine arrest days after it happened calling it all "a rumor."
  787. Simple is Better: The New Apple TV is Here
    After the tablet, comes the TV -- this time for real!
    in TV
  788. Discovery Hostage Crisis Proves We're All Reporters Now
    Crises such as at Discovery provide an opportunity to participate in the news itself.
  789. 2010 NFL Preview: Arizona Cardinals
    With the Warner era over in Arizona, can Matt Leinart step in and lead? Or will he fail?
  790. September 1, 2010

    Twitter Launches Official iPad App, Takes on Third-Party Developers Once Again
    Late this evening Twitter announced the release of their official iPad app, poised to compete with other iPad Twitter apps such as Tweetdeck and possibly even the much-hyped Flipboard.
  791. The Top Childfree Myth: We're Selfish
    It's high to debunk this myth
  792. Top Foods and Lifestyle Changes Promote Heart Health
    Super Foods and Lifestyle modifications are critical to prevention and treatment of heart disease.
  793. Apple Unveils Smaller, Faster Touchscreen iPod Nano
    Apple released the new iPod Nano 6th generation today
  794. Dr. Oz Diagnosed with Colon Polyps
    Colonoscopy important screening tool for people over 50
  795. Raising Your Social Capital: The Two "O" Process
    Get out there and effectively use the tools that can take you to learn about new circles, expand your network and grow your social capital.
  796. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  797. Joshua Panda and The Great Busking Tour
    Contemporary folk singer Joshua Panda on busking/concert tour.
  798. Ronnie Wood Announces First Radio Release From I Feel Like Playing
    Ronnie Wood's new single "Lucky Man" to be released to radio on September 14th.
  799. How MySpace Can Survive Apple's Ping
    MySpace can survive the Ping launch, but it'll be tough to pull off
  800. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: John Cusack is Awesome
    John Cusack pisses off Fox News. Fox News gets confused and throws out their VHS copy of Money for Nothing.
  801. Food Fight: Walmart, Target Battle for Social Media Supremacy Among Grocery Chains
    Whole Foods Rules Twitter Universe
  802. President Obama and His Frankenstein Monster
    Seven states that are currently filing suit to overturn President Obama's healthcare law are also filing for subsidies under the legislation. Is this hypocritical?
  803. Justin Beiber, Sydney Dalton and Social-Cyberbullying
    Cyberbullying is a big issue and with social media, it can open the flood gates
  804. Non-Amnesty Immigration Bill Emerging
    While the issue of immigration is red hot, a new bill proposal bringing Americans together with an 80% approval rate so far.
  805. Who Wants to Play Deficit Bingo?
    Nobody is serious about this deficit business, least of all Republicans and Democrats.
  806. Scottrade Investment Firm Now Speaks Chinese Online
    More than 2 million U.S. Residents Speak World’s Most Popular Language
  807. Mozilla and Chrome Take Each Other On
    Today Google chrome did what Firefox couldn't and that sold me.
  808. Evil Tiger, Real Estate and Regaining a Legacy
    Tiger Woods' new real estate purchases could be a sign of a return to dominance
  809. Interviews From The Edge: Ghosts of Eden Rock Gotham
    Hard rocking, velvet grunge band, Ghosts of Eden, keep killing it in New York.
  810. Vigilante Justice for Puppy Throwing Girl
    Puppy tosser is going to face the wrath of the internet, as well she should.
  811. Gunman Holds Discovery Channel Hostage; Demands Every Week Be "Shark Week"
    James Jay Lee take the discovery building hostage and has a list of crazy demands.
  812. Arizona Activists Register Latinos To Vote
    Promise Arizona could change the national political climate
  813. Gunman Holds Hostages at The Discovery Channel Headquarters
    Suspect takes hostages at Discover building
  814. Delonte West is a Celtic Again
    Boston fans receive a wealth of taunting material
  815. Handmade Artisan Soap: What and Why
    Handmade soap bears little resemblance to its mass-produced counterpart
  816. PGA Tour Pro-Am DQ Rule Suspended for Remainder of 2010 Season
    PGA Tour suspends Pro-Am disqualification rule.
  817. Mommy Bloggers: Mighty Force but Not Big Moneymakers
    Survey: 40% of mommy bloggers earn $100 to $500 a month from ads
  818. How to Get a Job Using Twitter
    Forget scouring the classifieds or online job boards; use Twitter to help you land a job in 140 characters or less.
  819. Kashmiri Protesters Set 5 Conditions to End 3 Month Long Agitations
    Amid 3-month long agitations of Kashmir people, 5 conditions have been laid down by a Kashmir leader, Syed Geelani, to attempt to convince the Indian government to come to table.
  820. Conan Announces Name of New TBS Show
    Conan O'Brien announces the name of his hotly anticipated new late night show.
  821. Cee Lo’s Official "F*ck You" Music Video
    The official video for Cee-Lo's "F*ck You" is less gimmicky but ultimately much better than the viral hit everyone's already seen.
  822. Pachelbel's Canon Performed on a Ruler
    People with too much time (or too much talent?) perform classics with metal rulers.
  823. Die Antwoord and Aphex Twin at the LED Festival
    Two heavyweights (one classic, one new to the scene) team up for an exciting performance.
  824. Improv Everywhere's "Black Tie Beach"
    Improv Everywhere's latest mission brought hundreds of formal-attired improvers to Coney Island.
  825. Sprint Expands 4G Coverage
    Sprint's 4G access now available in over 50 markets
  826. QR Codes - Linking The Physical World To The Digital
    Can QR Codes Finally Bridge The Divide Between Traditional & Digital?
  827. Fertility Tourism: Selling Women's Eggs for Big Bucks
    Selling women's eggs is a vast and lucrative business, leading to what some are calling Fertility Tourism
  828. So You Want To Influence The World?
    6 Tips for Writing a Political Letter
  829. Developments In Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage and Retained Placenta
    Postpartum bleeding, if occurs in a woman during delivery, is very frightening and difficult to treat.
  830. FOCUS: A Lesson In Tolerance - Part 2
    It is important to stand up against injustice, and fight the discrimination, stereotypes, and scapegoating which have served as the precursors to persecution, violence, and genocide.
  831. The Opener Needs To Close!
    The Food Network’s David Adjey's The Opener is a big disappointment.
    in TV
  832. Port of Dover Sale Could be Cable's First Big Test
    The privatization of the Port of Dover could be Vince Cable's first big test