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  1. August 31, 2010

    Playing to Channel Strength Key to Successful Cross Channel Marketing Part 2
    To call customers to action most effectively, marketers must develop, orchestrate and measure marketing efforts which span channels.
  2. Playing to Channel Strength Key to Successful Cross Channel Marketing Part 1
    To call customers to action most effectively, marketers must develop, orchestrate and measure marketing efforts which span channels.
  3. Ode To A Dying Breed - The Radio DJ
    Your radio format is disappearing and you'll never know whatchya got 'til it's gone.
  4. The Easiest Path to Make Money On-line - Affiliate Products
    Ever considered making money online? If you have little money to work with, perhaps affiliate marketing is right for you!
  5. 2010 NFL Preview: Pittsburgh Steelers
    Can Steelers overcome offseason distractions and get back into playoffs?
  6. Skype Is Still The Best “Free” Communication Tool for Small Businesses
    This is the Year of Unified Communications
  7. Tax Credit Uncertainty Not Benefiting Housing Market
    Rumors are circulating that the home buyer tax credit could return
  8. Net Neutrality Under Attack: Google & Verizon Team Up to Destroy the Internet
    Google and Verizon's proposal could destroy the internet as we know it.
  9. The Role Credit Plays in Auto Loans
    When shopping for a car, there are several things you are likely to think about.
  10. HOW-TO: Use PHP's Substr Function To Truncate Long Strings and Add Ellipsis
    PHP's substr function can help you shrink a large string down to something more manageable.
    in IT
  11. Intel Eyes The Smartphone Segment
    Intel the world's largest chip maker makes nimble acquisitions to help it enter the fast growing smartphone and embedded technology segment.
  12. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  13. A Net Neutrality Compromise Harms Privacy, Spreads Cybercrime
    Net Neutrality compromise means more online privacy vulnerability and cybercrime for us all
  14. Man Takes Being a "Furry" to Whole New Level of Trash
    White Trash Wednesday continues with Gary "Boomer the Dog" Matthews. Winner.
  15. Meme Watch: Old Guy Sings Carrie Underwood
    Perhaps the newest internet video meme? Crazy Asian dude sings Carrie Underwood's "Before he Cheats"
  16. Ken Levine of Irrational Games, Interviewed by Chad Dukes
    Chad Dukes interviews Ken Levine, of Irrational Games, about Bioshock Infinite.
  17. Roger Federer Adds to His Highlight Reel
    Roger Federer adds to his highlight reel with another great, through the legs shot for a point
  18. When Your Golf Shot is on Fire, Literally
    A golfer swings and sparks a wild fire
  19. Managing Your Blog By Walking Around (MYBBWA)
    Use tried and true techniques from the business world, Management By Walking Around, to create better connections with the readers of your blog.
  20. Girl Throws Live Puppies Into a River; Internet Hate Machine Revs Its Engines
    Girl throws puppies into a river. The internet reacts. An atheist reconsiders his position on the existence of Hell.
  21. A Guide To Play Free Online Games
    If you really want play online games, find a reputable site and pay for a membership.
  22. Edyta, Say It Ain't So: DWTS Preview
    It's time for the new season of DWTS and I've got the winners and losers all locked up.
    in TV
  23. Foursquare and MTV Partner for GYT Campaign; Could This Be the Start of a Location-for-a-Cause Trend?
    Foursquare and MTV have joined forces to create the first cause-related badge on the location-based social network.
  24. 2010 NFL Preview: Cleveland Browns
    The Holmgren era enters its first full season in Cleveland.
  25. Choosing the Right Exercise for Weight Loss and Health
    Making the right choice between aerobic and resistance exercises for weight loss and health benefits.
  26. Top Five Ways to Turn Blog States into Sales Intelligence
    Learn the top five ways to turn your company's blog into a tool for sales intelligence
    in Guru
  27. Brand Collateral Damage
    Can a racist video inadvertently hurt a brand?
  28. Corporate Blogging: Ignore Your Metrics
    To make your corporate blog effective, you need to change your thinking and look at the right data
  29. T-Mobile HSPA+ G2 Images Leaked
    G1 sequel looks extremely sweet.
  30. Is Plastic-to-Oil For Real?
    A look at the Japanese machine that can turn plastic into oil, and determining if it is a scam.
  31. Becoming an Author... From the Ground Up
    My experiences on becoming an author.
  32. Google Should Fuse Wave into Gmail
    What is Google going to do with Wave? Is it headed to Gmail?
  33. The "Lost Art" of Play
    A recent report claims parents aren't playing enough with their kids. Is that so or are we asking too much of parents?
  34. Glenn Beck: Restoring Our Honor by Embracing Hypocrisy
    It's legal but in "poor taste" to build Park51 near Ground Zero. Is this true for Beck's Restoring the Honor Rally?
  35. President Obama Urges Senate Republicans to Drop their Blockade
    President Obama gave a brief speech on the economy today in which he urged Senate Republicans to stop blocking the passage of a critical bill to provide relief to small business.
  36. Movie Trailer: Anton Corbijn's The American
    The American, a thriller starring George Clooney, may be this year's sleeper hit.
  37. Beck Faith Fest Turns Up Some Crackpot Theology
    Beck-crazed fanatic opines that Jesus wouldn't approve of government's aid to poor when aiding poor is what defines Christianity.
  38. Robyn Covers Björk's "Hyperballad"
    Swedish pop star Robyn covers Björk tune at Polar Music Prize ceremony.
  39. MIT Unveils Autonomous Oil Cleaning Robot
    MIT responds to global oil spill concerns with new nanotechnology-powered ocean-skimmer.
  40. Priority Inbox in Gmail
    Gmail helps you figure out which emails are a priority
  41. Photographers Need Motion
    Many professional photographers are moving into video. I say start by forgetting about it.
  42. August 30, 2010

    Kings Of Devon—Maiden Venture of A Movie Maker With Bangladeshi Connection
    A promising production on a shoe string budget.
    in Film
  43. Chilean Miners Given Sony PSP Games
    Chilean miners get PSP games to pass the time until they are rescued, next beer ?
  44. Small Business Employment Grows Slightly in August
    Intuit Small Business Employment Index Shows Modest Gains
  45. Post-CARD Act Options for People with Bad Credit
    Credit card options for people with bad credit have gotten better since the CARD Act.
  46. Social Media Contests Made Easy
    Minimize the headaches and cost of running an online contest without putting someone else in charge.
  47. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  48. Is Google Talk a Skype killer?
    Google grabs a piece of the UC Market
  49. FOCUS: A Lesson In Tolerance - Part 1
    Violence can evolve out of prejudice based on ignorance, fear, and misunderstanding about minority groups and other groups who are different from us.
  50. Star Trek, Starfleet Goes Mobile
    Star Trek goes mobile
  51. Joy Wellboy Gets Flushed
    The new video from Joy Wellboy, "Flush Me" has shades of Del Toro.
  52. The Five Meme Remix
    A nice mash-up of some of the best internet memes.
  53. Transformers 3 Crew Finishing Chicago Film Shoot
    Transformers 3 filming in Chicago is wrapping up the film shooting this week.
    in Film
  54. Foursquare Hits 3 Million Users and It's Big News
    Foursquare hits three million users
  55. More Sanctions Against North Korea
    More sanctions on North Korea, whoopdie-do.
  56. Is the NFL Now a Salon and Beauty Shop?
    Troy Polamalu has hair that's worth one million bucks, which is to say, it's head and shoulders above the rest
  57. How Many Shots do You Get for Having Potential?
    Maurice Clarett is giving his football career another go round
  58. Paris Hilton Charged With Felony Drug Possession
    Paris Hilton busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas, blames everyone but herself.
  59. The History of Creation in 8-Bit Graphics
    Mareike Ottrand retells the Biblical creation story through 8-bit graphics.
  60. 2010 Emmy Awards Opening Number
    Jimmy Fallon leads this Glee-inspired medley.
  61. International Testicle Cook-Off
    A testicle cooking competition was held in Ozrem, Serbia.
  62. Arcade Fire Release Personalized Interactive Music Video
    Chris Milk created this amazing HTML5 experiment for Arcade Fire with the help of Google.
  63. M. Night Shyamalan's "Escalation"
    M. Night Shyamalan created this self-depricating faux movie trailer.
  64. Obama Blames Media, Opponents for Misinformation & Lies
    Obama is getting tired of the birthers and their rhetoric. And Glenn Beck who?
  65. Great Golf Gift Ideas
    Looking for a place to buy unique golf gifts? Look no further.
  66. Vitamin D Important in Weight Loss, Cancer Risk Reduction
    Vitamin D supplementation assists healthy weight loss and reduces risk of many cancers and autoimmune diseases.
  67. Is Intel Going On A Shopping Spree?
    Intel has spent about $9 billion in around two weeks of purchases, but why?
  68. What to Do With Your End of Summer Zucchini
    Delicious zucchini recipes
  69. Blogs May Describe Afghanistan More Honestly Than the News
    There is sometimes an incredible divide between the news as presented by bloggers versus traditional journalists.
  70. 1 in 6 Getting Government Hand Outs
    A record number of people are getting some sort of Government assistance. I break it down for you.
  71. Conversations and Katrina
    Katrina Life Lessons
    in Guru
  72. Social Media How-To, Courtesy of... IBM?
    Computing giant IBM has rolled out a new page on their website for "Getting started with social media."
  73. Does Facebook Own the Word Book?
    Does Facebook own the work "book" as the final syllable in any compound word?
  74. August Food Recall Roundup
    Is Your Food Safe?
  75. Four Tips for Yahoo! Answers Success
    Yahoo! Answers can be a fun place to hang out.
  76. Samsung Galaxy Tab Leaked Again, Points to US Release
    Samsung Galaxy Tab leaked again; pictures point to US release
  77. Black Triangle Crashes Near Fresno, California
    Some suspect UFO was, in fact, super-secret TR-3B aircraft
  78. What Are ISO Files And How Do I Use Them?
    How to deal with .iso files
    in IT
  79. NBC's Today Show Supports Ethical and Eco-Friendly Mining
    Brilliant Earth greens the jewelry industry
  80. 62nd Annual Emmy Awards Roundup
    Emmy focus is on comedy, as familiar faces win in drama categories.
    in TV
  81. The End of Summer Sucks
    Summers are meant to spend with the family, but are also stark reminders that time rolls on and there's nothing you can do about it.
  82. August 29, 2010

    Sleepy Summer, Classic NES Gaming
    Four retro NES video games for summer
  83. Examining the Economic Sense and Growing Popularity of Reality TV
    Reality TV From a variety of relevant perspectives.
  84. 2010 NFL Preview: Cincinnati Bengals
    Can Carson Palmer and the passing game improve to get Cincinnati deeper in the playoffs?
  85. Prisoners Can Sue But Soldiers Can't
    Military personnel are barred from suing if negligently injured. A case from California could change the Supreme Court's mind.
  86. Rappers Drake and Nicki Minaj Cause Stir With Marriage Prank
    Drake and Nicki Minaj prank Twitter fans, pretend they got married.
  87. Choosing the Best Permanent Weight Loss Diet
    Comparing quick weight loss diets with fat burning plans to determine the best for permanent weight loss.
  88. Kuchar Wins The Barclays in a Playoff, Tops FedEx Cup Standings
    Laird's 3-putt cost him a PGA Tour victory.
  89. 2010 NFL Preview: Baltimore Ravens
    Offensive upgrades have propelled Ravens to new heights. Can they go all the way?
  90. Are Polling Stations Inadvertantly Disabling the Disabled Vote?
    Only recently has there been any particular focus on disabled accessibility of polling stations, mainly due to the introduction of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act)
  91. The Mosque Analysis - Part 2
    The War and the Prayers
  92. Getting the Right Loan to Buy a Car
    There are several ways to get a loan when you need to buy a car. Take time to look around.
  93. Mobile Broadband Plans Anything But Clear
    Adoption slowed by confusion
  94. Selling Your Services is Selling Yourself - 5 Simple Steps
    Most professionals loathe to admit to themselves that selling their services is selling themselves.
    in Guru
  95. On Social Media, Wear Your Politics (But Not Your Heart) on Your Sleeve
    I'm a big believer that when it comes to social media, you should wear your politics on your sleeve.
  96. Coming Up Aces
    Ace Is King of the Morons
  97. Bed Bugs vs Illegal Aliens
    Bed bugs a bigger problem than illegal aliens?
  98. Embracing Love and Learning to Trust
    Finding Salvation, Forgiveness, Love, Light, and Self Worth.
  99. August 28, 2010

    King Fantastic Defines the "West Coast Synthesizer Beach Bum Gangsta" Genre
    The new video and genre from King Fantastic
  100. Mars Attacks Saturated Fats U.K. anyway, and says other chocolate candy makers should follow suit.
  101. 24 Hot Nails in The Body for Protesting Work Overload?
    A Sri Lankan maid was tortured by her Saudi master
  102. The Mosque Analysis - Part 1
    The War and the Prayers
  103. Let The Klinsmann Era Begin
    Sunil Gulati is reportedly courting Juergen Klinsmann yet again - hopefully with success this time.
  104. Facebook, Microsoft and More: The Companies Everyone Loves to Hate
    So you hate Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. But do you hate them for a reason, or just because you can?
  105. Google's Questionable New Ranking Algorithm Could Open the Door For Bing
    Google's efforts to eliminate spam sites may send users to alternative search engines.
  106. Ohio Hopes to Bring Plugged-in Electric Vehicles to Major Cities
    Ohio Department of Transportation working hard for "green" federal grants.
  107. So You Want to Be a Travel Writer?
    It’s true. I am one of those lucky writers who gets invited on press trips to far-flung countries...
  108. The Magic Formula For Selling E-Books
    Despite what others might tell you, there are only three venues where you must sell e-books to be successful.
  109. Nookstudy Making Transition to e-Textbooks For College Students Easier
    Barnes & Noble making free software available to college students and professors.
    in IT
  110. Google Games: A New Mine of Online Games
    Google Me: a new games-based social network?
  111. USA Network Covert Affairs - Week 2 Recap
    Annie Walker cuts her baby CIA teeth on the walk-in desk duty.
    in TV
  112. I Think I'll Vote Republican — NOT!
    Promising something new, John Boehner revealed the Republican plan for the future earlier this week. Is it really new? Will it motivate conservatives to support the Republicans?
  113. The Blind Angel
    Protect Children from Wars
  114. Free Stuff is Available Online. No, Really, It Is!
    "To good to be true," right? Wrong!
  115. August 27, 2010

    Nude on Shrooms in New Mexico
    The Fat Jew runs nude on shrooms with two .357s through New Mexico.
  116. Car Finance Poor Credit – Getting a Car Loan with Poor Credit
    To a lender your credit score reflects how much trust they can have in you.
  117. FHA Changes - AGAIN!
    Mortgage Insurance Premium changes can prove to be positive for the real estate marketplace
  118. This is Bieber's World. You're Just Living in it.
    This is Bieber's world, bitch. You're just living in it.
  119. Ratatat Returns With "Drugs"
    The new video from Ratatat, "Drugs"
  120. Pinkyshifters Are Better People Than Capslockers
    Pinkyshifters are historically better people than capslockers
  121. Early 1922 Kodak Color Film Footage
    Striking color images unearthed from the Eastman Kodak Company archives.
  122. Snoop Dogg Chills Backstage With His Biggest Fan
    Snoop Dogg takes some time to chat with a disabled fan.
  123. Pew Study Shows Social Media Use Nearly Doubling Among Older Users
    A Pew research study released today shows that social media usage has grown dramatically over the past year--particularly among older users.
  124. Bassett Launches Exopolitics World Network Cities Initiative
    PRG founder Stephen Bassett announces new exopolitical initiative
  125. Blago Brother Off Hook, Blago Retrial in 2011
    Federal prosecutors drop charges against Illinois ex-governor's brother; move re-trial to next year, missing election
  126. Let's Get Real: HBO Revisits An American Family With Cinema Verite
    As if we don't have enough reality TV, here comes a reality show about a reality show.
    in TV
  127. Mars Email Hoax Reappears
    Stargazers won't see "two moons" tonight
  128. Tips on Chipping to a Better Golf Game
    Learn the skill of chipping to save strokes and score low.
  129. Dell Will Not Drop Windows Phone 7 Devices
    Dell will not leave Microsoft and will help with Windows Phone 7
  130. Why I Love Golf
    A game that one never masters in a lifetime, but is fun trying to master anyway
  131. Leslie Kean to Stephen Colbert: More UFO Investigation Needed
    Leslie Kean appears on The Colbert Report to discuss new UFO book
  132. Score Bargains from Your Favorite Online Stores, Courtesy of Twitter
    How to get unadvertised discounts and coupons on everything from laptops to clothing and more
  133. An Entrepreneur's Parable
    How an NBA practice set the course for my future.
  134. I Fear What Tomorrow Might Bring
    Brothers and Sisters: Do not let a rodeo clown get the best of you.
  135. Why Learn a Language?
    Language learning is more than just about the basics of communication.
  136. Did They Have Sex in the 1940s?
    Pregnant Teenagers in High Schools in 2010 versus Separate Twin Beds on TV in the 1950s.
  137. Life Lessons from Eat, Pray, Love
    Life lessons from the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love
  138. Humans as Invaders in the World of Microbes
    Animals, either created in cosmos or in this earth, came more likely as invaders to the world of microbes.
  139. A Blogger's Wet Dream, Bristol Palin on DWTS
    Bristol Palin on the floor and Sarah Palin in the stands. It's a blogger's wet dream.
  140. Wafer Thin Margins Blamed For Collapse Of Travel Firms.
    Wafer thin margins provide insufficient protection in a downturn
  141. The League of Extraordinary Night Owls
    The city that never sleeps never stops working, either!
  142. The False Tagline of The Last Exorcism
    The Last Exorcism declares that belief in God requires belief in the Devil/Demons. Is there no room for skepticism?
    in Film
  143. Chinese Astronomer Claims Some UFOs Are Of Extraterrestrial Origin
    Purple Hills Observatory professor says objects demonstrate anti-gravity capabilities
  144. Topless Bathing Wars in Italy
    In Italy, a topless bathing beauty offends a mother who says her two boys were "troubled" at the sight of bare breasts
  145. Diversity And Children Series - Part 4
    Teaching acceptance and tolerance of different cultures is not forcing our ways and views on the children
  146. A Bitter End to Florida's Republican Gubernatorial Primary Race
    Thanks to a nasty campaign for governor of Florida, I may write myself in for the general election.
  147. How to Run a Rush Limbaugh Style Smear Campaign
    The rhetoric of a smear campaign.
  148. My Religion and My Favorite Television Sitcom
    Family Guy consistently blasphemes my religion, yet, it is one of my favorite shows.
    in TV
  149. Alt-Rock Band Conditions Announces Free Download From Hot Topic
    Hot Topic to offer free downloads from alternative rockers Conditions in their September store magazine.
  150. Son Goes Ballistic After He Doesn't Like Dinner Selection, Gets Arrested
    Kid goes bananas after he doesn't approve of what his mother made him for dinner
  151. Bristol Palin Says, "Hey Levi, Do As I Say, Not As I Do"
    Guess who will be making a fool of herself on season 11 of Dancing with the Stars?
  152. The Drama of Facebook Places and Social Media Privacy
    Why are people so freaked out over privacy concerns with location-based services, when we, the consumers really can take control?
  153. It's All About the Owned
    There are several reasons why you need to own your content.
  154. August 26, 2010

    Talking to the Dead: A Conversation with Leighton Koizumi of the Morlocks
    He's hot. He's sexy...what do you mean he's not dead?
  155. Sparking the Media Vacuum
    Social media is dramatically changing how crisis communications are conducted.
  156. A Horrible Way to Die Gets Trailer
    Adam Wingard returns with intense new horror feature.
  157. Scott Pilgrim: The Last Airbender
    Mash-up of the Scott Pilgrim trailer with the Last Airbender Cartoon. Excellent.
  158. Mortgage Legislation Hurting Consumers, Housing Market
    The government is trying to protect consumers from bad loans, but needs to reevaluate its approach
  159. Why Are We Losing Jobs and Are Created Overseas?
    We can't manufacture anymore
  160. 5 Ways to Motivate your Multi-Level Marketing Team
    How to Get the Best from your Team
  161. Where’s The Money In Twitter?
    The Growth of Social Search
  162. How Not To Promote Your Business On Twitter
    We are constantly being told that we should use Twitter to promote our businesses. What are we doing wrong?
  163. 7 Tips to Nail Your Next Job Interview
    You’ve researched companies that are hiring, updated and sent out your résumé and you've finally received the call that you love and hate to get. Are you available for an interview?
  164. The Monk & The Monkey
    Ragu the budding monk meets a monkey.
  165. The Online Gamer: How it All Began
    The latest installment in the Online Gamer series. Awesome.
  166. Ryan Gosling's Band Performs for Old Folks
    Dead Man's Bones perform for the elderly in this video for "Pa Pa Power."
  167. Robots Prepare to Defeat Humans in Soccer
    Engineers compete to build soccer-playing robots capable of defeating human opponents by 2050.
  168. The Fur Files - Relationship Advice For The Love Challenged
    This week's Fur Files - relationship advice for the love challenged.
  169. Terror Suspect Sings on Canadian Idol
    Before Khuram Sher was a suspected terrorist, he auditioned for Canadian Idol.
  170. Slash Announces New Tour and Launch Date of Slash FM
    Legendary guitarist Slash welcomes fans to the rock jungle with a new tour and his own radio station, Slash FM.
  171. Can These 5 Celebrities Recover From Their Recent Disasters?
    Can these 5 celebrities recover from their recent disasters?
  172. Hey Obama, How About a Christmas Bonus?
    The economy is not getting any better; we need to learn from what did work.
  173. The Facebook Roadblock
    Being hit by an unfriendly Facebook road block
  174. Tweet Button Bookmarklet Makes it Easy to Share Links Over Twitter
    Twitter's new bookmarklet makes it easy to share links even on sites without a Retweet button.
  175. NFL Owners Want 18 Game Season
    NFL owners want 18 game season, players concerns are valid
  176. Google Realtime Gets More Aggressive Toward Taking on Twitter
    Google has released an update to their real-time search component, presenting it as a potential challenger to Twitter's own built-in real-time search.
  177. The Rapid Rise of Solar Power in Portugal
    Renewable solar, wind, and hydro power in Portugal.
  178. Motorola Charm Now Available
    Budget priced Android phone now available
  179. 2010 NFL Preview: Washington Redskins
    The Shanahan/McNabb era has commenced in the nation's capital.
  180. Denver Cat Lovers: Adopt For Free Until Aug 31st
    Colorado Shelters - Denver and Castle Rock
  181. Criminal Minds?
    Students in Australia assigned to plot a terrorist attack.
  182. Managing a Network is Like Playing FarmVille
    The more I play FarmVille, the more I see resemblance to my real-life career as a network administrator. The joy of starting a small network oftentimes turns into a nightmare and headache if you do not manage your infrastructure for growth.
  183. My PC is Frozen: How to Diagnose Faulty Memory
    Is your computer forever jamming up? Diagnose your own memory problems!
    in IT
  184. Trophy Husband
    Or Stay at Home Dad?
  185. Antibacterial Cleansers, Triclosan, And The FDA - Here's The Latest Dirt
    New Research Adds To Existing Evidence That Antibacterial Cleansers Present Health And Environmental Risks But No Benefits As The FDA Dithers
  186. Is It A Literal Or Figurative Headache?
    Idioms and Figurative Words Cause Problems For Literal People.
  187. When a Man Tells the Absolute Truth
    What's the opposite of sugarcoating?
  188. What Does Windows Phone 7 Need To Succed? Developers. Part 2 of 2
    Windows 7 phone will need developers who are willing to push the boundaries for its applications
  189. HDBaseT: Is it the HDMI Killer?
    HDBaseT will it throw HDMI off it's hi-def throne?
  190. JDRF Launches Research Program to Help in the Development of the Artificial Pancreas
    Today JDRF announced an important step in the development of the artificial pancreas.
  191. Diversity And Children Series - Part 3
    Leaving the kids in their comfort zone by allowing them not to mix is a total injustice to the children
  192. Growing Support for "Ground Zero Mosque" Among Family of 9/11 Victims
    New group shows solidarity for religious freedom among 9/11 families
  193. Manila Hostage Taking: President Aquino Fails First Test
    Manila hostage-taking provides President Aquino with his first real challenge in handling a crisis.
  194. Making Calls from Google
    U.S. based Gmail users can now make calls directly from their Gmail accounts.
  195. Ground Zero Mosque: Red Herring and the Dangers of Projection
    Are we a free-thinking nation, or followers of the deranged?
  196. Pulling the BS Card on the Boston Globe and their "Digital Dirt" Story
    Can you really get rid of the dirt about you or your brand online?
  197. FSU Demands High School Change Its Logo, 29 Years Later
    FSU is demanding that Southeast High School stop using the Seminole Logos.
  198. Facebook 2.0? Scoop Wants to Take the Social Network Back to Its Roots--The Campus
    Google CEO Eric Schmidt is placing a bet on a new social network called Scoop to take on Facebook.
  199. Excuse Me, Mr. President, We Thought You Should Govern
    The Dufus in Chief Continues to Show His Inability to Govern
  200. Children Services FAIL- DCFS Discovers New Way to Reduce Fatalities: Less Reporting
    By changing the way they gather statistics, DCFS has managed to cut in half the number of fatalities caused by abuse and neglect. If only life were that easy.
  201. Three Pairings to Watch at The Barclays
    Three groups will catch your eye at The Barclays this weekend.
  202. August 25, 2010

    Inebriation: The Drunk is Real
    Probably the coolest fake movie trailer this year. Inebriation.
  203. Three Things to Consider When Looking at the Stock Market
    The stock market - where is America headed?
  204. Dog Crap Gets Personality, Learns About Fertilization
    Doggy Poo sheds tears, looks at stars. Yes, it's that weird.
  205. Indian State-run Oil Firms Not to Offer Counter-bid for ‘Cairn India’
    Much touted counter-bid for ‘Cairn India’ by state-run ONGC, GAIL India and Oil India may have run into troubled waters.
  206. Is Your Cell Phone Bill Outrageous? Go Prepaid
    Pay only for the service you use
  207. MUJI: Unbranded Loyalty By Design
    Consumer design that inspires you comes from culture that inspires you...
  208. What Irish Pub Bartenders Can Teach Account Planners
    A Priest, a consumer, and an Account Planner walk into a bar...
  209. Blog Focus: Crap Music, Jobs, Furyk, Tight Pants and Social Media Gurus
    Blog Focus covers all the great stuff our writers are writing about today
  210. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  211. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: Buying a Campaign
    In this week's Paranoid Guide, Paranoia discusses Rick Scott buying the GOP nomination for Governor in Florida - proving voters are really that stupid.
  212. Ukrainian Highway To Hell
    A Ukrainian Folk cover of Highway to Hell
  213. Now! That's What I Call Crap...Music
    Stop listening to crap, and listen to good music. May I suggest Atlanta band Manchester Orchestra.
  214. Americans Need Jobs
    Unemployment is stuck at 9.5% and Americans are hurting. The federal government needs to stop playing politics long enough to address the issues.
  215. Furyk Disqualfied from The Barclays
    Former US Open Champion oversleeps and is DQ'd from The Barclays
  216. USA Network Covert Affairs Pilot Recap
    New series Covert Affairs, advertised as "Single Woman, Double Life."
    in TV
  217. Dear Social Media Gurus, Ninjas and Dragon-Slayers: Please Go Away
    Just a few reasons all the social media "gurus" and "ninjas" are totally worthless.
  218. Leslie Hall Celebrates Tight Pants and Body Rolls
    Forest people dance in tight clothes.
  219. Music Video: Male Bonding, "Weird Feelings"
    Ironic nostalgia for Saturday morning TV abounds in this clip for London-based punk trio.
  220. Ben Quayle, Raised Right, Writes for
    Hypocrisy in GOP Politics, round 234
  221. Cranberries Are Superpowers Against Urinary Tract Infections
    Cranberry juice fights UTIs
  222. Need Cash? Pimp Your Virtual Self
    New service from start-up Statz lets users sell their personal data.
  223. Filipino Men Freak Out Watching Miss Universe
    A bunch of young Filipino men get way too excited about Miss Universe.
  224. Week 17: Continued Heat Wave Dampens Training
    Heat forces workout indoors
  225. What's So Great About Organic Food?
    Those who ask such a question have already decided against organic
  226. The Childfree And The "They Must Hate Kids" Myth
    Think that people who don't want kids hate kids? Think again.
  227. Artificially sweetened soft drinks increase the risk of pre-term delivery
    Artificial sweeteners might cause pregnancy problems
  228. Quiznos "Singimals" Commercial Contest
    Make your own horrifying singing animals commercial in this Quiznos contest.
  229. Blueberries Fight Metabolic Syndrome
    The power of blueberries against metabolic syndrome
  230. What Does Windows Phone 7 Need To Succed? Developers. Part 1 of 2
    Microsoft needs to get developers on board to ensure the Windows Phone 7 is a success!
  231. Boobs In The News
    Elizabeth Hurley's natural pillowy, perfect, pert puppies and Heidi Montag's monstrous mutant you need to know.
  232. Diversity And Children Series - Part 2
    Parents carry the first responsibility in educating their children about diversity, they should provide a safe environment to discuss diversities
  233. Are You Prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse?
    I test drive a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
  234. Sick, Not Crazy
    People with a mental illness are sick, not crazy.
  235. 23 Nails Inside One Human Body
    Hardship faced by Middle Eastern working women
  236. 2010 NFL Preview: Philadelphia Eagles
    How will the Eagles fare in the first season of post-McNabb era?
  237. The Power of the Web and Security Concerns Over Cloud Computing
    From the early beginnings of HTML websites in the 90’s to the high powered web apps we take for granted today, we have seen a remarkable drive for better and more powerful websites.
  238. Brett Favre's Record About to Stop?
    Lucky Lester talks about Brett Favre's likely fall from the unscathed, uninjured, history books of the NFL.
  239. August 24, 2010

    Lindsay Lohan's Out of Rehab
    Lindsay Lohan has been released from rehab.
  240. Pizza Delivery Man vs. Zombies
    When the zombiepocalypse comes, do you want sausage or pepperoni?
  241. Still Think Reality Stars Have Talent? I Offer Exhibit A
    The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle Staub commits an epic fail.
  242. Robot Learns to Pair Socks… Incredibly Slowly
    UC Berkeley robot takes fifteen minutes to flip sock inside out.
  243. Amazing High-Speed Car Wreck Caught on Tape
    Police cruiser captures a shocking high-speed car accident on tape.
  244. Music Video: Gem Club, "Spine"
    BriAnna Olson returns with another stunning video for Gem Club.
  245. Taiwanese CGI News Chronicles Google's Rise and Fall
    Taiwanese NMA News chronicles "Google's Domination of the World and Loss of Mojo."
  246. Old Spice Guy Campaign Worked Because Everything Else Sucks
    Old Spice campaign rakes in the awards, but where are the other "cool," award winning campaigns?
  247. DEA to Hire Ebonics Translators...Really?
    THE DEA has a need for Ebonics translators.
  248. Reasons Mount for Companies to Hire Ex-Criminals
    Recent EEOC actions add pressure for companies to reconsider bans against ex-criminals
  249. India's Nuclear Liability Bill & Willful Intent May Cause Accidents
    India’s nuclear liability bill that intends to limit the amount of liability payable by the suppliers of the nuclear equipment is time bomb for Indian people.
  250. Free Tools to Promote Your Small Business Online
    You can't afford to ignore the 'Net
  251. The Wealth of Consumer Religion
    What Consumer Wealth Looks Like By Religion
  252. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  253. Airline Brands: Piloting A Failing Business Model and Brand Experience
    Airline Brands's Extra Fees Are Running On Fumes...
  254. Rondo Won't Play for USA and That's A-Ok
    Rajon Rondo won't play for Team USA in the FIBA World Championship
  255. Blog Focus: Cars, Diversity, Travel, Sports Photography and More
    Blog Focus recaps all the Technorati news that's fit to print
  256. Felt-soled Boots Bad for Rivers
    The invasive spread of rock snot
  257. Is It Finally Time To Cancel The Palio di Siena?
    Catalonia renounced bullfighting; Italy should cancel Palio di Siena
  258. Car Leasing or Buying?
    Find out whether car leasing is the best option to finance you new car.
  259. All-Electric Scooter Should Make America Proud
    Small American company quietly engineers all-electric motorcycles in Ann Arbor, MI.
  260. Diversity And Children Series - Part 1
    The best part about children is that you don’t have to teach tolerance, most are born with a natural sense of justice and fairness, unless they are taught otherwise.
  261. Audio PostCard: Ottawa, Canada-Travel To Ottawa Through Sound
    Travel to Ottawa, Canada with this Ottawa Audio PostCard, a seven minute, sound-rich journey to Ottawa by sound and narration.
  262. Samsung Releases Android Tablet (Galaxy Tab) Video Teaser
    Samsung released a teasrer video highlighting some of the functionality of its new 7" tablet called the Galaxy Tab which will run on Android 2.2.
  263. Top Guilty Pleasures for Good Health
    The Top guilty pleasures which promote good health and longevity.
  264. Cultural Competence in Army Wives
    Media cultural competence is a must as they influence the public opinions either consciously or subconsciously
  265. Three Simple Tips for Better Sports Photography
    Three easy tips to better sports photography.
  266. The Burka: To Ban, Or Not To Ban?
    Should choice be sacrificed to satisfy the consensus?
  267. Ron Paul & Son; Split on Family Lines
    The Pauls have a difference of opinion, the elder demonstrates his owl-like wisdom.
  268. A Politician's Worst Dilemma
    President Obama finds himself facing a politician's worst dilemma (which voters will he alienate?)
  269. The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Conservative Ideologues on the Bench
    Judge Lamberth’s stem cell decision is the latest salvo in an escalating war against a more perfect Union.
  270. The Odds to Win The Barclays
    Who will win the first FedEx Cup Tournament
  271. Chad Ochocinco Pisses off VH1, Fans
    Reality star and football player Chad Ochocinco spoils season finale for fans.
  272. Your Blog is More than a Microphone: Tips for Being an Engaging Blogger
    But blogging should be about much more than just what you think. It should also be about the community you interact and engage with on a daily basis.
  273. Jack Tatum and Darryl Stingley
    Football violence as told by the Darryl Stingley and Jack Tatum story
  274. 2010 NFL Preview: New York Giants
    Can Big Blue overcome injuries and depth issues to be successful?
  275. August 23, 2010

    The Residents of Wasilla Are Being Punked, Right?
    Levi Johnston, Bristol's baby daddy, is running for mayor of Wasilla. What the hell?
  276. Anderson Cooper Offered $1 Million to Get Rid of His Signature Gray Locks
    Anderson Cooper offered a million dollars to get rid of his gray hair, and it's not by whom you think.
    in TV
  277. Firefighters Ghost Ride the Engine
    A group of firefighters "ghost ride the whip" with a fire engine.
  278. Snuggie Macarena Commercial
    Snuggies + Macarena = ?????
  279. Music Video: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, "Bottled in Cork"
    Tom Scharpling directs this clip for the second single from the band's Brutalist Bricks album.
  280. Reality TV Stars Are Killing My Soul
    Reality TV stars are contributing to the destruction of civilization as we know it. They must be stopped!
  281. Blog Review: Mark Zuckerberg & Me
    Mark Zuckerberg and Me is a blog that takes a personal look into the Facebook privacy issues, I think.
  282. Get Your Groove on With Voodoo Chili
    Voodoo Chili brings on the crazy groove with "Love Songs"
  283. What's in Store for Chatroulette 2
    Chatroulette is about to launch it's second 15 minutes of fame.
  284. Antoine Walker Needs a Team to Take a Gamble on Him
    Antoine Walker needs a team to take a gamble on him after he's gambled his entire NBA fortune away
  285. Tiger Woods is Paying for Those "Indiscretions"
    Tiger Woods will be writing a very massive check to his former wife pretty soon
  286. Google Opens Chrome Web Store to Developers
    Google Chrome Webstore will change the way users consume apps on the web
  287. FLYSmart App Aims To Make Navigating Airports Easier
    Clear Channel Partners With Geodelic On Android And iPhone To Launch The Ultimate Mobile Guide For Travelers
  288. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Are Done, Done, Doneski!
    Tiger and Elin have officially quit each other.
  289. Man Up or Shut Up
    Are men really men anymore?
  290. GETTING HOUSED: Another Lazy Sunday for the Houseguests of Big Brother
    Nominations, a food competition, and polite backstabbing kills an hour of airtime for CBS
    in TV
  291. The Credit Union is Back
    The old-fashioned way - local groups forming local credit unions - has become the new-fashioned way.
  292. 4 Helpful and Productive Things You Can Do with Twitter
    Did you know you can lose weight, quit smoking, check prescription costs and track packages on Twitter? Here's how.
  293. Despite Iraq Withdrawal, the War Still Goes On Elsewhere
    Major combat operations are done in Iraq, but we damn sure can't forget about Afghanistan.
  294. Marco Rubio: A Kite Without a String
    In politics, just as in physics, it's a matter of time until a kite without a string flops.
  295. Philadelphia Asks Bloggers for $300 License Fee
    Philly's $300 business license for bloggers is not only is it a drag on small business but a blatant constitutional violation of our freedom of speech, as well.
  296. Christian Right and Israel
    A look at the relationship between Sarah Palin and Dr. Laura
  297. Sarah Palin Fights the Wrong Fight
    Palin's defense of a unpopular and unwise racist rant reveals questionable attitudes.
  298. It's Time for the PGA Tour Playoffs: The FedEx Cup
    A quick guide to the FedEx Cup
  299. How to Pick a Credit Card for Your Small Business
    Consider the advantages of both general consumer and business credit cards.
  300. Trouble Deciding Who to Follow on Twitter? These Tools and Apps Make it Easy
    Discover three useful Twitter tools to help you easily reach and manage followers based on your interests and professional connections
  301. Google Comparison Ads
    If Google did comparison sites they'd probably be...
  302. Brand Strategy: Female Consumer Life Cycle Meets Brand Architecture
    Connecting With Female Consumers: Ten Questions Every Brand Will Need To Answer
  303. Why Practice Safe Stress?
    Life's Ups and Downs
    in Guru
  304. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  305. Motorola Publishes Android Update Schedule
    US users are going to be happier than Canadian and European Motorola buyers.
  306. Newly Proposed Legislation for Safer Chemicals
    Hoping for legislation that will hold industries accountable for chemicals they produce
  307. Church of Life After Shopping
    Can Christianity effectively spread environmentalism?
  308. Super Foods Assist Weight Loss and Control Diet
    Metabolism boosting super foods help achieve weight loss goals for optimal health.
  309. When You Should Buy Used Cisco Equipment
    Buying used equipment really boils down to what your contort level is and your confidence in the supplier of the hardware. If you can find a reputable source, then their equipment can save you vast amounts of money.
    in IT
  310. Can You Afford Your Lifestyle?
    Money management is a misnomer! Lifestyle choices drive spending: where we live, cars we buy, clothes we wear.
  311. Unplugged Vacations: Places To Digitally Detox, and Be Happy
    Great vacation places where you have to separate from your digital life, and be with people.
  312. 2Advanced Studios: Time to Re-Advance?
    2Advanced Studios ready for renewal?
  313. Former BBC Economics Editor Weighs In On Bentwaters UFO
    Economist Evan Davis tries his hand at UFO research
  314. Time Magazine Debunks China UFOs, Ignores Obvious Questions
    Were recent UFO sightings over Hangzhou and Chongqing only "off the grid" private planes?
  315. August 22, 2010

    Moving from Multichannel to Cross Channel Marketing
    Cross channel marketing is emerging as the most effective way of competing for consumer mindshare.
  316. Great Idea for Real Estate Investment
    A Possibility to Choose
  317. College, Kids and Credit Cards
    Parents who co-sign for a college student's credit card as the first money management tool are making a high-powered choice.
  318. The SAAS Garden Isn't All Rosy
    Software as a service isn't a panacea for purchasing applications and services.
    in IT
  319. Vampires Are The New Sexy – From Bela Lugosi To Alexander Skarsgard
    The New Sexy – A review of screen vampires from Bela Lugosi To Alexander Skarsgard.
  320. Dr. Awkward Finds His "Geekquilibrium"
    Dr. Awkward performs "Geekquilibrium" live at Nerdapalooza 2010 with help from MadHatter and friends.
  321. Cee-Lo Green Returns With New Single & Album
    Cee-Lo Green's new single from his new album.
  322. Rachel Bloom Loves Ray Bradbury
    Rachel Bloom loves her some Ray Bradbury, maybe a little too much.
  323. The Living Wage
    Tax concessions for generous companies
  324. How to Keep Your Children Safe Without Protecting Them to Death
    Taking away children's opportunities to "learn the hard way" may prove to be fatal to tomorrow's adults.
  325. T-Mobile G2 aka HTC G2 Blaze Leaks on to Walmart's Website
    Well it seems like T-Mobile USA can’t seem to keep information on their upcoming handset from leaking out to the Internet. According to some technical specifications of the T-Mobile G2 also known as the HTC G2 Blaze have leaked online from Walmart’s website.
  326. Trashy Craig's List Ad Comes to Life
    An adaption of a Craig's List video, which is slightly disturbing
  327. The One Night Akward and Comedic Stand
    The awkwardness and comedic value of the one night stand
  328. Arjun Atwal Becomes First Indian Born Player to Win on the PGA Tour
    Atwal becomes first Indian born player to win on the PGA Tour
  329. KEONG RACUN: From Lipsync to Amazing
    The video "Keong Racun" on Youtube has gotten more than 3 million viewers.
  330. Playing in the Shadow of Tom Brady
    Bryan Hoyer has the easiest and toughest job in the NFL, playing behind Tom Brady
  331. Eco Beer: Brews With Positive Environmental Impact
    Drink responsibly in more ways than one.
  332. Holidays are Meant to Spend on an Island
    Alternative vacation place you can choose
  333. First Impressions of Hong Kong
    Visit the amazing island of Hong Kong to experience a real culture shock.
  334. Jeffersonville Golf Club Review
    Jeffersonville Golf Club was designed by Donald Ross in 1931.
  335. August 21, 2010

    A Mosque Points Out How We Hurt Ourselves
    Opponents of the Trade Center mosque may harm their goal by ignoring objective facts
  336. The Honor and Pleasure is All Mine!
    My first article, sad but hopeful
  337. Sack the Agency and Be Your Own Web Designer
    How planning a website design is made easy with gomockingbird, an online web design wire-frame tool
  338. American Company Launches Eco-Friendly Activewear
    Looking for active wear made from sustainable materials? Look no further!
  339. Action Heroes of the Past and Present
    Action Heroes of the Past and Present: Weissmuller, Wayne, Stallone & Schwarzenegger
  340. BET Networks: A High-Definition Cultural Experience
    Increasing The High-Definition in BET Networks Brand Model
  341. Top Fitness Myths Busted
    Long held fitness myths can derail your ultimate goal of better health, a trim body and lower weight.
  342. How to Eat More and Weigh Less
    Making healthy food substitutions is the key to natural weight loss and improved health.
  343. Back to School Shopping Reality Check
    Who buys jeans in July/August?
  344. 5 Ways to a Cheaper, Greener Home Before Signing the Dotted Line
    Passive strategies for a cheaper, greener home-buying experience
  345. Sly Stallone on Expendables Cast: "It Was Difficult Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks"
    The Expendables cast was difficult to change, but we might see a sequel.
    in Film
  346. Pakistan Wins Third Test Match Against England By 4 Wickets
    Pakistan sparkles against England
  347. Is the New Digg Dead on Arrival?
    But will anyone actually use the new Digg? You've got to admit, things are looking a little bleak.
  348. Local Politics are Like Jerry Springer Episodes
    Local politicians need to stop the yapping and work for us, the taxpayers
  349. Effects of Green Leafy Vegetables and Fruits on Health
    Balanced consumption of green leafy vegetable and fruits may help people in many ways.
  350. When Inspiration Meets Creativity [video]
    Creating something that's visually appealing can be hard to do, unless you have inspiration on your side.
  351. A Historical Look at FBI Ignorance
    The FBI snooped on Bear Bryant for years, according to documents released to the Associated Press
  352. Artists that Showcase "Reuse" Theme
    Creativity in making art out of anything
  353. Buckeyes in Nike Uniform
    The contentious issue of corporate involvement in college sports
  354. Blackberry Torching with PR Spin
    Creative advertising is what is pushing the Blackberry Torch towards consumer adoption, but is it enough?
  355. Blogging is Fun for the Trolling Mentals
    Trolls can drive bloggers mental
  356. A Salute to Ramen
    We pay tribute to the ubiquitous squiggly noodle brick with its foil packet of powdered flavoring.
  357. He Loves Me, They Love Me Not
    How to handle rude in-laws
  358. Stage Set for Sex Tourism to Flourish during Commonwealth Games, New Delhi
    Like all other international sports events, "Commonwealth Games 2010" is also going to be a good opportunity for “Sex Tourism.” Can government stop it?
  359. August 20, 2010

    Gaming to Survive
    While online communities such as World of Warcraft or Second Life were originally conceived of as modes of entertainment, they also serve the role of facilitating survival.
  360. The Incomprehensible Courtney Love Has Another Twitter Rant
    Courtney Love's latest as Twitter rant as she pleads for her daughter to come home.
  361. Bail Bondsmen Oppose Pretrial Release Programs
    Bail bondsmen say pretrial release programs are not a good solution for prison overcrowding.
  362. Have Haribo's Gummy Bears Lost Their Bite?
    Haribo's Gummy Bear Brand On Endangered List...?
  363. Tips for Brainstorming Startup Ideas
    Wanna start a new business? Know how entrepreneurs did it. Today we cover Plan My Training's co-founder Mr. Vikas Kumar.
  364. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  365. Dale Chase is Thinking Geek
    Dale Chase's ode to his favorite internet superstore, ThinkGeek.
  366. Rappy McRapperson "This One's For the Kids"
    Rappy McRapperson "This One's For the Kids"
  367. School District Tells Teachers to 'Unfriend' Students
    Lee County School District in Florida is banning Teacher/Student relationships on Social Networks.
  368. 14 Year Old Attempts to be Youngest to Ever Sail the Globe
    14 year old Laura Dekker is ready to set sail around the world, but is the world ready for Laura?
  369. Facebook is Grabbing Most of its Time From U.S Users
    View some exciting stats about how crazy people have gone about Facebook.
  370. Delicious Ways To Lose Fat
    Fight fat by eating peppers.
  371. The Withdrawal Method
    A war is not over when there are 50,000 troops still occupying a country.
  372. France Should Stop Warrantless Deportation
    Why France could learn from the mistakes of the United States.
  373. Strike Action in South Africa
    Teachers and nurses on strike.
  374. Political No Man's Land
    Politics in the USA: right-wing noise vs. left-wing spinelessness.
  375. GETTING HOUSED: Big Brother - No Power in Pretzels
    Britney is last woman standing as Kathy leaves the Big Brother House.
    in TV
  376. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Opening December 2010
    The Cosmopolitan resort will open December 15th in Las Vegas.
  377. Tips to Help Burn Belly Fat
    Top tips help to burn belly fat and drop weight which can prevent heart disease.
  378. Being On Unemployment Doesn’t Mean Being Unsuccessful
    Is being on EI (Employment Insurance) a bad thing?
  379. 10 Trouble Spots for Teenagers
    Parents take notice-ten ways teens can get into trouble.
  380. Eco-Lettering
    Lettering artist promotes eco-consciousness
  381. Diversity: Tolerance Through Communications- Part 2
    Effective communications creates tolerance, which creates acceptance and respect; both are key solutions to most of our problems.
  382. Green Colleges and Universities
    Sierra Club publishes list of America's 100 most eco-friendly schools
  383. 2010 NFL Preview: Dallas Cowboys
    Can Dallas become the first host team to play in Super Bowl this year?
  384. August 19, 2010

    The Fur Files - Relationship Advice For The Love Challenged
    Making the world a more loving, sexually charged, passion-filled, body-enlivening, mind-melting, spirit fortifying place, one conversation at a time.
  385. Emergency Pizza Party Summons "Zombie Jesus"
    Emergency Pizza Party performs "Zombie Jesus" at Nerdapalooza 2010.
  386. Interviews From The Edge: Catching Up With Korn's Ray Luzier
    Ray Luzier talks about his past, creating Korn's latest emotionally charged album and headlining Mayhem Festival 2010.
  387. Someone May Be Stealing Your Child's Identity
    A new scam sells children's Social Security numbers to people who want to reinvent their credit profiles.
  388. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: Obama is NOT a Muslim
    In this weeks Paranoid Guide, Paranoia reveals that Obama is not in fact - a Muslim.
  389. Why do Most Business Improvement Ideas Run Out of Gas?
    10 ways to give your Business Improvement ideas a Realistic chance of success
  390. What to Consider When Buying a Cubicle Workstation
    Cubicles aren't just cubicles, so selecting them is can be critical to your business
  391. Tips on Building a Greenhouse for Your Home
    You don't need to be an experienced builder to build a greenhouse
    in DIY
  392. Relying on Social Media for Price Sensitive Customers survey shows 24% brand loyalty with consumers. How are companies using social media to manage this startling trend?
  393. American Airlines Charges for Front Row Seats
    American Airlines now charges for front row coach seats, another layer of fees complicating travel
  394. Bathroom Lighting is Not Rocket Science
    The day starts and ends in the bathroom.
  395. Disney Bans Employee Head Scarf
    Does Disney have to bend to the demands of a Muslim employee who wants to wear her head scarf or does she have to play by the employee conduct rules?
  396. The “Mel Hell” Saga Continues – Mel Wants Laptop Exhumed
    The "Mel Hell" Saga Continues - Mel Gibson wants ex Oksana's son's laptop exhumed.
  397. Mick Jagger's Daughter Georgia Modeling the Face Her Daddy Gave Her
    Mick Jagger has a face only a mother could love...unless it's on his daughter.
  398. GreenCraft Magazine
    Being creative and eco-conscious simultaneously
  399. Safety Concerns Slow Down EPA's Approval of Bed Bug Pesticide
    Is there a way to kill the bugs without toxic chemicals?
  400. Interview: Adam Levin, CEO of Bebo
    Adam Devine, CEO of Bebo, sits down with Technorati to talk about the company's future and the competitive social media landscape
  401. Blog Focus: Clemens Indictment, Branding 2010, Location-Based Hype, Wall Street and T-Mobile
    Technorati's Blog Focus, covering all the blogosphere news that's fit to print
  402. Why I Have Faith In This Country
    America, a nation of freedom and choice
  403. China's Rise and the Life of Seahorses
    New money and the desire for drive
  404. BLT! I Like That. (The New Webtools Site).
    Once upon a time there was ILT. Then it became e-learning or elearning and now it's . . .
    in IT
  405. Branding in the 2010s
    When the Look of Social Media Doesn't Fall (Too) Far from the Tree
  406. German Exports Lead Strong Recovery
    Germany's export chain strategy seems to be paying off as despite weak domestic demand the economy is growing due to buoyant exports
  407. Infographic: The Definitive Comparison Guide to Location Based Social Networks
    Infographic Matrix: Foursquare vs Facebook Places vs Gowalla vs Booyah vs Yelp vs BrightKite vs vs. Loopt
    in Guru
  408. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  409. T-Mobile Charm Available August 25 - Plus Video
    Budget Android device with BlackBerry form factor coming very soon.
  410. Snowboarding versus Golf
    Discussing the cost of golf and snowboarding; determining the value of each.
  411. Three Obstacles to Producing High Talent Teams
    Success is a team sport
    in Guru
  412. T-Mobile USA Announces G2, Their First HSPA+ Phone
    For those of you that are still holing on to their T-Mobile G1 phones will have a new phone to look forward to. Today T-Mobile posted in a press statement announcing the T-Mobile G2.
  413. Moshi Moshi Retro Handset For Cellphones: A Review
    Simple, effective, retro, and awesome. The Moshi Moshi handset for cellphones is way better than I thought it would be.
  414. Assist Weight Loss With Stress Reduction Techniques
    Top tips to help you prevent the damaging effects of stress which drive weight loss and fat burn.
  415. Let's Talk About Powder.
    How to choose and apply different types of powder and how to look flawless - for any skin type.
  416. Schmidt At Techonomy Conference: Ready For The Next Technology Revolution?
    Google's CEO feels that the world is not ready for the next technology revolution. The author disagrees.
  417. Entertaining In The New Economy
    Entertaining in the new economy doesn't have to hurt.
  418. Myths and Truths in Management of Sprains
    Sprain ordinarily means tear of some fibers of those ligaments holding the bones in a joint.
  419. GETTING HOUSED: Big Brother Week 5- Rachel's Back, Prepare Mute As Needed
    Pandora's Box, PoV, catty remarks and predictions for a busy Wednesday.
    in TV
  420. Diversity: Tolerance Through Communication, Part 1
    We can effectively communicate and bridge the gaps to a diverse world, and better understand and respect each other words, feelings, thoughts and actions.
  421. Finding Value in 30,000 Tweets
    Today I reached my 30,000th tweet. But how much value have I found through my activity on Twitter?
  422. Piranha 3D Promises to Bite, One Way or Another
    3D films get their first serious Academy Award push.
    in Film
  423. iPad Impressions, from a Fence Sitter
    The iPad, if we are to believe Apple, is magical and revolutionary and will change the way we interact with technology
  424. Celebrity Surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan Trades Scalpel for Halo
    Dr. Frank Ryan, celebrity plastic surgeon, died while tweeting. Talk about a public service message.
  425. August 18, 2010

    Facebook Places Puts a Twist on Location Based Services
    Mark Zuckerberg has done it again, this time - check in with Facebook Places. Or let your friends do it for you.
  426. Brett Favre Part II - The Diva Saga
    Diva quarterback Brett Favre was talked into returning for yet another year, or so he would have us believe.
  427. Did Facebook Learn from Google's Failed Social Media Attempts?
    Facebook Places launches on the backbone of Foursquare, Gowalla and other services
  428. Baseball vs. Soccer
    why baseball is better than soccer
  429. Flight Attendants Get No Respect. Can They Do Their Jobs?
    Can flight attendants pass out drinks, fluff pillows and also insure passenger safety in an emergency?
  430. GETTING HOUSED: Lane Blasts Off (In the Shower) on Big Brother!
    Lane, pulling hard to remain in the game, may have best strategy yet.
    in TV
  431. Development of Resistance to Anti-microbial
    Microbes developing resistance to antibiotics and anti-microbial is a disturbing trend. Recently, it has been reported by "The Lancet" that a bacteria called NDM-1 (New Delhi Metallo-beta-Lactamase-1) super bug is showing resistance to powerful antibiotics, potentially threatening the world with its capacity to infect. The bacteria was seen in a Swedish patient operated in India
  432. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  433. Stocks with invention and social conscience
    Three stock ideas for the future
  434. Social Media Has Become the Beast of Corporate Responses
    For longevity in social media strategies, look to corporate citizenship over freebies.
  435. What Comes 'Round, Goes 'Round
    A recent Wall Street Journal article bemoaned the difficulties employers are having in finding the job candidates who possess their desired skill sets. Regardless of how high or how low the jobless rate is, this is an age-old problem that never seems to get solved.
  436. Rappaport Bans Zimbabwe Diamond Trade
    Rapaport Group refuses to trade Zimbabwe diamonds despite the go-ahead from the Kimberly Process.
  437. The Krondor Krew Go on an "Adventure"
    Ninja rap styling from The Krondor Krew.
  438. Traditional Thinking for New Media
    Social media is "new," but successful campaigns and blogs need basic strategies behind them — strategies that are time-proven
  439. Are Muslims Terrorists?
    The word 'Muslim' is made alias of 'terrorist' through 'manufacturing consent'. Palestinians are displaced from their mother land giving rise to 'fundamentalist aggressive activism.' as a reaction.
  440. Someone Convict Blago on All Counts, Please!
    Blagojevich's corruption trial ended with only one conviction and other charges ending in mistrial, so let's get this right.
  441. Blog Focus: Pro Athletes, Municipal Bonds, Dr. Laura and Mosques
    Blog Focus covers all the news trending in the blogosphere
  442. Democratic Gonad Depository: Build It On Hallowed Ground?
    The Mosque Controversy highlights a lack of Democratic testicular fortitude.
  443. Arsenal Offer Fans A Voice Through 'Fanshares'
    £100 can now buy you a say in how the Gunners are run.
  444. Top 100 Golf Courses: Aronimink Golf Club
    This gem in Newtown Square, PA ranks #76 on the US Top 100 Golf Courses
  445. Happy Days Are Here Again: U.S. Bankruptcies See Dramatic Spike
    U.S. bankruptcy numbers are in. Man, this economic recovery is frickin' fantastic!
  446. "You Can Be Anything You Want"
    Idols season in South Africa
  447. Altered Couture: Create Your Own Vintage Look
    Inspirational DIY fashion
  448. Green Mountain College Named 'Coolest School' In America
    Green Mountain College hit the number one spot in Sierra Magazine's 100 greenest schools list.
  449. The Only 3 Things You'll Ever Need
    Live your best life, starting now!
  450. The Child-Free and the Immaturity Myth
    Why is choosing not to have kids seen as immature?
  451. Battle of the Heavyweights - Google vs. Apple
    The Battle for the Top of the Technological Pile - Apple vs. Google - My Thoughts
  452. Senators Ask DOT To Revise Airplane Animal Death Policy
    Three US Senators ask Department of Transportation to rewrite rules so in-flight deaths of all animals are reported.
  453. Teleportation - Crawl, Walk, Run
    I've been doing it for years
  454. Weight Loss Supplements: Which Work, Why?
    Healthy diet and natural supplements burn fat and drive weight loss while reducing risk of death from excess abdominal fat.
  455. Film, Peepli Live, Focuses On Problem of Indian Farmers Committing Suicide
    Film Peepli Live focuses on the problem of farmers committing suicide in India.
    in Film
  456. Rolling Stone Makes Blood Oh So Sexy With Their New True Blood Cover
    Rolling Stone's latest True Blood cover is one sexy photograph, blood-spattered nakedness and all.
    in TV
  457. The San Francisco Bay Area's Ultimate Paddling Group WaveChasers
    Northern California's WaveChasers raced from Sausalito to Berkeley this past August 15th, 2010
  458. Paris Hilton Wants To Open Her Own Hotel - The Herpes Hilton Perhaps?
    Paris To Open "Herpes Hilton?"
  459. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - The Best Original Film No One Is Seeing
    Get away from your computer and head to your nearest theater.
    in Film
  460. Bail Bondsmen Face Tough Times
    Bail bondsmen face new challenges to their viability in a tough political and economic climate.
  461. August 17, 2010

    34 Years Later John Lennon’s Letter Reaches The Recipient
    A letter from John Lennon took 34 years to arrive.
  462. The Flower
    Yes, it's about Marijuana.
  463. 8-Bit Madness With Powerlifter
    Gameboy & alcohol fueled rock with Powerlifter
  464. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  465. Factory Farming Changing Its Ways
    The imperative of sustainability
  466. Digitimes: Android Handset Sales to Pass 55 Million Units in 2010
    Android handset growth still remarkable.
  467. Honoring the Contract and the Team
    Carmelo Anthony could make it real "loud" in terms of where he wants to play next season (or maybe this season).
  468. The Queen of Undone Things
    It's good to be the Queen of something, right?
  469. Obama Administration's Top Priorities - Change We Can Believe In
    Is there anything on the president's agenda that isn't a "top priority?"
  470. The Trouble With ToDo
    Five easy tips to make the most of your precious time
  471. Hallowed Ground, Slippery Slope
    Obama Finally Makes A Salient Point
  472. The Irony of Obama's Fear
    He's suspicious of decent Americans, but not al Qaeda.
  473. What One Learns by Sleeping with an Ex
    An unexpected night with an ex-wedding ring leads a man to admit he misses marriage.
  474. Using Google Trends to Spot Bed Bug Problematic Areas
    I wanted to know what other States had a bed bug infestation problem so I navigated over to and did a search for bed bugs.
  475. JetBlue All You Can Jet Pass Gets You 30 Days of Unlimited Flights, Cheap
    30 days of unlimited travel for just $699; $499 if you skip flying on Fridays or Sundays.
  476. Want a Better Facebook?
    Better Facebook creates a different experience for power users
  477. Indian Politicians: Big Dreams, Big Talk but Snail Walk
    Politicians are there only for exploiting toiling masses for themselves and for their local and overseas' bosses. In India it is 100% true.
  478. Blog Focus: College Rankings, Oil Spill, Obama Mosque, Dustin Johnson and Pattinson Stewart
    Blog Focus takes a look at what's trending online.
  479. Angelina Jolie: "The Rumors of my Playing Marilyn Monroe Have Been Greatly Exaggerated"
    Angelina Jolie says "The rumors of my playing Marilyn Monroe have been greatly exaggerated."
  480. Why Forrester Got It Wrong on Location-Based Social Networks
    If there's one thing that really gets my blood boiling, it's when analysts get it wrong. Dead wrong. In fact the advice is so bad one has to wonder if the top tier location-based social networks forgot to send in their retainer checks to Forrester last month.
  481. Rough Golf Links
    Golf can be fun even if it isn't the best course around
  482. Tick Tock
    US Politics' Next Ticking Time-Bomb
  483. Malware Hits Network Solutions' Small Business Blog
    No timeline given for when Grow Smart Business will return
  484. Advantages of Using A Zero-Based Budget
    A brief look at some of the advantages of using a zero-based budgeting system.
  485. Women Need to Know Their Worth
    Calculate your past, present and future earnings contribution to understand your worth in a marriage.
  486. August 16, 2010

    Jesse James Wastes No Time Replacing Sandra Bullock With Kat Von D
    Jesse James is dating again cuz he's a shameless douche.
  487. How To Sell Nothing At A Tradeshow
    What are you doing to engage customers as individuals… with their permission… even at tradeshows?
  488. Winters of His Life
    Howard Weamer's has spent his winters as a hutkeeper in Yosemite's backcountry and fills his days writing, reading, photographing, and being an ambassador to mountain culture.
  489. Location-Based This Facebook
    Facebook is on the verge of launching a location-based service, according to reports
  490. Week 16: Organizating Time For Training
    Back-to-School Cuts Into Work Out Time
  491. Gimmie That Christian Side Hug
    Christian Side Hug as performed by the Scrubclub collection of artists.
  492. The Guild Goes Bollywood
    The Guild comes back strong with Season 4 and a Bollywood-themed music video.
  493. We Are the Power Base
    The working class owns the power. It already is ours. We 90% are the power base. Our choice is not who to delegate our power to, as we have wrongly assumed since the 1950’s, but rather, how do we want to apply our power?
  494. What's Your Cross Channel Customer Segment Worth?
    Reaching the cross channel customer in the timeliest, relevant and often location-centric fashion has become the marketer’s goal, and a smartphone is becoming the platform for making it happen.
  495. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  496. Enterprise 2.0 Features Won't Dictate Success
    The availability of Enterprise 2.0 features won't necessarily drive it's uptake
  497. Verizon Successfully Field Tests FiOS Speeds Around 1GB Per Second
    verizon successfully field tested FiOS speeds around 1 gigabit-per-second with actual download speeds reach 925 mbps.
  498. The Key To All Meditation Techniques
    A psychiatrist shows how meditation can improve nearly every aspect of your life.
  499. Yahoo! Labs Attempts to Deliver Personalized Content
    Yahoo! and partners feel that the process of providing the highest quality content will be a mixture of computer and human editorial intelligence
  500. Eye of the Beholder
    Art means different things to different people, and this means animals, too.
  501. I Shall Not Hate
    Triumph of human spirit over personal tragedy
  502. Would You Like a Statin With Those Fries?
    Study suggests that health damaging statins be handed out with fast food meals and to children.
  503. Iran to Build New Uranium Enrichment Centers
    Iran wants to build no less than 10 additional uranium enrichment facilities in the next year. Are their intentions energy related, or weapons related?
  504. Radical Transparency: Behind the charity:water September Birthday Campaign
    Companies and charities can learn from how charity:water will provide an entire tribe in central Africa with clean drinking water
  505. If You Want to Impress Your Twitter Followers, Don't Do This
    Responding with a post you've done elsewhere only works if it relates to what you're responding to.
  506. Democrats Reluctantly Aim to Trade Food Stamps for Nutrition
    Michelle Obama is ready to put her nutrition program into play, but at what cost?
  507. Being Joe Jackson’s Lawyer Is Dangerous Business
    Working for Joe Jackson is dangerous business; just ask his lawyer Brian Oxman.
  508. Could the Friends of Big Bang Theory be the New Friends?
    Big Bang Theory's fourth season starts in September on CBS.
    in TV
  509. Take Note to the Changes to Facebook Notes
    Facebook notes gets a bit of an overhaul
  510. 2010 NFL Preview: New York Jets
    Can the Jets fly their high hopes to Arlington and a Super Bowl?
  511. Kaymer Wins PGA; Watson and Johnson Show Class
    Kaymer wins in a playoff as Watson and Johnson fall short.
  512. Toxic Algae Both Lethal and Costly
    Swim at your own risk!
  513. Bogus Argument Nixes Fenway Dream Performance for Bostonians
    Aerosmith and J. Geils rock Fenway Park, but an argument creates a missed opportunity to make a great night even greater
  514. The Evolution of Twitter as a Night Club
    How Twitter has evolved
  515. Flexitarians: Vegetarians Who Eat Meat Occasionally
    A happy compromise for better health and environment
  516. Google Liking Social Acquisitions as of Late
    Google continues down the acquisition path, this time eyeballing
  517. August 15, 2010

    Eye of the Tiger - iPad Remix
    Eye of the Tiger covered on iPad
  518. 2010 NFL Preview: New England Patriots
    Defending AFC East champs look to recapture glory days of early 2000s.
  519. 2010 NFL Preview: Miami Dolphins
    Henne, Dolphins, look to reclaim AFC East crown in 2010.
  520. The Foul Mouth of YouTube Travel
    You Tube, the world's biggest video sharing site, seems to attract more mean, derogatory comments than do text-based posts
  521. Yelp, iPad and Beer Equals Keg Hack
    Yelp hacks an iPad to make it keg friendly
  522. Diversity: Women Leadership
    Women leaders are mostly found to be more empathetic and flexible, as well as stronger in interpersonal skills than their male counterparts.
  523. Right to Information Act, a Casualty of Corrupt Bureaucrats and Politicians
    Even after 63 years of independence, Indian people are facing many hardships. 'Right to Information act' is pushing lives of information activists into danger.
  524. Mosques, 9/11, and Symbolism
    What's worse for us? Building a mosque or sending all our money to the oil barons?
  525. Short Sighted Comments Criticize Charity for School Supplies Donation
    Education is important and worth supporting if we care about America's financial stability.
  526. An Appeal To The Proponents Of Ground Zero Mosque
    Listen to voice of reason; stop the Ground Zero mosque
  527. When Age Can't Stop Rock and Roll
    Aerosmith and J. Geils band rocked Fenway Park last night, spelling rumors of being old
  528. When A Mosque Is Just A Mosque
    The First Amendment gives Muslims just as much right as any other religion to establish a house of worship
  529. Crazed Juggalos Coordinated and Planned Attack on Tila Tequila
    Juggalos gathering turns violent as crowd tries to kill performer Tila Tequila.
  530. Mobile Devices May Become the New Wallet
    Americans Lag Behind Others With More Convincing Needed
  531. Best Heart Health Supplements
    Top natural supplements are proven to prevent and treat heart disease and reduce the risk of a heart attack.
  532. Let's Talk About Concealer
    All you need to know about different types of concealer and how to apply them.
  533. Private Security vs. Conventional Police Debate in San Francisco
    Private security firms might take over some of Oakland Chinatown's police duties, as in many European countries.
  534. August 14, 2010

    So, Um, Why is Cuba Still Our Enemy?
    What is the real threat, anyway?
  535. Steps to Help Manage Your Credit Cards
    Managing your credit card debt with some straightforward ideas.
  536. Why a Blackberry Ban Won’t Affect Privacy
    The Blackberry-Saudi controversy sheds light on the little known war against absolute privacy that has been going on for years
  537. IT Project Blog Hosting a Webinar on the Triple Constraint
    The IT Project Blog is hosting a webinar on September 8th on the project management triangle, or the triple constraint.
  538. Project Management: Understanding Agile Development
    A short guide for IT project managers on understanding the advantages and drawbacks of agile software development.
    in IT
  539. 2010 NFL Preview: Buffalo Bills
    Are Bills capable of competing in AFC East in 2010?
  540. Veggie-Centric Celebrity Chefs
    Changing America's palate one plate at a time
  541. Video: Watch JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater's Great Escape
    Video of world's most famous disgruntled flight attendant Steven Slater taking the slide to unemployment!
  542. From Today's Rumor Mill: Miley Cyrus Wants Bigger Boobs
    Miley Cyrus wants a boob job. Of course, she does.
  543. Interview: Dave Lombardo of Slayer talks "American Carnage"
    The man who created speed metal drumming talks about Slayer, their latest album, World Painted Blood, and "American Carnage Tour."
  544. Aerosmith and J. Geils at Fenway: Senior Concert Circuit?
    Aerosmith and J. Geils band to play historic Fenway park tonight
  545. Choosing the Correct Exercise Workout for Weight Loss and Health
    Making the right choice between aerobic and resistance exercise lead to improved health and weight loss goals.
  546. The Quest for The Perfect Hive
    The Quest for the Perfect Hive tells the story of bee keeping and many odd and fascinating ways that people have kept bees.
  547. Obama: Ground Zero Mosque Okay, Israel Can't Built Homes in Own Capital
    President Obama: Hypocrite
  548. The Issue of Parental Alienation
    Many parents have gone through custody battles or child /parent separation and felt as though this was happening and their voice was never heard because they did not realize that there is a name for Parental Alienation Disorder
  549. Respect VS. Harassment - Part 2
    Harassment – is verbal or physical conduct that belittles, and shows hostility or aversion towards an individual
  550. Golf Pictures: The 18th Hole at Aronimink Golf Club
    Aronimink Golf Club is ranked 76th on the Top 100 Golf Courses list.
  551. August 13, 2010

    Brazilian Air Force Decrees UFO Disclosure
    Brazilian Air Force Chief releases UFO files, decrees that all future reports to be made public
  552. Let's Talk About... Foundation
    How to choose the right foundation for you and all about the foundations shades and undertones.
    in DIY
  553. Will The Next Revolution Be Democratization of Online Media Publishing?
    It's not just for media giants anymore!
  554. Environmental Yellow Pages
    Another useful resource
  555. Latest Travel News for August
    Catch up with what's new in the travel industry.
  556. Best Exercise Startup Tips Deliver Weight Loss Results
    Study suggests motivational tips to get your fitness program started toward improved health and weight loss goal.
  557. Fog Filled Friday at the PGA Championship
    Fog has delayed the Friday morning tee times.
  558. Forget LeBron James; Real Clevelanders Stick Together
    Clevelanders risk their lives to save a stranger. Why? Because they ROCK!
  559. Creating Presentations In The Cloud for Small Businesses
    Presentations in the cloud. Revolutionizing the way we create, deliver, maintain and measure the impact of presentations.
  560. GETTING HOUSED: Big Brother's Surprise Eviction and Your New HoH
    The power couple gets separated, Britney loses a jury vote, and Brendon loses friends.
    in TV
  561. Jennifer Aniston and Bill O'Reilly Spar Over Importance of Dads
    Jennifer Aniston isn't taking any crap from professional blow-hard Bill O'Reilly
  562. Becoming Financially Smart
    The government may appoint a new Financial Literacy Czar but getting the financial survival skills is up to you.
  563. Mavericks Big Wave Contest Organizers Wrestling for Control
    Mavericks big wave contest organizers are being challenged by a new organizing group.
  564. Survey Says: American Mood Continues to Go South
    A recent survey shows we're getting close to taking a bite of one big crap sandwich.
  565. Respect vs. Harassment - Part 1
    Harassment is verbal or physical conduct that belittles, and shows hostility or aversion towards an individual
  566. August 12, 2010

    VISA Enhances its Business Network for Small Businesses
    Upgrades to the Visa Business Network were developed in response to direct feedback from small business owners
  567. The Plight of Boston Sports Fans
    Bostonian's love to be champions, though it doesn't work that way all the time
  568. Isn't TV More Than Reality and Cop Shows?
    Reality and cop shows dominate television and I'm wondering where the original content is
    in TV
  569. Browse Your Way to a Better Photo Experience on Facebook
    Facebook keeps rolling with their functionality improvements, this time focusing on the photo experience
  570. Facebook Gives the Heisman
    Facebook blocks Hootsuite URL shortners, eds-pick
  571. Did Malibu Police Contribute To Mitrice Richardson's Death?
    A mentally unstable woman's remains were found in a Malibu Canyon a year after police left her to wander alone in the dark.
  572. Curious Kitty Tries to Play Theremin
    This Japanese cat tries to master the notorious difficult instrument.
  573. Man Tries to Marinate Cat in Car Trunk
    A man was caught trying to marinate his cat in herbs and spices in the trunk of his car.
  574. Broken Bells' New Video in Glorious 3D!
    Broken Bells release interactive 3D video for latest single "October."
  575. Get Up on the Technorati Soapbox and Be Heard
    Technorati creates Soapbox Musings feature for the writing community
  576. GETTING HOUSED: The First Hissy Fit of the Season on Big Brother!
    A lot of crying. A lot, a lot, a lot of crying. Also, some bowling.
    in TV
  577. 2010 NFL Preview: Minnesota Vikings
    The difference between playoff team and Super Bowl contender hinges on Brett Favre's return.
  578. Motorola Droid 2 Now Available
    Verizon launched the Droid 2 today
  579. State of the World 2010
    An opportunity to imagine how things can get better or worse for Mother Earth
  580. Stress in a Society
    Finding a new direction
  581. BBC Launches New Travel Site: But Is It Different Enough?
    BBC launches new travel site with Lonely Planet. Will it be different and original enough?
  582. Gentlemen, Refresh your Talking Points
    There's political spin, and then there's total fabrication.
  583. Bad Fat Diets Can Lead to Obesity
    Bad dietary fats affect brain circulation and appetite regulation, but can be reversed with healthy diet and physical activity.
  584. Will Old-School Email Addresses Ever Come Back in Style?
    Will AOL, Hotmail and other "retro" email addresses be considered cool someday?
    in IT
  585. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  586. Happy Feet and Diversity
    Diversity learned from the movie Happy Feet
  587. Offshore Drilling Bill Needs Environmental Safeguards - Part 3
    A mind-boggling 2 million gallons of toxic dispersant was dumped into the Ocean despite availability of a water based dispersant of better proven capability as the final choice was left to BP
  588. Three Pairings to Watch at the PGA Championship
    An entertaining field set for the 2010 PGA Championship
  589. Robert Gibbs Pisses Off Liberals; Liberals Whine
    Robert Gibbs cracks on liberals. And? So what?
  590. August 11, 2010

    Blackberry Podcast App a Jab at Apple's Lack of Social Presence?
    Blackberry's podcast could be an attempt to take a potshot at Apple for a lack of social engagement
  591. Fantasia Barrino Tries to Commit Suicide
    Fantasia Barrino's fall from American Idol fame is dangerously serious
  592. Madden 2011 Closest to Console Gameplay Yet
    Madden 2011 gets football lovers ready for the season
  593. Small Businesses Turning to Microloans to Stay Afloat
    Will Loaning Small Amounts to Businesses Stay After Recession Ends?
  594. Pacers Acquire Collison in Four Way Deal
    Pacers finally build core for the future
  595. Twitter To Launch Official "Tweet Button," Could Impact Third-Party Developer Relationships
    Documents leaked to Mashable Tuesday evening show that Twitter is prepared to launch an official "Tweet Button" as soon as this week.
  596. Reid Implies Notion That a Hispanic Republican is a Catch-22
    The Senate Majority Leader has put his foot in his mouth yet again.
  597. Review: DROID 2 by Motorola
    DROID 2 by Motorola review; will be released on August 12th by Verizon Wireless
  598. Jennifer Lopez Will NOT Be a Judge On American Idol
    You can count uber-diva Jennifer Lopez out of the race to be a judge on American Idol.
    in TV
  599. Obesity Rates On the Rise
    Obesity rates continue to rise, yet can be reversed through healthy diet, physical activity and stress reduction.
  600. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: Google is Skynet
    This week, Paranoia shares his belief that Google has aspirations to become Skynet, but is that a threat?
  601. Radiolab and NPR Visualize "Words"
    Daniel Mercadante and Will Hoffman created this companion piece to a recent Radiolab episode.
  602. Music Video: M.I.A., "XXXO"
    M.I.A.'s latest video is a kitschy, glitchy tour de force.
  603. New Promo for Conan on TBS
    Animated promo advertises Conan O'Brien on TBS this fall.
  604. The Odds to Win the 2010 PGA Championship
    Who will win the 2010 PGA Championship?
  605. LeBron James Fueling Up for the Season
    LeBron James hears the criticism and is using it as motivation for the upcoming season
  606. Delete a Friend Week on Facebook
    Delete a Friend week will help you purge some of the excess friends off your Facebook list
  607. 1000Memories Keeps the Dead Living Through Social Media
    1000Memories hopes to extend the social media after a loved one passes away
  608. How to Use a Credit Card Wisely While Traveling Abroad
    Before your next trip overseas, make sure you know these credit card tips to avoid being ripped off.
  609. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  610. Promise Arizona Offers New Work-Travel Opportunity. Paz Fellows Earn Stipend, Register Voters
    Work-travel vacation offers chance to impact lives, effect social justice
  611. Week 15 of Training: New Study Sheds Light On Waist Sizes
    Training for the 3-day for the Cure may help reduce inches
  612. JetBlue Flight Attendant: Hero or Nut Case?
    Jet Blue Flight Attendant curses passenger, grabs beer and exits flight via emergency chute. Is he a hero?
  613. Gmail Changes
    A new look as well as some changes to Gmail.
  614. In-flight Trash: Airlines and Landfills
    Air travel "trash" needs better recycling programs
  615. Rangel Sheepishly Dismisses Ethics Charges
    Charlie Rangel spouts off on accusations against him. Howard Dean urges him to finish with the "Dean Scream."
  616. August 10, 2010

    US Bank Offers Panini I:Deal Check Scanner for Small Businesses
    System Features Innovative Check Scanning Solutions to Speed Check Processing
  617. Leadership Strategies: When to Act
    To Lead or Not to Lead
    in Guru
  618. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  619. American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino Overdoses Amid Adultery Scandal
    A sex scandal, and then a suicide attempt have rocked the world of Fantasia Barrino.
  620. iPhone Users Sexier Than Their Smartphone Counterparts (Says Recent Study)
    A study done by OKCupid has concluded that iPhone users ranked highest among slutty smartphone behavior.
  621. A Twitter Fast One: Fast Follow
    Twitter launches fast follow that allows users to follow people or brands on the service via SMS messaging without having to join the service
  622. Mr. Rogers Meets Facebook Privacy Policy
    What would happen if Mr. Rogers were to describe to you the privacy policy of Facebook?
  623. JetBlue Flight Attendant Gets Support from Facebook
    Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant, is now a Facebook star
  624. Mickelson Announces Battle with Arthritis
    Mickelson announces his battle with arthritis before the PGA Championship
  625. Former Senator Ted Stevens Killed in Plane Crash
    Former Senator Ted Stevens dies in Alaska plane crash
  626. World Science Festival Sends Greetings from Earth
    Claire L. Evans created this moving introduction to this year's World Science Festival.
  627. Obama: Left-Wing Socialist or Right-Wing Collaborator?
    How can one president be both an extreme left-wing socialist to one group of people, and a right-wing collaborator to another? Only in US Politics.
  628. Behind the Scenes of Kanye's "Power"
    Take a look at the creation of Marco Brambilla's "Power" video for Kanye West.
  629. Aubrey Plaza Describes Her NBC Page Experience
    Aubrey Plaza chats with Jay Leno about her previous employment.
  630. Good Carbs, Bad Carbs: Using Fiber to Drive Weight Loss
    A high fiber diet promotes healthy blood sugar levels and natural weight loss.
  631. Twitpic Founders Launch New Company Called Heello
    The folks behind Twitpic launch a new company called Heello
  632. The Sugar Free Allstars Get Animated
    The first Animated video from the Sugar Free Allstars
  633. Tracy McGrady Headed to the Motor City
    Tracy McGrady is reportedly headed to the Detroit Pistons
  634. Blog Focus: Melodi, Fugees, Reunions, Teen Choices and More
    Blog focus covers drive-thru rampages, musicians who have political dreams, a reunion for 80s rockers, wardrobe changes and a plan crash
  635. Alternative Community Training Recycles and Provides Jobs
    When social and environmental causes meet
  636. Go Green Get Lean
    A book that shows the link between being environmentally friendly and maintaining a healthy weight
  637. Droid 2 Official Launch Thursday; Pre-Sale Wednesday
    R2-D2 version coming next month, too.
  638. UFOs: Generals, Pilots And Officials Go On The Record
    Journalist Leslie Kean's exhaustively researched work chronicles recent best evidence of UFOs
  639. The Elusive Albatross
    The odds of making an Albatross are far less than a hole in one.
  640. Taking a Pig And Calling it a Princess: The Economist & American Justice
    So if the Economist and others want a changed justice landscape, taking a pig and calling it a princess will not get you there.
  641. August 9, 2010

    REPORT: Small Business Administration Suffers From Abuse and Fraud
    Government Accountability Office Reviewed SBA Programs and Found Accountability Lacking
  642. Good vs. Evil? Strippers Protest Ohio Church After Years of Harassment
    A church pastor and his followers goes head to head with a strip club owner and his cache of talent.
  643. Maru the Cat in Super-Slow Motion
    Internet-famous Maru the cat jumps in and out of boxes in super-slow motion.
  644. Music Video: Robyn, "Hang With Me"
    This naturalistic clip for Robyn's "Hang With Me" feels more like a tour doc than a pop video.
  645. 24/7 Wall St. Morning Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  646. Sarah Palin Argues With Former Supporter
    A former Palin supporter argues with the ex-governor about her celebrity status.
  647. Another Chance for Hillary in 2012?
    Hillary in 2012 for Vice President? It's a strong possibility. Sorry Joe.
  648. Matchmoving with Super Mario Brothers
    Matchmoving with Super Mario Brothers
  649. Hair Dryers and Personal Loans
    What do hair dryers have to do with personal insurance?
  650. Classic Street Magic With a Slight NSFW Twist
    Street Magician tries his hand at the magic card trick.
  651. Google Continues Social Acquisition Conquest
    Google continues blazing a bath towards social gaming
  652. Blog Focus: JetBlue Flight Attendant, Chicharito, Wakamatsu and VZW/Google
    Crazy flight attendants, soccer goals, canned MLB coaches and the Interwebs are the topics of the blogosphere today
  653. Revis to Sit Out Entire Season?
    Jets owner not optimistic about star cornerback returning by Week 1.
  654. 2010 NFL Preview: Green Bay Packers
    Packers look for bigger prize in 2010. Can QB Rodgers deliver?
  655. Vicente Fox Calls for Drug Legalization to End Violence
    Vicente Fox thinks legalizing cocaine and heroin in Mexico will stop the violence, when it'll probably do just the opposite.
  656. Purist Vegans Dress Up
    Environmentally friendly fashion sense
  657. Fallout 3 Pip-Boy Now Available With Android (Military Only)
    General Dynamics releases Pip-Boy-like GD300
  658. Foods To Improve Male Health And Assist Weight Loss
    Men's health and weight loss goals are driven by special foods and nutrients which men have evolved to eat.
  659. eBay's Green Team
    The advantages of buying used and learning more about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle
  660. To Connect or Not To Connect -That is the Question
    How the State of Disconnectedness is a Possibility
  661. Humanely Treating Strays and Unwanted Animals Easier Said Than Done
    Finding a good home for a stray animal is harder than you think.
  662. Short Skirts, Bikini Tops Cause More Car Crashes
    Men ogling women in summertime short skirts and bikini tops cause more car crashes
  663. Google Wave Becomes a Puddle
    The demise of Google Wave
  664. Was Google Wave Ahead Of Its Time? Google Doesn't Seem To Think So.
    Google Believes Wave has no Future
    in IT
  665. Phoebe Prince: Words Kill!
    Phoebe Prince and the need to take this problem to the next level.
  666. Tiger and Phil Who?
    Tiger and Phil embarrass as Hunter Mahan is victorious.
  667. Laxman Saves The Day For India
    India level series with Sri Lanka
  668. No View from the Top
    The summit is just the place you rest before your next lesson
  669. In Light of U.S. Economic Woes, First Lady's Vacation Raises Eyebrows
    The president said we need to make sacrifices. The first lady sacrificed by vacationing in Spain.
  670. August 8, 2010

    Birthers' Poster Boy Lt. Colonel Lakin Taking One For The Team
    Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin taking the Obama 'birther' conspiracy a bit too far.
  671. Vintage Appliances Can Trump The Newest Models
    Appliances that are over 50 years old still going strong
  672. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Require Careful Disposal
    Yet another concern in disposing "trash" safely
  673. Vitamin D is Vital to Health
    Vitamin D is required for proper immune system response to protect against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and viral infections.
  674. August 7, 2010

    Best Cancer Prevention Steps
    Cancer proliferates with fructose consumption, yet risk can be reduced by developing a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  675. Hurd On The Street: We Rarely Trust CEOs
    HP Leader Fits Mold When It Comes To Mistrust
  676. August 6, 2010

    Foursquare's Essential for Building Customer Relationships
    Adding simple loyalty rewards can yield big pay-offs in repeat business
  677. Declassified Documents: Churchill Suppressed UFO Evidence
    Winston Churchill "feared panic" if information got out, sealed files for 50 years. Give the man a cigar.
  678. HP CEO Mark Hurd Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal
    Sexual harassment investigation reveals no wrongdoing; company raises full year outlook at same time
  679. Kanye West Unveils His "Portrait of Power"
    Marco Brambilla creates baroque "moving painting" for Kanye West's "Power."
  680. Behind the Scenes with Terry Gilliam and Arcade Fire
    Terry Gilliam and Arcade Fire prepare backstage for their live webcast at Madison Square Garden.
  681. Eminem and Rihanna's "Love the Way You Lie" Music Video
    Eminem and Rihanna's controversial domestic violence track gets an equally controversial video.
  682. Blog Focus: Tibetan Mastiff, Coconut Crab, The Other Guys and Coaches Poll
    The Blog Focus column that features what's hot in the blogosphere right now
  683. Complete Lost Epilogue Leaked
    The complete Lost epilogue from the Season 6 DVD.
  684. 24/7 Wall St. Morning Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  685. 2010 NFL Preview: Detroit Lions
    Lions look to continue to go up and build for the future.
  686. Is Google Sliding Towards Social Gaming?
    Google acquires social web company Slide
  687. Money Talks, Or Not
    What a cast. You can't make this stuff up.
  688. Is An Obama-McConnell Meeting of the Minds An Omen for November?
    Republicans are poised for big gains in November, but they might be celebrating too soon.
  689. Tar Balls from the Gulf
    The many complications of waste management
  690. GETTING HOUSED: Eviction, Unitards and the New Saboteur
    On Big Brother the Power of Veto and evictions summed things up in preparation for the new HoH on Sunday.
    in TV
  691. Angelina Jolie Once Again Defends Daughter Shiloh's Androgynous Fashion Choices
    Angelina Jolie defends daughter Shiloh's less-than-girly fashion sense.
  692. Doc Rivers Screens President
    Nothing better than screening the President of the United States
  693. 'Bama at the Top of USA Today's Coaches Poll
    USA Today coaches poll puts defending champ Alabama at the top
  694. Hansen Clarke On The Way To US Congress
    Hansen ends a political dynasty
  695. Android Tablet Coming From Nationite This Month
    Cheap, basic internet tablet coming this month
  696. Laurence Fishburne Failed To Keep Daughter Off The Pole
    Laurence Fishburne fails at the most important thing a dad can do for his daughter: keep her off the pole.
  697. WiMAX will Thrive Outside the USA and Europe
    Wireless providers that have not deployed 3G will find WiMAX more attractive compared to LTE.
    in IT
  698. Keeping Crystal Reports Portable Across Databases
    Sing a Song of Synonym
  699. Puppy Deaths On Plane Are Unacceptable
    Seven puppies die on an American flight. Overheated cargo holds and lack of hydration. Humane Society calls for investigation!
  700. Top Heart Disease Prevention Steps
    Genetic link established which predisposes individuals to heart disease; implement multi-step prevention and treatment plan.
  701. iPad News Apps FLUD the Market
    FLUD is a growing iPad application built in just 1 month by a dedicated team and FRAPI
  702. Golf Road Trip: Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, NY
    Turning Stone Resort and Casino offers excellent championship golf
  703. Must Have Resources To Launch A Startup
    Knowing key must have resources to launch a polished working prototype could make the difference for your startup.
    in Guru
  704. August 5, 2010

    Google Launches 'Tags' for Small Business Advertising
    Using Google Tags to Highlight Your Google Place Page is Right for Your Small Business
  705. 24/7 Wall St. Morning Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  706. Social Security, Postal Service Bleeding Cash
    The Social Security Administration and the U.S. Postal Service are deep in the red.
  707. It's Open Season on Sane Political Discourse
    The wingnuts are self-replicating.
  708. 2010 NFL Preview: Chicago Bears
    Bears spend big money, will they get a big return on the investment?
  709. Tiger Tamed at WGC Bridgeston Invitational
    Tiger struggles at WGC-Bridgestone Invitational
  710. Seinfeld Meets Lady Gaga's "Telephone"
    Lady Gaga's "Telephone" gets mashed up with clips from Seinfeld.
  711. Lost DVD Release Answers Burning Questions
    Lost DVD to contain 11 minutes of new footage.
  712. Singing, Dancing Robots in Bollywood Feature
    Check out the trailer for S. Shankar's robot epic Endhiran.
  713. Bodum and Weber Portable Charcoal Kettle Grills
    Portable kettle grills from Bodum and Weber make cookouts easy.
  714. Lightwriting in Nature
    Lightwriting can be fun, especially when done in nature
  715. Breaking Bad to Get a Late Start
    AMC pushes the premiere of Breaking Bad's fourth season to July 2011.
    in TV
  716. Are David Beckham and Celeb Chef Gordon Ramsay About to Open an L.A. Pub?
    Are David Beckham & Gordon Ramsay a Pub Dream Team?
  717. Naomi Campbell Gives Shameful Testimony During Charles Taylor Trial
    Naomi Campbell drags herself the Hague to testify on those blood diamonds she received from ousted Liberian dictator Charles Taylor.
  718. Lindsay Lohan's Jail Ordeal Dramatized By Simsesque Video
    Lindsay Lohan gets her very own dramatized reenactment of the events leading up to and including her incarceration, in a Sims-ish cartoon.
  719. Google Launches Small Business Blog
    Google launches small business blog to help with small biz needs
  720. 2010 NFL Preview: Tennessee Titans
    Titans will try build off 8-2 finish in 2009 into playoff contention in AFC for 2010.
  721. Japan Starts Verifying Its Centenarians' Whereabouts
    An alert has been raised in Japan via its health ministry to check countrywide the real existence of the elderly people at their recorded address.
  722. Solar Storm Can be the Cause of Network Hardware Failures
    How Cosmic Radiation from Solar Flares Can Cause Network Outages
    in IT
  723. Best Weight Loss Path: Low Fat or Low Carb?
    Study shows that weight loss similar with low fat and low carb diets, low carb better for heart health.
  724. Disqus Launches Community Likes (and Dislikes)
    Like or Dislike - that is the question with Disqus' new Community Likes feature
  725. Facebook Mobile Privacy Changes Coming
    Mobile privacy could be a big issue in the coming weeks with Facebook set to change settings for their mobile offering
  726. Unwanted Eyewear Gives Sight to Others
    The gift of vision, doing good for others and yourself.
  727. Hot Weather Damages Crops
    Unusually warm weather is bad reality for growers.
  728. Missouri Voters Say "Not So Much" to ObamaCare
    The Show Me state just showed ObamaCare a big middle finger.
  729. Google, Stick to Productivity and Not Social Networking
    Google failed with Buzz and Wave, which should indicate that they need to stick with what they know — search and productivity
  730. 2010 NFL Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars
    After collapsing down the stretch, Jaguars look go over the hump and in the playoffs.
  731. August 4, 2010

    Carol Burnett Very Close to Playing Sue Sylvester's Mom on Glee
    Carol Burnett super close to a getting a guest spot on Fox's hit show Glee.
    in TV
  732. The Oregon Trail: The Movie
    The trailer for Oregon Trail: The Movie
  733. Deportation Threatens to Tear Immigrant Family Apart
    US citizen children to grow up alone without immediate action
  734. Cross Channel Marketing’s Killer Application
    By the end of 2010 any software and services company that touches marketing buyers will be touting cross channel capability.
  735. 3 Fatal Flaws to Success
    It says you’ve made it and from here on life is good. Right? Not so fast.
    in Guru
  736. 24/7 Wall St. Morning Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  737. Tiger Hopes to Qualify for Ryder Cup
    Tiger hopes to qualify for the Ryder Cup and avoid using an captains invite.
  738. The Paranoid Guide to Better Living: Proposition 8 & Gay Marriage
    Proposition 8 has been overturned by the U.S. District Court. Now Gays and Lesbians can argue with their spouses over the remote - legally - like the rest of us.
  739. The Colors, Movement and Simplicity of the Carnival
    One minute video shows how simplicity can be amazing
  740. Google Alarm Interview on CNN
    Google alarm tells you when the search giant is tracking your activity online
  741. The Cartoon of Depression
    Depression video via a cartoon takes you though the ups and downs of the disease
  742. Facebook Notifications in Your Browser Tabs
    Facebook enables notifications in the browser tab bar
  743. Is Google Killing Wave?
    Google Wave might be toast
  744. Facebook for Business Networking: It's Easier Than You Might Think
    Networking isn't just fun and games, but sometimes the games can help.
  745. Jets Back-up QB Headed to Drug Rehab
    Back-up Jets QB Erik Ainge is headed to drug rehab
  746. Shaq in Green a Done Deal
    Shaq joins the Celtics, who all of a sudden, got really big
  747. How To, Batman! - How to Feed Some Goats
    Batman, goat whisperer.
  748. FAA Downgrades Mexico’s Airline Safety Rating
    FAA downgrades Mexico's air safety rating, ending code share between US carriers and Mexico's two national airlines.
  749. Facebook for Android Updated
    New facebook for Android app adds features.
  750. Does Motorola + Verizon + Android = iPad Competitor?
    Rumored tablet supports FiOS and Verizon hotspot feature
  751. Eco-Friendly Crayons
    Color with fun and eco-consciousness
  752. Donate Bikes to A Good Cause
    For some, the world turns on two wheels
  753. China, India And The Internet Ecosystem
    Why is India so different from China when it comes to the success of start-ups? Who needs to be blamed and what can be hoped for in future!
  754. Give Grandma Her Apps
    What app stores need to do to get happy developers and users.
  755. Tips to Help Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet
    Eliminating excess sugar and fructose from the diet lead to natural weight loss and release of body fat.
  756. OMG Did U C That?
    Father plans to sue school for reading daughter's text messages
  757. Bermuda - Island Life
    The island of Bermuda is a unique beautiful place to vist or even live.
  758. Taking the Second Amendment to its Logical Extreme Conclusion
    We are approaching political singularity at the speed of absurdity.
  759. August 3, 2010

    Gisele Bundchen Gets Bitten By The Breastfeeding Bug
    Supermodels say dumb stuff.
  760. Hooters First TV Commercial
    Hooters first TV commercial provides insight into simple, and some say derogatory, positioning.
  761. The Great Debate: Marijuana vs. Crystal Meth
    The drug debate rages on when Marijuana takes on Meth.
  762. Water at 718 Frames Per Second
    Water at 718 frames per second can be an entertaining and mesmerizing thing.
  763. Dancing Guy Gets Hit by Truck
    Guy dances into the street, gets hit by oncoming ice cream truck.
  764. Mashable Getting More Social
    Mashable expands social presence to enhance the reader experience
  765. Paul Rudd: Bat Mitzvah DJ
    Paul Rudd's embarrassing early career.
  766. Shaq Close to Signing with Celtics
    Could Shaq-diesel line up beside Kevin Garnett for the Celtics this coming year?
  767. Make A Tender Response "A Winner"
    Do you nail every tender response you write?
    in Guru
  768. Offshore Drilling Bill Needs Environmental Safeguards -Part 2
    The Reforms Bill Must Empower Independent Monitoring by Setting up Sub-Sea Observation
  769. 24/7 Wall St. Daily Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  770. Understanding Angelina: An Exclusive Interview with Author Andrew Morton - Part 1
    Exploring the life of Angelina Jolie with an exclusive interview with celebrity biographer Andrew Morton.
  771. Bebo Making Power Moves to Bolster Growth
    Bebo makes a couple of strategic hires
  772. Google Launches Multiple Account Sign-ups
    Google launches multiple account sign-ups that will help bloggers and other Google users, quickly switch between three accounts
  773. Reporter Destroys Ice Sculpture
    Reporter accidentally destroys prized ice sculpture.
  774. 2010 NFL Preview: Indianapolis Colts
    Defending AFC Champions seek to avenge Super Bowl loss.
  775. New Season of the Brett Favre Show
    Brett Favre is retiring - again. Yawn.
  776. Charles Howell III Plays Entire Tournament Without a Bogey
    Charles Howell III goes bogey free at the Greenbrier Classic.
  777. Week 14--Trying to Stay Out of the Heat and Hot Water
    Don't forget to schedule a mammogram
  778. Where Are You Keisha?
    Last Sunday could be relaxing weekend time for most of the families, but it was not the case with 6 years old little girl Kiesha Abrahams and her family living in western Sydney.
  779. Australia Waters Contain Most Unknown Living Species
    Imagine which country’s waters in the world are most biologically diverse in terms of living species. It is Australia’s.
  780. GETTING HOUSED: Big Brother Drama, in Their Words.
    Eviction, exposed showmance, and Enzo role plays. Another great couple of days in the house.
    in TV
  781. Apple is Missing the Boat with Music Streaming from the Cloud
    A wave is fast approaching in the online music industry, and Apple is showing no signs of acknowledging it any time soon.
  782. UGA Wins Dubious Honor of Top Party School
    The University of Georgia tops the annual Princeton Reviews' Top 10 Party School List
  783. Audubon's Holy Grail Discovered
    Audubon's missing paintings - the holy grail within bird-watching circles - has been discovered!
  784. Eat Slowly, Lose Weight Faster
    Working in harmony with the appetite suppressant hormone leptin allows proper cellular signals for natural weight loss.
  785. The iPad Will Never Kill the Kindle
    Two products. Two different markets. Why compare?
  786. Ohio Clean Energy and Sierra Club Activists Create Aerial Art
    Wind turbines for a cleaner source of energy
  787. Is Islam a Cult? So Says GOP Leader from Tennessee
    GOP needs to overcome religious bias
  788. Hear Now: Recycling Hearing Aids
    Giving the gift of hearing while reducing waste
  789. Congressman Stark: "The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything"
    If being an arrogant butthead was art, Pete Stark would be Michelangelo.
  790. Obama Claims War in Iraq is "Nearing an End"
    Obama claims the Iraq war is nearing an end. While good news, that means the Afghanistan war is just heating up.
  791. August 2, 2010

    Action Jackson Back in L.A.
    Phil Jackson finalizes the deal to come back to the Lakers for one more year
  792. Lady Gaga on Her Vagina, Coke and Bad Romances
    Lady Gaga says crazy stuff, and we dutifully listen.
  793. True Blood To Auction Off Walk-On Part To Raise Money For Children's Hospital
    True Blood to auction off walk on role with proceeds benefiting Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
    in TV
  794. Facebook Uber Alles
    Facebook rides the transient wave of web popularity
  795. Stuart Appleby Shoots 59 to Win Greenbrier Classic
    Stuart Appleby shoots becomes the 5th player in PGA Tour history to shoot 59
  796. Tina Fey's First Television Appearance
    Tina Fey appears in a Mutual Savings Bank commercial in 1995.
  797. SEC Charges Bigtime GOP Contributors Wyly Brothers With Fraud
    Political donation need more screening
  798. Android Sales Up Nearly 900% in Q2
    Android shows amazing growth.
  799. Sprint 4G Live in Five (More Cities, That Is)
    Sprint increases market lead over rivals who have yet to launch 4G service.
  800. Sarah Palin Opines on Immigration. Yippie.
    Or, why staying in school is important.
  801. Indian Prime Minister House and Parliament House Prove Themselves Anti-Green
    Government of India lacks the courage of ‘Walk the Talk’. On one hand the common man is facing huge power cuts in most parts of the country, and on the other hand there is a tremendous increase in the power consumption in the top government offices.
  802. Time Management: Tips To Regain Mental Bandwidth
    Easy to follow tips to expand your time in the digital information overload age
  803. Edible Landscaping (Part 2)
    Looks great, tastes great too!
  804. 24/7 Wall St. Morning Market Roundup
    Technorati's new business feature, covering all you need to know to know what's going on in the markets.
  805. Kanji: On-Yomi and Kun-Yomi
    Learn the different readings of kanji and how they are used in real life.
  806. Edible Landscaping (Part 1)
    Looks great, tastes great too!
  807. Top Diabetes Diet Cuts Risk of Heart Attack in Half
    Controlling diabetes through dietary and lifestyle changes can cut the risk of a heart attack in half.
  808. @bostonlogan: Way To Go With Twitter
    Boston's Logan airport takes top honors in tweeting and Twitter followers, and making passengers happy travelers
  809. Some Congressional Democrats Now Calling for Rangel's Resignation
    Charlie Rangel has had a lousy last couple of weeks. Maybe he should move on to better things.
  810. August 1, 2010

    Mobile Dominates Summer News
    July Used to be Slow. Not in The Fast-Moving World of Mobile.
  811. Phoenix Sheriff Deputies Allegedly Attack Day Labor Leader
    Sheriff Arpaio uses psychological terror, Labor leader arrested, held in un-air conditioned van, attorney detained after witnessing abuses
  812. Punditry: Desktop Publishing Redux
    Pundits don't make things better, they just make things punditier.
  813. Recycling Can Save Columbus $5 million a Year
    The high cost of managing trash
  814. Zynga Headed Towards an IPO?
    Zynga brings on CFO and is poised to make a run at an IPO
  815. Blogger In Draft Adds Personalized Photo Backgrounds
    Blogger In Draft enables truly personalized backgrounds with photo uploading
  816. Wes Welker a Freak of Nature
    WEs Welker was headed to a long road to recovery from a nasty knee injury and now is poised to be suiting up for the 2010-11 season