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  1. April 30, 2010

    Booming Race Growth and The Tough Mudder
    Your local road race has gotten big enough for tourists to attend...and so has theirs.
  2. Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Quit Each Other
    Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry split.
  3. King of England To Hassle Fuddruckers Patrons
    The restaurant doesn't want people to bring in guns. Gun owners, in return, don't want to go to the restaurant. Everybody wins.
  4. Christina Aguilera Does Her Best Lady Gaga Impression
    Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" is disappointing Lady Gaga knockoff.
  5. Newscasters Get Raunchy on the Air
    A couple newscasters get raunchy on April 30, 2010. A particularly good day for TV news SNAFUs?
  6. The Best TV Commercial Ever?
    This mobile home commercial may be the best TV commercial ever.
  7. National ID Debate Begins: Is It Friday Already?
    A Democratic proposal to implement biometric requirements to work in America seems like it doesn't solve the problem.
  8. The Three Flavors of Personal Finance Advice
    Most focus only on the practical aspect of money management
  9. NHL Playoffs First Round: One Of Everything
    One of each seed passed through the first round, which shouldn't happen that often but does.
  10. Money Weighing on Adults' Mind More than Career and Marriage
    Money issues are more of a concern than marriage or career programs, per a new study by Intuit
  11. More Teens Texting and Updating Statuses While Driving
    Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) conducted a study that prove teens are using their mobile devices behind the wheel
  12. US Still Faces A Grim Future
    The US is not back on the path of prosperity, government claim notwithstanding.
  13. SB1070: The Joe Arpaio Racial Profiling Protection Act
    Is Governor Brewer's real intention to prevent victims from suing a race-profiling sheriff?
  14. Final UK Debate Done: It's Almost Time for the Polls
    The final debate saw the three leaders cross swords over the economy.
  15. AMC Brings Out The Hilarity of Rambo
    AMC cuts your throat with four nightly hours of Rambo. But don't worry, it's funny.
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  16. Android App Review: Add Another Layar to Your Reality
    Layar attempts to show you the world hidden beyond your reality, but a skimpy database holds up the magic.
  17. Android App Review: Googling with Goggles
    Google Goggles sometimes gets the images right and delivers prices and info, but it's often stumped.
  18. Raising a Child Your Religion With No Back-up
  19. Parenting In Front of the Plumber
  20. April 29, 2010

    Ads that Don't Add Up: Absentee Dads, Oreo Webcams, Phones for All (Over 10)
    Cell phones for ten-year olds, cars, and absentee dads? They may be selling it, but I'm not buying it.
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  21. Hope For The Future: Busted Cylinders in Detroit
    Injuries left the Pistons stranded on the side of the road in long NBA season.
  22. MTV Movie Awards Promo: "Who is Aziz Ansari?"
    A funny promo for the MTV Movie Awards featuring Sarah Silverman, P. Diddy, and more.
  23. The Thirty-Day Out Clause
    Do you ever fret about choosing a bad vendor? Here is an easy way out.
  24. Microsoft: We're Killing The Courier, Not The Messenger
    The highly awaited Microsoft tablet won't see the light of day.
  25. Travel Superstars I’d Like to Have a Drink With
    Travel Superstars I'd like to have a drink with
  26. U.S. Soldiers Remake "Telephone" Video
    U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan filmed this remake of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" in between missions.
  27. Challenging a YouTube Take Down with Fair Use
    "Know Your Meme" explains fair use and copyright claims.
  28. Medicare Supplement Insurance and Impending Changes
    Medicare Supplement "modernized" plans go into effect on June 1, 2010. Check your plans to avoid rate changes.
  29. Content and Eyeball Retention Key Factors for Online Ads
    Viewer engagement is becoming an important factor while garnering online ads, highlighting the importance of quality content.
  30. Past Censuses Were A Little Intrusive
    If the 2010 census seems intrusive, be glad you don’t live in the past.
  31. Arizona/Nazi Metaphors: The Show Stopper
    Discussing the immigration bill will be better done without Hitler comparisons.
  32. Will Sony Pair Intel Chips & Android in Upcoming TVs?
    Rumors have Sony entering Smart TV market.
  33. HTC Droid Incredible Available on Amazon - And Cheap!
    Online retailer has them in stock for only $99
  34. Master-Botter Pleads Guilty
    22,000-PC botnet builder admits guilt. Partner going to trial.
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  35. Who is Paying for Clearing the Oil Spill Mess?
    Another catastrophic oil spill begs the question, who's paying for the clean-up?
  36. Pay-to-Pay-to-Play Healthcare a Disturbing Trend
    MD VIP network exposes decline in quality of healthcare in America
  37. Top Natural Weight Loss Supplements
    Excessive weight and obesity, dietary excess and lack of exercise are contributing to skyrocketing levels of the major killer diseases.
  38. Chelsea Handler Knows How To Handle A Sex Tape Scandal
    Chelsea Handler has a sex tape and it's funny, 'cuz you know, she's a comedienne and stuff.
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  39. Stop Me Before I Text Again
  40. Pink Me Out and Make Me a Participant
    Writer/teacher decides to join the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure 60 mile walk
  41. Boys to Men
  42. The Valuable Things
    This incident had me pondering about perceptions of what is important to all of us – we are luckier than those in many parts of the world to have food, shelter and clothing. For me the most important thing is protecting my family, their safety, health and well-being.
  43. Mother of the Flower Girl
  44. April 28, 2010

    Fed Upbeat But Don't Bang the Drums Yet
    The Fed keeps rates the same, is that good news or bad?
  45. Jesse James Responds To Sandra Bullock's Divorce and Adoption News
    Jesse James said some stuff and let's hope it's the last we hear from this sack of excrement.
  46. Facebook Social Plugins Going Strong
    Facebook's Open Graph is taking off to the tune of over 50,000 integrations thus far
  47. Don't Build Lists; Build Relationships
    The public relations business can get bogged down in processes and sometimes the industry forgets that relationships are the cornerstone to all around success
  48. Beaches, Buttocks and Medical Tourism
    More Americans are traveling abroad for medical and body-image reasons. The sights are great and the price is right,
  49. Gordon Brown's Gaffe May Cost Him Dearly
    Will UK Prime Minster's outburst after speaking to a voter cost him his job?
  50. RunStar Makes Running Fun
    Once you start your run, the magic kicks in.
  51. Android App Review: Aloqa
    A good idea: one stop for all your entertainment (and realty and churchgoing) options. But needs a complete local database.
  52. David Ortiz Living In The Shadow of Big Papi
    With David Ortiz off to another slow start, Red Sox Nation may wonder where Big Papi went.
  53. Brown's Tirade Days Before Vote a Lot Like Susan Boyle
    PM Brown's campaign trail gaff may cost him the election
  54. Indian Premier League Controversy and Crisis
    The corruption that is being dug up after the Kochi scandal.
  55. Palo Alto: Mail Your Measure A Ballot Today!
  56. iPad 3G Arrives Friday, Data Plans Explained
    AT&T has posted a PDF with clear information about data plans for upcoming 3G tablet.
  57. HTC to Pay Microsoft Royalties on Android Phones
    MS and HTC come to an agreement regarding intellectual property rights.
  58. Google Releases New Version of Chrome with Security Patches
    JavaScript speed and Java issues patched as well.
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  59. The Demise of the Prom Dress
  60. Men at work. Too many men at work.
  61. Political Racing: The Capital Challenge
    Just another political race.
  62. Better Living Through Technology: The Tony Stark Innovation Challenge
    A video contest sponsored by Audi tries to uncover the next Tony Stark and save the planet through technology.
  63. HOLY SHIZZ! Sandra Bullock Adopts Baby Boy, Dumps Jesse James
    Sandra Bullock gains about 15 pounds of cuteness and joy, while dumping one big pile of steaming crap.
  64. When Friend Becomes Frenemy
  65. Welcome to Our Restaurant
  66. April 27, 2010

    CBS Early Show Theme Resembles Mac OS Browser
    CBS Early Show updates their theme and intro, but is there more to the change than meets the eye?
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  67. 1000 Ex-Scientology Church Members Have Left And Spoken Out
    1000 people have left the Church of Scientology and have spoken out against what is believed to be the wealthiest cult in the world.
  68. Facebook Like Decals Proof that Online Needs Offline
    Facebook is getting into the local marketing business and is distributing "like" decals for companies to promote their presence on the popular social networking service
  69. Virus Targets iPad Owners
    PC users with an iPad targeted via email campaign.
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  70. Students Socialize Walk-Out
    Thousands of high school students rally behind a Facebook cause and as a result, walk-out of high school
  71. Goldman Sachs Nonchalant in The Senate Hearing
    Goldman Sachs will survive
  72. Prince Edward Island: A Maritime Must-See
    Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province, but it's a Maritime must see. Many call PEI the gentle island.
  73. Google's Andy Rubin Talks Android with the NY Times
    Topics include phones, tablets, set-top boxes and predicted dominance over iPhone and Blackberry
  74. True Blood Minisode Sneak Preview: Eric and Pam Interview Dancers
    Sneak peek of the mini episodes of True Blood beginning May 2nd.
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  75. Hugo Chavez Vies To Be President of Twitter
    He'll break records for followers, according to his assistant. But what will his username be?
  76. Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz: A Tale Of Two Stories
    Adult film star Jenna Jameson and professional fighter Tito Ortiz are telling very different stories about what happened during an altercation.
  77. Hope For The Future: No Unity in Philly
    Disarray on the court and off led to the major downfall of the 76ers
  78. Playoff Autopsy Report: Ottawa Senators
    The Ottawa Senators turned another year of regular season inconsistency into...another year of postseason failure.
  79. Keeping them on a leash
  80. Even Senators Are Complaining About Facebook
    Senator Charles Schumer (and friends) wrote to Facebook about their new opt-out privacy settings. This is important stuff, youse guys.
  81. Embedded Systems in Space Exploration
    After decades of Service by the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA prepares for the James Webb Space Telescope
  82. Android App Review: DialZero
    Never wade through automated menus again to find a real human being.
  83. Weekend Race Report: London...and Nashville?
    The marathon headlines this weekend came from a world marathon majors race and the country music marathon.
  84. Designer Jeans are Extensions of Ego
    A recent GMA report exposes the soul of consumerism
  85. And They Needed a Study for This?
    Increased chocolate consumption linked to depression
  86. Check Vendor References and Prevent Headaches
    Check a new vendor's references before you start to do business with them.
  87. Mom Accent
  88. Attack of the WAHMs. Enough Already!
  89. April 26, 2010

    Randy and Evi Quaid Jailed
    Randy Quaid and wife Evi have their day in court, and proceed to get arrested.
  90. Can We Persuade Congress to Bite The Hand That Feeds It?
    Republicans obstruct new proposed financial reforms because of an institutional corruption that can only be altered through campaign finance reform.
  91. Howard vs. Zobrist: A Tale Of Two Contracts
    Two teams with two very different ideas about how to spend their money.
  92. Are You The Yoda of Metaphoric Story Telling?
    Become the worlds greatest salesperson by selling a brick
  93. WalMart Facing Major Uphill Battle in Employment Lawsuit
    WalMart court battle heating up to the potential cost in the billions.
  94. Don’t Sell But Rather Get Covered in May
    Using Covered Calls to Manage Risk and Boost Returns
  95. The Virtual Communication Trap and the Way Out
    It’s twice as hard for male singles working in the IT to find a partner. A university spin-off helps – with software.
  96. Avert “Crisis Communications” by Planning Ahead
    Respond to crisis by being truthful, timely and most of all, unemotional.
  97. Conan O'Brien and Jim Carrey Sing Surprise Live Duet
    Jim Carrey joins Conan on stage for a surprise duet of Five for Fighting's "Superman (It's Not Easy)".
  98. A Ground Breaking Edict from a Saudi Cleric
    Voice of reasons in the darkness of orthodox practices
  99. Betty White is a "Cougar" in SNL Promo
    Betty White will host SNL on May 10, 2010. Here's the first promo for her appearance.
  100. M.I.A. Premieres Very NSFW "Born Free" Video
    M.I.A.'s violent and disturbing "Born Free" music video feels more like a short film.
  101. Pulling the Plug on Project Enlightenment
  102. Playoff Autopsy Report: New Jersey Devils
    The New Jersey Devils are out of the playoffs. What went wrong?
  103. If God's Punishing You With Obama, Then Repent
    Texas state rep Leo Berman identified how reason Republicans are being punished. Now to correct their Biblical wrongs.
  104. Voting Enthusiasm Isn't Wasted On The Young
    The older, more Republican crowd is more excited to vote this year. Adjust your straw polls accordingly.
  105. Rare Jew Discovered Without Sense of Humor
    Obama's national security adviser somehow gets in hot water with a joke involving a Jew and a terrorist.
  106. Small Town Girl from Manhattan
  107. Not Every Woman Wants a Baby
  108. Perhaps Whitney Houston Should Quit While She's Ahead
    The Whitney Houston of today is nothing like the Whitney Houston of the past.
  109. Google Recommends Incredible for Verizon Subscribers
    Nexus One appears to not be coming to carrier
  110. Honda U3-X: One More Reason to Avoid Exercise
    The world of the future!
  111. Semantic Tools: Giving Meaning to Online Publishing
    The Semantic web and its growing influence, particularly within online publishing.
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  112. Israel Blesses iPad Saying, "Let The Tablets Go!"
    Tablet now considered kosher for travelers to carry into Israel, but please only one per person.
  113. Bizarre Hamas Psychological Warfare Cartoon a Symptom of Collective National Pain-Body
    Hamas's media machine has released another cartoon, this one aimed at pressuring Israel toward prisoner exchange
  114. Why Fake and Bake When You can Snow and Grow?
  115. Are celebrities lonely too?
  116. April 25, 2010

    Android App Review: Google Sky Maps
    Google Sky Maps for Android phones make you into an instant astronomer.
  117. Sleeveless Celebrities and How They Sculpt Those Sexy Arms
    From kittens to cougars, it seems everywhere you look these days, there's a celebrity showing off sculpted biceps and triceps.
  118. Survey: 71% of Companies Able to Monitor Employee Social Media Use
    Companies are increasingly watching what their employees are doing on social media channels
  119. Facebook's Social Plugins Proof of Content Domination
    Facebook's Social Plugins helping the social leader in content reach deeper into the interwebs
  120. Hope For The Future: Long Island Dreams
    The New York Islanders are still waiting for the world to change - or at least Rick DiPietro's ability to stay healthy.
  121. Many Republicans Still Want To Repeal Health Care
    The time is ripe for the GOP to do some serious soul searching.
  122. Which Came First: The Failing Schools or The Budget Cuts?
  123. Film: Nobody Knows About Persian Cats Reveals Underground Iranian Rock Culture
    Iran's youth prove rock 'n' roll is a universal language, regardless of the risks.
  124. Reading just for the fun of it
  125. Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal
    Excess weight is significant medical issue in America today, with rates among children and teens skyrocketing.
  126. After Two Years Sandwich Board Guy Gets Job-No Problem
    Paul Nawrocki two-year struggle to find work proves that there are no problems, only situations
  127. Home Video Revelation
  128. Don't worry: I'm a Professional
  129. April 24, 2010

    Trend Bucking Broncos Highlight NFL Draft
    A few key storylines that cropped up from the NFL draft this weekend.
  130. British Woman Alleges Rape in Rishikesh
    Careful in love while traveling
  131. MakeTime for New Ideas
    Ideas comes from a clear mind. So give your mind a clear atmosphere then work on new ideas
  132. Law Enforcement Investigating Criminal Charges in Lost iPhone Case
    Apple has aske d local law enforcement to investigate whether any laws, like California Penal Code 485, were broken during the lost iPhone saga.
  133. Leave Your Smartphone In A Bar? There's An App For That!
    Keeping your personal information secure on your smartphone makes good sense. Just ask the lost iPhone guy.
  134. What happened to Summer Jobs?
  135. Is blood thicker than water?
  136. Save Mandi's Life with Your Cord Blood Stem Cells
  137. April 23, 2010

    NCAA Expands Tournament To Fit 68 Teams
    The NCAA Tournament will be expanding, but only to 68 teams, not 96 like we feared
  138. NCAA Continues Bowling For Dollars
    The NCAA made another slick move this ;ate this week, adding two more games to their bowl schedule.
  139. Lorena Ochoa Set to Retire From Golf
    Lorena Ochoa is leaving the LPGA, but everyone will be better for it.
  140. Lessons Learned from Franklin Graham and the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer
    Some opinions are best left unsaid, especially when they're negative
  141. Thunder Crowd Puts Advantage In Their Court
    Oklahoma City fans lift Thunder to a game three victory
  142. Official Twilight Saga Eclipse Trailer Released, Don't Hurt Anyone Twihards
    Twilight Saga's third flick, Eclipse, has a full-length trailer available. Keep your wits about you!
    in Film
  143. Bret Michaels In ICU After Brain Hemorrhage
    Bret Michaels, Poison singer and reality star has is in critical condition with a brain hemorrhage.
  144. The Last Airbender to get 3D Post Production Conversion
    Studios strike again as they target your wallet.
    in Film
  145. The Last Stand
    There are different approaches to taking on the last set in a workout.
  146. UK Elections: After Debate #2, It's Still A Three-Horse Race
    Thoughts on the second of the three UK debates in the run-up to the general election.
  147. Rachel Maddow Mesmerized By SCOTUS Finger Puppets
    In riffing on the Supreme Court, the MSNBC host might've forgotten one small facet: the context.
  148. Facebook f8 Live Unleashes New Live Feeds
    Facebook's developer conference focuses on how people interact socially and connect across the web
  149. Hope For The Future: No California Nightmares
    Injuries and poor management doomed Warriors from start of season.
  150. Android App Review: Locale
    Would you pay $9.99 for an app that lets you burrow through a layer or two of menus to do something that you can largely do from a switch on the side of your phone?
  151. Android App Review: QIK
    Stream live video to the entire world from your cell phone. Remember, always stream responsibly.
  152. Crybaby's Got A Gun
    A kid who made headlines six years ago when his basketball coach humiliated him is now in trouble of his own volition.
  153. Android App Review: Skype Mobile
    Skype comes to Verizon's Android mobile devices, useful but not perfect
  154. QR Codes 101
    Rather take a picture than type an URL? Here's how.
  155. Elephants and the Online Video Revolution
    At five years old, YouTube is the God Father of the online video revolution
  156. Windows Live Update Coming
    Wave 4 will not support XP
    in IT
  157. What’s the Difference Between Kids and Carry-on Luggage?
    Airlines tax kids and carry-ons. Unaccompanied Minors pay more at Southwest.
  158. Bosch Blacklists Goldman, AIG Plans to Sue
    German engineering giant Bosch blacklists Goldman, as IKB Bank and AIG plan to sue Goldman independently for misrepresentation and fraud.
  159. Nook Update Released, Brings Promised In-Store Reading
    Additional features include Sudoku, Chess, and a beta web browser.
  160. My Daughter’s Bedroom – A Memory Shrine?
  161. A Baker's Philosophy Lesson
  162. A Real Food Revolution
  163. The Art of the Hospital Visit
  164. April 22, 2010

    Hope For The Future: Dark Spells in Washington
    Discipline is mandatory for the Wizards' future success
  165. Thousands Of Teachers To Be Laid Off - What Economic Recovery?
    As jobs are lost and Wall Street continues to get financial support, when will the good senses prevail?
  166. MIT Research Shows Most Don't Leverage Professional Networks Appropriately
    New research from MIT shows that most don't understand their professional network, which ultimately hinders professional and career development.
  167. Lindsay Lohan's Dad Busts Into Her Apartment With Cops
    Lindsay Lohan's dad pays her a visit, brings the cops. Just a regular day in the life of a Lohan.
  168. Ten Principles to Harness the Power of PR
    PR Experts Share Insights Into How Strategic PR Can Help Companies Achieve Their Goals
  169. Mile High Club Not a Myth
    Sex in the Sky or the Mile High Club really exists, so we're told
  170. No Food, No Gas, No Inflation
    The "core" Producer price Index may be low but inflation is lurking.
  171. Indonesia Tree Program Looks to Reduce Global Warming
    Indonesia contribute to reduce the global warming by plant trembesi trees.
  172. A Dose of Reality
  173. Spring Into Action Soon: Usain Bolt
    The fastest man in the world is starting his season soon.
  174. Andrew Morton's Angelina Jolie Biography Set To Drop August 3rd
    A release date has been announced for the latest Andrew Morton biography on Angelina Jolie.
  175. 5 Ways To Handle Social Media In Moderation
    Effective utilization of time spent on and away from social media tools is important. Here is how you can go about it!
  176. Belgian PM Has Peter Gibbons Syndrome
    Yves Leterme wants to resign, but King Lumbergh II just needs somebody to come in Sunday. That'd be great.
  177. Being Green is So Easy, Even a Pug Can Do It
    A pug teaches us how to be green and protect the environment.
  178. Lin Yu Chun and William Shatner Sing a Duet
    Lin Yu Chun and William Shatner perform a duet version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on Lopez Tonight.
  179. Accusing Your Opponent Of Not Being Gay? That's A New One
    A Pennsylvania state representative race is filled with sexual accusations. "My opponent ... IS STRAIGHT!"
  180. Perspective
  181. Comfort in the Chaos of Moms
  182. Rumor: New Chip Sockets for Next-Gen Intel Chips
    New socket design will require motherboard replacement to upgrade to latest chip.
    in IT
  183. Dell Aero Specs Leaked
    Slowish chip, put handwriting recognition and DRM included.
  184. Anti-Earth Day (ish)
  185. They Used to Call it a Hi-Fi
  186. McAfee Update Causing Major Windows XP Issues
    Endless reboot cycles resulting from bad virus identification
    in IT
  187. Chicago Cubs Burying Zambrano In the Bullpen
    The Chicago Cubs have decided that the best way to improve their bullpen is clearly to move their best starting pitcher there.
  188. London Marathon Preview
    The next World Marathon Majors race is this weekend in the great city of London.
  189. Battling the Silver Demon
  190. April 21, 2010

    National "Do Not Call List" for Business Not Likely
    Are you waiting for the National 'Business Do Not Call Registry?' Don't hold your breath... there are few things you can do.
  191. Michael Douglas' Son Cameron Sentenced to Five Years
    Cameron Douglas, 31-year old son of actor and Oscar winner Michael Douglas, has his day in court on drug trafficking charges.
  192. Arizona Passes Bill Giving Birthers False Hope
    Supporters of legislation that would require presidential candidates to show their real birth certificate are just fueling the conspiratorial blaze.
  193. Six Tips for Using Free Research on Your Corporate Blog
    Learn how you can take publicly available data and turn it into a small business research department
    in Guru
  194. Reverse Prison Break: TVs Stolen In Netherlands
    Burglars in the Netherlands yanked some TVs right out of prison cells, which is astonishing -- not so much that they were stolen, but were in the cells to begin with.
  195. Misalignment of Sales and Marketing Can Be Costly
    If sales and marketing are not aligned, social media is going to kill your sales pipeline.
  196. Roethlisberger Punished For Being "That Guy"
    Ben Roethlisberger has been suspended by the NFL for what is, for now, six games, though that could change on ROger Goodell's whim.
  197. Goldman Sachs Is My Bookie
    Forget about lawsuits. Did Goldman Sachs violate New York's gambling laws?
  198. GEICO Seeks Politically Agnostic Voice Actor
    Because they fired their previous one, who baited a conservative organization and got bitten.
  199. Drunk Coachella Bro Can't Get His Flip-Flops On
    This viral video documents one very drunk man's struggle to put on a pair of flip-flops.
  200. Hitler Reacts to Downfall Parody Removals
    Brad Templeton creates a Downfall parody video satirizing the issues behind the removal of Downfall parody videos.
  201. Music Video: The xx, "Islands"
    The new video for The xx's "Islands" employs a subtle and hypnotic snippet of dance choreography.
  202. Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Gaining in Massachusetts
    Charlie Baker is shaking up the Massachusetts governor's race.
  203. Garmin Phone Coming to T-Mobile
    At last, Android-powered Garmin phone coming to the US.
  204. SIP Attacks Originating from Amazon EC2 IP Addresses
    Cloud-based attacks from Amazon apparently on the rise.
    in IT
  205. New Chrome Release Patches Security Holes
    Security flaw bounty pays off, with critical flaws found and patched.
    in IT
  206. Celebrity Secrets To Stay Fit and Trim
    Learn the best way to attain a slim, sexy figure just like the stars.
  207. Mad Men Creator Eyes the Finish Line
    Matthew Weiner teases about last call for Mad Men fans.
    in TV
  208. April 20, 2010

    Hope For The Future: Some Dusty Blue Jackets
    The Columbus Blue Jackets struggled mightily to have the same two players show up on offense all season long. Youth and health could help fix that quickly.
  209. Google Buzz Should Be Called Google Echo
    Google Buzz is filled of rehashed content and the lack of adoption is proof positive of that
  210. Canada Closes Doggy Door On Notion Of Canine Mayor
    A small Ontario hamlet is not going to let some black lab run their town with her alarmist squeak toy policies.
  211. Is Toby Gerhart Too White To Star In The NFL?
    Stanford star tailback Toby Gerhart has the chops to be a feature back in the NFL...doesn't he?
  212. Blogging to Drive Business
    How blogging helps create and maintain valuable customer connections.
  213. Cancer Prevention
    Cancer is the second leading cause of death among Americans which can be prevented through lifestyle and dietary modifications.
  214. Tough Decision Ahead for American-Indian Model Sonia Dara
    A tough decision ahead for Sonia Dara Sonia Dara A Brain-And-Beauty From India
  215. Will Your Travel Insurance Cover Volcano-Related Problems?
    Will Travel Insurance cover the thousands of travelers affected by Iceland's volcanic eruption?
  216. Lexus Recall: Another Embedded Nightmare
    Lexus GX 460 SUVs recalled due to rollover concerns - embedded Vehicle Stability Control system the culprit.
  217. Ashhole Nightmare Over, Flights From The UK Set To Resume
    The volcano air travel nightmare is finally coming to an end.
  218. Music Video: Boy 8-Bit, "The Keep"
    Boy 8-Bit unveils Michael Mann inspired (sort of?) music video.
  219. Gun Activists Gather for D.C. Rally
    Gun activists gather to demonstrate in and around Washington D.C.
  220. Obama Heckled by Gay Rights Protesters
    Gay rights protesters interrupt a speech by President Obama, urging for the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
  221. Leaders Debate in the UK
    The UK follows the US model and pits its political party leaders against each other in a televised debate.
  222. Has Scott Brown Read The Finance Reform Bill?
    The newest Massachusetts senator opens his mouth while burning himself badly.
  223. Video:True Blood Continues to Tease - 6 Mini Episodes To Air In May
    True Blood creator Alan Ball gives fans something to feed on while waiting for the Season 3 premiere in June.
    in TV
  224. Noise and Routine
    Mostly I can’t stand the noise of the crying. It doesn’t always bother me if they are upset. I can deal with whatever they have going on. But I feel like I have to keep taking these deep breaths and sighing and exhaling to stay calm when the noise level reaches a point where I can’t hear myself think any longer. What to do, what to do. I can’t hide in the garage, they know how to open the door. I can’t go outside, they want to go too. I can no longer put them in a pack-n-play, they can escape.
  225. Adopted Tennessee Boy Returned to Russia
  226. Gang Starr's Guru Has Died At Age 43
    Legendary rapper Guru of Gang Starr fame has died at the age of 43.
  227. Seesmic for Android V1.3 Adds Geotagging, More
    Latest version of Seesmic for Android adds native retweet capability as well as a home screen widget.
  228. The Stock Market is a Lot Like Baseball
    What do these two seemingly different games have in common?
  229. Treasury Announces 2010 Guidelines for TARP Executive Pay
    TARP money directed to executive pay for performance
  230. India's German Garbage Picker
    German shows the way to clean the forest in India
  231. IE 8 XSS Filter: Epic Fail
    Filters designed to protect against XSS attacks, actually expose some sites to them.
    in IT
  232. Kelley Blue Book Car Buyer's App Now Available
    All the benefits of Kelley's Blue Book in the palm of your hand.
    in IT
  233. The Incredible Case of the Missing Next Generation iPhone
    Note to travelers: if you leave your iPhone in a bar in Silicon Valley, it'll be dismantled before it's returned.
  234. Let's Be Friends!
  235. April 19, 2010

    NewsBusters Undermines The Underminer
    Joe Klein's accusation of borderline sedition from some right-wing pundits caused responses to be equally undermining.
  236. Garnett Elbow Adds Drama to Dull Game, Series
    Garnett's elbow, Richardson's words, Wade's explosiveness... NBA Action, it's FANTASTIC!
  237. Kentucky Senate Republican Primary Will Be Bloody
    Between Rand Paul and Trey Grayson, Kentucky might be where the gauntlet is hurled between Republican strongholds.
  238. Will The SEC Charges Dent Goldman Sachs Reputation?
    UK and Germany studies SEC charges against Goldman Sachs
  239. Beyond the Ash in Iceland
    Beyond the ash in Iceland, there's history, beauty and a great cuisine.
  240. The Worldwide Boom In The Cosmetics Industry
    UK women spend approximately 180,000 pounds on beauty over a lifetime.
  241. Ke$ha's SNL Performance Better Than Expected, Not As Bad As Reported
    Ke$ha doesn't have anything smart to say, but she is entertaining. Then again, I have low expectations.
    in TV
  242. Boston Marathon: The Afternoon Aftermath
    Didn't watch the marathon? Read about it here.
  243. Religion on the 2 Train
  244. School IT Department Spy Case Heats Up
    New motion claims school took thousands of surreptitious photos of students.
  245. Droid Incredible Available for Pre-Order; Advance Reviews Positive
    Possibly the best Android phone to hit the US thus far set for April 29 deliveries.
  246. I'm a jeans and t-shirt Mom
  247. How Goldman Double Dealt California Bonds
    Underwriting issues before shorting it through a CDS is churning Trillions for the punters, to the dismay of Corporates and nations.
  248. Will Brent Spike Oil Again?
    Prices of Brent oil have jumped three fold and witnessed unusual volatility after formation of the ICE cartel in 2000
  249. Waking Up Overwhelmed
  250. Hope For The Future: Improved Sacramento Kingdom?
    Eight more wins than last season with a young team provides a bright outlook for the Sacramento Kings
  251. Sexy Zoe Saldana Is Fit For The Future, And You Can Be Too!
    You don't have to be from another planet to have a great shape, every woman deserves a beautiful body.
  252. Love Is In The Air . . . At Preschool?
  253. Making Fitness a Family Affair
  254. April 18, 2010

    Arm-Twisted Airlines Agree Not To Charge for Carry-On Luggage
    NY Senator Schumer gets major airlines not charge for carry on luggage
  255. Raising A Snickers Bar: In Honor of R.J. Cottle
  256. Porn Star Won't Run For Senate Because She's A Porn Star
    Stormy Daniels announces that she chooses not to run because the system won't let her win.
  257. Healthy Earth, Healthy Earthlings
    Earth Day is about making green connections, embracing humane education, and becoming an every-day environmentalist.
  258. A Non-imist's Rebuttal to 5 Ways to Become an Optimist
    The glass is as it is
  259. Confession: I Have a Picky Eater
  260. Where is the Red Cross?
  261. How Cute - Our First Fad
  262. Bring on the Boredom
  263. Brand Yourself
    Businesses “get” branding, but how do you brand yourself so that you stand out of the crowd within your company?
    in Guru
  264. Alzheimer's Disease Prevention and Treatment
    Alzheimer's Disease cases have been steadily increasing, currently ranking as the seventh leading cause of death in America.
  265. Family Road Trip Tips no-one gives you
  266. a Speech Therapy Success Story
  267. I Can Sleep When I'm Dead
  268. Boston Marathon Athlete Profile: Michelle Frey
    The only American Female Elite Hope for the Boston Marathon: Can she win it?
  269. April 17, 2010

    Rice Still Needs More Professional Seasoning
    Jerry Rice participated in his first professional golf tournament this weekend and, suffice it to say, left a lot to be desired.
  270. Rush Limbaugh May Not Be Serious When He Talks
    When he says Eyjafjallajokull's eruption was God's response to the health care bill being passed ... it might be a joke.
  271. Customer Reviews: A Double-Edged Sword
    Customer reviews, both solicited and unsolicited provide feedback to business owners about how their brand is being perceived and experienced.
  272. Premier League Title Back Up for Grabs
    The standings went for a tumble Sunday afternoon, as Manchester United pulled out a last second victory, while CHelsea barely managed to threaten all game.
  273. Boeing Says “No” To Ryanair’s Pay-to Pee Plan
    Boeing says "No" to Ryanair's plan to eliminate in-flight toilets
  274. Texas Officials Need Help Identifying Dead Child
    Mowing crew finds 6 year old boy
  275. The Boston Marathon Guide for the Uninitiated
    Have no idea about what is going on during this crazy race on Monday? We're here to help.
  276. Charging Can Save Your Business Money
    Tips for effective rechargeable battery use
  277. Universal Laws and The Law of Success
    The law of success is the final point of the 11 universal laws It explains the necessity of being successful and how a person can have it easily
  278. Universal Laws and the Law of Compensation
    Being wealthy doesn't requires cheating people, hunting bargains, competiting with others
  279. Law of Increase: Being Praised by Universal Laws
    Law of increase is one of the universal laws and it rises the spiritual power of a person
  280. The Difference Between Desires And Expectations
    Finding the key of the universal laws through the law of attraction
  281. Universal Laws and Law of Thinking
    Law of thinking is the first law of the universal laws and explains the first existence of matter
  282. Trendy Dining Hits the High Seas
    New cruise ship seeks to attract travelers with a unique menu and dining experience.
  283. Universal Laws and the Law of Supply
    The law of supply is the evidence of sufficiency of the universe and it can be stated as the abundance secret of the universal laws.
  284. April 16, 2010

    Enjoy A Weekend's Run Without A Marathon
    What, not fast enough yet? Come to Boston anyway and take part in the fun.
  285. Crank It Up to 96 and Just Move On
    What is the NCAA trying to accomplish by dragging out the shift from 65 to 96 tournament teams?
  286. SEC Charges Goldman Sachs with Fraud
    SEC starts getting tough on Wall street
  287. TruGreen Offers Sustainable Lawn Care Actions and $30,000
    TruGreen, a leader in lawn care service, partnered with Lowe's to offer one grand prize of $30,000 to a landscape make-over
  288. Poop, Pot and Petty Theft
    News in the education world bordered just a tad on the bizarre this month.
  289. Khary Lazarre White: Helping At-Risk Youth Succeed
    Khary Lazarre White is a Harlem entrepreneur and philanthropist who just so happens to be the brother of actor Adam Lazarre White and CEO of Brotherhood SisterSol,
  290. Lynn Tilton: Turning Around Success One Company at a Time
    Lynn Tilton founded Patriarch Partners which is a private equity turnaround firm, which works exclusively with distressed and troubled companies that are about to be liquidated
  291. Asteroid Mission Could Save the Planet
    Obama looking to send astronauts to an asteroid in 15 years to save the planet
  292. iTunes to Sell Concert Tickets [RUMOR]
    Is Apple going to start selling concert tickets through iTunes?
  293. Tila Tequila Suggested Rap Name "Lil' Ho"
    And we fought in Vietnam for this???
  294. Israel to Apple: We'll Stick To Stone Tablets For Now
    iPads banned by the Israel Communications Ministry; Customs confiscates travelers' devices
  295. AP Stylebook Changes "Web Site" to "Website"
    AP Stylebook puts end to a long debate over the spelling of website
  296. Ben Domenech Might Want To Let This Go
    The New Ledger blogger apologized just about everywhere when he wrote in passing about Elena Kagan's sexuality. Let it go, man.
  297. Travel Fees Make Pet Owners Dishonest
    Airline and hotel fees are making traveling pet owners dishonest
  298. Watch I Need That Record! on Pitchfork
    Indie record store doc I Need That Record! screens on Pitchfork for one week only in honor of Record Store Day.
  299. Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop Opens Across Country
    Watch an extended five-minute sneak peek at Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop, opening in theaters across the United States.
  300. Wordpress 3.0 is Getting Ready to Launch
    Wordpress, the award winning publishing platform is getting ready to launch a major upgrade. Wordpress 3.0 is an upgrade you will not want to miss.
  301. Google Updates Docs, Offers Huge Improvements
    Google gets that much closer to sucking you into the cloud.
  302. Kristen Schaal's Penelope Princess of Pets Comes to BBC TV
    BBC gets Penelope Princess of Pets trailer.
  303. OCD Gamer's Simcity 3000 Megalopolis of The Future
    Simcity 3000 creation will only be relevant after the coming apocalypse.
  304. Believe in Children, Trust in Adults
  305. Rumor: Android Tablet Coming from HTC?
    HTC employee claims tablet coming, new tech for phones as well.
  306. Sun Releases Emergency Java Patch
    Google pushes Oracle to release patch immediately
    in IT
  307. Hope For the Future: Panthers Need Sunshine
    The Panthers had a rough season - David Booth's two concussions served as an adequate picture of their year at large.
  308. April 15, 2010

    Video: Tina Fey Wages War On Whores
    Tina Fey doing what she does best — calling a whore, a whore.
  309. Row, Row, Row Your Float
    Ways to create float with your business and earn extra cash.
  310. Tax Time Brings on the Stress
    Tax time brings the stress level up in U.S. adults
  311. Documentary: Eliot Spitzer Flew Too Close To The Vulva
    In an upcoming, hard-hitting (heh) film, Spitzer compares himself to Icarus, flying on borrowed wings to court cherubim which were paid hourly.
  312. Golden State Warriors Finish With a Quirk
    Don Nelson coached all the way until the last second of the season, even when it meant that fouling out would lead to injured-player roulette.
  313. Father of Slain Marine a Modern-Day Job
    Albert Snyder's tragedy, tainted by the involvement of the Westboro Baptist Church, parallels that of the biblical man of patience
  314. Brandon Marshall Creates A Ripple Effect
    Brandon Marshall has moved on to Miami to see if he can help Chad Henne improve the Dolphins' offense, while the Broncos will soldier on without any elite receivers to speak of.
  315. Yankees Pitcher Chan Ho Park Responds To Critics, Cracks Up Locker Room
    Chan Ho Park is hilarious.
  316. Creepy Canadian Game Show Clips
    Unearthed clips from an 80s Canadian kids show reveals host was total perv.
  317. Conan O'Brien Covers Radiohead's "Creep"
    Conan O'Brien covers "Creep" in his pre-show soundcheck in Eugene, Oregon.
  318. Hanson Debuts New Music Video
    Hanson premieres video for "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" in preparation for upcoming album release.
  319. The Teabaggers And Our Elitist Economy
    The teabaggers could potentially raise a valid argument for society to analyze and engage in, if only they focused their outreach on what's really, truly wrong.
  320. Who Wants To Play SimDeficit?
    That may or may not be the name of the upcoming video game that Microsoft will develop that lets you (YOU!) balance the federal budget.
  321. Zombie Tennessee Mayor Wins Election
    Recently deceased candidate Robin Geary still had enough clout to win the election as his hometown mayor.
  322. Market Stabilization Triggers Aggressive Mortgage Lending
    At-risk real estate markets regain stability, marks normalcy in mortgage lending
  323. A Grace Forged
    The big guys who got their bail-outs first are again growing happy and fat. But the trickle-downs haven’t reached most of us yet.
  324. Travel Insurance: Do You Dare Leave Home Without It?
    Travel Insurance: Don't Leave on a Trip Without It!
  325. Coronary Artery Disease Prevention Tips
    Coronary artery disease results in nearly one million deaths each year
  326. Inside Europe: Italy vs Germany
    A conversation with blogger Elena Baldi about Germans and Italians.
  327. The Westernization of Bangladesh
    The change in culture and society in Bangladesh due to Westernization
  328. Twitter Working on Official Android App
    Twitter continues to plug holes in its product offerings.
  329. Spam and Virus Trend Figures in for Q1 2010
    Despite major botnet takedowns, spam and virus issues continue to rise overall.
    in IT
  330. My Magic Number is Two
  331. More Security Updates from Apple and Cicso
    Vulnerabilities exist in OS X and Cisco Secure Desktop
    in IT
  332. Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva No Longer a Couple
    Mel Gibson and his baby-mama are no longer together. Gee, what the surprise.
  333. Seasonal Madness
  334. Birth Order Psych Lab 101 - In my house
  335. April 14, 2010

    Palin's Friends Forgot To RSVP In Massachusetts
    The circus came to down, but it was missing one of their most prized elephants.
  336. Dead Presidents Merchandise Make Lovely Gifts
    People are selling products honoring the late Lech Kaczynski. Some people have a problem with this, oddly enough.
  337. Flaming Lips Premiere "Powerless" Video
    Frontman Wayne Coyne co-directed this video for the song "Powerless" from the album Embryonic.
  338. Amazing Justin Timberlake Medley by Brett Domino
    Brett Domino and Steven Peavis perform a medley of Justin Timberlake hits using assorted miniature and novelty instruments.
  339. Albert Snyder's Uphill Battle Helped By Strangers
    The father of a fallen solder fights his legal battle against all odds, with a little help from his new friends.
  340. Hope for the Future: New Leafs In Toronto
    The Toronto Maple Leafs are at the beginning of a long overdue rebuilding process. We're about to see just how quickly new GM Brian Burke can - or wants to - work his magic.
  341. Dealing With Grief, With Inspiration From SVMoms Group, Katie Couric and PBS
  342. Memristors: Technology Breakthrough
    An important technological advance for computing and embedded systems.
  343. Blur May Cause Extreme Awesomeness, Sleep Deprivation
    Bizarre Creation's latest racing game is like a multiplayer version of crack cocaine with sparkly particle effects.
  344. Solar Rooftop Leasing
    Distributed solar energy sweeping the nation
  345. Android Fragmentation: Can't We All Just Get Along?
    Google has released the latest OS fragmentation numbers.
  346. Google Replaying Twitter
    Replay will allow users to review how previous news breaks and relevant content is disseminated via Twitter
  347. HTC Incredible on Verizon Site; Specs Are Pretty Sweet
    Verizon posts photo and email update list.
  348. Hope For The Future: New Bite for Wolves?
    The Minnesota Timberwolves will get better, but not necessarily right away, as they need time to identify and gel their core future players.
  349. Anea Bogue: Closing the Great Divide Between Moms and Teenage Daughters
    Anea Bogue helps moms and teenage daughters navigate their relationships
  350. Security Patches from Oracle and Adobe
    Major security vulnerabilities patched in many Oracle and Sun products as well as Adobe Reader and Acrobat
    in IT
  351. Video: Glee's Jane Lynch's "Vogue" Better Than Madonna
    Jane Lynch does Madonna better than Madonna.
  352. Dance With Glee—Kate's Safe Again On Dancing With The Stars
    Like her or hate her, the reality star is safe once again to shake her stuff on the dance floor.
  353. I'm Just Trying to Share Some Good News
  354. April 13, 2010

    Jeremy Shockey Likes Them Desperate
    Jeremy Shockey is hoping to find himself a dinner date on Facebook. Even more surprising, lots of women are actually competing!
  355. Know What'll Work? Arresting The Pope
    That's what Richard Dawkins would like to see happen if Pope Benedict XVI follows through on his visit to the United Kingdom.
  356. A Moratorium On Needless Palin Stories
    It's time to ignore the woman who's doing nothing except generating fluff headlines.
  357. Rasheed Wallace Hints At His Future Employer
    He might wind up playing for the Bulls next season. He might as well, since he's already scoring for them.
  358. Sentiment Analysis Market Heating Up
    SAS launched sentiment analysis tool
  359. Say No To Cheating, And Adopt The "Vajajay Worthy" Motto
    The Jesse James and Tiger Woods' cheating scandals has many women wondering about their own man.
  360. Twitter's Promoted Tweets Live
    Twitter announces and rolls out their advertising strategy in the form of Promoted Tweets
  361. Is Microsoft's Kin Really The "Son Of Sidekick?
    The Microsoft Kin is targeting young and socially connected mobile consumers, but don't mistake it for a Sidekick.
  362. Child Walks a Tightrope Over Tigers
    A child performer walks over tigers
  363. The BizCATS REVIEW: Three Steps to Your First Website
    Anyone can make bad content look nice and that’s the big trap; but when you first take great content and then make that look great, well you’ve really got something!
  364. Travel Tip: Portugal's Historic Mansions
    Portugal's Solares (so-larsh) are its old manor houses carefully renovated for a very different travel experience.
  365. Chris Seitz Needs A Very Short Memory
    Philadelphia's starting goalkeeper could stand some short-term memory loss right now, because some mistakes are just indefensible.
  366. Cuban Barbers Beat Communism
    Finally, they'll get to snip, snip, snip in a capitalist environment.
  367. Eric Wareheim Directs New HEALTH Music Video
    Eric Wareheim directs this (NSFW) video for HEALTH's "We Are Water."
  368. PS22 Chorus Sings Beach House Cover
    A group of kids from Staten Island's PS22 cover Beach House's "Zebra."
  369. Ben Roethlisberger Is Not the Smartest Man
    Ben Roethlisberger's poor decision-making track record is starting to make a lot of people, including myself, wonder what's going on inside that head of his.
  370. Jim Carrey Lost Jenny McCarthy, But Has He Lost His Mind?
    Jim Carrey's always been a bit out there, but has he lost his grip on reality along with his longtime girlfriend Jenny McCarthy?
  371. Intel Running Android on Atom Chips
    Move may spark competition in smartphone chip market
  372. Silverlight 4 Launch Event
    Scott Guthrie introduces Microsoft's new release, followed by an afternoon of interviews and discussion.
    in IT
  373. Christian Bale Rant Makes Tiger Woods' Smarmy Nike Ad Tolerable
    Tiger Woods Nike Ad + Christian Bale's F-Bomb Rant = WIN!
  374. New MacBook Pros Available at Apple Store
    New MacBook Pros now feature Intel Core i5 and Core i7; still have built-in batteries.
  375. foursquare is my life
  376. Blockbusted: Luddites Join the New Millennium
    With Netflix's Wii discs, the new technology holdouts (read cheapskates) have just leapfrogged their more tech-savvy friends.
  377. Hope For The Future: New Wall In Jersey?
    Stability and certainty from ownership and a new arena to solid young talent means brighter days ahead for the Nets
  378. Jill Zarin Ready to Kiss and Make Up..or Save Face and Book Sales?
    Jill Zarin of Real Housewives of NYC fame wants to make amends with someone. Gee, can you spell Bethenny anyone?
    in TV
  379. Meditation: The Ultimate Self Help Program
    Some simple, yet effective benefits of meditation
  380. One for You and Two for Me
    Bartering can decrease your expenses 60% to 80%
  381. Who Is Winning the Clean Energy Race?
    China,supposedly the world's largest polluter, moved ahead in the clean energy race with massive investments in renewable energy
  382. Out of the Frying Pan
  383. What Do I Know? I'm New Here.
  384. Better education or bigger wallets?
  385. April 12, 2010

    Did Congress Lose Their Own Insurance?
    A glitch in the health care bill might cause them to get insurance the same way as everyone else. Quel dommage!
  386. 15-Year-Old First to Check In at North Pole
    Last Degree badge unlocked during 15-year-old's first checkin to the North Pole
  387. Opera Mini Approved for iPhone
    The iPhone browser wars will be heating up as Opera Mini has been approved for the app store
  388. VIDEOS: Robbie Bach and Microsoft Kin Mobile Phone Launch
    At a small event in San Francisco, Microsoft reveals its plans to attract young and socially connected consumers.
    in IT
  389. Vatican Makes Peace with The Beatles-Folly or Genius?
    The Vatican's newspaper chooses important anniversary to commemorate The Beatles
  390. Microsoft Keeps It Low Key as It Unveils Kin
    The phone formerly known as Pink launches and will be available on Verizon in May
  391. Child Marriages and Death in Yemen
    When girls are cheap, the pay is death
  392. Conan Coming To TBS - George Lopez Thrilled
    Conan's next move had been TBS.
    in TV
  393. Quick, Appoint Judge Judy To SCOTUS
    It doesn't look like they're going to filibuster the potential nomination. So make it count, Obama.
  394. Certainty Welds Our World Closed
    Healthy moments of doubt enable new insight and adventurous thinking
  395. The $200,000 Golden Brick-Like Mobile Phone
    Would you buy a brick-like mobile phone ?
  396. Blackboard Learn App For iPhone Replacement
    Many users of the Blackboard Learn app aren't happy with it. Blackboard is taking action with this new app.
    in IT
  397. Hope for the Future: Oilers Strike Back
    There is hope for this season's worst team in the entire National Hockey League
  398. NBER Can't Get a Date
    NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee isn't dating right now.
  399. Documents Chronicle Toyota's Poor Decisions During Crisis
    The latest news coming out of the crisis Toyota is facing is that a high level official pulled back the curtain on company execs, begging that the company come public about their impending recall issues.
  400. An Adopted Child Is Sent Back Home Alone
    Crisis brewing on US-Russia child adoption
  401. New Uses For The Old Me
  402. Beauty and the Internal Beast
  403. Stop The Bullying
  404. April 11, 2010

    The Top Five Questions To Answer Before Starting Your Own Business
    Attorney and founder of Hughes Media Law, Joleen Winther Hughes, advises entrepreneurs on creating and protecting business value.
  405. Santonio Holmes Gone In A New York Minute
    Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes is now a member of the New York Jets in a sudden and unexpected move over the weekend.
  406. Seattle's Glee Flash Mob Triple Play
    Seattle Gleeks put their own spin on their tribute to Glee
  407. Anderson Silva Bites The Hand That Feeds Him
    UFC champion Anderson Silva decided that a title defense bout was a good time to play with his food instead of just killing it like a good fighter.
  408. Marilyn Manson Is No Michelle "Bombshell" McGee
    Marilyn Manson may collect Nazi memorabilia, but he draws the line at any comparisons to Jesse James' ho Michelle McGee.
  409. Masters Day Four: Lefty Turns In a Gem
    Phil Mickelson finished strong to take his third green jacket, while Tiger Woods looked completely lost for much of his SUnday round.
  410. Dixie Carter Dies at Age 70
    The ultimate Southern belle, Dixie Carter, has died.
  411. Flyers Dramatic Season Drags On
    The Philadelphia Flyers managed to score just enough to beat the Rangers on the last day of the season, setting up a first-round playoff matchup with the New Jersey Devils.
  412. I Miss You, Holly Hayes
  413. Strange Tale of a Former New York Times Reporter
    There is more to life that what meets the eyes, as seen through the story of Mark Hawthorne, a former NYT reporter, now homeless
  414. ABC says Welcome To Happy Town
    Sam Neill returns to network television in Happy Town
    in TV
  415. The Best Years of Life Are Still Ahead
  416. Baaba Maal - Modern Day Griot
    Senegalese musician/singer Baaba Maal is currently on tour in the US till June.
  417. Tweetie 2 for Mac Coming
    Tweetie 2 for the Mac is coming, but there is some business to take care of first
  418. Mindy McCready Sex Tape and the PR Stunt
    Publicity once again takes the form of a "leaked" sex tape
  419. Newspaper's Last Rite and the Impact on Marketing
    The media landscape has change dramatically over the past five years and the argument over paid or free content is coming to a head
  420. Airlines Looking to Charge for Toilet Use and Carry-on Luggage
    Spirit Airlines and Ryanair looking to squeeze traveler wallets more with new fees that include carry-on and facilities charges
  421. Jobless in Jersey
  422. The Next Generation of Music Lovers
  423. A Banner Mistake: Pro-lifers Hurt More Than They Help
  424. Nexus One Is a Good But Flawed Upgrade
    The Nexus One is best phone I have ever had, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.
  425. April 10, 2010

    Kate Gosselin's Planning New Episodes of Pimp my Pride
    Kate Gosselin and clan are returning to TV on TLC in a new series for Kate and number of specials for Kate and clan.
    in TV
  426. Wisconsin Makes $50,000 Judgement Call
    The University of Wisconsin is calling out Nike on their questionable overseas relationships with contractors, and the decision might cost them significant revenue.
  427. Boston Bruins Secure Seeding In Style
    The Boston Bruins played one of the wildest games of the season in sewing up the sixth spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs
  428. Masters Day Three: A Little Bit of English
    The third day of Masters-level golf saw a few players ig deep to pull to the top of the leaderboard on Moving Day.
  429. Reading Activates Your Brain
    Reading promotes more activity in the language area of the brain.
  430. And Here Come The Polish Plane Crash Conspiracy Theories
    It was the KGB that killed a bunch of Polish politicians. Of course it was. Them and the Spanish Inquisition.
  431. Refinance Tips to Save You Cash
    Refinancing is a science and an art. Set yourself up to save tens of thousands of dollars each money with these really simple, easy tips.
  432. Killer Tips for Selecting a Mover
    Killer tips for selecting relocation services and making sure the job is done right
  433. Tips for Hiring a Moving Company
    Hiring a moving company isn't as easy as it sounds and these four tips can help you make the right decision
  434. The Absolute Truths of Body Language
    Body language is as nuanced and subjective as any of the verbal ones; possibly more since it is the one language that speaks only the absolute truth
  435. New Vaccine for Brain Cancer Treatment
    A specific vaccine has been developed to prevent brain cancer
  436. Twitter Acquires Tweetie
    Twitter adds Tweetie to its roster of service add-ons and announces that the app's creator, Loren Brichter, will join the company's mobile team
  437. April 9, 2010

    The Drums: A Transatlantic Musical Love Affair
    Brooklyn's new cool kids give the 21st century audience a taste of music's past.
  438. Toyota Lawsuits Consolidated
    More than 150 lawsuits against Toyota over accelerator problems and related injuries have been consolidated before a single federal judge
  439. Mild Exercise Ok for Critical Ill
    A new study out today shows that critically ill patients in the intensive care unit may reduce their use of sedatives and speed their recovery by engaging in mild exercise
  440. Masters Day Two: Revenge of the Links
    Augusta National finally reared its ugly head, and it made sure to administer a beating to several golfers during the second day of competition.
  441. North Dakota Athletics Leaving the Reservation
    The University of North Dakota has finally recieved approval to drop their Native American nickname, and they could learn something from a fellow institution.
  442. Gmail Gives Users a Sneak Peak
    Gmail labs launches Sneak Peak for letting users get a quick view of important messages
  443. Fire BAD! Gorilla Suit Good
    It's a slow news day, so here's a guy in a gorilla suit.
  444. Step Aside Traditional Lightbulbs: Here Comes the GE LED Bulb
    GE announces smart LED lightbulbs.
  445. Previewing ESC 2010 Silicon Valley
    Technology people gather at ESC 2010 Silicon Valley to award each other, learn new technology, and get training.
  446. Orlando Jordan, Bisexual Wrestler, Makes His Entrance
    Orlando Jones brings the homophobic-homoerotic dichotomy of professional wrestling right to the forefront.
  447. Sex in the City 2 Trailer is a Swarovski-Encrusted Turd
    Here's the Sex in the City 2 trailer. Why are they in the desert? Who knows!
  448. The BizCATS Review: The MaaS Strategy for Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation is one of those things that’s often talked about but too rarely done well
  449. This Ain't Curb Your Enthusiasm Trailer (NSFW)
    Curb Your Enthusiasm porn parody trailer is disappointingly un-LOL-worthy.
  450. Mike Modano Going Out In Style?
    Mike Modano was most impressive in what was possibly his final home game as a member of the Dallas Stars.
  451. Kindness: The Hardest Lesson Learned
    Learning kindness in the wake of Constance McMillen's prom fiasco
  452. Cash Flow, Profit and the Third Kind - "Don't Count Your Chickens..."
    How many times have you seen a business spend money they didn't have based on customers they "would soon get"?
  453. iPad Should Look Over Shoulder: HP Slate Coming Hard, Soon
    Apple's iPad may be flying solo now, but competition is coming, and coming hard.
  454. The "Rainbow Nation" Becomes Grey With Conflict
    Political extremism yet again inflames people's passions in South Africa.
  455. Why the Midterm Elections May Help the Democrats
    The results of the 2010 election may surprise everyone.
  456. Challenges for the Use of Social Media in Indian Corporations
    Big corporations in India are slowly evaluating social media tools for business. Their challenges can be bigger than the benefits.
    in IT
  457. Blackberry Twitter App Now Available
    RIM launches their Blackberry Twitter app to public beta
  458. Never Too Old to Read With Mommy
  459. April 8, 2010

    Slovenian Teammates Abuse Head Coach
    Acroni Jesenice teammates decided to take their frustrations out on their head coach, after winning the league championship.
  460. Don Nelson Can Finally (Hopefully) Retire
    The Warriors head coach finally reached the top of the coaching heap this week, and may well be served by finally hanging up his whistle.
  461. Masters Day One: A Case Of Senioritis
    The first day of golf in Augusta brought us some of the things we expected to see - and a few older things that caught us off guard.
  462. The Masters Is Great Golf, Not Just Tiger Woods
    The Masters is about great golf. It's about vision and a dream of excellence. It's about triumphs and defeats and triumphs again.
  463. Things You Didn't Know About Ellen Degeneres: She Hates America!?
    Ellen Degeneres does not hate America, but don't tell that to the Sutton Family.
    in TV
  464. Carbon Offsets: More Hype Than Help
    Carbon offset programs sound good, but do they really work?
  465. Glenn Beck Rides Dunebuggies Over Mountains Of Cash
    He made $32 million in a 12-month span. He's not the richest guy in the world, but he's certainly one of the most hated rich dudes.
  466. Former Survivor Producer Held In Mexico For Wife's Murder
    Former Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman has been detained in the death of his wife Monica in Cancun, Mexico.
  467. Unemployment Claims Take Unexpected Jump
    The Labor Department said in its weekly report Thursday that initial claims for jobless benefits increased 18,000 to 460,000 for the week ended April 3.
  468. Reports: Google Testing Voice App for Desktop
    Google is testing a desktop-based application for the Voice service and tied to other Google apps, it could be a game changer and Skype killer
  469. Auto Round-up: Audi Soaring and Ford's International Investment
    Audi and Ford looking towards international opportunities to spark growth and innovation
  470. Twitter Growing in International Markets
    Twitter announced that more than 60% of users reside outside of the U.S
  471. iAds Are Coming to iPhones. Yes, iAds.
    Apple lifestyle groupies excited beyond words
  472. European Union Bans Their Own Delicious Seal Recipes
    Sounds like a case of politicians tripping over their own clubs.
  473. Solar-Powered Plane "Solar Impulse" Has Successful Maiden Test Flight
    The maiden flight of Solar Impulse is a success
  474. Falling In Love 4.0: An iPhone Romance
    Falling in love repeatedly with your gadget is possible. Definitely an Apple core brand characteristic.
  475. Xiu Xiu Get 8-Bit in Latest Music Video
    Xiu Xiu's "This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy)" video is animated in glitzy 8-bit style.
  476. Elijah Wood Travels Through Time in New Apples in Stereo Video
    Elijah Wood stars in the "Dance Floor" video from psych-pop group Apples in Stereo.
  477. Video Games Destroy New York City
    8-bit video game characters destroy New York City in Patrick Jean's Pixels.
  478. Spreading a Message of Tolerance
    Stop hate crimes, encourage tolerance
  479. I Want That House
  480. Our Personal Story Battling Prostate Cancer
  481. Four Truisms of Success as Taught by Butler Coach Brad Stevens
    The 33-year-old coach of the runners-up in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship demonstrates what it takes to succeed in life
  482. Corporate America's Good, Bad and the Ugly
    Whereas Buffet's Investment Banking venture Berkshire Hathaway is the most reputed company, the rogue Banker's are the least trusted.
  483. Zen Principles of Social Networking and Blogging
    The Zen Principles apply to almost everything we do and blogging or social networking is no exception
  484. There was a little girl, who had a little curl ..
  485. Business' Dirty Little Secret
    Business is the only place where a six letter word equals a four letter word, presumably
  486. April 7, 2010

    What If Tiger Woods Doesn't Win?
    Surely there are at least a few names nobody is talking about that can take the title in Tiger's pseudo-absence.
  487. Bristol Palin's Teen Pregnancy PSA Has Subtle Message - Being Poor Sucks
    Bristol Palin, teen mom and daughter of Sarah Palin, is starring in a new PSA for teen pregnancy prevention.
  488. Facebook and Google Leading Third-Party Log-ins
    Social logins are a popular way to link favorite website destinations with Facebook and Google leading the pack
  489. Tiger Woods' Dead Father Resurrected For New Nike Ad
    Tiger Woods gets a talking to from his dead father in a new Nike commercial.
  490. Family Matters at the Masters
    Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, two of the worlds best golfers, do battle at the Masters, but face challenges in their personal lives that are vastly different
  491. Farmville Addiction Can Cost You Money
    UK kid racks up $1,400 in Farmville credit card charges
  492. Foursquare News: Bagging Cheaters and Toolbar Love for Firefox
    Foursquare goes after cheaters and launches toolbar for Firefox
  493. New York Life Settlement License Fee Will Hurt Consumers
    New NY life settlement provider license fee will hurt consumers in the end.
  494. Oh Good, We're Fining Panhandlers Now
    Seattle's $50 fine for aggressive panhandling is sure to work. Because those homeless people are loaded.
  495. Fired Over Voting For Obama? Paging Doctor Terrible
    A Texas doctor may have fired an employee due to their political orientation, posts about it online, and makes racist comments.
  496. Dinner for Schmucks Trailer is a Mixed Bag
    The Dinner for Schmucks trailer is here and I'm not sure what to think of it.
  497. Kelley Blue Book Car Buyer's App Preview's new app is a tool that no car buyer should leave home without.
  498. How Not To Honor The Confederacy
    Virginia is declaring this month "Confederate History Month." Like you thought that would go over smoothly.
  499. Mad Men Cast and Crew Perform "Bye Bye Birdie"
    In this leaked video, the cast and crew of Mad Men perform "Bye Bye Birdie" for exec producer Matthew Weiner.
  500. Umpire's Ruling: No Time for Batters
    With the length of games a concern with fans, umpires may be pushing batters to the plate.
  501. Insane Clown Posse Ponder Mysteries of Universe in "Miracles" Video
    "Do you notice and recognize miracles? Magic everywhere in this bitch. It's all around you, you don't even know it."
  502. Job Outlook Improving for Computer Scientists and Software Engineers
    Expect to see a big upswing in the employment rate for embedded systems-related work, as well as investments in the field.
  503. This Asian Dude Is More of a Man Than You
    This gentleman of the Asian persuasion sings Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You", perhaps better than Whitney herself.
  504. Martina Navritalova Winning Another Battle
    The outspoken women's tennis icon is now dealing with a new foe in early-stage breast cancer.
  505. Net Neutrality on Life Support with Court Ruling
    The perfect storm of consumer access to the internet and big business is upon us with a court ruling that the FCC had no right to slap Comcast on the wrist for limited bandwidth use
  506. Juneau Schools Teach Students To Be Horny Criminals
    And the district attorney would rather the teachers convert our future into a bunch of whorish sex offenders.
  507. Paypal iPhone App Hits 1 Million Downloads
    Bump technology to be released in Android and Blackberry versions soon.
  508. Windows 7 SP1 Leaked
    Torrent sites already have latest Windows 7 update.
  509. The McNabb-Elway Connection
    Their two careers are playing out very similarly, and we might not have noticed were it not for Mike Shanahan.
  510. Fit After Forty—It’s Not For Celebrities Only
    Just because celebrities have access to the best women's fitness gurus on the market, doesn't mean the average woman can't have a fit, well-trained body too.
  511. 3D Movies and Sunglasses
    One South African movie goer might be missing a little 3 in their 3D experience because of misplaced sungalsses
  512. Goldman Brand Crashes as Profits Surge
    Goldman Sachs super profits comes of shorting commodites and clients as it defends itself in a "Don't Blame Us" interview.
  513. Violation of Safety Procedures Must Be Stopped in Mining
    Enforce safety, save lives
  514. Is the iPad a Media Savior or Killer?
    A view of the iPad from Australia, where the device is yet to land
    in Guru
  515. War on the Middle Class, Part 2: Killing NJ Library Funding
  516. Caregiver or Parenting?
  517. The Cookie Episode
    It was by far the goofiest apology I’ve ever received and yet the most memorable. Oddly enough, fast forward 15 years later and I do love these cookies but I would never consider them in lieu of a formal apology but it was my one and only infamously unforgettable apology.
  518. April 6, 2010

    Porn Star Stormy Daniels Could Join Other Republican Boobs In Congress
    And you can thank the Voyeur club scandal for convincing her to side with the GOP.
  519. Should Apple Let Amazon Sell the iPad?
    With growing market share, does the premium consumer electronics manufacturer need Amazon to get customers?
  520. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Have Broken Up — WHY!!!
    Funny people Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have broken up. :(
  521. Vatican Publicists Could Learn from Their Hollywood Peers
    Vatican decides to fight what it sees as a media smear campaign with a campaign of its own
  522. Leave the Media, Take the Influencer
    Influencer marketing is quickly taking over as a key PR strategy
  523. Mother of Bully in Pheobe Prince Case Speaks Out
    Parent of accuser bully doesn't believe that the Price case was anything out of ordinary teenager behavior
  524. The Key Meditation Technique: Stick With It
    A psychiatrist explains why meditation can be so hard to stick with, but so important to do
  525. Creepy Cat Stands on Two Legs
    This cat has apparently learned to stand on two legs for a disturbingly long period of time.
  526. AOL Says Bye Bye Bebo
    AOL dumps Bebo and is looking for a suitor
  527. Tiger Woods Gives First Press Conference Since Returning to Golf
    Video of Tiger Woods' first press conference since returning to professional golf.
  528. Bow Wow's Lottery Ticket Trailer
    The trailer for the new Bow Wow movie is totally spoilerrific!
  529. Google Buzz Gmail Worthy
    Google launches Buzz for mobile Gmail
  530. Blog Focus On Obama's Nuclear Options
    The President plans to suddenly reduce the instances in which nukes are fired at enemies. This seems like a sane, rational subject that bloggers can address.
  531. Kate Gosselin's Still Trying To Dance, But Failing
    Kate Gosselin is still a fish out of water on DWTS.
  532. Sandra Bullock Speaks: "There Is No Sex Tape"
    Sandra Bullock says there's no sex tape and never will be. No kidding!
  533. iPad Absorbs Negative Comments From iTheists
    Not everyone seems to accept the word from Mount Apple.
  534. Butler Bulldogs Bedeviled By Duke
    The NCAA men's basketball title Game embodied both the best and the worst of NCAA Hoops.
  535. Airliners Fighting and Preparing for Tarmac Delay Fines
    Airlines to face huge fines for overly delayed flights
  536. Aral Sea – A Great Human Tragedy
    Shrinking lake has big impact on environment as well as local society
  537. The toys aren't what make our kids fat
  538. Just Landed: Adventures in Letting Go
  539. April 5, 2010

    John McCain Maverickly Abandons Maverick Nomenclature
    Even he didn't think he was a maverick. How maverick is that?
  540. Hoping King James Breaks His Crown
    Have I ever told you all about just how much I hate Lebron James?
  541. Loving Living in the Lebron James Era
    Have I ever taken the time to tell you just how much I love everything that is Lebron James?
  542. Stirs it Up in Beta looks to make personal reviews and recommendations a little more social and some say, too social
  543. Warp Speed Publishing Progress and the iPad
    The iPad's ebook supply lags behind the Amazon Kindle, especially where publishers and writers are concerned, but the Kindle app for the iPad and iPhone is a solution.
  544. iPad Security or Brilliant Marketing Ploy?
    A closed Apple Store in a mall in California had two security guards on duty. Overly paranoid or brilliant marketing?
  545. Cougarism: More Social Than Sexual
    What is the BIG DEAL about older women dating younger men?
  546. Influencing Differences in Men and Women
    New study shows the differences and similarities between men and women when it comes to influence in business
  547. Tech-Inspired Innovations Onboard the Disney Dream
    Disney works their magic with technology inspired feature onboard their new ship the Disney Magic.
  548. Looking Younger, Feeling Older
  549. Can We Be Humane With Animals?
    Are Animals To Be Blamed For Aggression In Captivity?
  550. How to Get Your Mojo Working
    Men don't lose their mojo, they just forget where they put it
  551. Jesse James Checks Out and Back Into Rehab
    Jesse James kept busy this weekend checking in and out of rehab.
  552. Embedded Systems: Devices for Everyday Life
    The devices that make modern life happen
  553. Kevin Rose Steps in as Digg CEO
    Once the darling of the social web, Digg has take a back seat to Facebook and Twitter, and will be led temporarily by it's founder, Kevin Rose
  554. Michio Kaku: String Theory, The Future, and Embedded Systems
    Physics leads the way to the future, and serves as the foundation for embedded devices
  555. In the Spotlight: Dafna Michaelson, 50 in 52 Journey
    Dafna Michaelson started a cause-related journey that was inspired by dreams of winning the lottery
  556. Step Up 3-D Trailer Promises Hip-Hop Psychedelia
    Following the appalling success of Step Up 2: The Streets, John Chu is back in the director's chair for Step Up 3-D.
  557. Netflix Streaming Comes to the iPad
    Netflix releases a streaming iPad app; iPhone/iPod Touch apps to follow.
  558. Music Video: Surfer Blood, "Floating Vibes"
    Surfer Blood perform "Floating Vibes" in a gas station garage for Pitchfork TV.
  559. iPad Gutted and Exposed by iFixit
    Wonder what's inside your new iPad? iFixit knows - and they're telling.
  560. Did I Wear My Clothes to Bed or Spend the Day in My Pajamas?
  561. Tiger Woods' "Triumphant" Return To Golf
    Tiger's back doing what he does best. No, not bedding cocktail waitresses, golf. The whole world will be watching.
  562. Bringing Energy to the Solar Power Business
    Gary Gerber of Sun Light & Power is a veteran of the Solar Power business going back to the industry's roots
  563. On an iPad Pilgrimage
    A journey through the mall to reach iPad mecca with mom and Granny.
  564. Credit Report News
    New credit report legislation
  565. Belfast, Northern Ireland: Ready for Travelers
    Belfast, Northern Ireland has put its troubles aside it seems and is welcoming travelers
  566. Jesse James, Tiger Woods – Why Should We Care?
  567. April 4, 2010

    When Will White House Blame Themselves For Unemployment?
    The new job growth figure is pure data massaging, and at some point blaming Bush will not create new permanent jobs.
  568. Redskins Prefer Chunky Soup Over Original
    The Washington Redskins have given yet another vote of non-confidence to Jason Campbell by completing a trade that brings Donovan McNabb into the fold.
  569. Certified Wood Is The Key To Sustainable Forests
    The future of all wood-producing industries will hinge on keeping forests alive and renewable.
  570. NBA Draft Shouldn't Overlook Da'Sean Butler
    West Virginia's Da'Sean Butler has a knee injury that will cause him to miss a chunk of time, but shouldn't cause him to miss out on the draft.
  571. Republicans Losing Support Thanks To "Civil War" Rhetoric
    If they're trying to start the next civil war, they might be outnumbered.
  572. The 411 on Butler, a Championship Cinderella
    Who is Butler University? The Bulldog's basketball tradition has always been strong, and may have surpassed it's "mid-major" moniker.
  573. In War of Words, Obama Essentially No Different
    Obama calls out Limbaugh and Beck to keep the cycle of verbal violence going
  574. President's Exhortation to Common Religious Bond is Important
    People of faith should unite around common philosophy
  575. Will Robots Take Over the World?
    Robots are getting so good; the girl in the next cubicle could be one!
  576. It's Not a Charitible Hospital if They Demand an Insurance Card
  577. It's My Birthday and I'll Cry if I Want To
  578. Sorry, But I Won't Be Making It To Your Home Party
  579. April 3, 2010

    One Butler Rises Above, Another Falls Apart
    Butler continued their dream run through the tournament, while WVU was even less of a match for Duke after a frightening injury to their on-court captain.
  580. Milwaukee's Andrew Bogut in "How Not to Dunk"
    Bucks center Andrew Bogut gets a physics lesson on the fly (literally) and may have put a serious dent in his team's playoff aspirations in the process.
  581. Giants & Jets Open Up New Stadium Together
    The National Football League's newest stadium opens with a battle of the now 50/50 shared tenants.
  582. Obama Fights Adversity With Verbosity
    When asked about health care, it took him 17 minutes for an answer.
  583. Dallas Jessup Bringing Focus to Social Unjustice
    Teenage crusader takes on human trafficking, bringing her beyond-18 knowledge to congress
  584. Dennis Johnson Getting Called to the Hall
    Former Boston Celtics point guard and 17-year NBA veteran allegedly gets the call to the Hall
  585. Making Technology Accessible to the Disabled
    Dana Marlowe and Accessibility Partners help federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies make their hardware, software, websites and telecom products accessible for everyone
  586. Tiger Woods and the Social Order of Things
    Wider implications of one man's rejection of the common good
  587. Are UK Payroll Taxes A Tax On Jobs?
    National Insurance: a hidden tax on jobs.
  588. Book Writing Contest for Kids
    Book writing contest for kids launched
  589. Eli Roth Pulls a Page Right Out Of the Scientology "Smear Your Enemies" Handbook
    Peaches Geldof's new boyfriend, actor Eli Roth tries to defend her honor, hilarity ensues.
  590. Top 2009 Growth Cities
    U-Haul announces their top growth cities of 2009
  591. Google Maps Improves Transit Layers
    Google Maps improves the user interface of their Transit Layer service, giving users a better experience
  592. Granite State of Mind
    New Hampshire man becomes internet star for his meme of Jay-Z's, "Empire State of Mind."
  593. Whole Foods Facebook Scam
    Facebookers are warned about a new hoax that's targeting Whole Foods fans
  594. April 2, 2010

    President Obama Is Apparently Black
    The census doesn't lie.
  595. GOP Strategist Doesn't Want You to Donate To RNC
    Amidst the fallout of spending money at a lesbian nightclub, the family-oriented RNC is taking a publicity hit.
  596. Our Picks of iPad Media Apps and Content Available at Launch
    iPad-optimized traditional media content to drop on your iPad that will make your friends jealous.
  597. Self-Publishing and Apple's iPad
    Apple's new iPad is supposed to be a boon for print media, but will it leave self-publishers out in the cold?
  598. Smart Grid Technology Major Topic at DistribuTECH 2010
    DistribuTECH 2010 Conference & Exhibition Held at the Tampa Convention Center
  599. Kevin Smith "Cops Out" In New Film
    The new Kevin Smith cop-buddy flick has all the action you'd expect, but there's something missing: dialect authenticity.
    in Film
  600. Healthy Attachment
  601. 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes
    10 minutes of amazing Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes. This is what the internet was made for.
  602. A Good Friday Dilemma
  603. Barbra Streisand Takes Republican Senators to Task
    The singer/celebrity writes that the Republican accusation of Democrats being fiscally irresponsible is wrong.
  604. Hyundai Offering iPad with Luxury Sedan
    Hyundai offers luxury car with iPad
  605. Google Showing iPad Love
    Google announces that the iPad will have touches of the search engine's empire via apps
  606. Michael Steele Will Unshackle Himself From Lesbian Bondage
    Partially because they can't find anyone else to be the Republican National Committee chairman.
  607. I'd like my AA-Cups back now, please.
  608. Music Video: Phantogram, "Mouthful of Diamonds"
    Phantogram's "Mouthful of Diamonds" video nails the sexy-spooky aesthetic.
  609. If Lady Gaga Wasn't a Pop Star
    Hungry Beast imagine Lady Gaga's life in the real world if she wasn't a pop star.
  610. Anna Paquin Bisexuality is Revealing
    The star of True Blood demonstrates a commonplace identification in today's world
  611. Nimbuzz Update Released for Symbian OS
    Nimbuzz, the chatting and calling software, has released an update for Symbian OS devices.
  612. Having Another Baby Defies All Logic...
  613. School lunches? What about School Fundraisers!?!
  614. Selling Us Crazy
    From vagrant hawkers to obnoxious videos blaring in the most inappropriate places, unwanted solicitations are driving us to insanity.
  615. Brand Managers Beware of Facebook Communities
    Facebook Communities were launched this week and might make brand managers scared because of their potential Wikipedia-like take over
    in Guru
  616. First In Line for the iPad
    Greg Packer is the first in line at an Apple store in NY to get the iPad
  617. Public School Education's Biggest Problem
  618. Flight from Philly
  619. April 1, 2010

    Police Taser 10-Year-Old
    Cops apparently can't contain a 10-year-old so they zap him with a taser
  620. New Fuel Economy Standards
    New fuel emissions standards are the first time greenhouse-gas emissions, which are blamed for global warming, have been regulated
  621. Beer Drinking Ex-model in Malayasia Spared Caning
    Do Not Drink Beer in Malaysia Unless You Are An Ex-model
  622. Get Your Quarters Lined Up for the iCade
    The launch of the iPad is sending developers into a frenzy to create apps and products; the iCade is one such product that might never see the light of day
  623. Phoenix Suns Handed Another Outdoor Game
    The Phoenix Suns will host their third consecutive outdoor game this fall in Indian Wells, but it only serves to point out the leagues poor planning of the matter.
  624. New School Needs the Old School
    Sometimes to go new school, you need to think old school
    in Guru
  625. Is Mike Modano Hanging Up His Star?
    Dallas' Mike Modano is beginning to seriously ponder the topic of retirement, and this season might provide him with the perfect environment for his curtain call.
  626. Pandora 50 Million Strong
    With the launch of apps for the iPad, Pandora is poised to continue its leading-app tradition, boasting 50 million users today
  627. True Blood's Anna Paquin States She's Bi-Sexual in New PSA
    Anna Paquin joins a host of A-list celebs to lend their support for to raise awareness of hate crimes against gays and bisexuals.
  628. Bill O'Reilly Covers Legal Fees For Father Of Fallen Soldier
    Bill O'Reilly criticizes US justice system after it overturned a civil case awarding a settlement to Albert Snyder.
  629. What's Up With B12 And Celebrities?
    Celebrities need more energy than you.
  630. iPad Previews Suggest You'll Love It Or Hate It
    The iPad love isn't flowing like honey just yet.
  631. Pre-Release iPad Review Roundup
    Mostly positive reviews suggest the need to examine your requirements before plunking down funds.
  632. South African Homeless Get Moved For The World Cup
    Is this how they seek to enhance their image?
  633. Tiger Woods Paid One Mistress $10 Million to Keep Quiet
    Tiger Woods No. 1 mistress was reportedly paid $10million to keep quiet about her affair with the golfer.
  634. Netflix and ABC Apps Available at iPad Launch
    Other media apps coming soon.
  635. Music Video: Gary War, "Highspeed Drift"
    Jaqueline Castel's video for Gary War's "Highspeed Drift" feels like a castoff VHS from a new age cult. So, yeah, it's awesome.
  636. Sell a Brick and Be the Greatest
    OgilvyOne lays the gauntlet down to all sales people, challenging them to see a brick and become the Worlds Greatest Salesperson.
  637. New A-Team Trailer is A+
    The new A-Team trailer delivers on promises of being the biggest, dumbest action movie of the year.
  638. Traditional Media Gearing Up For iPad Release
    Does Apple's new product mark the beginning of a trend that can save traditional media?
  639. The Expendables Trailer Not as Crazy as We'd Hoped
    The first trailer for Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables just doesn't bring enough crazy.
  640. Information Overload
  641. Goodness: Beyond the Concept of Threat
    To espouse goodness for the sake of goodness
  642. Travel Tip: A Tour for Lovers...of Cats and Italy
    A tour for lovers of Cats and Italy. See the sights. Get to know the Roman cats
  643. The Best Move Ever, Minus the Swingset
  644. Finding a virtual happy medium in the real world